The Monster Sex Experiment: Episode 9 - Nixie Fairfax - ebook

Tempers flare when a debate erupts among the girls about the nature of their predicament, with Hannah and Emma facing off on rival sides. Meanwhile Maddie gets paired up with a big, brutish two-headed monster. And a head isn’t the only thing it has two of. It’s a one-monster double penetration in the next divaricated episode of The Monster Sex Experiment.

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Episode 9

By Nixie Fairfax

Copyright 2018 by Nixie Fairfax

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This work contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults only. All characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.


The Subjects

Cell 1: Fiona Lewis

Cell 2: Katie Macintyre

Cell 3: Olivia Blucher

Cell 4: Megan Mobley

Cell 5: Maddie Pryce

Cell 6: Trisha Prentiss

Cell 7: Sarah Scott

Cell 8: Sophie Honeycutt

Cell 9: Lauren Schumacher

Cell 10: Jennifer Lau

Cell 11: Claire Eliot

Cell 12: Baylee Hutchins

Cell 13: Hannah Baker

Cell 14: Zoe Kensington

Cell 15: Sadie Honeycutt

Cell 16: Rebecca Blish

Cell 17: Abby Van Zandt

Cell 18: Liz Twotrees

Cell 19: Cat Ruiz

Cell 20: Emma Quigley

“Looks like I won’t be having that Bigfoot baby after all,” Fiona says, looking at her raised right hand. Her palm is covered with blood.

“What do you—?” Olivia begins, then sees the blood and gasps. Then she sees more blood on Fiona’s vulva and inner thighs, and she grasps what’s happening. “Oh.”

“Yep. Cursed again.”

Fiona squats over her cell’s toilet, then spits between her forked thighs and into the bowl to produce a burst of pink gas. The cloud’s top dissolves most of the menstrual blood on her crotch, but it doesn’t quite reach all of it, forcing her to wipe off the remainder by hand, then thrust her hands into the bowl.

“The least these alien motherfuckers could’ve done is put some goddamn tampon dispensers in here,” she grouses.

She swipes up another freshet of blood and then pauses, staring at her red, dripping palm, her expression going cold and still and distant.

She glances up at Maddie and sees that the police chief’s prissy little daughter is staring right at her. Fiona’s eyes narrow. Her jaw clenches like a vise. Every muscle braces tight. But then she realizes the little drip isn’t looking at her after all. She’s looking past her, at the black doorway, her big brown eyes sick with worry.

Oh, yeah. That’s right. It’s Bacon Bits’ turn in the arena today, isn’t it? The top cop’s little girl is gonna get the shit fucked out of her by a big, scary monster. That’ll be worth seeing.

Her stiff, stony look melting into a small, cruel smile, Fiona shoves her hand into the toilet bowl, and the pink gas cleans away the blood. Sssss.

By the time she plucks her clean hand from the cloud there’s more blood trickling out of her. Sssss.

“Fuck,” she says, exasperated. “I’m gonna be squattin’ here all damn day.”

“Well, at least you’re not, y’know…” Cat gestures broadly, searching for an appropriate euphemism. “Eating for two. Especially since Bigfoots probably have big appetites.”

Maddie wrenches her gaze from the black door and looks at Cat in alarm.

“It’s not possible to get pregnant from one of these—these things, is it? I mean, they’re different species from us, right? Doesn’t that make reproduction impossible?”

“Not necessarily,” Emma says. “In theory offspring are possible. But they would be hybrids. Hence infertile. Like mules.”

Maddie blanches and clasps her hands to her lower abdomen as if to shield her womb from the monsters. “Oh, God.”

“Still,” Emma goes on, “given the wide morphological dissimilarities between ourselves and most of the monsters we’ve seen, I doubt reproduction will be possible in most cases. Fiona’s seemed the likeliest, considering her monster’s hominid form.”