The Monster Sex Experiment: Episode 3 - Nixie Fairfax - ebook

It’s time for more monster sex! And this time it’s kindly, caring Katie Macintyre’s turn in the arena. But if she’s expecting another big, hairy humanoid, she’s in for quite a shock. This thing’s not hairy, and it’s certainly not humanoid. It has an awful lot of mouths, though. Oral sex gets taken to a whole new level in the latest slobbery installment of The Monster Breeding Experiment.

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Episode 3

By Nixie Fairfax

Copyright 2018 by Nixie Fairfax

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This work contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adults only. All characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.


The Subjects

Cell 1: Fiona Lewis

Cell 2: Katie Macintyre

Cell 3: Olivia Blucher

Cell 4: Megan Mobley

Cell 5: Maddie Pryce

Cell 6: Trisha Prentiss

Cell 7: Sarah Scott

Cell 8: Sophie Honeycutt

Cell 9: Lauren Schumacher

Cell 10: Jennifer Lau

Cell 11: Claire Eliot

Cell 12: Baylee Hutchins

Cell 13: Hannah Baker

Cell 14: Zoe Kensington

Cell 15: Sadie Honeycutt

Cell 16: Rebecca Blish

Cell 17: Abby Van Zandt

Cell 18: Liz Twotrees

Cell 19: Cat Ruiz

Cell 20: Emma Quigley

The lights go up. The ceilings’ glow swiftly brightens, once again illuminating the cells and the arena and the twenty naked girls and the grim reality of their captivity.

“Crap,” mutters Cat as she sits up, blinking sleepily. “And here I was, hoping this was all just some horrible nightmare brought on by a shitty SyFy movie marathon.”

Her stomach rumbles. With a sigh she stands up, then forlornly eyes the two unpalatably penile food and drink dispensers on the wall.

“What I wouldn’t give for a stack of pancakes right now,” she says.

Zoe, who has been sucking food-paste from one of her own cell’s dispensers, plucks the pale udder from her lips, and scowls at Cat.

“Oh, don’t even talk about stuff like that. That’s just mean.”


Cat lifts one of the dispensers and is about to insert it in her mouth when movement from the cell to her right makes her look over.

Emma is executing a series of increasingly complex yogic contortions that reveal the teen’s surprising suppleness. Just watching her makes Cat’s joints and muscles ache.

“What, limbering up for another assault on the membranes?” Cat asks.

Without breaking her Warrior II pose, Emma says, “No, I do this every day. It’s good to follow a routine. Especially now. Don’t want my muscle tone and reflexes to atrophy. Not under these circumstances. If an opportunity for escape arises, I want to be sure I’m ready.”

“Hey, yeah, that’s smart,” Trish says, looking up from her own drink dispenser. She wipes some of the glistening off-white fluid from her lips with the back of her hand, then looks around her cell. “Of course, our options are kind of limited. It’s not like I can take my daily run in here. I suppose I could jog in place…”