The Mind Altered Wives Collection - Sylvia Redmond - ebook

Three married men meet a man with a strange, erotic talent - and their lives will never be the same!The Mind Altered Wives 1 – Stephen, Mark and Brian befriend Max, a new neighbor, who brings with him a unique talent from the dark continent of Africa.The Mind Altered Wives 2 – Brian’s luscious wife Trish refuses to let him anywhere near her backdoor. Max thinks he can help change her mind.The Mind Altered Wives 3 – Mark’s wife Brenda was always resistant to deliver oral pleasure. “It’s a simple matter of reconditioning” Max says, and the four men get to work.The Mind Altered Wives 4 – Stephen’s wife had turned frigid long ago, and after watching all this action with his friends’ wives, that just wouldn’t do. Stephen tells Max his wishes but he includes few guidelines, and that turns into a very dangerous thing indeed…*** Scorching hot and intended for mature readers ***

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The Mind Altered Wives Collection

The Erotic Mind Control Series

All 4 Books!

Sylvia Redmond

Copyright 2016 by Night Watch Publishing. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This story contains sexually explicit content and is intended for readers over 18 years of age. By downloading this document you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age. All fictitious characters who are engaged in sexual acts in this book are likewise over 18 years of age, whether explicitly stated or not.

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“I told Julie to take it easy. I knew she was drinking too much, and she couldn’t hold her alcohol well. I thought maybe she was doing it on purpose, because of some of the things we had talked about. But this was not the place. Once it happened though, I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. I can’t believe some of the things the guys did to her, but was even more shocked at some of the wives. Aren’t women supposed to look out for each other in these types of situations?”

Table of Contents

The Mind Altered Wives 1

The Mind Altered Wives 2

The Mind Altered Wives 3

The Mind Altered Wives 4

The Mind Altered Wives 1

Sylvia Redmond


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I first met his wife, I thought she had been one of the hottest women I had ever seen. Tall, dark and built – like a sweet, chocolate ice cream cone that I wanted to let drip down my fingers. And now I was sitting here watching her - naked as the day she was born and touching herself in front of the three of us – and she had absolutely no idea that we were even there.

“Sweetheart” Max said in his low, baritone voice, “Your pussy itches my darling. You want to touch your itching pussy.”

Her hands moved to her wet twat as if he had physically grabbed them and moved them there himself. She let out a soft moan and I watched as the swollen lips of her pussy parted from the pressure of her index finger. It slipped inside easily and a moment later slid back out, glimmering in a way that told the three of us this shit really worked. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably and realized my cock was threatening to burst right out of my jeans.

“Rub your pussy harder my darling” he said, and his wife’s moans slowly increased in intensity. “And your nipples too, my pet – your nipples are tingling just a bit. You should touch them too.”

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. He had her under that trance and she was going to do whatever he told her too.

If this worked on his wife, surely it would work on others.

Would it work on Brian’s wife?

Could we do things to Mark’s wife?

And what about my own sweet Barbara?

Chapter 1

“I’m so glad the three of you could come over – it is often not easy to make friends in a new place.”

I was sitting with my two best friends in this friendly stranger’s home. My friend Brian had come to know him from our local gym and had insisted we needed to meet him. His skin was dark and his voice had an accent which was thick yet easy to understand. And his home looked inviting as he ushered the three of us inside.

“No problem Max” Brian said as he slapped the black man on his broad shoulder. “I’ve been telling my buddies they needed to meet you. I’m glad you decided to extend the invitation.”

“Max, is it?” I said to him, as the three of us sat down in his den.

The big man laughed with a baritone voice that would have made James Earl Jones jealous.

“Well Stephen, my name is actually Siyabonga, but I find you Americans can have difficulty saying that properly. So I have settled as ‘Max’ as my common American name.”

I nodded at him and smiled, as my next question popped naturally into my head. As if reading my mind he offered more.

“My wife and I are from the South African province of Zambezi. But we have always had a great love of your country and are thrilled to finally be living here.”

“Oh, so you came here with your wife?” I asked him.

“Yes, yes” the big man said, as he rose to his feet. “How rude of me, I should have thought to introduce you. You have to forgive me as our customs are slightly different in South Africa.”

I nodded as I watched him cock his head and call out.

“Amahle! Come in here please!”

I heard the floor creak a second later and turned to see his wife step to the entrance to his den. She had a light cotton blouse on that was trying desperately to hide her big breasts but was doing a poor job as her sexy cleavage peeked out. She was wearing a light summer skirt that covered the tops of her longs, dark legs and I was instantly ashamed of myself for the things I was thinking about the wife of a man I just met. And she looked down demurely as she stood there in front of us, in a way that was both sexy and submissive.

“Amahle dear, these are some new friends of mine. Please meet Brian, Stephen & Mark.”

His sexy, black wife looked at the three of us and smiled before lowering her gaze back down to the floor. I turned to Mark, who I could tell was undressing her with his eyes just as I was. I started to struggle for something to say to her for fear of being impolite but it was Max’s deep voice that broke the silence.

“Amahle, how about some beer for our new friends?”

I watched her as she nodded her head and turned to retreat to their kitchen. The back view of her was as delicious as the front, since I got to see her nice, trim ass. As soon as I was able to gather my thoughts again I cleared my throat and reached for the first topic of conversation to cross my mind.

“So Max, what was it that you did in Zamb...I mean in South Africa?”

I was once again greeted with Max’s smooth laughter as he reacted to my inability to pronounce his hometown.

“Well Stephen” he said when he had collected himself, “I was in the practice of specialty medicine in my homeland.”

It was not the answer I was expecting.

“You’re a doctor?” I asked him

He offered me a broad smile before answering.

“A special type of doctor” he said. “I am skilled in the practice of acupuncture, hypnotherapy and herbal medicines. Many of these things are considered alternative therapies in the United States, but in my country they are often used as primary treatment methods.”

I was just starting to digest what he told us when Mark poked at the one thing that had raised my interest.

“Hypnotherapy?” he said. “Like as in, hypnotizing people? Does that shit – I mean, uh stuff – does that really work?”

Max laughed again before answering.

“Yes Mark, that shit really works. But you must understand, my people have worked with this type of thing for a very long time. And there are some limitations as to what you can do. But yes – the mind is a very powerful thing, but it is also very susceptible under the right conditions.”

“Seriously?” Brian said, echoing the skepticism that I was feeling too.

“Oh yes” Max said. “It can be a very powerful medium for shaping behavior. In my clinic I was particularly successful at helping people with sleeping disorders or habits they wished to break like smoking. As well as other things.”

It wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine this dark stranger involved in some kind of voodoo science, but I still wasn’t sure if I was buying it. But the ability to render someone susceptible to your wishes was an erotic thought, and I knew my two friends were probably toying with that idea as well. The “other things” that Max alluded to left a lot of room for interpretation, and I knew that my friends had minds that were just as creative as mine.

“I don’t know” Mark said as he sat shaking his head. “I read something on the internet that said that is a bunch of bullshit.”

I watched Max as he cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t think I can do these things I speak of?”

There was a moment of silence in the room as Max’s words hung out there. And then I saw the heads of my two friends turn as I realized Max’s wife had come back into the room.

Chapter 2

I knew that the conversation would be momentarily halted, and that was fine with me. When Max’s wife bent to put her tray of beers on the table I was greeted with another generous view of her gorgeous cleavage. I knew that Brian was on the other side of the room and he had likely got a nice shot of her ass as she bent over, and the part of me that wasn’t fixated on her tits was jealous of him for his view. She rose slowly, prepared to leave the room, when Max brought it up again.

“You don’t think what I am telling you is true?” he asked Mark.

“I have a hard time believing it” Mark said simply.

Max’s wife ignored the conversation and started to turn her body in preparation for leaving the room. I was sorry to see her leave but I was ready to watch her sexy ass again when her husband spoke suddenly.

“Nah zike pherduan” he said.

They were obviously words spoken in his native tongue. And anyone in the room who wasn’t already watching his wife turned to watch her response. I was expecting her to engage him and say something that we would likewise not understand. But instead her posture went rigid and her eyes were suddenly glassy.

“I had conditioned my wife long ago to respond to a cue word in order to go into hypnosis” Max explained as we sat there dumbfounded. “It was really something I did in order to hone my craft, you understand.”

“Holy shit” Mark said, staring at the sexy creature in front of us in disbelief. “You mean she’s really under?”

“Yes” Max said. “I have her conditioned to respond to a cue word. She is in a hypnotic trance and is completely open to suggestion.”

“Jesus Christ” Brian said, while the three of us stared at her gorgeous body.

The implication from what Max said was clear, and I knew what the three of us were probably thinking. If I was alone with this gorgeous creature and she was open to suggestion, I could think of a dozen different things to suggest to her. But I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, and I wasn’t going to be the one to ask.

“What kind of stuff can you make her do?” Mark asked, and I silently applauded him as I waited for Max’s reply.

Max let out a laugh before going on.

“You Americans are so uptight with your females. I think I know what you are asking” he said.

I watched Mark as a tinge of embarrassment came over him, but Max continued to speak.

“So I will show you what you want to see” he said.

Max turned to his wife as he addressed her.

“Amahle, do you hear me?” he asked.

I was watching as her head nodded sleepily.

“Amahle” Max said, “It is getting extremely warm in the house. You are tired and preparing for bed, and the house is extremely warm dear. You need to remove your blouse.”

Her mouth was slightly open but her eyes saw nothing as the dark beauty nodded her head. I watched as her hands rose to the buttons on her blouse and slowly started to work. Her beautiful tits came tantalizingly into view, one shirt button at a time. When she reached the last button the shirt fell open, and she shook the unfastened garment from her shoulders.

Her big tits were still in a bra, but I could tell at once the blouse had done her no justice. Her breasts were bigger than I had thought, and were still partially hidden under the confines of their underwire enclosure. The room was silent, and I was certain that the three of us were mentally begging Max to go further. And then he spoke again, granting us that wish.

“Amahle darling, your bra – take off your bra my pet.”

Her hands rose obediently behind her as she silently released the clasp. The tension of the bra went slack and a second later her sleepy hands were slipping the bra from her shoulders. Her big, black breasts swung into view as I felt my mouth suddenly go dry. Her nipples were big and dark and sat on top of her big, black tits like delicious Hershey kisses. I wondered what they felt like and at that moment I would have killed to find out.

“She is completely under a hypnotic trance” Max explained matter-of-factly. “She will have no recollection of these things I tell her to do.”

“Your wife is fucking beautiful” I said inadvertently, and was immediately embarrassed for blurting the compliment out loud.

I looked at Max and he nodded at me with a smile.

“Amahle” he said again. “You need to take off the rest of your things my pet.”

Max’s wife nodded again and put her slender, black hands on the top of her skirt. With a gentle wiggle of her sexy hips she started to work the skirt to the floor. She was wearing white silk panties that barely concealed the chocolate treasure that lay underneath. I wanted to see her pussy so bad. But surely Max would go no further. Surely he would stop here.

“Amahle, it is so very warm dear. You need to remove the panties too my pet.”

As I watched her hands move back towards her hips I had the stark realization that my cock was rock hard. I had just met this man and now I was getting ready to see his wife’s pussy and I thought my cock might burst in my pants. Her hands started to slide the fabric down her hips, and it seemed like an eternity as her pussy came into view. As I finally started to get glimpses of her sweet, black pussy, I thought it couldn’t possible get any better.

But Max was not finished yet...

“Amahle, your pussy is tingling my dear. Your pussy is tingling in a way that needs to be satisfied. I want you to sit on the couch and touch your pussy Amahle. I want you to play with yourself Amahle.”

I watched her as she took a step back and sat on the couch. She lifted each of her legs up so that her feet were on the couch, giving the three of us a spectacular view of her beautiful black pussy. She spread her legs slightly and simultaneously moved her hands between her legs as she put her head back and let out a gentle moan.

Her pussy was covered with a mat of black hair. I watched as her nimble, black fingers parted their way through her snatch and found her moist slit. She fanned the fingers of one hand, spreading her pussy lips like the petals of a precious flower. And then the fingers of her other hand moved in and started rubbing the folds of her pink, wet sex.

I thought about how shy this woman had been just a few minutes before. She had been hesitant to even speak in front of three male strangers, and now she was strumming her wet pussy without a care in the world. The power that Max had over her was unbelievable, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her as Max spoke again.

“That’s a girl Amahle – your pussy feels so good now my pet.”

She let out a moan as her fingers continued working, as if acknowledging her husband’s words. Her nipples had now hardened, and looked like rigid black points on top of her huge breasts. The sounds of wetness were getting louder from between her legs and I could see the gleam of her juices as her fingers danced back and forth across her pussy.

My own hand reached down and rubbed my cock which was an aching, rock hard bump in my jeans. Under any other circumstances I would have been pulling it out and would have stroked one out across her big, beautiful tits. But I was forced to watch this erotic show, believing with all my sole that it couldn’t get any hotter.

And then Max took it up yet another notch.

“Amahle, your pussy feels so good darling, but now your nipples are itching too my pet. You know how you like to have your nipples played with darling. You need to touch your nipples too my darling.”

Mark, Brian and I looked at each other briefly before feasting our eyes back on Max’s wife. Each of us was practically drooling and I didn’t think I could take any more. But I wasn’t going anywhere either, and as I watched his wife, she leaned even further back on the couch and spread her legs wider. And then one of her hands strayed, slowly obeying her husband’s command.

She continued to diddle her twat with one hand while her other hand trailed its way up to one of her big breasts. Her fingers were slick from the wetness between her legs as she traced small circles around one of her throbbing nipples. She teased it momentarily before closing her wet fingers on it and gently starting to tug. The effect it was having on her was obvious as her head dropped back again and her hips gently swayed.

Her mouth opened and she let out a low moan, which had been the single loudest thing I had heard from her since we had arrived. She kept tugging at her distended nipples while the fingers of her other hand kept massaging her pussy, and it was clear that she was driving herself to the point of no return. I looked at Max who smiled back at me, clearly showing some odd sort of pride over his wife and her antics. And as her moaning got louder I watched him as he spoke to her again.

“That’s it Amahle, rub your clitoris darling. It’s time to make yourself cum, my pet. Go ahead and make yourself cum Amahle”