The Martial Artist: Cougars and Sisters - Lizzy Eliot - ebook

:DESCRIPTIONWyatt is a martial artist who likes to push the envelope—he thinks fucking cougars is hot, especially when he’s had the woman’s daughter, although fucking the mother first is okay too; his sister Twyla enjoys men that are as big and bad as her brother. Neither of them likes rules very much. They push them until they break. It's a combination made for erotic trouble.:EXCERPT“Vic texted me last night. Now that I signed the contract, she’s gone into action. She’s setting up my first real pro fight with that Mexican guy that’s supposed to be up and coming.”“Until you knock his ass on the mat,” she said, smiling.“My biggest fan,” I said.She reached under my robe and found my cock. We heard some cries and groans coming from our parent’s bedroom. “Now there is an idea,” she said. “Have time for fun this morning?”“Not much,” I said. “I’ve got Carly idling upstairs.”She grinned. “I have about that much time too.” She stood up and hiked up the hem of her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She bent down over the table; she reached for the butter, dipped her fingers in it and reached back to lube her asshole. I stroked my cock as I watched her butter her anus, shoving a finger in.“Oh God, Don,” Mom cried out from the next room. That did it. I stood up, got behind my little sister and, as she spread her ass cheeks apart, drove my cock into that welcoming hole. Twyla began fingering herself as I fucked her ass, leaning over her and holding the table. Her mouth was open and she panted. Then she was coming, stifling her own cries. Her orgasm made her ass grip my cock and I came. When I finished pumping it into her, I moved up, straddling her body, and dribbled cum on her cheek.She smiled and I got back down, then went back upstairs to dress and get Carly, thinking life was pretty fucking good.“Ready to go?” I asked her.She nodded. She’d put on a pair of shorts and slip on shoes.One thing I was liking about Carly was that she seemed to understand what I wanted. She did what I said and didn’t ask questions, like where I was taking her. I think she was getting the picture that if she wanted to be with me, be a regular fuck, she’d do what she was told and not ask much.Our destination was a tattoo parlor I’d learned about from a biker who worked out in the gym. He’d gotten some impressive tattoos there. You wouldn’t know it from the outside. It was pretty seedy and it had a reputation for being the kinkiest place in town. Irene, the lady that owned the place was in her thirties, too skinny, and covered in tattoos. She had long, scraggly blonde hair and rings in her ears, nose, and lips, not to mention her navel. She wore shorts and a tank top that showed the belly. She was kind of a freak show but still sexy.

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The Martial Artist:

Cougars and Sisters

Lizzy Eliot

(c) copyright, 2o17 Lizzy Eliot

This story is fiction. The characters are fictional and all of these fictional characters are over eighteen although some of them don’t act mature and are, at times, very, very nasty indeed. Even the place is fictional, although if I had to guess I’d think it was somewhere in the Midwestern United States. But that’s just a guess.

Older Men


Carly is my best friend and my next-door neighbor. We went to school together. Now, when we aren’t working, we hang out together… we do everything together, especially the crazier shit. Sometimes she has an idea, sometimes I do. Most of the time, I decide what we do, but today she wanted to go to the gym. That surprised me.

“The gym? You want to hang out in that stinky gym?”

She grinned. “The stinky gym is stinky because of the hot guys who work out there, getting all sweaty.” She licked her lips thinking about it. “There won’t be many girls there and that makes for good odds.”

I knew she was horny. We’d talked about that too. We’d both been a little disappointed in our last dates and we hadn’t met any new guys worth messing with lately. I was dubious about the gym though. “In the middle of the week, this time of day there might not be that many guys around.”

She didn’t care. “We only need a couple of them. And if the pickings are slim, well you know Wyatt will be there…” she smiled, “and Riley. He is definite eye candy.”

Wyatt is my brother. And of course he’d be at the gym. He went there every day to train. He’s a mixed martial arts fighter; Riley is his best friend and sparring partner. Carly was right that both of them were hunks. They were totally different and yet there was something delicious about them both.

Don’t get the idea that we had trouble getting dates--it was finding the right guys that was the issue. Carly is a hot, kind of slinky redhead who manages to get the attention of boys anywhere she goes; I’m darker and tend to dress a little goth, but I do okay for myself. The problem was that mostly we got hit on by guys around our age, eighteen. We’d each fucked a couple and found them too eager—too much hormone and too little substantial macho. As a result, we were of the, as yet unsubstantiated opinion, that older guys would be better in bed. The next level up the food chain, as it were, fucking men instead of boys.

Partly we figured that men would be better at making us come the way girls got off in the porn movies. Other girls we knew claimed that they had been screwed by guys who could go the distance and who wanted more than a quick fuck. That’s what we wanted too.

I often heard Wyatt with his girlfriends when he took them up to his room over the garage. My window faces his room. So I knew some guys could fulfill the promise.

The guy who took my cherry was a football player at the local college. He had a body that was built for action and, as it turned out, he was well hung. But he was inexperienced and nervous. Once he got his prick inside me he came quick—and then he was done. I thought that was because I was a virgin so gave it another shot, but the next time was exactly the same. He got aroused quickly and got off way too fast.

I wanted more than that and I didn’t want to have to train him. I wanted a man to make me come, to eat my pussy, to do all sorts of things to me that would rock my world. In fact, I wanted more than one guy like that. Variety was a lovely spice, and as I thought about it, Carly was right about the guys who might be at the gym.

So we put on silk blouses without bras, tight shorts, and heels. It was our idea of an ideal “fuck-me” getup. Then we went to the gym.

Things looked promising from the start. Right when we walked in we spotted a couple of weightlifters doing bench presses. I’d seem them before and guessed they were in their late twenties, maybe early thirties. They had nice builds, with muscles that rippled as they worked out. I love the rippling of a guy’s muscles.

“Check out those crotch bulges,” Carly said. “I sure hope they aren’t gay.”

“Yeah.” I hadn’t considered that.

“There they are,” she said, tugging at my arm, pulling me toward the ring where Wyatt and Riley were sparring. It was just a light workout with them throwing jabs and snap kicks at each other. It’s fun to watch them spar, working up a sweat. Although nothing alike, like I said, they both have great bodies. Wyatt is good looking in a real masculine way. He’s the sort of guy who ought to be starring in Spartacus movies. Riley is no slouch either. He’s a lean black guy with a great smile. He and Wyatt had trained together since high school.

“Sometime…” Carly said all dreamy, “I’d love to get him naked.”

“The weightlifter?”

She poked me in the ribs. “Wyatt, moron. I’ve never been with a guy who is hung like a stallion—with a cock like Wyatt’s. I keep trying to picture what it must look like when he’s hard. It must be a monster of a prick.”

I smiled. Carly knew what Wyatt’s cock looked like because of a photo I’d sent her that showed getting out of the shower. He’d been drying his face and didn’t know I took it. It was pretty hot—a real beefcake shot.

I’d never said a word about it to Carly, it was my only secret from her, but Wyatt turned me on too. I didn’t mention that I’d seen his cock hard either. There were things I didn’t tell her. It pissed me off that my brother was the kind of guy I wanted, and the one guy I couldn’t have. That she wanted to screw Wyatt didn’t bother me. He fucked a lot of girls and if he nailed her, I’d probably get a chance to at least see him drive his huge cock into my best friend. Especially if I could set up a foursome by tricking he and Riley into partying with us. I was willing to bet that Riley would be a good fuck, and I’d been thinking of getting him to do me for a time.

Riley liked women too and I was pretty sure that the only reason he hadn’t come onto me was because I was Wyatt’s little sister. Not that I could see us being a thing—nothing more than occasional fuck buddies. He was a little bit too nice, too polite and well mannered to be around all the time. In that way, he was nothing like Wyatt. Wyatt was full of himself, and seeing him with girls, well his only interest seemed to be hot, sweaty sex.

But he was sexy and I had wet dreams about my stupid, arrogant prick of a brother and often pictured him when I masturbated. That was why I’d snuck the photo of him coming out of the shower naked. I showed it to Carly, sent it to her phone because his naked body was such a turn on. She’d gotten the idea that I took it for her and I didn’t say a word.

Now she sighed. “Those two will be at this for a time and I want to do more than watch hot guys. I’m horny.” She glanced at the weightlifters. “And it looks like the guys behind door number two might be available.”

I looked at them, saw them toweling off their glorious muscles and then heading into the locker room. My mind raced ahead, creating images of them taking off their shorts. My pussy got wet. “I think we should wait for them to come out and then let them know we admired their technique. A little suggestive flattery will let us see if the muscle in their pants equals the ones in their arms and legs.” That scenario had my pussy humming.

“Great,” Carly said. “We can do that.” I was glad. I’d been worried she might chicken out.

When they came out of the locker room smelling of soap and wearing sandals, tee shirts, and sweatpants, I made her wiggle over to them. She’s the sultry bitch. “You guys sure had a hot workout today.”

“Really not so much,” the taller one said. He had short brown hair and a twinkle in his eye as he checked us out. I felt his eyes on me. “We are usually more serious. We barely worked up a sweat today.”

Carly moved close and looked up at him. “Well, it got me hot,” she said. “I like watching the way hard muscles work.”

“Now that’s nice to hear,” he said, grinning.

She took his arm. “I’m Carly and my friend is Twyla. We wondered if you guys would like to relax after your workout by buying us a drink?”

The shorter one was tanned and blonde and had a grand smile. He looked at us suspiciously. “I don’t mean to be rude, but is this a come on of some kind or a tease?”

Carly sniffed. “Can’t a girl be a little forward without there being a catch?”

He snorted. “Sorry about that. My name’s Al. I’m a lawyer, which means that I’m cautious….”

“He means suspicious,” the other man said. “My name’s Will.”

“The fact that I’m a lawyer also means that there is a well-stocked bar at my apartment.” He winked. “And privacy.” He nodded at Will. “I don’t even mind if Will tags along…” he looked at me, “if you are both looking for fun.”

I thought things were moving along nicely. They seemed like reasonable guys and they liked us, and the point was to get properly laid. This was a chance to find out if hot older guys were really any different, any better in bed. So why stall? “I could go for that,” I said.

Will laughed. “As Al’s biggest client, I know that his fancy bar was stocked using my money, so I get to drink all I like.”

“We wouldn’t want you drinking too much, though,” Carly said, piling it on.

Al walked over to me. “Do you girls have a car?”

“She does,” I said.

Al nodded. “We came together too, so why don’t you ride to my place with me and let Will go with your friend? We can get to know each other a little.”

I was glad he’d picked me. His stocky build turned me on and looking at his crotch suggested I wouldn’t be disappointed in the part of him I hadn’t seen yet. I looked at Carly. Will had a hand on her ass and she nodded her agreement. “That sounds lovely,” I said.

And so we split up. Al led me to a bright orange Porsche convertible that smelled brand new. It was a kind of intoxicating smell. Al beamed with pride as he opened the door so I could get in. “You like it?” Al asked me as he put the top down.

“Oh yeah, it’s very sexy.”

I knew that was the right thing to say. “It’s fucking brand new. I picked it up from the dealer yesterday and it only has fifty miles on it.”


“There’s only one problem. An expensive car like this really deserves good treatment; it needs to be properly broken in.”

I liked his line. I liked the car too. “Is that so? And what does breaking it, properly, of course, involve?”

He leaned over, putting a hand behind my head and kissing me. It was a soft, gentle, seductive kiss filled with promise that lingered. As our lips brushed together his fingers touched my breasts, playing over them and giving me goosebumps before he casually undid the top button of my silk blouse. Sitting in a car like this with the top down, having a guy undress me in the parking lot, made it feel like a movie. A hot movie.

He kissed me again, and his tongue traced my lips, making me melt. “It would be a shame to drive a car like this for many miles without me even getting a sweet blowjob in it.”

I watched him undo a second button and smiled as he opened it for a peek. “I see your point,” I said as he finished undoing the buttons and touched my breasts. I put my hand in his lap and felt his hard bulge. I let my fingers trace the enormous swollen shaft through his pants. “And you are a cautious guy.”

“I am. A lawyer.”

“So not only do you want to come in my mouth, but you’d enjoy the added bonus of finding out right here if you can look forward to an evening of getting played or getting laid.”

He laughed. “There is that too.”

I had only sucked one guy off so far, and while it was exciting, it was all for the guy. But sex is a matter of give as well as take. Besides, I wanted to see if this monster was real. I slipped my hand inside the elastic waistband of his sweats and touched the hot flesh. I wrapped my fingers around it and felt it throbbing. “If I suck you right here we might get cum all over these fancy seats.”

“I don’t give a fuck. I hear that cum is supposed to be good for the leather,” he said, his breathing coming a little faster as I started stroking him.

“Hike your butt off the seat and pull the pants down,” I said.

He lifted his ass and pulled them down to his knees. I looked over his equipment happily. His cock was the biggest I’d seen that close and erect. I bent down over his lap and tasted it, running my tongue over the head. He grabbed my hair. “Oh fuck,” he moaned as I licked the head, moistening it before I took it in my mouth and started sucking him.

I was caught up in the whole scene as if I could see it from the outside. I was sucking this stranger’s hard cock in the parking lot of the gym with Wyatt and Riley sparring inside. I knew I was doing something right because Al was loving it as I used my mouth to caress that thick prick, sucking and licking.

“Fuck,” he shouted and his prick pulsed. Thick, creamy shots of cum flooded my mouth, some of it running down his cock and over my hand, which was still holding him. I swallowed a lot, but it was a big load of cum. When he finally stopped shooting off, I lifted my head and looked at that thing, seeing the last drops ooze out of the slit.

I wiped the cum off my chin and rubbed it into the leather of the seat right under his balls, enjoying the feel of his scrotum on my hand.

He started to pull his pants up, but I stopped him. “No. Leave them. I like looking.”

“While I drive?”

I grinned. “You bet.”

He hesitated, thinking it over. “I’ll leave them that way if you pull yours down too,” he said. It was a dare. I love taking dares.

I undid the zipper and snap on my shorts and yanked them, along with my panties, down to my knees and kicked them off my feet. Then I spread my legs apart and smiled at him. “Gentleman, start your engine.”

He did. The engine positively snarled to life. And when he accelerated, it pushed me back in the seat. That fucking car had power. I was turned on by what we’d done and being bare-assed in his car as we drove through the city. I put my hand on my pussy and started playing with it as we hurtled up the onramp and onto the freeway. Then he really stomped it, taking furtive glances at me. “Play with that cunt,” he said.

I fingered myself with my left hand and leaned my right elbow on the window. I was rubbing my pussy then I put a couple of fingers inside and started fucking myself with them. After a time I swapped hands so I could reach over and curl my fingers around his flaccid prick.

“Oh, baby,” he said, and it started to stiffen. As we ripped through traffic, I savored the wind blowing over my bare pussy and the marvelous sensation of his prick swelling in my hand.

I looked to the side and noticed the startled look from a truck driver as we passed and that felt good too. I wondered how many other people had seen us. I hoped a lot had.

Suddenly everything got dark—Al was pulling into a parking garage, zipping around to a numbered spot. The car went quiet. I caught my breath, then undid my seatbelt and climbed over to stand on Al’s seat, facing him. I gripped the roll bar and put my pussy over his face. The man did the right thing and soon his fingers and tongue were taking me the rest of the way. He had several fingers in my pussy and I was looking past him, feeling his tongue dancing with my clit. Then I pressed my knees tight over his ears and cried out: “Shit, I’m coming on your face in an orange Porsche.”

Before I knew what was happening he pulled me down on his lap. One hand held his hard cock as he pushed me down on it, forcing his flesh into my sopping wet pussy. The way it filled my cunt had my head spinning. I was still coming and riding his cock as he put a finger in my mouth. I sucked it for a moment, and then he moved it, spreading my ass cheeks apart and working that finger into my tight little anus and fucking me with it while I rode his cock.

I kept coming and then, as I wound down, I felt his prick going spastic inside me, shooting his jism up inside me.

I clung to him for a few minutes. Finally, he squeezed my ass. “Let’s take the party upstairs,” he said. “They’ll be up there by now.”

“Should I get my pants on?”

“At least for the elevator ride,” he said.

Love Next Door


When we finished training for the day and headed for the showers, Riley looked upset. “I kinda thought the girls were going to be around today,” he said.

“The girls?”

“Twyla and Carly.”

“I think they were here, but I guess they didn’t hang around.” I knew he had a thing for my sister and I understood that. She was a smoking hot piece and if she hadn’t been my sister… well, I would’ve banged her myself a long time ago—about the time she turned sixteen. “Are you hoping to get a piece of little Twyla, old friend?”

That made him a little uncomfortable. But he nodded. “I don’t know what she thinks about me, but I do think she’s hot. She gets me worked up.”

“I can understand that.”

“Have you done Carly yet?”

I shook my head. “I’ve thought about shagging the little redhead and I think she’d go for it, but fucking your sister’s best friend seems awkward. If I came onto her and she freaked, there would be hell to pay at home. And as long as the hunting is good, why shit in your nest?”

“Speaking of that, how’s your cougar hunting going?”

I always tell the truth about pussy. “Nothing to report yet, but I’m keeping an eye out.”

Riley knew that I was attracted to older women in a way that he wasn’t. Not that I thought he’d turn down a hot piece of ass that was older, but he chased younger cunt. It amused him when I lusted after an older woman. Not that I don’t like younger women, but I had a theory about cougars. I thought that one that liked younger guys would want sex rougher, want to be really fucked hard and used. That turned me on. It was more feral, more just rude and crude sex. I liked dominating a woman and most of the younger women wanted to be courted.

Another erotic thing about the idea of fucking older women… well, there seemed to be conventions and even rules about what you could and couldn’t do. I didn’t much like rules, and when it came to pussy, there seemed to be a lot more rules that said that a lot of damn exciting women were supposed to be off-limits.

The age difference was part of it, and then there was the idea that a lot of hot older women were married. That made them more exciting to me. Knowing that bedding one who was claimed, ramming a hard cock into some other guy’s snatch was against the rules turned me on. Having someone else decide who I could and couldn’t fuck didn’t sit well with me. I intended to fuck some of these older, married women and see if it was as exciting as I thought it would be. Sex was never a waste and I was determined to break a few barriers down before I got old.

We got dressed and then Riley went off to work and I went home.

It was still early and the day was gorgeous, so I decided to go out in the yard to run through some of my exercises. I stripped down to a pair of gym shorts and was concentrating. It didn’t take long to work up quite a sweat.

“Wyatt.” I turned and saw our neighbor, Donna Crane. She was mom’s best friend and Carly’s mother. Donna was also one of the smoking hot older women I’d thought about, jerked off thinking about. She walked around looking like she was in heat. Her hips moved in an enticing swaying motion. In short, this woman was my idea of the perfect cougar. I didn’t know what her thing was, but I was sure that if I could get between her lovely legs I could make her howl like one. If she gave me half a chance I’d use my tongue, fingers, and cock to make her scream.

Ever since puberty, I’d wondered what it would be like to fuck Donna Crane. That she was our neighbor, married and her daughter was a friend just made the idea hotter. There was no way I should fuck this bitch. So, of course, I wanted her desperately.

Carly and Twyla were both eighteen, so I guessed Donna had to be around forty. But she was trim and slim with nice breasts. She dressed so you knew it too, and today had on a pair of tight shorts that squeezed her ass so you noticed her walking, and one of those tie-around tops—it’s not much more than a scarf and it is very sexy if you like boobs. I happen to like boobs. Luckily she wore that kind of outfit around all summer.

“Are you too busy to give me a hand?” She was smiling. “Jake left some bags of fertilizer out and I think they need to be put away so the sun won’t rot the bags.”

“You need me to put them in your shed? No problem.”

I followed her, watching her ass wiggle, to where her husband, Jake, had left the sacks. They were standard fifty-pound bags. “I appreciate this,” she said.

“That’s okay,” I said. “This is a good addition to my workout.”

As I worked she watched me. I sensed her running her eyes over my body. I let myself think that she liked what she saw. At least it was making her smile, and part of that was probably because being so close to her, having her look me over, had gotten me rock hard—a fact that was clearly visible in the way it tented out my shorts.

I wanted her and I knew she could see that. She didn’t leave, but she didn’t do anything either and I had to figure how to play that moment. If I got it wrong, or if she was afraid to let anything happen and I pushed too hard… there could be hell to pay. She and mom talked every day.

That was the only reason I’d never done anything about my desire for her. But these days I cared a lot less what my perfect mother thought. What did matter was that the bitch in front of me was a petite and sexy woman; what mattered was that being around her, thinking about that sexy body got my cock throbbing hard.

I decided I’d make a move and fuck the consequences.

It was a hot day and sweat was pouring off me. When I finished moving the sacks she was there immediately, carrying a towel and a cold beer. With my mind undressing her, picturing unwrapping those tits and sucking the nipples, my cock was aching. She handed me the beer and reached up with the towel to start wiping the sweat off my chest and abs. It felt nice and when she licked her lips I felt a shiver. I needed to pick my move.

“It’s hot today,” she said. “You should come in out of the sun for a bit.”

That suited me fine. She actually took my arm in her delicate hand and led me inside. I was thinking about how nice it would be pull down those shorts and bury my cock in her. It wiggled as if it was inviting my cock to find a way in that lovely crack.

I felt I was finally on track to nail Donna. She was clearly showing me her stuff. I couldn’t see how she’d be surprised if I tried to help myself to some of it.

I didn’t figure that I had anything to gain by being coy and I think that asking permission is a wimp’s game. She was inviting it and a real man would make a move. So, when she walked to the breakfast nook and stopped, I came up behind her. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her back to me while pressing my body tight against her. My cock pressed into her ass.

The intake of her breath sounded like a good thing to me. That she didn’t scream or move away was even better. She was waiting to see what I did next. So I ran my hands up under that silk scarf that covered her tits and cupped her breasts. I fondled them as I rubbed my cock against her ass. She pushed back against me, rocked her head back and moaned. “Ummm,” she said.

She wanted it. The bitch was ready.

Her flesh was soft and warm and the thought of making her squeal made my pulse race. I took a hand off her breast and moved it down over her belly. I felt a tremor run through her as my hand reached her waist and I unsnapped her shorts. She held her breath as I unzipped them then put my palm flat on her belly and pushed my hand down inside. She was wearing silk panties that heightened my excitement as my fingers went under them and traced the softness of her bare pussy lips. I curled a finger, moving it between them, wetting it in the moist, tender flesh of her cunt as she writhed against me, her ass rubbing against my hard cock.

She rocked her head back, her lips parted. “You like older women, Wyatt?”

“I like this one. I like you enough that my dick is rock hard.”

She turned her face and kissed my cheek. “And what will you do about that?”

“I intend to fuck you hard,” I said, fingering her pussy.

“You know it’s wrong.” She was just bullshitting.

“No, I don’t.”

I undid her top and dropped it on the floor, then turned her around and looked into her eyes. Donna Crane had firm, round breasts that cried out to be touched, so I removed the scarf and fondled them while I nuzzled her neck. Then, with my face in her ear, I told her, “I want you on your knees, Mrs. Crane. I want you to get my cock out and taste it.”

At the formal way of saying her name she wrinkled her nose. “If I’m going to suck your cock you could at least call me Donna.”

“No. I like the idea that you are an older, married, smoking hot woman,” I said. “I’ve wanted Mrs. Crane to suck me off for a long time. Then maybe I’ll eat Donna, and stuff her wet pussy full of hard cock.”

That got me a smile. Then she put her hands on my chest, looked up at me and licked her lips before she sank slowly to her knees, running her hands down my body and sending tingles of anticipation running through me. I looked down at her, watching as she pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang free and she ran her fingers over it.

The touch of her hand on my stiff shaft and the press of wet lips on the head of my cock was incredible. This was Donna Crane, my neighbor, the lady who had babysat me when I was little. I remembered once, when I was just going through puberty, I had stayed at their house. She was wandering around in panties and a bra. To top it off, she often had a way of pouting when she was thinking that gave me such a hard on that I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off.

And now that same woman was parting those lush lips and taking my cock in her mouth.

One of her hands cupped my balls as she tipped my cock up and ran her tongue the length of it. Then she took it in her mouth, swallowing it, sucking it. Just watching this woman suck my cock was fantastic. But she was mine now and I didn’t want to come in her mouth—not yet.

I reached down and took her by the arms and pulled her to her feet. She smiled at me, curious. I led her over to the couch and sat down. My hands went to work on getting her shorts down those slender, strong legs. What I wanted, what I needed, was to fuck this bitch. I wanted to shoot my cum in the cunt of Jake’s wife, Carly’s mother. I parted her legs and poked a finger under the crotch of her panties. It slipped easily into her moist cunt and fucked her with it. She was juicy wet with desire and she looked down, watching me finger her and tugging on her nipples.

“You want my prick stuffed in your cunt,” I said.

She licked her lips. “Yes.”

I put her on her knees on the couch, facing the back and ran my hands over her ass, feeling her through the silk panties. I put a hand between her legs to slip the crotch aside and stroke that sweet, wet pussy. Then I got behind her and pushed my face into her musky snatch, smelling her sex. I grabbed her hips roughly and ran my tongue through her moist cunt, taking a long tangy taste of her. She moaned softly and her hips writhed.