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The book revolves around the Stefano' s story, a firefighter who is very dedicated to his work. The continuous interventions that he is carrying out often lead him to ask questions about the human condition, until the moment when a tragically ended rescue leads him to depression. Marina his partner will be able to give him the necessary strength to go ahead and get back on track, not only for the two of them, but also for the son that Marina carries in his lap. This will be precisely the determining factor in its recovery.

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The little joy


Enrico Buongiovanni

The little joy


Enrico Buongiovanni

ISBN 978-88-3343-000-3

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“Recalling the glow of your eyes, as you put your lap into your lap, the more precious one, your life, your smile ... I see it every time I close my eyes and I can not help but swear.”

Chapter 1

Marina, beautiful as usual, the days past she falls to her no longer counts , the years since she knew, seemed to have flown away.

Stefano looks at her as she wears her own lingerie at home, with a touch so soft, a sensuality so strong , every time she watches to sleep next to her, she feels so fortunate and happy for that miracol or life woman who delivered her in her arms.

Short black hair and curls, an intense color between the water and the blue sky, is not very high and Stefano likes this very much , allows him to embrace her loudly, tighten her chest, making her feel the beat of her her heart, caused by her proximity.

Marina has 36 years of age, works as a yoga instructor in the various gymnasiums distributed for the city, started as a passion and soon became a profession in which to earn a living in a more dignified manner.

Before reaching certain goals he had received many doors in the face and many “we’ll let you know,” so many that anyone in his place would throw the sponge, but not her.

She was different from the others; she was in her own strong passion for what she believed and ultimately that passion was rewarded, door to door came to knock on the right one, a small periphery sport center, a yoga center and massages, true that he had not yet surrendered, but after all those waste the initiative spirit came out very well, so he rang the bell without much pretense, three times when he turned and went, that he heard a voice from inside the ‘building.

“A moment, I’ll be right away”

The small green porch opened, in front of her she showed a lady slightly bigger than she, maybe 40 years.

Veronica Berti came up with a strong and solid handshake, too much for a woman, blond short hair, backwardly picked up, her eyes were of a glacial blue, able to seduce anyone who had the air to be a good person, those women of heart, that kind of woman sure of herself and her means, but that does not confuse security with the supposition, but always keeps her hand ready to help those who need it, the woman who that day would be his guide.

“Tell me, can I be useful to you?”

Marina reconnected in a moment, pulled back her hair and answered without too much spin, keeping the education and reverence that unfortunately most people forget to have.

“I’m a yoga teacher, I was wondering if she needed someone to help her with the courses, I had various yoga attestations to do the job with both children and adults and women in an interesting state.”

Veronica with her slim but toned body, typical of a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, runs the best of her smiles, with delicacy and the hands of her hands the curriculum carefully reading the various attestations and the various certifications required in Field, after a few minutes of reflection with the smile that does not mention, does not even leave for a second to leave his face, keeping the same position fixed in his eyes.

“Well, I would say that there is not much to say ...”

Marina is already relishing the bitter taste of rejection, looked down es without a word proceeded to put forward his right hand to take that piece of paper while his left, for download strins nervousness and as possible the shoulder bag which there is on the same shoulder, but then the words of his interlocutor arrives no illuminating them in the face.

“I would just need someone who would take a course for kids ... then tell them if we see you to get some money and start next week!”

His face became brighter than ever, he immediately accepted, overflowing with enthusiasm, and so from that first assignment, many others came to it, from the first encounter with those who had opened the road, a profound friendship emerged, one of them ties so strong that they can not be broken.

Stefano works instead as a firefighter, for about six years, he has seen things for a while during his work, after all, the life of the firefighter is a constant struggle for others, during the early years he was sent out in smaller venues this means small towns, little hustle and few accidents, so little help but the simplest ones.

His first outing was due to an old lady who had been locked out of the house, having mistakenly broken the key in the lock, while the latter was one of the most classic cases, the recovery of a kitten who had decided to make a tree your own cuckoo.

The following years, however, went to extinguish fires, save human lives, prevent the flames from consuming everything.

The firefighter’s profession has always been one of the most fascinating, generous and adventurous at the same time.

Proud of being a firefighter, Stefano often reconsidered at all times of his work: rescue in the middle of the night and desperate to beat the flames on time.

His greatest achievement, however, was Marina, as often happens in life, nothing gains it effortlessly, without renunciation or effort, its renunciation was the time, the time he first devoted himself to his passions, to his friends, now that time no longer existed.

They knew when he was 20 years old, at that time he was a college student, tired of following the path that others had drawn for him, that is, the obligation to graduate, almost as if people in this world were not qualified by their own actions, but by their status, walking in the deserted streets because of the rain, he looked at everything around him and found himself thinking.

She simply found what she had understood through the people she had known during her life .... the winner feeling that dominates lies on this earth is just one, indifference.

It has always lived on this earth, and people without realizing it are corrupted by it leaving space in their hearts nothing other than themselves so every time they are looking for happiness, they can not help but be unhappy.

Comparison is this the fulcrum of everything, continuing to think about the lives of others as better than ours, this coupled with the constant twisting of the past, makes us empty, making us therefore unable to look ahead.

What is no longer part of our lives, should not have the power to corrupt in the present, in the end things are said to happen for a reason.

On the thread of these thoughts pulled his hands from his pockets of his jeans to settle the chaps, rain beginning ò to fall incessantly, walking on the head down the sidewalk to get wet as little as possible, he found refuge in a small bar, which immediately entered .

He sat at the first free coffee table with such heavy weight as if the legs had decided that it was the perfect time to give in.

He took off his hood and, consequently, the jacket, carefully resting on the back of the chair, inspected the place in which it had been almost accidentally forced by bad weather.

“Not bad,” she thought to herself, she was headed to the university, but that day she realized that her path was not that of the studio, she felt that she was destined for another even if she could not yet focus on the goal, he caresses the beard scarce.

“I can serve it” the voice that came to his ear belonged to a middle-aged man with short, peeled hair and with his unique gray mustaches very noticeable, the stains on his shirt showed that he spent more time in the small kitchen on the back , to prepare the fast lunches of some strange stranger, his gaze was turned off like that of a man who has nothing to ask for life, a man who no longer feels he will fight and move on, his finger brings the bridal faith .

“Yes, a coffee, thank you.”

Stefano hastily answered as if he had been unprepared.

“Gennaro, take your ass off and come here, you need some in the kitchen, among other things, I smell burnt.”

The nice invitation was addressed to the man guilty of having taken his order, forgot something about the fire, and in fact, in a hurry, he clambered to the kitchen.

The sender of the message was instead a boy, evidently the owner of the aforementioned room, evidently had forgotten where the lady’s kindness and respect were.

He wore an extremely dark black shirt with a glossy label with his own name above “Charles” that was his name. Stefano found himself with some disgust at the way he did that boyfriend, who all other employees did not like colleagues or friends, but simple objects for his financial statement, he now understood better the expression painted on Gennaro’s face, to be treated with no respect from the one who might be a child is somewhat obscene, as the staff worked, Carlo granted free beer and chatting with the various passers-by, the cute ones personally served them, and they were all flattered, a little because every woman likes to receive a compliment and feel the focus of attention, a little instead of l ‘poor self-esteem that had to be rested or reinforced, and in those cases ... the words of a stranger were also good.

“Marina, move your ass, bring this coffee to the table.”

coffee was what Riccardo had ordered, but not what struck his attention, it was the first time he saw her ... Marina.

She had very long curled hair tailed behind, wearing gray jeans and low brown boots, the shirt was white and over the green apron, the uniform of the place, he noticed that unlike the others, he answered without a doubt the words of his chief, and only after making himself understood, he did what he had been asked for.

Seeing her approaching she could not help but get caught up by her deep, clear eyes, a color between heaven and green, and Stefano had never believed in absurd things like a thunderbolt, but then why she felt so eager to know her .

“There’s nothing to say, a good character to your boss ...” he tried to throw there a stupid joke to break the ice, hoping that his invitation to dialogue would be welcomed.

A smile comes to answer her words and a little nod with her head in approval, only this has sweetened her the day.

He put the coffee on the coffee table and went back to the counter. The place was huge, all stained with white with a chandelier, looking at those walls, a scream that shocked everyone.

“Get out of here soon, come out of here,” Gennaro screamed, coming out of the kitchen straight away to the exit, perhaps the boy was right to smell burnt, now a big smoke curtain came out of the kitchen.

The panic spread in a second all ran to the door now the flames were waving wide consuming everything they embraced.

Everything happened in a second, Stefano threw himself out in a moment, seeing Carlo intent on strongly rebuking Gennaro, who, without a doubt, put his phone in his pocket with his words, with whom he had just called the firefighters, looking around for a few more minutes he noticed that many were the customers or members of the staff who remained ... Marina was among them .

The sirens became more and more noisy, the fire truck came to the bar at an unprecedented speed, five men with the uniform went to work to tame the flames and first save the ones who were left in the room .

When he saw one of them go out with Marina, he acted instinctively to meet the perfect stranger with the intention of embracing him, though at the last second, he decided that it would be better not to do so, because he was in a hurry to come back to see if other people were left, the firefighter left it in delivery and returned to the flames that gradually diminished and ceased to exist.

“I’m glad you’re safe!”

she was a little upset by the smoke and the situation simply answered

“Thanks!” Leaving a spontaneous and happy smile,

“I will accompany you at home, it will be good for someone to help you after what you’ve been through tonight.”

So on that day thirteen years ago, he found the dearest person in his life, also knowing where the work for which he was cut, the firefighter, after that full understanding of the nobility of that profession, he incarnated all his ideals and principles, living to help others.

In the first years of his relationship he was so overwhelmed, so taken by the beauty of that story, giving no importance to anything else, apart from her.

Soon the feeling continued to grow , unlike his time for others, he did not do it with malice, only his priorities had changed.

After three years of experiencing a couple, he noticed that the list of his friends had dropped a lot, before his phone rings continuously, but then fewer and fewer people go to bed if they do not find them getting tired and ending with no consider yourself more.

This indeed happened, there are loves that die before they are lived, others are only imagined, some then, perhaps too many are the forbidden ones.

He had therefore lost many people close to him, but that did not disturb him, perhaps because he did not even realize it at last, or perhaps because what he had found was the only one among the people he wanted to be close to.

The days passed with them the seasons, and finally the years, and he became more and more in love, one evening strolling through the park with marined Navy at his arm, he was surprised to find her close, his eyes were closed but they still convey happiness, his mouth formed a marvelous smile of those who are announcing the security she felt for her own man in shaking her tight.

It was winter, the air was cold and pungent, and a few drops of rain had started to get off and felt on their heads, but in spite of the rain, they were standing still to look at each other in the other’s eyes and vice versa.

At that moment she opened her beautiful intense eyes and looked at her intensely, embraced me, he felt home whenever she held him tight to herself.

She approached her mouth to her ear.

“Love ...” a long sigh to take courage “I’m pregnant!”

he said these few words, he began to cry from happiness, he remained motionless for a few seconds, as if he had not yet learned the news completely, searched for the right words for that moment, but nothing came to his mind sighing and smiling, without even realizing it , she pressed her even harder.

“I love you!”

“You’re going to become a father, you did realize that,” she said, tightening it even stronger than before, and he really thought of that phrase, when a child was born, life was no longer the same.

It is not just a common place, being dad involves, in fact, emotional and organizational upheavals in man’s life and within the couple.

When a child is born, it’s a unique experience, especially when you’re about to see your son for the first time.

It’s like starting another life: yesterday we were in two, today we are in three!

Change life because everything, at least in the beginning, takes place in function of the child: even the relationships between man and woman are more of an organizational type, affection and love are focused on the little one.

I think it’s important for the couple to do everything to avoid falling into routine and thinking about just about working and managing their children.

Nature makes a father for his children a kind of new love of increasing intensity, often different from the experiences of love lived up to that point.

Priorities change: the children, their good and their happiness become the most important thing, even more than themselves.

Seeing them grow, learn new things, develop their own personality, are experiences that give extraordinary emotions, which repay any sacrifice.

The only question that really hacked her head was ....

“Will I be able to be a good father?” And looking at her eyes overflowing with tears full of happiness, she realizes that her concern has nothing to be grounded until she is next to him he can do it all.

The rain began to fall unceasingly, but they were in a deep embrace, they did not realize what was around them, at that moment there were only two of them and their wonderful novelty, the most important one, having a baby and guiding him to the right Street.

Without saying a word slowly pulled his head to her chest and laying them gracefully his left hand under her chin, he kissed her on the forehead, a kind of passionate and loving kiss, a kind of kiss that is not only goes to show love, but above all, it means protection and now it was no longer the only one that was to protect now were the two people he would guard under his own protective wing,

even Marina tight in that embrace, enjoying all the love that her man

had to offer her in that kiss so felt, she thought of being a mother.

When she did the test a few days ago without knowing her companion, she always hoped that the result would be positive, for many women to have a son meant to say “the end of the games”, no more evening out until later, no more alcohol, no more sleepless sleep on Sunday morning.

But she was not so frivolous, she had never been there, she did not see a child’s arrival any impediment, rather the time that she thought and the greater she became her conviction, that having a son was a wonderful blessing was a fact of fact his life would change but in the best.

Many couples live their bonds as a forcing, going ahead over time the one that wins is not the passion or the love, it’s the habit .... the habit of being together to do things with that person until the relationship it flatters without seeing any newness possible on the horizon with the next person, ends with making important decisions with the sole purpose of giving a new stimulus to the relationship or just because it reaches a certain age, according to common conscience certain goals have to be cut.

After a few years of engagement, you decide to live together, when everything goes into the usual cursed routine cycle, then you get married, then one day you wake up knowing that every day you wake up the person you will be next morning after morning is not just what you’ve always dreamed of and so stupidly trying to change things you decide to have a child, as if it were something that you can decide so without any look at the future.

Unfortunately when the couple explodes the child is the one who really remembers us, finding himself in an environment where he never knew the true meaning of the word love.

She knew all these things, she had seen too many couples in her life to exchange love with convenience, but Marina had three greatties, she loved her, was loved equally, and it was with him that she wanted to have a son because he knew he had always been the best companion of life, he would have been a wonderful father.

Seeing that the test was positive, he immediately jumped out of his own key to lock in the bathroom, tears of happiness strewed his face and his left hand was firmly held on his face to prevent his joking screams suspicious of his man.

Stephen cut off his lips from that front, she caressed her face softly, for all that time had been in the rain and now with new happiness they took mana in his hand and headed home.

Walking on the sidewalk in silence came in front of the door, pulled the keys out of his pocket and with some dumb blow he could turn the lock entirely.

They climbed the few steps that separated the ground floor from their home; they entered the house only through glances and smiles.

Topping their wet clothes put them in the basket where they used to put dirty cloths on, Stefano first gave Marina a refreshing shower, and from now on he would have to take more care.

As she waits, she throws herself on the empty bed despite being her resting day, but the news she just received had particularly excited her.

She caresses her short black hair, her beard, crosses her hands behind her head and plunged into the red linens color, admires that house from the few rooms, four for the precision, he now inside that bedroom looked happily at the collage of their first holidays made together in Ireland, thinking that traveling to him was of no concern to you, it was a passion she had sent him lost in imagining all those pictures, all those little memories torn from the time run will in fact be more beautiful when their little baby will also be part of them.

His father and mother were exemplary parents, always present at the time of need, full of pretensions (inherited in each parent) hopes, dreams and anything else for their own children .... already because Stephen has a younger brother than a only year, they have always been the opposite faces of the same medal, he denied the study, full of dreams with his head turned upward in the clouds begun, the university immediately realized that that was not his way but what her parents hoped for.

“Without a degree you do?” They used to address him, but he did not follow that path, unlike Augusto, his brilliant brother in the studio, head to books and concrete goals in mind.

Augustus was a math professor, among them there had never been problems until adolescence, the age in which Augustus felt an insane degree of morbid competitiveness with the Major.

Stefano had never been told why, however, with the time he had figured out, he was free from any social convention did not interest him absolutely anything of the common people’s thinking, the dress signed, the expensive car, the latest cell phone and all else, for him all these smallness was just a symptom of insecurity, he had never understood why people should base their own image on ransom that was not proper, but imposed.

Augusto, on the other hand, had always been a completely different idea, since boyfriend followed all the modes of the moment from the demented and promising schedules that the junk TV offered day after day, at times when in the family all found themselves with the idea of ??watching a movie on the couch, abdicated in favor of some silly soap opera or some fake talent that had as its sole purpose to inculcate the young minds, one thing that was important was the fame, the visibility of their actions, those programs that made up the mind of people that nothing is worth doing if it is not visible to the mass.

This kind of reasoning unfortunately leads to the flags underneath which waves the system of today’s day, that of the egoism and the envy of the successes of others.

And it was just that Augusto had been conditioned, he saw nothing other than himself, his appearance, his gown, his expensive items, these were the things that were important to him.

Often as young people were having to help in various tasks and in various areas of family life, while Riccardo was doing the best to lighten the workload of his parents, Augusto was never the same, it was even a problem to ask him a basic favor how to throw junk.

Stefano changed his home and began to live alone, not because he was hurt with his family, but only for a pure desire for independence and challenge with himself, showing that he could have made him live alone.

Augusto, on the other hand, was too much taken by university studies and examinations, in order to even consider the idea of ??starting working.

When her parents asked him for help or in any case made her present that her expenses were excessive and heavy on the family economy, he had the arrogant arrogance and the supposition of the one who believed everything was wrong.

“If this is the problem, then it is just your fault that you have conceived me.”