The little dwarf man in the Elfland - Sabine Sener - ebook

The little dwarf man in the Elfland ebook

Sabine Sener



Fantastic children storie for the age of six with 38 color images: The little dwarf man is only five centimeters tall and his best friends are the little blue tit and the mouse. He has a few questions that his father can't answer. Only the elves can help him with this. He secretly sneaks away to fly with the little blue tit to the forbidden Elfland.

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Sabine Sener

The little dwarf man in the Elfland

The journey to the forbidden Elfland

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The little dwarf man and his friends


In a dense forest the little dwarf man lived with his family in a large cave.



He had 288 siblings and he was the smallest. He was only five centimeters tall and wore a red stocking cap. That slipped in his face all the time. The little mouse



and the little blue tit were his best friends.



They enjoyed watching their surroundings and knew many animals.



They visited the water spirits




and helped singing frogs.


They met gluttonous ladybirds.


They encountered wild boar


and visited a hedgehog family.


They met a lonely squirrel


and a brown bear who had a big appetite for forest honey.



It became particularly dangerous with the red forest ants. They would have caught him soon.



His father told the story of wild cats



and lynxs and he listened intently.



Someday they wanted to visit the fields.



There were many people working there. He wondered if they could see him. Soon winter came



and he saw many birds looking for food.



They were very hungry and the people fed them.



Time passed  but the litte dwarf man had not grown up a centimeter further.

The little dwarf man meets a fairy in the forest