The Lion. - José Hélder Saraiva Bacurau - ebook

The apocalypse, the end of all things, it seems that people do not believe that there will be an end, but today with the climatic catastrophes, and the imminent danger of a third world war, makes people think better about the subject, yes the prophecies of the apocalypse are being fulfilled

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The story here tells of the existence of visible and invisible worlds, a perfect kingdom where everything is perfect, its King and its subjects, a place totally organized and without conflicts or wars, governed by a Fair and kind King, in this kingdom there is no death, poverty or ignorance, until there is an attempt of rebellion, one of the most important characters of this kingdom is expelled along with a third of the existing messengers, the perfect kingdom is perfect precisely because the King established freedom as the way to serve , and gave the freedom for his creatures to decide to serve him or to rebel against him,

The perfect kingdom has one of its most important messengers expelled and thrown to an intermediate level of existence, beneath the perfect realm and above the realm of time, these creatures who once were noble and powerful have now become disfigured and perverse, living among the worlds, trapped in darkness, until their leader decides to conquer the kingdom below them,

An imperfect kingdom called the kingdom of time, the kingdom of time already has its ruler, a creature smaller than the messengers, who were created in the perfect kingdom, but a different creature, containing a nature of this material and fragile kingdom, called kingdom of time and also a nature from above the perfect realm, so we can say that this creature was the link of the bond between these two worlds, the perfect world, or rather the perfect kingdom and realm of time, realm of time because this kingdom was created to be fleeting, or to wear away in time, different from the perfect realm where everything lasts forever.

This is the story of the kingdoms, the perfect kingdom, the kingdom of time and the lower realms, these kingdoms are interconnected, and have their rulers, but an attempted coup in the highest realm, from where the other kingdoms proceeded, will bring a series of conflicts that will close in the realm of distress, where the evil forces of Rebel will be driven out forever, the kingdoms will return to their order and the cosmos will be totally transformed, the powers will be shaken to the principalities, powers and dominators of this dark world are utterly dethroned, to the last and most fearsome, called death will be overcome by the power of life which is in Huda the Lion.

The ruler of this kingdom, here called Hadem, has authority over the kingdom and the creatures that existed there, but, on one condition, not to disobey the King's word ruling the perfect kingdom, being also created with the power to choose, or with liberty, this beloved and honored creature, I decided to disobey the King above and obey the leader of the messengers who were living among these kingdoms in the darkness, or also called heavenly places, when Hadem disobeys this kingdom he governs now to the dominion of those to whom he subjected himself, the leader of the messengers who promoted an attempt of rebellion in the perfect kingdom, now becomes the prince of this new world, along with his entrance into this intermediate realm, his followers who were expelled with him of the kingdom of perfection, now will be the new rulers of this world, the kingdom that had been created for Hadem, now has a new ruler called the prince of this world, the values ​​of the new ruler is completely different and the kingdom is called the kingdom of affliction, affliction because the new ruler will afflict the creatures that live in this kingdom, a kingdom that received a curse and subjects who had their mind imprisoned by the principalities, powers and rulers of this dark world, is this a fiction?

It may or may not, follow this trajectory of these two realms and their characters and draw their conclusions.

This is the story of a kingdom called the perfect kingdom, ruled by three perfect kings, this kingdom is perfect in every way and its glory is unequaled, its subjects are powerful and full of wisdom, the order is perfect, there is no suffering or wars , but there is a total harmony, until one of the leaders of the messengers decided to rebel against the kings of this kingdom of perfection and establish their own throne, in the perfect kingdom there will now be a great war that will shake the cosmos, Rebel and his army of messengers are overcome and expelled from the perfect realm, they are thrown between the worlds of perfection and time.

In the perfect kingdom time does not exist, for King Kadoh the Eternal, the present the past and the future are the same thing, hence its name is the Eternal, when the perfect kingdom comes and releases the kingdom from the affliction of the curses which were imposed upon him because of the transgression of Hadem, then the perfect kingdom and the kingdom of time will be one, time will be covered for eternity, a new creation will arise and old things will pass, the descendants of Hadem who believed in King Kadoh the Eternal and in his son Hudha the Lion, will receive bodies clothed with power and glory and will be together with Huda the Lion kings and will reign on this new creation.

Eternity will come with the coming of Huda the Lion and all fragile things will be transformed and restored, so the mind of the descendants of Hadem will be completely renewed and they will receive a capacity above to know the fullness of the eternal kingdom, this will be an unshakable kingdom, where death shall be no more, and no affliction shall come upon them that dwell therein.

King Kadoh the Eternal will come and receive from Huda the Lion, the kingdom, and thus he will be all in all, there will be a perfect harmony between the realms of time and perfection, the order of the universe will be restored and no longer there will be darkness, or night, there will always be day in this kingdom, for the light will be the glory of Huda the Lion and life will flow like a river coming from the throne of the King Kadoh the Eternal to all who like the Eternal's friend will trust in the Word of the Eternal.

The past will be explained, the secrets of past times will now be shown, the present and the future will also be unraveled, as will King Kadoh the Eternal, those who are part of this kingdom of power and glory, will be infinite, will live forever and will understand all things will be known and knowledgeable of the mysteries of the perfect kingdom and forever will live in perfect peace, they will reign forever in a kingdom completely free from all that causes pain, affliction or suffering, will be rewarded and will receive the nations of this new kingdom as a perpetual inheritance.

Huda the Lion, the son of the Eternal King Kadoh, in Huda and to Huda were created the kingdoms and their creatures, in Huda the Lion were all wisdom and knowledge of the perfect kingdom, he was the architect of the universe, and together with his father King Kadoh the Eternal and Roua the Counselor, he participated in the creation and rule of all kingdoms, Huda the Lion, was always, he is before the time and all the messengers were created for him and served him, Huda the Lion, even knowing that in the kingdom of time Hadem and Ishá would disobey and for this to lose the rule of the kingdom for Rebel, nevertheless he decided to give his life to rescue these fragile creatures, Huda the Lion, the bravest among all in the most respected eternal kingdom, and the most powerful name among the kingdoms, the only one able to open the book of the seven secrets and unravel the mysteries of time and eternity, the only one worthy to open the book, the King of kings and sovereign of all kingdoms, Huda the Lion, the one able to dethrone the power of the principality of death in the realm of affliction, the only one capable of breaking the curse and releasing the creation from the bondage of corruption and to the glory of indissoluble life, Huda the Lion, its roar is so powerful that eternal hills tremble at the sound of his voice, now he will have to descend into a lower world, take a fragile form, and submit to the laws imposed on this kingdom to free him, the mission of Huda the Lion is known in the realm of perfection from eternity, but was established at a specific time to manifest, he has a mission to give his life, and this will require of Huda the Lion all the courage, he will receive the punishment so that peace be established to the descendants of Hadem, Hudá he will have to taste death, go down to the lower realms, his sacrifice must be perfect for eternal justice to be satisfied, the king will be exposed to humiliation, his glory will be turned to dishonor, and he must accept without to react, will also have to be perfect and fulfill the whole constitution of the perfect kingdom in a world ruled by rebellion, Huda the bravest among all, will come to free the kingdom of time, but will be a very difficult mission, he must overcome the opposition and bring his government according to the will of his father King Kadoh the Eternal.

Restore the order and expel Rebel forever from this world, Huda the Lion, he will come to the nation of Rael, but many will not accept him, before he will be tried and condemned, Rael will not recognize him, he will have to fulfill his mission alone and even his father King Kadoh the Eternal, at a certain moment will deliver him into the hands of his adversaries, all this will be necessary for eternal justice to enter the kingdom of affliction and the descendants of Hadem be released, also the creation itself will be restored through Huda the Lion, his kingdom shall be established, but wars and strife shall divide the nations of this kingdom, the powers of the heavenly regions shall be shaken, and dreadful things shall come to pass.

A war in the perfect kingdom led to the expulsion of a mighty messenger, his name is Rebel, he managed to deceive and bring to himself a third of the messengers that were in the perfect kingdom, now he became enemy of the descendants Hadem, when he fell, he was released between kingdoms, of perfection and of time, imprisoned in the darkness, now will wage a war to dominate a kingdom under his dominions, Rebel the messenger will deceive the wife of the ruler of this kingdom and then the own, thus assuming the kingdom and making if the prince of this world, his evil government will transform the kingdom into the realm of affliction and stage of the greatest of all conflicts, Huda the Lion, will descend from his high realm, and will come on the scene to dethrone Rebel and his followers, this war will be given up in the heavenly places and also down in the kingdom of affliction, Huda the Lion will have to overcome it in its territory and then take over its authority in this world, wars and conflicts have lasted until the time of the end, when all things shall be thus undone, and a new kingdom shall be established; this is the story of Huda the Lion, the great deliverer of kingdoms and restorer of order, Huda the Lion will pay with his own life for a kingdom that has been usurped, now he will become so powerful that at his name all powers will prostrate, Hudha the Lion will bring back eternal justice and will release forgiveness for the whole kingdom of affliction, for those who follow it, eternity will dominate the time, the perfect kingdom will impose itself and will bring a new completely transformed kingdom, for this, is and one an unforgettable story, where the worlds will war against each other, but only one will prevail, light against darkness, life against death, and powers will be shaken until everything is made new.

The Lion will roar and show his power, his kingdom will prevail, and his enemies will forever be defeated; this is a kingdom story, perfect, of time and affliction, of the king who has authority just like a Lion, but who becomes a servant and pays with his own life to redeem a kingdom that has been usurped, the Lion that dies and rises with more power, the kingdom that descends and with its power overcomes the powers that afflict a world that is in captivity, the Lion Hudá , will King Kadoh the Eternal and Raja the Counselor be able to liberate the universe, break the curse and bring about eternal deliverance?

Continue reading and discover the Lion and its history, the kingdoms, the wars and battles, the constitution of the kingdom and the nation of Rael, the kingdoms and the great final battle with the restoration of all things, Lion Hudá, the great liberator of the universe and his work eternally remembered.

Huda the Lion, heir of the kingdom of perfection will enter the imperfect world, the eternal will enter time, and will have as its mission to make light prevail against the darkness.

Ruá the counselor, the Spirit of the Lion Hudá and his father the King Kadoh the Eternal, he was also in eternity and acted in the creation of all things, the counselor Roua is given the mission to introduce Huda the Lion into the kingdom of affliction, he will give him an appropriate body for this new world, Runa will also be with Huda the Lion, teaching him the constitution of the perfect kingdom in this new kingdom and will show to Huda what to say, where to go and what to do for the constitution of the kingdom perfect is fulfilled and righteousness established, the counselor Ru'a also was given the mission to teach the followers of the Lion over the kingdom of perfection until Hudah returns the second time, Rauma will convince the inhabitants of this kingdom about the truth and about the judgment eternal, Rahab will grant power to the followers of Lion Huda so that they will overcome the messengers sent by Rebel, and also knowledge so that the constitution of the kingdom will be taught the nations and kingdoms, his name is the counselor, because this is his mission, he is the holder of wisdom and knowledge and the author of the constitution of the perfect kingdom, Rajah can not be seen, only sense, he is in the perfect realm and also in the realm of distress until all let things be restored.

Ruá is the Spirit of the Creator and the Redeemer, so it is he who will restore the sons of Hadem, and the Counselor has always been with King Kadoh the Eternal and with his son Huda the Lion, and together with them the testimony both in the kingdom superior as in the realm of time, his testimony is the truth, he came to free this world from the lie and the distress created by Rebel the messenger, Roua is very powerful and feared by Rebel and his fallen messengers, being able to undo all his wiles and deceit, Ruth the counselor will be with Huda the Lion helping him to fulfill his mission and to liberate the kingdom of affliction, bringing the kingdom of justice, peace and joy from the perfect kingdom

Before the ages existed the perfect kingdom was created by the power of the word of King Kadoh the Eternal, time did not yet exist, when the Eternal was already, with his great power he spoke and the universe came into being, the first creatures to were created in this realm of power and glory, were the messengers, they came into being and were created by the word, myriads of mighty and beautiful messengers were bred to serve King Kadoh the Eternal and his son the Lion Huda, messengers had several missions In this kingdom, some were guardians of other musicians, and among them existed a hierarchy, through them King Kadoh the Eternal ruled the universe, the messengers exercised their power and the kingdoms above the stars were subordinate to them, they dominated the celestial regions, between some of them stood out for their power and influence, Rebel the messenger exerted a great influence among the messenger musicians, being the regent of the great choir in eternity, Mikel the gene of the armies of the kingdom of perfection, the most powerful of the messengers and chief leader in the celestial regions and Gavel the voice-over, who spoke in the name of King Kadoh the Eternal, having access to the throne room, among other powerful beings these three but the one rebelled, hence his name was Rebel, his will to be like the King kadoh the Eternal, blinded him, and he fell from his position, being cast into the darkness, he became like a flaming titillation about to fade completely, his mind was obscured, and he was cast out forever from this perfect kingdom, thus becoming the adversary of the descendants of Hadem the ruler of the kingdom of time, upon falling from such a high place Rebel brought disorder to the kingdom of time and the stars, a third of them fell with him, what was formerly called the son of the dawn, now has become prince of darkness, he who tries to oppose the light, the realm of time has lost its connection with perfect kingdom for your influence, and now a chaotic world will be the scene of a war without respite by the dominion of the minds of those who dwell in it, Rebel the messenger becomes so shrewd that he managed to deceive a third of the messengers who inhabited the heavenly regions, his lie is so convincing that many believe in him, he becomes the father of lies, of deceit and master of intrigue, Rebel the messenger, knows that he is tried and condemned, but nevertheless does not accept his situation, and turns against this new created world by King Kadoh the Eternal and against the creatures that he created, his army of messengers will now divide with him government of this kingdom and fight to the end, in an attempt to prevent the reign of Huda the Lion, in this stage of living powerful creatures above the heavenly regions, are the descendants of Hadem, they have two natures, one of the kingdom of time, and another of the kingdom of perife, being created in his image, are the link between these two kingdoms and crown of the creation of King Kadoh the Eternal, these beings though mortal and smaller than the messengers, are the reason for the great conflict between Rebel and Huda the Lion, because they are so loved by King Kadoh the Eternal, Rebel attempts to destroy them and cause them distress in an attempt to avenge themselves for being expelled from the realm of perfection.

Hudá the Lion is the liberator of the descendants of Hadem, as well as of all the kingdom of time, who became captive and lost his glory, the mission of Huda the Lion is to release the creation of the power of the tyrant Rebel and to return the government of this world to King Kadoh the Eternal, the great conflict is now marked and generations will be affected by this war that began in the perfect kingdom, but which will have its great end in the realm of time, the powers will be broken, the elements will be dissolved, and to that everything be restored the cosmos needs to be redeemed, eternity will enter in time and will overcome the time, making that which is corruptible in incorruptible and that is fleeting in eternal, Rebel, the messengers, death and all that brought the disorder to the kingdoms shall be judged and confined in the lower world, but the power of life will be established in a new kingdom that will come from the perfect kingdom to the realm of time, when these kingdoms will unite there will be a harmony and the curses of the First things will be eternally removed, the descendants of Hadem, now have received new bodies and will be like the messengers, clothed with glory and power, will live for ever, their minds will be transformed and knowledge will be expanded they will govern this new kingdom and serve Huda the Lion forever and ever; this is the story of kingdoms, where perfection and eternity enters the world of mortals and frees them from the bondage of corruption to the power of indissoluble life, where Hudá the Lion is the great author of this total victory, he will forever be remembered as the deliverer of this kingdom and will be honored by his great bravery in subjugating to himself all creatures and powers of the higher and lower realms, Hudá the Lion, when conquering becomes the author of the liberation of the kingdoms and receives authority and supreme power, the order has been restored, established eternity, all the descendants of Hadem, who followed Hudá the Lion are now free and receive a kingdom by inheritance, they are the princes of this new kingdom and will rule in justice and peace, where there is no longer affliction, wars or pain , for the Kingdom of Huda the Lion overcame and established himself by dethroning the darkness and messengers of Rebel forever.

Now a new creation will be inaugurated completely different from the first, the have already passed and everything became new, eternity entered the realm of time and conquered it, the elements burned by the consumer fire were broken and a new kingdom was established in this new kingdom the values ​​are completely different, the powers that once ruled the kingdom of time that came to be called the kingdom of affliction or place of injustice, were judged and condemned, now expelled forever, the new kingdom arises, not fragile elements as in the descendants of Hadem heirs of this kingdom were transformed, received new names and the power to reign in this new creation, even the creation itself was redeemed from the captivity of corruption to the glory of the sons of Hadem, a new kingdom where there is no darkness, no kind of affliction, pain, death or anguish, the most powerful in this new kingdom is q and time ceased to exist, the eternity of the perfect kingdom entered into this new kingdom and conquered it, so King Kadoh the Eternal is his own King and together with Huda the Lion, they will reign in justice and peace for ever and ever; an indestructible realm, the messengers are now bearers of the heirs of this kingdom, which will never be shaken, the word prevailed the universe is now fully in order, the realms of time and perfection that were once separated by transgression and rebellion, now unite and form only one.

Life has prevailed over death, light has cast out darkness, righteousness and peace have brought a new kingdom where no remembrance of past things, for everything has become new, in this kingdom there is only the remembrance of the sacrifice that Huda the Lion did for eternal justice would be satisfied and forgiveness would be released to the descendants of Hadem, for this he will forever be remembered as the redeemer of the world, the deliverer, who gave his own life for the transgressors, Huda the Lion marks on his body forever as an everlasting remembrance of his work of redemption and deliverance, he will be remembered and honored for ever and ever.

The kingdom the perfect, life, peace, happiness without end, the inhabitants of this kingdom do not age, do not die, everyone has full knowledge and know what their missions, the perfect order, without wars and afflictions, a perfect kingdom, kingdom perfect before all ages, his kingdom is unshakable, the eternal kingdom established before the ages, in eternity, has as king Kadoh the Eternal, Kadoh is the Creator of the kingdom, everything came to exist through his immense power, his word created and sustained the universe, Kadoh the Eternal has a son, heir to his kingdom, Huda the Lion, Huda was with Kadoh before the ages, and as his Father always existed, through Huda the Lion, King Kadoh, created the eternal kingdom, his creatures and organized all things, Kadoh spoke and Hudá performed his words together with Roua the counselor, Roua the counselor was also with King Kadoh and his son Hudá the Lion, Ruá advised on the creation and organization of the Kingdom.

The perfect kingdom, where life is eternal, nothing in it ages or wears, its power and radiance are above imagination, powerful creatures, messengers carry out their missions clothed with great power and knowledge, a kingdom without the limitations of time and space , full of glory, where everything has life.

Messengers are creatures who perform various missions within the kingdom, there are those who are leaders of the army, others are responsible for the books of knowledge, others are musicians, they play perfect instruments in various melodies, so that this kingdom is rejoiced to the sound of totally perfect songs.

Rebel the messenger is a leader in the realm of perfection, endowed with great beauty and wisdom, pride enters his heart and he revolts against King Kadoh the Eternal, by letting envy seize his being, Rebel becomes dangerous and can influencing a third of the messengers existing in the kingdom, Hebel wishes to establish his own throne and receive worship, he is taken by pride and vanity, his attempt to take the kingdom is frustrated by Mikel the general of the messengers who overcomes him and gives him to be judged. Disgusted by not being able to establish his throne in the realm of perfection, Rebel will now deceive Ishá and Hadem and take authority in a lower realm called the kingdom of time, he achieves, and causes a disorder of cosmic proportions between the higher and lower; Rebel brings affliction to the kingdom of time and his name is changed to a kingdom of affliction, the inhabitants of that kingdom are now afflicted and suffer with the curse, now only Lion Hudá of the kingdom of perfection will be able to liberate them and restore the kingdom, but the price to be paid by the Lion is very high and he will have to sacrifice himself to the end by his subjects. Long ago in a very high Kingdom, the perfect Kingdom, there was a lion named Hudah, son of the great King Kadoh, the Eternal and advised by Runa, this Kingdom was ruled by King Kadoh, his son, the lion and counseled by the wise Rahba , there was much harmony in the Kingdom of Kadoh, for centuries and centuries all the subjects of the kingdom served him and there was peace.

Hudha will now have to overcome Rebel, return to the perfect realm, open the book of the seven secrets, and return to the realm of affliction to free him definitively, but for this to happen he will have to fulfill the whole constitution of the kingdom of perfection living in the kingdom of affliction, his submission must be total and for the curse to be broken, Huda the Lion will have to sacrifice his own life.

King Kadoh talked with his lion son and his counselor Runa and decided to build a new kingdom, this would be given to the lion and his subjects would all be similar to him, the three agreed and created a new kingdom, the Kingdom of the lion, in this King Kadoh using his immense power created a being similar to his lion son, it was a kingdom in a world inferior to the perfect kingdom, because in the perfect realm there was immortality, all that were part of this realm were immortal, wise and powerful, all were perfect, the time in this kingdom was none, nothing could shake him as the kingdom was perfect, King Kadoh, Lion and Ruha ruled in harmony as if they were only one, there were powerful creatures who dwelt in the realm of perfection, the messengers were perfect creatures, and one of them named Rebel, stood out from the rest because of his power and wisdom, he ruled the music in the perfect kingdom, he was the guardian of the throne room of King Kadoh, Lion and Ru the messenger Rebel was admired by all the other messengers, his wisdom and power given by King Kadoh distinguished him from the others.

King Kadoh began to create a new kingdom for his son the lion, King Kadoh, Lion and Ruá, decided to create a creature that would unite the perfect Kingdom to the new kingdom, the kingdom of time, and King Kadoh, united elements of the two kingdoms and created a creature different from the others, the messengers were impressed with the creature, for this was like the Lion, the kingdom of time would be given to the lion, the first to dwell in that kingdom was Hadem and Ishá.

The kingdom of perfection was given this name because in this place everything was perfect, its inhabitants are wise, never grow old or die, there are no wars or feuds and power the wealth of the place are unimaginable, gold, diamonds, pearls, precious stones are used to adorn the houses of those who dwell in this kingdom, is stable and secure, organized and all inhabitants work in what gives them pleasure, in the realm of perfection there is night only day, there is no sadness, only joy and all cooperate with each other.