The Judas Coin: a ghost story - Chucky Iceheart - ebook

Cherry Green is haunted by what appears to be delusions that are turning her life upside down. She cannot come to terms with the fact that they could be more than just her mind playing tricks on her. Events in her personal life force her to go back to Swallow Town. She is forced to break bread with an overbearing mother who she loathes or be evicted from her home. Moving into her late sister's old home seemed to be a good idea for Cherry, until the entity stalking her starts to manifest itself even more forcefully.She does not know the entity's presence is tied to an old relic in her possession. It is the reposition of curses. it is the Judas coin.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

A Diligent Prayer

Miss Cherry used to frequent the church a lot. She wasn’t after quick fixes or anything of that sort. There was a community with warm hearts and the youth programs run by the church were very child friendly. She could always find an eager child minder amongst the faithful.

Father Miguel was not the typical priest-though he appeared to be exactly that to the average church goer. Sporting a long main of dark hair and wearing a glum face-he delivered his sermons from the pews every Sunday morning.
One peculiar Sunday-Miss Cherry had a troubling issue on her mind that she could not put up with for much longer. She sat nervously on one of the long row of pews. The pews were way too many, outnumbering the thin herd that graced the priests Sunday sermons.
She twiddled her fingers and bit her lips softly, as impatience gnawed away at her senses. She wanted to jump off her seat and drag Father Miguel straight to her doorstep.
Sarah-Lou was sat next to her and seemed to be quite occupied with staring at the dark corners of the Church. There seemed to be odd shapes moving across the wall. Sarah-Lou giggled to herself and knocked her ankles together, as shimmering lights cascaded across her giddy face.
After a few harrowing hours of enduring the priest’s lengthy sermon, the mass was finally over. The priest proceeded to the exit and engaged in shaking hands with people, as they trooped out of the arched passage way at the front of the large cathedral.
Miss Cherry waited patiently for everyone to leave. She held tightly unto Sarah-Lou's wrist and did not allow her to leave the pew where they were sat.
“I am bored mummy!”
“Isn’t it time to go yet?” Sarah-Lou muttered, as she attempted to pull her arm back from Miss Cherry’s grip.
Miss Cherry turned her face away from her unruly, impatient ward and caught a glimpse of the approaching priest. Father Miguel was flicking through the pages of a Bible, as he walked towards Miss Cherry’s pew. He seemed to be so engrossed in what he was doing that he started to walk straight past them without noticing that they hadn’t left yet.
Miss Cherry leapt from her seat and dragged Sarah-Lou along with her and trailed behind the priest.
“Father Miguel! A moment of your time, please!” Miss Cherry waved at the jumpy priest, as he turned abruptly to face her.
“Oh! Cherry! I didn’t see you standing there!”
“Is there something I can do for you?” father Miguel laughed, as he tugged on his collar with his fingers.
Miss Cherry looked behind her and around her-then she moved closer to the priest and spoke discretely, “I need some help with something; something that the doctors haven’t been able to help with. My daughter-she sees things and won’t stop talking to some woman that just isn’t real. She doesn’t even sleep much anymore.”
“Will you do a blessing at my home?”
“Uh, I guess that could be arranged. I haven’t got much on my plate at the moment, so I guess I could come to your home right now. Wait here while I get my tools.” Father Miguel gestured with his hands, as he walked away from Miss Cherry and Sarah-Lou.
The priest soon strapped himself into the front seat of Miss Cherry’s old beetle car.
“Okay, I am all kitted up now! Lets get out of here!” Father Miguel grinned, as he casually wrapped a religious scarf round his neck.
Miss Cherry drove the car slowly away from the front of the cathedral. It was a slow, silent drive. The priest had his eyes shut during the entire journey. It was almost as if he was doing some sort of meditation ritual.
When they arrived at Miss Cherry’s home, She and Sarah-Lou entered the front door first. The priest trailed behind them. He took off his black hat and placed it on the coat hanger.
“Shall we hold hands and make a circle.” The priest stretched out both of his hands, wearing a stern but reassuring look on his face.
Miss Cherry placed her hand in Father Miguel’s coarse, and wide hand. Sarah-Lou was a bit skeptical about participating in what the priest was about to do. She looked up at him with apprehension in her eyes.
“Go on Sarah-Lou! Father Miguel isn’t going to hurt you!” Miss Cherry winked at Sarah-Lou.
With frayed nerves, the hesitant child reluctantly placed both of her hands in Miss Cherry’s and Father Miguel’s hands.
The priest proceeded to recite verses from our lords prayer and the psalms. He repeated the lines several times.
Unexpectedly, there was a disturbance in the house. The floor beneath their feet tremored violently and things started to fall off the shelf. An aery wind tore through the insides of the house.
“This is bad! This is really bad!” The priest shouted, as he looked at the ruckus that was unfolding around him.
He quickly disentangled his hands from Sarah-Lou and Miss Cherry. He sprinted towards his black bag and fished out some odd-looking items.
The Native American priest grinded some animal bones to powder and burnt it in a small crucible. He smiled to himself and waved his hands over the bowl, doing a chant. His eyes brimmed with confidence, as he moved closer to the little girl.
“Don’t let him near me. He is going to hurt me mummy.”
“No! No!” Sarah-Lou screamed, clutching tightly to Miss Cherry’s leg.
Miss Cherry tried to bury her emotions. She wanted so desperately to spare the child any discomfort, but she could not dismiss most of what she had seen. She couldn’t explain any of the weird, strange things that had befallen her since Sarah-Lou was thrust into her life by the most unforeseen of circumstances. Her sister-Grace-had died suddenly of unknown medical causes which was very strange. Grace was as fit as a fiddle and enjoyed being very physically active. 
She cycled every morning with Sarah-Lou strapped in a carrier on her chest. The very moment when the Police knocked on Miss Cherry’s door to deliver the tragic message was still very raw and fresh in her memory. The emotion that overwhelmed her on that black day, and the warmth of an infant that had been thrust into her care, played on her senses.
She wanted desperately not to let her dead sister down. She wanted to do right by Sarah-Lou, even if it meant giving in to unorthodox, unscientific things that she didn’t believe in.
She held Sarah-Lou down while the Native Indian Priest blew the smoke from the crucible over Sarah-Lou's face. The child screamed and yelled. Black veins sprouted quickly on the child’s neck, as she twisted and turned, breaking free from Miss Cherry’s grip. She had become unusually strong, growling like a big dog.
“There is nothing for you to save here priest. You should not have come. He won’t help her, you know.” The little girl smirked, chuckling loudly.
“I know, creature. That’s why I’m doing things the other way. This will be very painful for you if you do not depart willingly,” the Shaman spoke calmly, keeping his feet firmly rooted to the spot where he stood.
The girl growled and opened her mouth really loud, coughing out black gunk. There were nails and razors amongst the black gunk. The little girl picked up a razor and cut her wrist with it, smiling at the Native American Priest as she unwillingly hurt herself.
“You can’t do that! Please, don’t hurt the Child!” the priest shouts.
“Oh I’m not-I’m hurting you,” the little girl snarled.
“The Authorities would love to learn how a deluded priest hurt a little girl with his brutal archaic practices,” Sarah-Lou Smirked.
The Priest was about to reach out for Sarah-Lou when the front door fell through. Policemen came rushing in, pointing their weapons at the priest. He dropped the herbs and wicker doll that was in his hands, falling to his knees. The officers put him in cuffs and dragged him off, reading him his rights.
Everything Miss Cherry had witnessed was dismissed as some sort of Night terror manifesting as a dream before her eyes. Her family psychologist thought she was simply stressed and recommended strong sleeping medication.
Sarah-Lou seemed to have quit her withdrawn and erratic behavior. Days had passed without any further incident and Miss Cherry was beginning to enjoy some semblance of normality in her life. Her home seemed to be less hostile towards her and she ceased to have feelings of claustrophobia-the kind that felt as though someone was constantly invading her personal space.

Chapter 2


The kettle was purring on the gas stove. The toaster had just spat out charred slices of bread. Miss Cherry rushed out of the bathroom with Sarah-Lou in her hands, all wrapped up in a towel. Miss Cherry busted through the kitchen door, reaching quickly for the cooker knob. A quick twist and the hissing kettle was silenced.

“Phew! That’s a relief!” Miss Cherry scratched her brow, forcing a labored smile unto her face.
She walked briskly towards the toaster and retrieved some burnt slices of bread. They looked like they had been hit with a flame thrower.
“Well that’s no good, now. Guess I’m not much good at cooking anything, Sarah-Lou.” Miss Cherry beamed, wiping Sarah-Lou's hair with a towel.
She kissed the little girl on the head and led her up the staircase, disappearing into a bedroom. The door squeaked loudly as it banged shut behind them. The taps twisted open in the kitchen on their own and water started to fill up in the sink. The water seemed to be brownish-black. Suddenly, the taps twisted shut and there was bubbling on the surface of the water in the sink. The water took the shape of a woman’s face. The hideous thing in the water smiled with mischief on it’s sooty, brownish-black face.
“You are happy with me here-aren’t you, Sarah-Lou?” Miss Cherry enquired, as she buttoned up a green, floral dress that the little girl was bedecked in.
Sarah-Lou nodded her head and did some sign language, gesturing with her hands. There was a small, almost, pessimistic expression on her rosy cheeks, as the child frowned a bit.
“Yes, I know I never get the right cereal, but I do give the warmest hugs and I’m one mean tickle monster,” Miss Cherry laughed, tickling Sarah-Lou.
Sarah-Lou's frown faded into childish giggles. Then warm tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. A small crack formed on the wall behind them, throwing out some dust. Something made sudden thud’s on the floorboard, as if someone were walking very slowly. The squeaking noise on the floor, caught Miss Cherry’s attention. She thought she could feel breathing down her neck.