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Get it all in one collection! 68 erotic tales- all of Jade Bleu’s 2017 releases! Features everything from billionaires to hucow, aliens to vampires, werewolves, holiday treats, and much more. Pick up this mega collection today! An erotic short collection featuring an assortment of billionaire sex, multipartner, hucow, fertile fun, paranormal, fantasy, and aliens.

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A year’s worth of short erotica in one collection!

68 erotic tales from Jade Bleu’s 2017 releases! Features everything from billionaires to hucow, aliens to vampires and werewolves, and much more. Pick up this mega collection today!

An erotic short collection featuring an assortment of billionaire sex, multipartner, hucow, fertile fun, paranormal, fantasy, and aliens.

Genre: Erotic anthology

Length: Approx. 163,440 words

Copyright © 2018 by Jade Bleu

First eBook Publication: July 2018

Cover design by Jade Bleu

All cover art and logo copyright © 2018 by Jade Bleu

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

ABOUT THE E-BOOK YOU HAVE PURCHASED: You do not have the right to distribute or resell this book without the prior written permission of the author. This book cannot be copied in any format, sold, or otherwise transferred.



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My frat brothers and I gave it hard to a Greek goddess! It was spring break, we were ready for some rough, ready fun, and she was trying to give us a serious education on erotic vase painting. We posed her like the art she loved and gave her a good lesson that left her screaming and begging for more. An erotic short featuring multipartner rough ramming, DP with rear entry, and raw, unprotected creampie.


I’ll never forget the spring break when my frat brothers and I gave an uptight, but sexy guide a hard lesson in Greek erotic art.

The four of us were half drunk already when we decided to tour the museum, and our guide didn’t seem appreciative of our laughter and remarks. She wore her brown hair piled on her head, and her dress loose enough to try and hide generous curves. She failed, for all of us were imagining what was beneath the semi-sheer white fabric.

She marched us along like a drill sergeant, obviously in a hurry to get rid of the boisterous males she was attempting to educate on Greek culture. It was late afternoon, and the patrons who had been giving us sharp looks earlier were gone. We were alone, it seemed, and Penelope started bypassing works of art to rush things along. After putting up with us act like frat boys about the sheer amount of cocks and pussy on display, she steered clear of a particularly erotic frieze.

“Wait, aren’t you going to talk about that one?” Andrew said, pointing at the depiction of numerous Greeks doing the nasty. He elbowed Tim in the ribs, and the pair snickered like idiots.

“Actually, I think that about concludes our tour,” she said, coolly snapping off each word in an abrupt, but sexy accent. “It’s getting late.”

“What about those?” I asked, pointing to some pottery in a trio of nearby display cases. “They’re exquisite.”

She sighed loudly enough to hear, but she dutifully led us over. “These vases date near 300 BC. They show women known as heterai in service to the males of their households.”

While her tone was clinical and businesslike, I saw the flicker in her gaze as it swept slowly and reverently over the erotic art. That smoldering look made my dick twitch.

I eyed the nude bodies, perky tits and long, jutting cocks. Then I shook my head. “No.”

Penelope folded her arms. “No?”

“That woman isn’t heterai,” I said. “She’s more pornai, wouldn’t you agree?”

Our guide’s dark, almond-shaped eyes widened. “What makes you say that?”

“Heterai provided sex to a few men of the upper class. Look at the lack of opulence around her and the sheer number of men. She was pornai, a street prostitute.”

“Many historians argue that there was no clear distinction between the two,” Andrew added. “They refer to all prostitutes of the time as heterai. So Penelope’s right, technically speaking.”

Penelope’s mouth fell open slightly as she glanced between us. “Well, I am surprised. It seems you gentlemen know your ancient Greek history.”

“We know sex,” I corrected.

“And we are from a Greek fraternity,” Jefferson added, bending down to peer at a painting of a cock plumbing a woman’s ass from behind. “Delta Phi Gamma.”

The mood shifted in the room. We were no longer an annoying group of drunks to be gotten rid of, but colleagues. I let my gaze wander Penelope’s body as if it were a work of art.

“Haven’t you ever looked at this art and wondered?” I asked.

She swallowed. “Wondered what?”

I glanced at Andrew, who nodded at the vase nearest him. “What it would be like to get it from so many men at once.”

“I...need to close up the museum,” she said, stammering, but I saw braless nipples straining against the flimsy fabric of her dress.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I asked, stepping close. “I see how you look at the art here.”

“Because it intrigues me.”

“The subject intrigues you.” I reached out ran my fingers down her bare arm, grazing the side swell of her breast. She gave a gratifying shudder.

“Yes,” she whispered, staring past me at the vases.

My frat brothers were around her now, closing in. Her dress buttoned down the front, and I made quick work of it. She stood still, quivering slightly, while I undid her clothing and let it slide to the floor.

“Jesus,” Andrew said, and my stiffening cock agreed. Standing there in nothing but skimpy white panties, Penelope looked much like the naked beauties on the vases. She had upturned breasts and wide hips, and her peaked brown nipples were hard buds that I couldn’t ignore.

I grabbed handfuls of soft flesh and squeezed while my thumbs ran over the tips. She clutched my shoulders and gave a sigh. Then, men’s hands were all over her. Every guy’s cock was no doubt as hard and throbbing as my own right then. Andrew tipped her head back and kissed her, plunging his tongue in her mouth the way I wished I was doing with my hard shaft. I reached down to unzip myself and ease the pressure, letting my long rod spring free. I gripped it and moaned while I watched Tim and Jefferson each take one of her breasts and suckle like greedy little animals.

Precum seeped from the tip of my cock while they slurped at her. She kissed Andrew back with the eagerness of a woman desperate to let go of her tight-laced restraint, a woman who had surrounded herself with dirty, depraved sex acts but not allowed herself to experience any of it. Her hands drove through the men’s hair, pulling them to her breasts, and she broke out of the kiss to cry out. Her voice, sexy and unabashed, echoed off the museum walls. I was stroking my dick faster now, needing her, unable to wait.

I grabbed her from the others and pushed her to her knees. “Suck me. Get me wet for you.”

She obediently opened her mouth, and I slipped my shiny, mushroom head between her lips. Jesus, her mouth was hot, and like a good pornai, she worked my shaft with her tongue and mouth while I clutched her head. I mouth fucked her until my balls were tightening. Around us, the others were jacking off, the sounds of groans, her slurping and sucking, and hands fapping against balls turning the room into a living example of the artwork around us.

I didn’t want to come yet, because I had far bigger plans. I pulled her upright and turned her toward one of the vases. “See her there?” I murmured in her ear. “That’s what we’re going to do to you right now.”

She gasped as she eyed the vase I meant. I pulled the pins holding up her hair, letting the glossy chocolate strands fall around her shoulders.

I left her staring at that vase, where a woman was being ravished by several men, and took up position behind her. Without being told what to do, my frat brothers helped bend Penelope forward until she was on all fours. I pushed my dick against her hole, and she tensed up. Because it wasn’t her pussy I was about to plunder.

I worked my fatty in, reaching around to toy with her clit. She was wet and slick, and I rubbed circles over the hard nub until she relaxed and began wriggling against me. Andrew got down and slid beneath her, waiting for me to finish jamming myself up her ass. He tweaked and pulled her nipples, making her squirm and moan. The sounds she was making drove me crazy, and I couldn’t wait for her to adjust to my size. I shoved my way in, stretching her ass wide, making her shriek. Tim was there, and he kissed her to silence the cries while I fucked her ass, going in deep, then pulling back. Andrew grabbed her hips, and together we lowered until his stiff, straining meat was prodding her pussy.

“I can’t,” she said, sounding out of breath. “I’ve never...”

“You will,” he said, and he positioned himself. With a grunt, he pushed his cock up her pussy. I felt him go in, forcing his way, a thin, throbbing wall the only thing between our dicks as we claimed our uptight little tour guide. Her moans grew louder the deeper he went, and when he bottomed out, Jefferson grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat.

We thrust together, the three of us, and all our dark-haired goddess could do was hold on while we rammed her. This left poor Tim out of the loop, dick in hand and nowhere to put it. He was eying our position, and if he’d been able, he’d have tried to squeeze in to our double penetration of her pussy and ass. But there was no place for him to fit, so he jacked off over her luscious, sweat-glistening back.

I pounded harder, my balls bouncing with each stroke, and Andrew jammed his hips upward to match my rhythm. She was hot and so tight, and I couldn’t hold out much longer. But I wanted our guide to cum first, gush her pussy cream down her thighs.

I slid a hand between her body and Andrew’s, massaging her clit and pinching the hard nub. She moaned around the dick in her mouth and began to writhe against my probing fingers, and it didn’t take long for her to let go. She screamed in orgasm, letting the cock slip from her lips as she threw her head back and shouted to the ceiling.

“God, yes!” she cried. “Yes, fuck me harder. I’m cumming. I’m your pornai girl, letting you all fuck me.”

That seemed to tip Tim over the edge, and he pushed Jefferson out of the way. He grabbed her hair hard and gave a rough groan while he shoved her dirty mouth full of cock. With hard, punishing strokes, he fucked those hot lips, and he let go of a salty load right down her throat. She was still coming, bucking and writhing on Andrew’s body, and the sight of it pushed me over.

“You hot, naughty pornai,” I said to her, slapping her ass. “You’re making me come.”

Hot jets of spunk shot forth, and the overwhelming relief of emptying my balls made me scream while I pressed myself tight to her ass. Andrew hissed, and between his teeth he said, “Fuck yes, I’m going.” She cried out and gave a new shudder of climax while he gave her his thick, gooey creampie.

Jefferson, who’d been displaced by Tim, was whacking his red, sore-looking cock with fury. With a loud growl, he shot his jizz in arcs that landed on her back and in her hair. Tim’s dick was still jerking when he was pushed aside, and both men finished off by hosing her face and lips with gobs of white, oozing semen.

Andrew and I were still hard when we were replaced by the other two, who wanted their turn to jam hard shafts up her glorious holes. We ended with an exact replica of my favorite pose on the vases, setting her on a nearby table with her legs in the air and Tim pile driving her while she gave me a blowjob I’ll never forget. By the end, we were all covered in sweat, spunk, and no small amount of her sweet cunt juices. The exhibit brochures from the table were scattered on the floor, and Penelope’s sleek hair was now in complete disarray.

We got dressed and helped her straighten up, and as we started to head out, she grabbed me. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes wild. “I’ll never be able to look at these again without thinking of what happened,” she told me. “Thank you.”

We left in a hurry because we had to pack to make our plane. In my hand, she had pressed her Skype address. I smiled, knowing our time in Greece would continue even after we’d made it home.



Our hats weren’t all that were hard when she showed up to order us around! We were building her dream villa on the Mediterranean when the rich, spoiled beauty arrived in need of a rough lesson in how to treat an able-bodied construction crew. We bent her over the new railing overlooking the sea until she begged for forgiveness—and more of our attention. An erotic short featuring multipartner rough ramming, spanking, DP with rear entry, and raw, unprotected creampie.


We were just breaking for lunch when the hottest piece of ass we’d seen in a while came strutting into the gutted villa, her expensive-looking blonde hair floating on a breeze wafting in from the Mediterranean Sea. Skinny designer heels clicked on the subfloor, scraping on construction dust. I wasn’t watching her feet, however. All four of us guys had stopped dead while the sexpot swayed in. Stavros’s dark eyes were glued to the bounce of large breasts. Nick was watching the seductive sway of her hips, which was easy enough to do considering how snugly her little—and I do mean little—red dress molded her curves. Me, I was focused on her mouth, painted in a fuck-me shade to match her dress, and the way those plump lips puckered into a frown while she gazed around the space. That glistening, lipsticked mouth would fit nicely around my twitching cock.

“No, no, no,” she was saying, her frown deepening. One hand settled on her hip while the other was still crooked upward to carry the leather handbag hanging over her forearm. “This can’t be happening. It’s all wrong.”

Her eyes, as blue-green as the sea sparkling out beyond the door frame, found mine. She broke into the most terrible excuse for Greek that I’d ever heard. “What idiot is in charge here?” she stammered out in an utter abuse of my native tongue.

“That would be me,” I said in perfect, but accented English. “Who are you?”

Her nose lifted in a snooty arrogance I very much wanted to spank out of her. “Who do you think? I’m Mrs. Watson, the one you’re remodeling all this for. Or do you just let anyone wander in here off the street?”

Nick’s brows rose at her bitchy, acid tone. Across the room, Antony’s mouth was open in shock. I gave a private grin, because I could guess quite easily what had her silk pantyhose stuffed up her crack. Someone was uptight as hell and needed a release. But she also needed a hard lesson. I was prepared to give her both, right then and there. My cock was growing stiffer in my jeans by the minute.

I repositioned my yellow hard hat higher on my head, letting her see my dark eyes and the glint of arousal in them. “I usually deal with Mr. Watson directly.”

“Then you should know he’s paying you to build me a dream villa. Everything has to meet with my approval. That’s why I’m here.” She glanced around. “But you’ve done nothing aside from tearing this place half to the ground. How am I supposed to have a housewarming here in three months at the pace you’re moving?”

She didn’t even wait for an answer, her ass twitching invitingly as she strode over by the massive hole leading out to the deck. “And this is much too small,” she said, indicating the opening. “The sliding glass door must be wider, taking full advantage of this glorious view. I want everyone talking about it.”

“You want people to see your glorious view?” I asked. Nick gave a knowing snort.

She glanced at me nervously, her bold manner wavering just slightly at the clearly seductive tone behind my words.

“Don’t play with me,” she said. “This is business. You’re being paid well, and I expect a thorough, professional job here.”

Anthony clucked his tongue, and I knew exactly what he was thinking. All four of us were of one mind, I could see it from the expressions and tiny nods around me.

“I understand completely,” I said, moving toward her.

“You do?” Her liquid eyes darted between the men closing in, but landed on mine again.

I nodded. “I’ve seen your husband. He’s a soft, little old man, and no doubt he lets you wrap him around your finger. I think you need something else from us besides a large fucking window.”

I broke my hard and fast rule about safety and dropped my hard hat on the ground. Then I peeled my tight shirt over my head.

She gasped out loud at the sight of my tanned olive skin and rippling, construction-hardened muscles. “What are you doing?”

“What is your name?” I asked.

“I—I already told you. I’m Mrs. Watson.”

“That’s not your name. I’m Alexio. The stud on your left is Nikolas, Nick for short. Antonio is the eager giant over there who is unbuckling his belt. Stavros has the ice blue eyes that look as though they would like to see you naked.”

I was close enough now to see her pupils widen, and I knew I had her despite the wide-eyed look and the way she was backing up, right out onto the deck. “You can’t talk to me like that. I’ll tell my husband, and you’ll lose your contract.”

“I don’t think you will. Know what I think?” I unzipped my tight jeans, my pulsing, throbbing rod straining and desperate to be let free. “I think you’re secretly tired of giving weak men orders. I think you can’t wait to have four strong, well-hung men order you around for a change.”

Her argument was cut off by the sight of my long, vein-ridged prick. She licked her lips at the sight of it, all red and pointed straight at her. Just as I suspected. Her husband, well into his golden years, had plenty of money in the bank but nothing of value to offer behind his zipper. My Greek boys and I would take care of her real good.

I strode right up to her and stopped inches away, challenging her with my stare. She didn’t move, didn’t even blink. I took hold of the front of her clingy knit dress and gave a firm yank. Braless, bouncy breasts spilled free, baring creamy flesh and perfect pink nipples that were already stiff and waiting. She didn’t fear us. She was only afraid of what giving up control here would mean for her when it was over. That wasn’t my problem. I just wanted to sink my cock between those juicy lips and silence her.

“Your name,” I repeated, reaching out to cup and knead one of her firm mounds.

Her eyelids fluttered. “Gina,” she breathed.

“Good. Now get on your knees.”


I pinched her nipple, twisting it hard enough to make her jump a little. Her squeal in response was far more pleasure than pain. Then I let go and pushed down on her shoulders.

“Drop on your knees, you hot little bitch.”

I shoved her down, smiling at the thought that I might cause a tear in her precious nylons. My cock was right in her face now, and I wagged it at her. “Suck my dick,” I ordered.

She hesitated for a moment.

“Do you want your view widened or not?” I snapped.

With a little shudder, she leaned in and tasted the tip of my cock. I swore at the way that sharp-witted tongue flicked out, sampling the slight bit of clear precum already glistening at my swollen slit. She teased me, this woman, barely licking along my shaft, tasting, sampling, gazing up to judge my reaction. I only let her fuck around for a minute before I grabbed her head and shoved between her lips with a rough grunt.

Lipstick smeared my rod and her face while I jammed myself in, and while the others egged her on, Gina tried to swallow me whole. I face fucked her hard, figuring it would be a good lesson about the way she’d talked to me. To my surprise, however, after she gagged on my length a few times, something took hold of her. She leaned in, grabbing my hips, and went to town, slurping, sucking, exerting the pressure of an industrial vacuum hose. She made all these hungry, wet sounds, little greedy groans like she was finally getting something she’d been denied her entire life.

The others had stripped naked, but still wore their hard hats and work boots. Stavros put mine back on my head as they stood around, jacking off while they watched. I groaned and held the woman’s hair, trying to control her rabid sucking.

“Thee mou,” Nick said. “Jesus, will you look how bad she wants to suck dick?”

My balls were already getting tight, which was both a welcome feeling and a problem. I didn’t want to blow my load too soon. Her lesson was barely underway.

I yanked her hair hard, forcing her off my rod. “A little too much,” I said, grinning at how her lipstick was smeared on her face. “And she’s still trying to be in charge.”

The men stood her up, Anony taking the lead. He yanked her dress the rest of the way off, and balancing her arms on his wide shoulders, she stepped out of the garment and kicked it back inside the villa. Beneath, she wore only the sheer, nude pantyhose that I had been correct in assuming had a run in them from me shoving her to the wood deck. Antony didn’t bother rolling the nylons off. He reached behind her, feeling along her round little ass, and gave the seam a yank. It gave way to his large fingers with gratifying ease.

She stood there in her sexy high heels, her cheeks pink and eyes glittering with desire while she let him work that crotch seam until it was split open front to back. He bent over and pulled her nipple between his teeth, which Nick took as an invitation. He joined in on the other nipple, and she threw her head back, grabbing the backs of theirs to hold them to her breasts. Her legs wobbled with pleasure, and I glanced over to see Stavros watching intently while stroking the end of his leather belt. I knew what he wanted, and I smiled. Her lesson would include the spanking I had imagined when she first came in the door.

He rounded behind her, but she was so enthralled with the men sucking her tits and running grubby, greedy fingers down her silk nylons and up her snatch that she didn’t notice. Even when he snapped the belt, she didn’t have a clue what was coming.

Stavros grabbed her, pulling her away from the others. She wound up pressed against him, looking up into his dark eyes while her body rubbed his thick, fat cock. Her fingers drove through his curly mat of chest hair, and he obliged her for a brief moment, toying with her, thrusting his stiff rod against her belly and then kissing her deep. Then with a rough shove, he bent her over so she was pressed to the railing, looking out over the view she’d been so bossy about.

“Stay there,” he growled through gritted teeth.

She obeyed, and with a quick smile to us, Stavros reared his arm back. The belt came over her torn nylons with a nice slap, enough that she jerked and cried out. When she tried to move away, however, Nick and Antony grabbed her wrists and held her in place. She made a pretense of struggling, but I saw her smile and lick her lips when I came up and leaned on the rail nearby.

“You weren’t very nice to us when you came strutting in,” I said, and with a nod to Stavros, he delivered another whack to her ripe ass.

“You’re working for me,” she tried, but I clucked my tongue and shook my head.

Another blow from the belt followed, enough to make her suck in a breath.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I’m...sorry,” she said.

Stavros let the belt redden her ass some more.

“I said I’m sorry!”

He stopped, and I leaned closer. “I’m not sure you’re sorry at all. I think you need to know what you might have missed out on if you’d been any bitchier.”

Nick and Antony pulled her around, and they positioned her to swallow Stavros’s impressive meat. His dick had gotten longer and stiffer with each swat from his belt, and he let out a moan of relief when her plump lips slid over him. He pumped himself in and out, lubricating his shaft until it glistened. But I knew what he wanted, and a blow job wasn’t it.

She was bent over the rail again, and he slipped his wet cockhead along her slit until it found the mark. Gina squealed with shock when she realized his intention, and Nick did his best to distract her by reaching beneath to grope and pull the nipples hanging invitingly below.

Stavros swore as he advanced himself a little. “Your ass is so fucking tight,” he told her, kneading her sore cheek with one hand while he guided himself up her tiny rosebud opening.

“I can’t,” she said, breathless. “You’re too big to fit back there.”

“I guess you should have been nicer to me then.”

He pushed his way in, making her cry out while Antony pulled her upright. Nick sucked and bit her little buds, licking the creamy round flesh of her breasts, while Antony urged her on by working her mound and clit with deft fingers. I was hard as hell and aching, and I pushed my workmen out of the way, positioning myself in front of the wide-eyed beauty.

“See that view out there?” I asked, directing her gaze out over the Mediterranean. “You’re going to give half a shit about it when we’re through.”

I helped Stavros heft her body up, getting my dick situated against her snatch. She was dripping wet and slick, and despite the massive bulk of my cohort jammed up her back door, I shoved myself in her velvet heat, reveling in the feel of her pussy enveloping my cock. We held her between us and rode her hard, her tits bouncing as she hooked an arm around each of our necks. Nick took advantage of those jiggling breasts, rubbing and pulling them while he worked his stiff prick. Antony stood at the ready, jacking off as well, while she gasped and moaned like our good little whore.

Stavros was the first to blow, sending a thick wad of cream up her ass while he yelled her name and told her to take it like a hot bitch. She did, too, groaning at the words. I swore and let go, unable to hold back. My balls unloaded, and jets of gooey jizz went up her cunt, so much it leaked out over my balls. When she was full of white spunk, we let her go—but she wasn’t done yet.

Nick practically attacked her in his eagerness to get his dick inside her, and he bent her over the railing again while he hammered his hips against her. He talked dirty to her in Greek, telling her what a tight, wet fuck she was, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back so he could whisper nasty things in her ear.

“Your husband can’t fuck you like this,” he told her, his hairy body flexing while he punished her with hard, fast strokes. “That’s why you were being such a bitch, isn’t it? You need to cum so bad you can barely stand on your long, luscious legs.”

She was swaying now, growing weak from the force of our combined fucking.

“Isn’t that right, sexy thing?” he asked.

All she could do was nod and cling onto the railing while Nick finished off in her pussy. He delivered a wad of creampie up alongside mine, then pulled out and shot arcs of cum over her back and ass.

Finally came Antony, who opted to take her up the ass. I considered leaving her unsatisfied, but I gave her one more chance to prove herself.

I grabbed her chin while my partner drilled her. “Should we let you come? Or have you been such a bad girl that Antony should fill you and leave you hanging?”

She turned those big eyes on me and said, “You were right about me. God, I needed you so bad. Let me come, please! It’s been years since I’ve been fucked like this.”

“Only years?”

“Never! I mean never. Nobody’s fucked me this good.”

“Damn right.”

While Antony impaled her back door, I jammed my tongue in her mouth, silencing her. I worked her pussy with my hand while Stavros and Nick worked her hot tits, and with a scream even my kiss couldn’t muffle, she exploded in orgasm.

“Fuck, yeah,” Antony said, hanging on to her bucking, writhing hips while he seized up and came in her ass. After everyone had drenched her in cum, I looked up and noticed a pair of tight-ass looking women, drinks in hand, gaping at us wide-eyed from a balcony nearby.

I tapped a panting Gina on the shoulder and nodded toward our audience. You wanted people to talk about your view. Looks like you got your wish.”

She cursed under her breath, but then she giggled. “I got more than one wish, thanks to my husband’s hard-working crew.”

I tipped my hard hat to the other ladies, whose mouths fell open wider, and I pointed Gina toward the villa. “Come, Mrs. Watson. We can talk about your vision for the master bedroom.”



We all dove in when she showed off that bikini body! The coach’s daughter showed up during practice and criticized our technique. I decided we should all give her a hot, hard diving lesson of her own until she judged us by the score we deserved. An erotic short featuring multipartner rough ramming, DP with rear entry, and raw, unprotected creampie.


We were supposed to be focusing on our cliff diving performance, but as I rose from the water, all I wanted to dive into was the hot piece of ass that had just sashayed onto our strip of private beach. Who the fuck was the sexy vixen, with her champagne-colored curls hiding under a large hat and sunglasses? Beneath a lacy cover-up, she wore a white bikini that showed off her tan—along with a good deal of the rest of her. I wanted to tear off the thin scraps of swimsuit and push her to the sand.

I waited for Coach to send her packing when I saw him approach her. This was the team’s last practice before the start of the tourist season, and this stretch of water belonged to him—literally. He owned the house behind us, which was tucked against the cliffs. The beach property came with it.

Instead of shooing the fuckable beauty away, he caught me staring and waved me over. She eyed me over the top of her glasses as I strode up, then pushed them back into place over her green eyes. Before introductions could be made, the coach nodded up at the cliffs. Tomas stood up there, prepping for his dive. He’d had a rough morning, but his takeoff was flawless, his somersault-into-pike was timed well, and he ended off better than he’d done all week.

“Nice,” I called out, clapping encouragement when Tomas broke the surface.

The blonde snorted her disapproval.

I turned to her. “You didn’t like it?”

She pulled off her glasses and stared me straight in the eye. “His turn into the somersault was late, he tucked too far over on the pike, and his entry was sloppy. He may as well have just belly flopped into the water.”

My brows rose higher with every word. So, the mouthy little vixen thought she knew a little something about diving. I smiled at her, thinking how I’d love to see those lips put to a better use than criticizing my team. A slight twitch in my cock followed the thought of her pink, moist mouth servicing me from her knees. I’d show her a dive, all right.

“She’s right,” Coach said. “Donny, I don’t believe you’ve met Constance. My daughter. She’s just back from vacationing in Venice during college break.”

Daughter. My eyes flicked to his, and the lengthening in my restless dick halted.

“Constance, this is Donny,” he went on. “The newest addition to the team.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Donald,” she said, offering her hand.

My eye twitched at the common mistake. “Donny is short for Adonis, actually.”

Her smile warmed my gut. “Really?”

“Good work,” Coach called out to Tomas, who had just emerged from the water. “Tighten up that pike, though.”

While he gave Tomas more instructions, Constance gave me the once over. “So, a Greek god is the latest addition to the exhibition team. You any good?”

Oh, how I wanted to show her just how good. My dick began a new throbbing, and with her eyes all over my hard, swimmer’s body, I had little doubt that she knew it.

“I’ve finished my dives for today,” I said.

“Pity.” She shrugged and sauntered off as Tomas came up to me.

“You’re wasting your time with that one,” he said, scrubbing his dark, curly hair with a towel. “She’s an ice queen with her legs frozen shut.”

“Then I think we should thaw them out,” I said.

“Coach will cut your balls off and claim it’s for better aerodynamics.”

“She won’t tell.” I eyed my teammate. “Let’s get the guys together. It’s high time she got a diving lesson herself.”

The team consisted of five guys—me, Tomas, Paulo, Drew, and Michael. Every one of them admitted to fantasies of taming the bratty coach’s daughter. Not one of them believed I could make it happen. Oh, they of little faith.

We caught up with her while Coach was busy packing up and running errands. As his exhibition dive team, we earned him most of his money during the tourist season, so we were granted access to the house. She was out back by the pool, sunning that luscious body. I picked up the tall beverage glass sitting on a table beside her, took a sip of what turned out to contain more than a little alcohol, then held the glass over her so that chilly drips of condensation landed on her belly.

Constance jerked a little, and her eyes flew open to find us standing over her. “What are you doing here? My father will see you.”

“Your father isn’t here,” I said, rubbing the side of the glass and taking another sip.

“By all means, help yourself,” she said grouchily.

I sucked the straw harder and let my eyes roam her body. “If you insist.”

I lowered the glass, letting the cold, wet bottom of it rub against her bikini top. She gave a little gasp, and I saw the outline of her nipple hardening.

“You can’t just come into my house and do this like you own me,” she said, sounding breathless.

“I can’t?”

I rubbed the glass on her other nipple, ice clinking with the movement. Inspired, I stuck my fingers in the drink and extracted a piece, sliding the slippery, frozen treat inside her top. She arched and cried out while I rubbed ice on her large, stiff nipple. I looked up at Tomas, who swallowed hard, and gave him a wink.

I handed him the beverage, and teammates all grabbed ice. I laid her lounge chair back while we strafed her curves with cold, wet rivulets of fluid. Men all around her knelt down, pushing ice beneath her top, driving more pieces lower, down past her stomach and into her teeny little bikini bottoms. Her eyes found mine with a slight bit of panic, like she had no smartass comeback or willpower to resist our attention. Her body had given her up to me—to all of us.

The men’s tight little swim trunks were now bulging obscenely, and slippery fingers became hungry, probing her, grabbing handfuls of flesh and squeezing until she moaned like our little bitch. I was the first to ram a piece of ice right up her dripping wet twat, finding her hot and slick. Ice queen, my ass. The only ice on her were the shrinking slivers we were teasing her with.

She was writhing wickedly on the chair now, and we pulled her out of it to lead her to the swimming pool. I yanked the strings holding her swimsuit in place while my teammates dropped their shorts to reveal four throbbing, red erections. Constance licked her lips, and I could see how desperate for cock she truly was. Her Venice vacation had left her wanting. We would not.

I still wore my trunks as I got out of the water, headed for the high dive board Coach’s pool was conveniently equipped with. The other men held her in place, holding her arms as they stood her in the center of the pool while I ascended the ladder. Never losing her eyes, I walked to the edge of the board, gripping it expertly with my toes, and I dove off.

My form was impeccable as I executed the double twist into a perfect pike, landing smoothly with almost no splash. My body shot like a curving arrow as I glided underwater, coming up right between the beauty’s thighs. Her pussy was shaved clean, and I attacked it by clamping my mouth right over her clit.

From underwater, I could hear her cries of pleasure, and she bucked wildly while my teammates held onto her. I drove my tongue deep in her honeyed cunt, finding just the slightest nub of ice still lodged there. I sucked it out and after flicking my tongue up and down her slit, I finally came up for air.

The men held on while I shoved down my shorts and claimed her, my big, fat prick jamming that cunt in one stroke. I grunted with the effort of shoving my erection deep, and she pulled free of the others and grabbed me around the neck.

“Adonis,” she breathed. “God, yes. Fuck me.”

The other men joined in, Tomas coming around behind her. She was hoisted up, long, silken legs wrapping around my waist, while I felt him probing around near her ass. Her eyes flew wide, and she gripped me tighter.

“Two at once? But you can’t,” she said. “He won’t fit.”

Michael reached between us and tweaked the rosebuds of her perfect tits, creamy white triangles of flesh that showed off her tan lines. While she was preoccupied with the feel of his rough, large hands, Tomas got to work penetrating her ass.

“Oh!” She cried out. “Oh god!”

“That’s right,” I said, growling at her. “I’m your god, remember? You called me a Greek god on the beach.” I fucked her harder, plunging deep. “And how do you judge my dive?”

“Perfect,” she breathed. “A perfect ten.”

Tomas drove his cock in, I could feel it slide up her ass. She stiffened and shrieked, but I could tell there was more pleasure than pain in it.

“Haven’t you ever had a man up your ass before?” Tomas cooed in her ear.

“Not ever.”

He pushed in deeper, making her gasp and moan. I stopped fucking a moment, letting him claim his piece of the hot beauty who’d tormented him with her body. Even though I was the one who’d primed her for this, he’d been on the team a lot longer. So it was fitting.

Michael pinched and kneaded her breasts, reaching down to jack himself off in the pool. Drew stood beside him, watching and joining in, both hands busy jerking off and rubbing his large balls. Paulo, on the other hand, did something I never would have expected.

He came up on our other side, flipped his long, lithe body upside down, and did a handstand. He twisted around to present a narrow, hooded cock that had gone purple with need. As long as his torso was, this put his dick right in line with her plump lips.

“Don’t just stare at it,” I told her. “Suck that cock with that pretty mouth before he drowns.”

Pausing only briefly, she leaned over and took him in her mouth.

“That’s right,” I told her, and the sight of that wriggly, wet tongue tasting him and then slurping him down unhinged me. I fucked her hard and fast now, and Tomas joined in. Michael grabbed one of her hands off my neck and got it wrapped around his jerking prick. Now she was fully occupied, with poor Drew the only man out. He whacked his prick hard, smiling at her with wicked intent.

“I’ll have my turn,” he said to me, and I nodded.

Meanwhile, I could feel her cunt clenching around me, and from her screams, I knew she was ready to cum.

“Me first,” I said, and with a rapid volley of strokes, I finished off inside her. My grunts and cries of orgasm set off Tomas, and together we drowned her holes with thick, hot jism.

Tomas wasn’t even done when Drew pulled him aside and took his place, driving into her cum-soaked anus. Paulo, who could hold his breath underwater longer than any of us, let go and sent jets of spunk hitting her hungry lips, her face, hair, and some landed on me. I cursed and pulled out, yanking him upright. “Watch where you shoot that hose,” I told him.

He grinned, and I saw white, creamy spurts letting loose into the pool water. He took hold of himself and yanked hard, milking the rest of his load.

Michael took up the vacancy I’d just left, ramming himself home into my sloppy seconds. He didn’t seem to mind the slightest, pounding into her with caveman-like grunts, his muscles arms flexing with each thrust. He and Drew see-sawed her a bit, then fell into sync and fucked like the diving champs they were. Her tits bounced, and that mouth, now with pink lipstick smeared from Paulo’s blowjob, gave me an all new, raging erection.

I changed the game without warning, grabbing a hold and wrestling her underwater. We all dropped, my teammates barely missing a beat, while I wedged myself into the mix and jammed my cock in her mouth. Bubbles from her nose tickled my belly while she sucked, vacuuming me with surprising force, and my balls tightened within moments. I was barely aware of how the others had repositioned themselves, other than Drew was still ramming away at her backside. I grabbed her head and mouth-fucked her hard and fast, not expecting her to be able to hold her breath long. It didn’t take more than a few moments, however, for that hot mouth to do its work. I shot a fat, gooey load right down her throat, and I heard her shout underwater.

We came up for air, spewing water, while our hot mermaid finally exploded. Her scream brought the house maid running outside, and she stopped short with wide eyes while the diving team ravaged Coach’s precious little angel. Constance either didn’t notice or didn’t care that she’d been seen getting gangbanged, she just clutched onto whatever of our body parts her nails could dig into and kept on grinding her pelvis.

When we’d all had our fill, we floated her on her back in the water.

“You’ll need to speak to the housekeeper,” I told her. “She saw us.”

“She won’t talk.” She looked up at me. “So, how was I?”

“You’re asking me to rate your dive?” I shrugged. “A little rough on the takeoff, but a nice entry. A solid eight.”

She frowned. “Eight?” She cupped her hands and splashed me.

“I like to leave room for improvement,” I explained. “You can meet us down at the beach when we meet for laps at four a.m., if you’d try for a perfect ten.”

Her smile in reply, coupled with the squeeze of her fingers around my sore prick, told me that we’d be getting in a lot more exercise than laps against the surf.



We all ravished her in the middle of a tourist spot! A sexy private guide was giving me and five other guys a tour up to the Parthenon, where we couldn’t stop ourselves from touring every inch of her curves. Right in public, we gave it to her rough and every which way until she screamed—and security showed up. An erotic short featuring multipartner ramming by strangers, DP, rear entry, oral, creampie, and a salty bath.


I don’t know how it happened that the tour I signed up for ended up populated by nothing but muscled, horny guys...with a guide who was so fucking hot I had a hard-on within sixty seconds of her introduction. Part of a private tour company, Shelly had flowing blonde hair, perky breasts that jiggled in a clingy sleeveless top, and legs that went on for days. Maybe the Greek gods were smiling down on us, feeling in a mood to watch a gangbang.

We didn’t disappoint.

“The Parthenon is the oldest, and arguably most popular, tourist spot in Greece,” our temptress was saying. “Construction here dates back to 447 B.C.”

Another group passed, gazing up in awe at the ancient architecture, but the five guys with me were more interested in the way puffs of wind were blowing Shelly’s mini skirt even higher up sumptuous, bare thighs.

“What was it built for?” one guy asked—Art, the shortest and yet most bulked with muscle. His eyes were so glued to the rising hem of her pleated skirt that I didn’t believe for one minute that he gave a damn about the answer.

“The Parthenon was a great temple built in honor of the goddess Athena, for whom Athens was named,” she said, waving a hand and turning to me with a smile. Her lips were so glossy and pink, and when I wasn’t fixated on her body, I was imagining all the things those lips might do other than talk ancient history.

“Athena,” I said, smiling back. “The goddess of love?”

I had the pleasure of seeing her face flush. “You’re thinking of Aphrodite. Athena was known for many other things. She was a skillful weaver, for instance.”

So much for my segue into more carnal topics.

The tall guy whose name sticker read Todd elbowed me. He waggled his brows with a grin when I glanced over.

Shelly’s shoes, which were the practical walking sort that seemed an odd pairing with her tiny skirt, clumped along as she took us up closer to the structure. Her ass swayed nicely with every uneven step. “The building was ordered by replaced an earlier temple destroyed by the Persians.”

“Can we go inside if we give you a little something extra?” Joffrey asked, giving her a big smile and pushing back wild tangles of hair.”

Jesus, that immediately conjured something I wanted to go inside—right between her legs.

She stood with her foot planted on one of the large rocks around the hill we were on. “I’m afraid not. They stopped allowing visitors inside to avoid further wear and tear on the structure. We’ll have to be satisfied with walking around the perimeter.”

Us guys glanced at each other. Nope, none of us were going to be satisfied with that.

She started off again, and she stumbled over the uneven terrain. I shot my hand out and caught her, as did two of the other guys.

“Oh! Thank you,” she said, growing redder. “I can be so clumsy.”

None of us took our hands off her, and we moved as a group, our greedy, sweaty hands supporting her curves as we went. Near the top was some scaffolding, a modern touch that spoiled the effect of the monument a little. I didn’t give a damn.

I offered her a swig of my water, which to my surprise, she accepted.

“So, what else was Athena known for?” I asked, my eyes skimming her curves.”

“Is that what you’re really interested in?”

My eyes shot up to see she’d been watching my appraisal.

“Not really.”

With that, something possessed me to lean close and kiss her. It was stupid, and I fully expected her to shove me away. Instead, she gave a hot little squeal of surprise, followed by a moan. Her hands slid around my neck, and my water bottle hit the dirt. I ran my hands over her waist, then cupped her ass. My dick was already hard and throbbing, begging me to take her there and then. But we were in public—very public—with other tourists milling everywhere. Plus there were five other guys in our group.

And they decided in short order that they would get their money’s worth for a tour of Shelly. The rest of them pressed in close, hands feeling up her tits and sliding up her bare thighs. She was shuddering now, shaking as though it wasn’t hot as hell out there with the late afternoon sun blazing down on us. Her hands left my neck to explore the other men who were eager to sample her, and I was pushed aside by the press of bodies. Sam, dark-haired and bronzed like a Greek god himself, gave her shirt a yank that tugged it down enough to bare her perfect little braless titties. Her nipples were pink and hard, and with a growl, he bent down and slurped one between his lips. Red-haired Tyson took the hint and did the same, and now she was leaning with her head back on the scaffolding. Todd was squeezing the front of his shorts, which were tented as obscenely as my own, and I found my hand following suit. Art literally climbed into the scaffolding to get behind Shelly and lift her skirt.

Tourists were taking notice of us now, several gasping and hurrying past us. One group shouted at us to get a room. I heard others bitching about security. Who cared? I wanted this temptress to get us off right on the site of some ancient history.

Todd moved in and grabbed her hair, turning her face to kiss her with sloppy, desperate tongue thrusts while he played with his erection. Zippers were lowering now, and I realized mine had been the first. I pulled my cock out, straining and throbbing, and jacked myself while I watched her getting ravished by her tour group. She was moaning loudly now, loving every minute. What a hot, dirty little bitch.

I had to have her.

“Give someone else a turn,” I told Todd, and I took hold of that long hair to yank her onto her knees. The men attacking her breasts were displaced while I took hold of my shaft and offered the tip of my cock to those lips. They were no longer perfectly glossed, for the lipstick had been smeared off her. Her eyes were glassy, her breaths coming fast and heavy, which she eyed my nice, big dick. She opened that mouth, and I shoved myself in.

“Jesus, yes!” I cried out to the heavens, tipping my head back. Fuck, her mouth was like molten heaven.