The Ivory Towers - Chuks King - ebook

Sarah, Victor and Charles gained admission into Claymount University.  Despite the pieces of advice that they received from Sarah's grandfather who is an alumnus of Claymount, Charles joined the DrinkHards Confraternity and almost lost his life and lost his aspirations of ever becoming a medical doctor. Victor and Sarah were members of the Freeworkers Club and excelled in life. What was the fate of the other students they met? The Ivory Towers tells it all.

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The Good and Bad Life on Campus


Chuks King


Copyright Chuks King, 2017

No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, without the prior written permission of the author.


To all who strive for excellence in character and learning, I say: “A luta Continua, Vitoria acerta.”














The cool early morning breeze was rather chilly. Victor had said his prayers, brushed his teeth, rinsed his face and picked up his machete. He usually woke up around the same time every morning – 5:30 am. It had become part of him over time.

“Victor, what’s up?” the rather excited voice of his friend, Charles rang out.

“My man, I hail you.” Victor replied amusedly.

Charles was his childhood friend, they had done practically everything – childhood pranks, moonlight games, fishing, Boys’ Scouts, name it, together.

They left for their usual firewood fetching from the nearby bushes. Nature was offering her best that morning – the cool breeze, the quiet innocence of the new dawn unfolding the beautiful faces of the diverse trees and flowers, the rather too playful squirrels jumping from tree to tree chatting heartily away in their little gossips, it was really a sweet morning.

“So how are you preparing for tomorrow?” Victor asked.

“I can’t wait for the break of day. I can’t wait to taste the good life – university undergraduate, clean, good and well-presented clothes, good command of English language, with all the girls vying for me.”

“Hahaha! You think you can make that in a day? It takes effort – real, determined, consistent and dynamic effort, it is a way of life.” Victor admonished.

“I know!” Charles shot a surprised look at his friend and elegantly continued. “My brother, the university is one of the best places to be. The universal nature of the whole experience is really awesome. Characters are built, habits formed, sophisticated friends made...”

“Sophisticated friends made?” Victor interrupted rather rudely. “Are you still interested in the cults?”

“Me? yes of course, that’s a done deal. The moment I step into Claymount, everyone will know that the don has come.”Charles had now puffed his chest.

That was when they saw it. A pickup truck was parked on the road, with a few yams, potatoes and leaves at the boot. An old man sat at the steering wheel, his Bowler hat was placed on the dashboard and he was trying frantically to start the car.

“Good morning sir,” the boys greeted.

“Good morning boys,” the old man answered. “Can you please help me push old Fordy? He has suddenly refused to go home.”

He climbed down, opened the bonnet, checked again for any faults, seeing none, they began pushing. When he decided they rest, he put on his hat and continued, “You boys are so energetic and full of life. I used to be like that and was exactly your age when I was studying at Claymount University some fifty years ago.”

The boys were taken aback. The brilliant eyes, eloquent speech and the fact that he just mentioned Claymount University, suddenly made the old man seem to be an angel.

“Yes, I’m an alma mater of the great university, at a time when once you gained admission into that great citadel of higher learning, you actually had to reduce your public appearances, lest the people bow down and worship you,” the old man chimed with a broad smile on his face.

The boys burst out in laughter. It had become clearer now. Providence was aware they had gained admission into the great Claymount University; of renowned excellence, and had actually sent an alumnus of the great citadel their way.

“We have both gained admission into Claymount!” they surprisingly exclaimed at the same time.

“My instincts told me so,” the old man said. “I saw it in your eyes and even in the majestic spring you have on your steps!”

They all laughed heartily at the old man’s jokes.

“Yes, it’s always like that. Please let’s push old Fordy home, don’t worry I’ll pay for your time, I know you were going to fetch wood.”

“Please don’t bother sir, we are obliged,” the boys chorused.

“After all, we are helping our senior alumni,” Victor added.

They all laughed again.

“But please sir, will you kindly tell us what to expect in Claymount? Charles asked.