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Have powerful market trends or uncontrollable events ever delayed or derailed your organization's growth? This book offers you new concepts and improved tools to anticipate and convert such forces into powerful allies to help you exceed, not merely achieve, your goals, even in the most challenging environments. Or are you an entrepreneur starting a new business? This book demonstrates how to establish a trajectory to flourish by harnessing whatever the unstoppable and unpredictable forces you may encounter, whether in the traditional or digital economy.  The authors present new ways to recognize and understand the forces that are impacting you so you can develop the right vision, and implement the correct strategy to consistently and effectively turn them to advantage. Rejecting old habits such as expending resources to combat or neutralize forces over which you cannot control, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise instead describes revolutionary, yet common sense, management principles that will lead you to breakthrough gains. It also explains how to spread the necessary skills throughout your organization in order to enjoy the highest level of effectiveness.  Irresistible forces come in many forms including exponential technological development, frequently changing and ever more demanding customer expectations, rapid shifts in the economy, new regulations, fluctuating financial and currency markets, as well as the emergence of new competitors and increasing price pressures as the pace of globalization accelerates. Companies that have ridden such forces well in the past -- such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Starbucks, and AOL -- have grown from startups to billion dollar sales corporations in ever shorter periods of time. Which forces will be most important for your organization tomorrow? How can they propel your business to irresistible growth? While you cannot accurately predict their direction or timing, applying the principles of The Irresistible Growth Enterprise will enable you to position yourself to always benefit quickly from shifts, and open an ever-expanding lead over your competitors. Here are new questions you need to ask yourself about your business, new ways to answer them, and new processes to employ to pursue your winning course.  Tomorrow's leaders will be those who excel at using all irresistible forces to best advantage. The Irresistible Growth Enterprise offers you the key to grasping your full potential for immediate and sustained breakthroughs.

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Main Idea

From time to time, irresistible forces arise which permanently alter the general business climate. The usual corporate reaction to the arrival of these forces is to put everything into an effort to fight them and preserve the status quo. In marked contrast, smart organizations change their business strategies to harness those external forces and generate quantum leaps in corporate performance--often in the magnitude of 20 times better results using the same or less resources.

Many times the main barrier to successfully exploiting external irresistible forces are fixed internal ideas about how the organization should respond to change. To overcome this barrier, a two stage process is required:

Stage 1--Understand why organizations resist irresistible forces rather than embrace them.

These ingrained habits and patterns of thinking are "stalls" to productivity. Often, organizations aren't even aware their existing patterns of thinking and behavior hinder their ability to perform better.

Stage 2--Develop a new set of habits that continually realign the organization with irresistible forces to maximum advantage.

Realigning the organization to take advantage of irresistible forces is an ongoing process with eight steps. Effective organizations go through these steps again and again to generate growth on a regular basis.

Irresistible growth enterprises are those organizations that continually realign their business models and strategies to take full advantage of any and all irresistible forces in the marketplace. They are the rapid growth companies who not only outperform their competitors but leapfrog them.

The future belongs to any organization that can become an irresistible growth enterprise because, no matter how the future unfolds, they will be positioned to excel.

Stage 1Understand Your Own Thinking

Understand why organizations resist irresistible forces rather than embrace them

All business organizations have ingrained habits and patterns of thinking which can hinder their ability to perform better when new irresistible forces arise. The most productive organizations are continually on guard to make certain those habits and patterns don't impede their ability to work differently and creatively when new irresistible forces arise.

In particular, irresistible growth enterprises avoid the eight most common productivity stalls:

Before looking at the organizational stalls, a few terms need to be defined more clearly:

An "irresistible force"--is a powerful trend which can significantly affect the direction of a business enterprise. It is something that is beyond your direct control but which has a measurable influence on the success of your business.

A "stall"--is a complacent way of thinking and frame of mind which accepts that things will stay the same as they are at present well into the future. Businesses get caught in a stall when they make plans on the basis the status quo will always apply.

"Stallbusting"--means to challenge the conventional way of thinking and the way things have always been done.

A "2,000 percent solution"--means a business is coming up with a new way of doing something that is 20 times better than the traditional approach. For example, it may be 20 times faster, 20 times more effective or have a lifespan that is 20 times longer.