The Incredible Sextons vs the Doll Maker - Kristine Lichtlider - ebook

DESCRIPTION:The Incredible Sextons, America's favorite super family, are into some kinky sex. Whether getting it on with each other or their bound and gagged rubber maid Lena Payne, they still find time for super heroic hijinks. When they run afoul of a villain obsessed with abducting women and turning them into living dolls, the Sextons must face their greatest challenge yet, all while new foes gain power on the sidelines...EXCERPT:“What the fuck?” Tina said in a voice thick with sleep. She tried to rear up and look over her shoulder, but Thad grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her face back into the pillow.“You're in big trouble, young lady,” he said sternly. “How could you leave your mother bound and gagged all night? She's almost forty, her joints can't take that.”Sarah cast a withering look at Thad, which he completely missed, and forced Tina's elbows together. She was extra vehement with her ropework, pulling the knots so tight Tina's flesh bubbled up around the silken coils. Tina struggled, feet kicking as Thad held her face down in the pillow.“She has to breathe, Thad,” Sarah said as she forced Tina to bend her elbows. She took the girl's wrists and bound them to her waist with a length of rope around her midsection. Tina's hands were now bound to her own back, and completely useless for any type of resistance.“Eventually,” Thaddeus said. “I'd rather not hear her excuses right now. Hand me the pear gag from the duffel.”“Little busy, Thad,” Sarah said as she turned around to face Tina's feet. She caught her daughter's legs and crossed her ankles, taking them prisoner with more rope.“Very well,” he said, using his control of Electromagnetism to levitate the bag over to his hand. He finally released Tina and she reared her face out of the pillow, gasping like a landed fish.“Daddy, please,” she said “I'm sorry! I was going to go back and let her loose, I just fell asleep!”“There is no difference between a reason and an excuse, Tina,” Thaddeus said harshly. “I am very disappointed in your lack of responsibility.”He held the metal pear gag in front of her face, and she grimaced.“Oh shit,” she said “not that thing!”The pear gag was particularly nasty. It consisted of a metal teardrop shape connected to a short length of chain. A screw set into the base would allow it to expand, splitting into four separate bars to—painfully—fill its victim's mouth.“It's only what you deserve, young lady,” Sarah said sternly. She looped rope around Tina's knees and tied it viciously tight.“Ow!” Tina said. “That hurts!”“So do my knees,” Sarah said. “Maybe after this, you'll remember not to leave people just tied up all night.”“We do it to Lena all the time,” Tina protested.“Lena's suit has a distress monitor, in case she stops breathing or is in great pain,” Thaddeus said. “It's not the same thing, Tina. Now open your mouth.”

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Kristine Lichtlider’s

The Incredible Sextons No.3

Published by Lot’s Cave

The Incredible Sextons No.3

Part One ~ Rise of the Terror Twins

The Incredible Sextons vs the Doll Maker, © 2017, by Kristine Lichtlider

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

Riya lit the thin cigarette in her mouth using a heavy enameled zippo. As her thick, sensual lips drew smoke into her mouth, she pondered the lighter, a gift from her father. Though a devout Hindi, the old man had something of a Chinese fetish, and the lighter was adorned with a yin yang.

Originally, she had come here to the garden at her family's estate to toss the damned thing into the pond. Purple orchids floated on the placid water, a source of beauty that made her heart swell with old memories. Memories of her father, mostly pleasant ones for once.

Sighing, she put it back into her purse and stood up slowly. Fireflies flitted by, amber lights barely perceptible in the fading dusk. Riya stood a little over five and a half feet tall, her beautiful bronze face highlighted by prominent cheekbones and a flawless complexion. Her body was lithe and athletic as carefully hopped across a line of stones set into the pond.

Once Riya made it back to the driveway, she put her heels on. The black stockings she wore had a few holes, but she wasn't concerned. Riya rarely wore the same article of clothing twice. Her position as Sodhitech's COO assured her of a luxurious lifestyle.

Now the old man was dead, and she had assumed control of 50% of his stock. The other half went to her brother, Hansh.

Riya swallowed hard at the thought of her brother. Handsome Hansh, soccer standout and straight A student. While Riya was something of a party girl and a bit of an embarrassment, Hansh was the good son who made everyone proud. It was hard not to hate him, but he had a certain goofy charm that made you want to go along with his ridiculous schemes.

She had also secretly, desperately been in love with him for as long as she could remember. Their father had often thought the twins were too close, and took steps to separate them, particularly after puberty. Riya had been sent to finishing school, while Hansh was given a small office in Delhi to manage.

Growing up, Hansh had been her confidant, her best friend, and the only member of her family who always had her back. Oh, his schemes sometimes backfired and she ended up whipped for her trouble, but in the end Hansh would take his lumps right alongside her.

“I thought you might be here, sister.”

Riya looked to the side of the road. Sitting on a carved stone bench sat Hansh. He stood up smoothly, catlike muscles in his chest rippling as he strode to her side.

“You're looking well,” he said, staring her up and down. Riya was wearing a light brown blazer over a gray skirt and blouse. She had dressed down for this visit, which was about consoling her grieving mother.

“Don't stare at me so, Hansh,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest and looking away. “You know father has forbidden us to touch.”

“Father is dead,” Hansh said, face scrunching up in a sneer. “And not soon enough! He made our lives a living hell.”

“He provided for us,” Riya said, though she knew her brother was not wrong. “Look at all the splendor of this estate.”

“Bah,” Hansh said, waving his hands dismissively. “It's meaningless. We're still servants, sister. Servants to the white nations of the world. We've gone from being their maids to being their tech support. Wealth is not true power any longer.”

“Then what is true power, brother?” Riya asked. “Running a lot of kiosks instead of just one? Being elected prime minister? What?”

“I'll show you, dear sister,” Hansh said. He began to disrobe, slipping out of his silk shirt. Riya's heart caught in her throat at the sight of his magnificently sinuous and sleekly muscled form. Soon his pants were coming down, Riya looked away when he grabbed the hemline of his tight jockey shorts.

“Please, Hansh,” Riya said “you will make us lose everything! Our family cannot take such a scandal. We will lose our business partners, our political contacts-”

“As I said, those things are meaningless in the new world,” Hansh said. “What matters is a new arms race. The Incredible Sextons, Mighty Man, the Revengers...super powered beings are the new world order.”

“What, brother,” Riya scoffed, still averting her eyes from his naked form “you are telling me you want to acquire super human powers?”

“No, dear sister,” Hansh said with a smile “I'm trying to tell you I already have them.”

“What?” Riya asked. Suddenly her hair lifted up and dust stung her eyes. The grasses bent back as a gust of wind blew by. Hansh was gone. “Brother? Where are you?”

“Right here,” he cried. Riya looked about until she saw him, standing at the top of a stone pillar nearly thirty feet tall.

“How did you get up there?” she cried.

“Like this,” Hansh said “I'll slow down a bit so you can follow.

Blurring toward her in a matter of nanoseconds, Hansh suddenly flew down the side of the pillar and across the remaining thirty feet in an eye-blink.

“How are you moving so fast?” she asked.

“Long story,” Hansh said “the point is there's nothing to keep me from having whatever I want anymore.”

Riya staggered to the side as another gust blew dust about. Gasping, she realized her dress had been torn away, leaving her naked but for her stockings and the blazer.

“Hansh!” she said angrily. “This is not funny!”

“It only seems fair,” Hansh said “I have to be naked because any clothing I wear gets torn asunder from friction.”

“But what about Mother?” Riya asked, covering her nakedness as best she could with her arms.

“Mother will acquiesce to my wishes,” Hansh said. “ALL of my wishes!”

Riya gasped as Hansh scooped her up in his powerful arms. Suddenly she saw the landscape go by in a blur, her insides heaved and she nearly passed out. When she returned to her senses Riya realized she was down in the manor's wine cellar. There, amid the racks full of dusty rare vintages sat a naked woman in a stout wooden chair.

“Mother?” Riya asked, eyes wide with disbelief. Time hadn't diminished Prisha Sodhi's beauty in the slightest. If anything, her late thirties had reduced any girlishness and replaced it with pure mature femininity. From her dark, lustrous hair to her smooth caramel colored skin and centerfold's body the woman was still ravishing.

Riya dashed across the rough stones of the cellar, going to her mother's side. Tears streamed out of her dark eyes, dampening the thick white bar towel wrapped around her face. Riya's fingers shook as she tried to pull the towel away from her mother's face, but all she did was pull the woman's head hard to the side. It wasn't like Prisha—her mother—could help. Her hands had been crossed and bound behind her with the same baling wire used to seal the wine casks. Wire ran around her throat, digging in deeply enough to make her breathing difficult. Even Prisha's ankles were bound to the chair, held suspended over the floor in tight wire slings.

“I'm sorry mother,” she said, looking behind her mother's head. Riya spotted a large knot in the scarf and tried to loosen it. “Hansh, what are you doing? Help me!”

“Why should I?” Hansh said smugly. “I'm the one who tied her up.”

“But, it's our mother!” Riya said.

Hansh chuckled. Riya screamed as her blazer was torn off of her body at high speed, the seams in her armpits scraping her delicate skin. She glared at Hansh while covering her see-through bra.

“Stop doing that!” she said.

“Dear sister,” Hansh said. “You must submit to me as well. I am the new patriarch, now that father is dead. I will be taking...”

A gust of wind, and Hansh was standing next to their mother. He palmed Prisha's large breast and squeezed it tightly until she squealed behind her gag.

“...ALL of his responsibilities.” Hansh laughed as Riya ran for the stairs. She got about four feet when suddenly she lost her balance and fell face first to the floor. Mystified, she looked down at her legs and realized her ankles had been bound together with the same baling wire that bound her mother.

“For all that is holy, Hansh,” Riya said “stop this madness! I am your sister! She is your mother!”

“And I have wanted to fuck both of you for a long time,” Hansh said. “Now I will get my wish.”

Riya frantically worked at the wire binding her ankles, but then Hansh was upon her. She felt herself flipped onto her belly. His knee drove into her back, crushing the wind out of her, while he clutched at her wrists. She tried to hide them under her body, but he'd always been much stronger. Riya cried out in despair as he managed to yank her hands behind her back. In a flash, they were bound together with the wire.

“Please don't do this, brother,” Riya said between sobs as he lifted her off the ground by her elbows. “Please!”

“I think I've had enough of your mouth,” he said. She screamed as her black lace panties were torn asunder, and then her cry was cut off midway by the same panties as they were thrust into her mouth. Before she could shake her head or push them out with her tongue, a strip of black duct tape slapped across her face. Using superhuman speed, Hansh wrapped the tape around her head, securing the panties deep within her mouth.

“You are fortunate, sister,” he said as Riya squirmed in futility “that I chose not to use the wire on your gag. Perhaps you should thank me? Perhaps not...”

Hansh dropped to a crouch next to her naked, bound and struggling form. She squealed loudly when he roughly pawed and clutched at her breasts, working the malleable flesh between his fingers. He lifted her dark brown nipple, stretching it away from her breast with his teeth.

“Oh, Riya,” he said, his breath hot on her skin “I've wanted you for so long. Since we were children.”

Riya squeezed her eyes shut tightly, wondering why tears wouldn't flow. Her traitorous body responded to his attentions, her nipple hardening under his pliant tongue even as she felt a shock run through her belly. Hansh's hand slid down her belly, over her navel and bucking hips until he nestled it between her thighs.

She arched her back, legs quivering as he rubbed his hand over her cunt. Hansh clutched her outer lips between his fingers and then moved his hand in quick, tight circles. When he withdrew his hand, it was covered in her sticky secretions.

“Look at this, sister,” he said, holding his fingers up in front of her face. “Your hole is warm and wet for your brother.”

Riya shook her head violently, trying to crane her neck away from his messy fingers.

“You can deny it if you want,” Hansh said “but your pussy doesn't lie. Here, take a smell.”

Hansh shoved two of his fingers into her nostrils. For a moment, Riya panicked, as this cut off all her air. When she jerked away and managed to snort in a breath, she got a lungful of her own pussy juice.

“Spread your thighs apart, sweet sister,” he said, sweat standing out on his brow. He blinked it out of his dark brown eyes even as he pried her legs apart. Still bound around the ankles, she felt the wire dig into her flesh as her upper legs were spread wide. “Your snatch isn't shaven. You need to keep it nice and clear for your brother, yes?”

Riya bit down on her own panties as Hansh buried his face in her pussy mound. He took her labia into his mouth and bit gently, then suckled it like a hungry lamb. She couldn't fight it anymore. Riya gave in to her body, and soon was wracked with spasms as Hansh gave her a tremendous orgasm.

And he wasn't even finished with her yet. He licked the inside of her twat, face growing slick with her secretions. When he ran his tongue slowly over her engorged clitoris, Riya's eyes flew open and she screamed behind the panties in her mouth.

“Mmm,” he said, lifting his face out of her crotch to stare her in the eyes “your pussy tastes as sweet as I imagined.”

Riya groaned, wishing it didn't feel so very, very good. Hansh chuckled, putting his hand gently on her cheek.

“You know you want my cock, sister,” he said softly. His swollen cock was in his free hand, and he leaned forward to put it right in her face. Riya didn't pull away as he rubbed it across her gagged mouth, poking the tip into her nostrils. “Don't you want your brother's big, bad cock?”

Damn you, Riya thought bitterly, because she DID want it. Hansh was well endowed, nearly nine inches long and half that thick. His shaven testes rested on her forehead for a moment as he adjusted his position. With a sudden blur, he freed her ankles from the wire and threw her legs wide open. Hansh put his hands on either side of her head as he entered her cunt, grunting as his cock stretched her soft pussy.

“You're so tight, sister,” he said. “That's good. Means you haven't been screwing around. Only MY cock is going in here from now on.”

Slowly, he began to rock his hips forward, sliding his member in and out of her with deep thrusts. Riya squirmed, giving one last, fleeting bit of resistance, before melting onto the floor and giving in to the pleasures Hansh forced out of her body.

The slapping of his hips into her pelvis echoed off the wine cellar walls. Their mother Prisha stared in wide-eyed horror as her two children had intercourse right in front of her. She pulled at her bindings, wishing to end Hansh's madness, but to no avail.

“I'm going to come,” Hansh said through gritted teeth. “Maybe I'll make us a baby.”

Riya screamed behind her gag and shook her head even as she felt his hot goo invade her body. Hansh gasped, collapsing on top of her naked, bound form. He kept his cock inside of her, brushing her hair gently and staring lovingly into her eyes until he went soft.

“I love you so much, Riya,” he whispered. “I only want you. No other woman will do.”

She cringed when he lifted her torso off the floor and leaned her against his lap, but all he did was unwind the tape from around her head. Riya stared at him, too scared to remove the panties in her mouth with her tongue. He reached in and plucked the elastic band, then slowly extracted the saliva-soaked panties.

Hansh leaned over to kiss her, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. After a few seconds of resistance, she started kissing him back, tasting his curry-flavored breaths. The lip-lock smoldered with meaning, as both of them gave in to passions they had carried hidden in their hearts for over a decade.

“I knew it,” he said, breaking away from her. Drool ran down Riya's chin as he smiled at her. “I knew you wanted me too.”

“Hansh,” she said “I is not proper...”

“Hush,” he said, again covering her mouth with his own. “We can do whatever we wish. I can give you powers, dear sister, powers just as magnificent as my own. Together, we can rule the world if we want!”

He pulled away and again stared at her lovingly. Riya's lip trembled, then she sighed.

“Oh, Hansh,” she said, rearing up to kiss him savagely. Hansh was taken aback by her enthusiasm, until he met her eagerness with his own. A strangled sob from their mother made her pause.

“But what about mother?” Riya asked. “She will tell! She will tell everyone!”

“Not if we don't let her,” Hansh said.

“Brother, we cannot just keep her tied up all the time-”

“Why not?” Hansh said. “She kept us imprisoned in different villas, fearing the passion we shared would bring her shame. For that crime she deserves recompense.”

Riya smiled, again kissing her brother.

“Hansh,” she said “untie me. I want to hold you in my arms.”

“Not yet,” he said. “First you must prove your loyalty.”

“My loyalty?” Riya said. “Brother, what must I do?”

Hansh kissed her again, then winked.

“Back in a flash,” he said. A gust of wind, then he was gone. Before Riya could blink he had returned, holding what looked like a double ended strap on in his hand.

“What is that?” Riya asked, both frightened of and intrigued by the object.

“A dildo gag,” he said. “Here, the small end goes in your mouth.”

Riya stifled a protest, and opened her mouth obediently. She stared at her brother as he buckled the straps around her head and over her face, framing her eyes and nose with a leather Y. The gag choked her with its length, and she panicked a bit as he buckled it tightly.

“Shh,” he said “be calm. You can breathe fine through your nose. You must fight your gag reflex.”

Riya struggled to control herself. With effort, she managed to settle down, breathing in evenly through her nostrils.

“Good girl,” Hansh said, taking her by the shoulders and walking her toward their mother. “You know I've always thought you two could pass for sisters. What do you think, Mother?”

He forced Riya to kneel before their mother. To Riya's surprise he ungagged Prisha, unwinding the wire at hyper speed. Hansh removed the thick towel from over their mother's mouth and nose, and then revealed that she had another towel folded and stuffed between her teeth. Riya's eyes widened with horror, because she knew exactly how huge those hand towels were. Their poor mother must have been suffering.

Not that Riya was in much better shape. Her pussy ached from the rough fucking Hansh had just given her, and her knees cried out for mercy as she knelt on the bare floor. Her hands were bound behind her with the wire, and Riya had never realized how much she relied on her arms for balance. Then there was the damned gag in her mouth, choking her and forcing drool to spill out of her mouth and down her naked breasts like she was some kind of mentally disabled person.

Riya's eyes leaked silent tears as she realized what she must look like, naked on the floor with a lewd sex toy literally strapped onto her face. And the worst thing was, she was enjoying herself, even the thought of violating her mother with the dildo she choked upon.

Hansh pulled the rest of the bar towel out of Prisha's mouth, and looked about as if unsure what to do with it.

“Hmm,” he said “I hope you don't mind if I just store this here, Mother.”

“For all that is holy, Hansh,” she said in a trembling voice, eyes full of terror “let me go!”

“Don't be ridiculous,” Hansh said. Prisha gasped as he shoved the towel between her legs and wadded it into her cunt. “Hang on to that, will you?

“Please, Hansh,” Prisha said desperately “let me go! You can have the fortune, the house, everything! I'll sign it over to you and leave, I swear.”

“I know you'll sign it over to me,” Hansh said, smiling. “But as far as you leaving, well, that's never going to happen.”

“No!” Prisha screamed. “Help! Help! Someone, help!”

“Oh, stop,” Hansh said. In a flash, he ripped the towel from her cunt and thrust it into her mouth, gagging her mid-scream. Prisha wept as the wire went around her face, pinning the towel in place. At least this time, her nostrils were clear.

“Now, where were we?” Hansh asked Riya. She looked at him incredulously from behind the straps across her face. Did he really expect her to answer while gagged? “Speak up, sister, I can't hear you.”

Riya struggled to speak around the dildo plug in her mouth. The first two times she tried, she choked on its length and coughed for long moments. Hansh seemed to enjoy her plight, stroking his rock hard prick while watching intently. Finally, she managed to swallow a load of her own spittle and form quasi-articulate speech.

“What's that?” Hansh asked, grinning ear to ear. “Fuck you in the ass, you say? Well, don't mind if I do. You bury that dildo in our mother's twat first, though.”

Riya awkwardly leaned forward, scraping her knees on the rough floor as she between her mother's thighs. Prisha's recently shaven cut was there, inches from her face. Breathing in exclusively through her nose meant Riya had no choice but to bathe in the scent of her own mother's cunt.

“Go on,” Hansh said. “Don't be shy.”

Prisha cried out behind her gag as Riya worked the dildo in between her mother's pussy lips. It was rough going, with the way the woman was tied to the chair.

“Help her out, Mother,” Hansh said, grabbing Prisha's long lustrous hair in a knotted fist. “Lean that pelvis forward so she can get that cock nice and deep inside your dirty, nasty pussy.”

Tears of shame pouring down her cheeks, Prisha did as ordered, thrusting her hips out lewdly. Riya moved in with the dildo and slid the length in, trying to be careful to enter her mother slowly.

“Deeper,” Hansh said. “Deeper, dear sister.”

Riya pushed harder, and still her mother took more of the length. At last, Riya's nose was smashed up against Prisha's clit, and the dildo was all the way inside.

“Good,” Hansh said. “Now, hold that pose.”

Before Riya could even wonder what he meant, she found herself being bound in place at super speed. Hansh used the wire to form a noose around Riya's neck, and then tied the free end to the chair back, running the metal between Prisha's legs and through her ass crack. Riya now couldn't move away from her mother. Panic set in as she realized one of her nostrils was obstructed by the folds of Prisha's clitoral hood.

“Settle down, you two,” Hansh said, lifting Riya under her hips. He actually took her off the floor, anchored to her mother by the dildo gag. Hansh stepped between her thighs, manhandling her until he got a good grip on her bound wrists. She felt the head of his cock rub against her pussy, then press hard on her asshole. Riya squealed, squirming and kicking her legs as Hansh easily held her aloft.

“Don't worry,” Hansh said as he slid the first inch of his cock into her ass. “We'll get it all in there.”

Riya's gagged, choking screams could only be heard by her mother and brother.

Chapter 2

The sleek air-car whizzed