The Incredible Sextons vs the Doll Maker 2 - Kristine Lichtlider - ebook

DESCRIPTION: The Incredible Sextons return for their most perilous, most kinky mission yet. Ms. Sexton punishes her wayward children, Tina and Tim, while Dr. Sexton screws their live in rubber maid. But a super villain team up leads to the whole family being captured, and the Sextons face forced sex, bondage, and other torments at the hands of their cruel wardens. Will they ever escape, or is the world doomed to fall under Dr. Despair's rulership? EXCERPT: “Come on, Tim,” Sarah panted, blinking sweat out of her eyes “fuck me!” Tim grunted in response, and smacked his hips harder against his mother's ass. Sweat covered him as well, running in rivulets down his forehead, dripping off his nose and adding a shine to the black Sextile gag in his mouth. His arms were bound behind him in a single glove, hands trapped and unable to assist with holding his balance. He teetered on the edge of a plastic covered sofa, knees aching as he fucked his mother's twat for all he was worth. At least staying hard wouldn't be a problem; Sarah had neatly tied his cock off at the base and the tip, preventing him from going flaccid or coming. Unfortunately, she had also put cruel metal alligator clamps on her son's nipples, and her hand gripped the trailing ends of taut strings threaded through. Just the motion of their intercourse was enough to cause Tim pain. “You're not getting tired, are you?” she asked, turning her head and glaring over her shoulder. “Does Mommy have to motivate you again?” She gave just the slightest tug on the strings, and Tim howled in pain. He shook his head quickly, and began thrusting harder and faster. Nearby, Tina could only watch as her brother was punished. Her arms were likewise bound in a single glove, but hers had been attached to one of the hooks mounted on the ceiling. She was bent over at the waist, head near her ankles, legs spread and vulnerable. Tina felt angry, because as usual her Mother was playing favorites. Sure, both the twins wore penis gags, but only Tina's was inflatable, and bulging out her cheeks to create a ridiculous caricature of her normal self. And her nipple clamps were of much heavier stock, baroque things that dragged her normally pert nipples until they resembled stretched out bubble gum. Their mother also clamped Tina's outer labia with wicked screw on clamps, which made every slight movement agony. Dr. Sexton walked into the Punishment room and was greeted by the sight of his daughter's naked rear vulnerable and inviting. Her pussy dripped onto the floor below, and he felt himself grow erect. “Don't stop until you make your mother cum, son,” Thaddeus said, slapping Tim on the shoulder on his way toward Tina. He walked around to where his daughter could look him in the eye. Her hair kept falling into her face, and Thaddeus decided to resolve the problem by pulling her hair into a ponytail held tightly in a fist. Tina groaned behind her gag as he lifted her head upward, putting strain on her scalp and arms. “Looks like you're in a bit of a pickle, Christina,” he said sternly. “I think if you get your asshole reamed out by your father, you might learn to be more circumspect.” “Oh, god yes,” Tina said, “fuck me, daddy!” Unfortunately for her, the gag garbled her speech to such a degree that Thaddeus thought had said something disrespectful. “You'll regret that smart mouth, young lady,” he said, tying a thin line around her ponytail...

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Kristine Lichtlider’s

The Incredible Sextons No.4

Published by Lot’s Cave

The Incredible Sextons No.4

Part Two ~ My Daughter, My Enemy

The Incredible Sextons vs the Doll Maker, © 2018, by Kristine Lichtlider

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Rights Reserved

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel



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Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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The Incredible Sextons: America's first superfamily! Led by Professor Thaddeus Sexton—aka Dr. Incredible—they work to keep the world safe from threats both terrestrial and beyond the edge of the universe. Thaddeus controls the force of Electromagnetism.

His beautiful wife, Sara Sexton, gained the ability to control Gravity, strongest of the fundamental forces. Their children, Tim and Tina, master the powers of the Strong and the Weak, respectively. Together, they are the first, last, and only line of defense when science goes wrong—or when their Arch nemesis, the Evil Dr. Despair and his daughter Lilith run amok.

The story so far…

The Incredible Sextons: After ace reporter Lena Payne breaks into Sexton Tower, she discovers that America's first family of superheroes is up to some kinky sexual hijinks with each other. Unfortunately, she never has the chance to break the story when the Sextons capture her and sentence her to servitude as their bound and gagged rubbermaid.

Meanwhile, Dr. Despair hatches a plot to kill the Sextons. Dr. Sexton and his wife are seemingly killed, while Tim and Tina are taken prisoner and tortured by Lilith, Despair's wicked daughter.

With the help of Mighty Man and Lena Payne, who uses the Ponygirl setting on her Sextile prison-suit, the Sextons save the day and Despair is seemingly destroyed.

The Incredible Sextons II: Bondage Master of the Nega-Verse Lilith, Despair's daughter enlists the help of Mad Molly, the clown queen of crime, to rescue her father from the Nega Verse. Meanwhile, ex soviet spy and current superhero The Black Scorpion invades Sexton Tower to rescue Lena, only to be taken prisoner herself. The tower may not be big enough for two rubber maids, and Despair turns out to be alive and well.

In The Incredible Sextons vs. the Doll Maker vol. I—Twins Riya and Hansh use their evil powers to enslave their own mother, and plot to take down the Sextons. Meanwhile, one of the Sexton's old foes, the Doll Maker, captures two of the Teen Tussles, Blackbird and Starchild for his perverted sexual games. When the Sextons get involved, Doll Maker ends up being badly injured and plotting his revenge….

Chapter 1

A rumble akin to thunder shivered through the air, sending bits of rubble cascading down the mauled mortar wall Tina Sexton cowered behind. She pressed her lithely curved body against the trembling bricks, squinting blue eyes set in a youthful, pretty face. Dirt and dust stuck in her red-gold hair, pulled tight to her scalp in a ponytail.

Her small but firm breasts strained against the ultra-tight Sextile costume hugging her body like a second skin. A stylized S trailed from her torso across her left hip, the only decoration on the garment. Panting heavily, she crept to the edge of her meager barrier and dared a peek around the other side.

The scene laid out before her eyes seemed incomprehensible. Dozens of figures sheathed in black metal marched down Broadway, strange looking rifles held in their menacing iron fists. Each of their helmets strongly resembled a stylized skull, complete with grins frozen on their faces.

“Tina!” crackled the com unit imbedded in her uniform. “Tina, there are Despair Droids everywhere!”

“Mom!” Tina shouted to be heard over the chaos unfolding around her as the Despair Droids unleashed blasts of chaotic red energy from their rifles. “Mom, Tim went down!”

“Just stay where you are!” Sarah Sexton cried from the other com. “Your father and I are on our way.”

“Negative!” said Tina's father, Thaddeus Sexton. “You and I MUST seal the dimensional breech or the city will be completely overrun! Tina will have to do this alone!”

“Dad, I can't!” Tina shouted. “There's too many of them!”

“Listen to me, Christina,” Thaddeus said calmly. “You control the weak atomic force. Given enough willpower and imagination, you can do almost anything.”

“At a short distance!” Tina cried. “Dad, they're getting closer, what do I do?”

“Time to grow up, Tina,” Thaddeus said. An explosion on his side of the coms created a static buzz. “I have to go! You can do this!”

Tina cursed as the booted feet of the mechanical monstrosities drew closer. Another blast turned her mortar wall cover into Swiss cheese. She enacted a force field around herself as a few particle beams made it through her perforated shield.

“Okay, fine,” she said, resentment writ large in her tone “I'll do it by myself!”

She took in a deep breath, then stepped around the wall. Her shield distorted and stretched as several energy bolts smashed against it, but did not fall. Tina knelt down and placed her palm on the torn asphalt and sundered sidewalk, extending her power through the ground. Her eyes glowed for a moment as the Droids were nearly in spitting distance, then the entire street turned to lava.

The Despair Droids sank into the glowing sea of molten concrete, electronic joints seizing as if they were having seizures. In moments the entire cadre was gone, and only one figure was visible.

Her brother, Tim, lay on the street in the fetal position on the one piece of concrete she'd left unaffected. Tina exasperated the atomic decay of the lava street, and it quickly cooled to merely lukewarm, leaving a black, twisted, and undulating stretch of road in its wake.

Tina's boots crunched as she made her way to her brother. Like Tina, he had slender features and red-gold hair. His well-toned physique was likewise clad in dark blue Sextiles, with an emblem to match her own.

“Tim!” she said, shaking his shoulder. “Tim, get your lazy ass up! Mom and Dad need us!”

“Huh?” he said, eyes fluttering open. Tina slapped him heartily across the cheek, and his glazed eyes narrowed and focused. “Hey, that hurt!”

“It's gonna be a lot more painful if we don't cut off the flow of Despair Droids,” she said. “Quick, give me your hand!”

The twins entwined their fingers, and Tina felt the rush of power she only experienced when in physical contact with Tim. Their powers grew stronger, more controlled, when they touched skin to skin.

“Let's go!” They said in unison. Their feet left the ground and they zipped through the smoke strewn air toward their parent's locator beacon. Below them, denizens of New York either cowered inside blasted buildings on wandered around as if in a daze.

“The city is really fucked up,” Tina said.

“It's terrible,” Tim said in shock. “All those poor people...”

They flew around a corner and encountered a massive, oval rift about four feet off the road. Despair Droids poured through in waves as their mother used her control of gravity to pin the front ranks to the ground. The pained expression on her face made the twins wince.

“She can't keep this up much longer,” Tim said.

“Then let's put this one to bed,” Tina said. “Disintegration beam?”

Tim nodded. They held their clasped hands out toward the advancing mechs, and unleashed a blast of hazy blue energy. Everywhere it touched the Droids, black armor hissed and smoked into ruin.

“Keep it up!” Thaddeus said over coms. “I nearly finished my calculations!”

“No hurry or nothing,” Tina said through gritted teeth. The beam from their hands annihilated the droids as fast as they could come, but she was feeling tired already.

“We can do it, Tina!” Tim said “Just a little longer!”

The glowing rift shivered, then shrank by half. Their mother flung the remaining functional droids through the rift as it slid silently closed, severing a robot arm in half. Then the street was eerily silent, the wails of car alarms and sirens in the distance adding to the intangible pall.

“My babies!” Sarah said, rushing forward to embrace both of her children. In many ways, she seemed a slightly older, more curvy version of her daughter, but with golden hair that flowed around her shoulders like a mantle.

“We're all right, Mother,” Tim said as they returned the embrace. Tina sighed, allowing herself to relax at last. It was over, for now.

“Heads up, Sextons,” Thaddeus said, stepping over a toppled light pole and joining them in the street. He stood six feet tall, nearly as burly as a body builder, with thick curly hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard of dark red. “Where Dr. Despair's drones arrive, he is never far behind.”

“I haven't seen old fuck-face all day,” Tina said. “Where is he? And why attack New York out of nowhere? It's not his usual style.”

“Indeed,” Thaddeus said “no demands for money, no long winded monologue...this doesn't fit his MO at all.”

“Hey, dad,” Tim said “isn't it weird that the Despair Droids attacked right when we were following up on a lead about the Doll Maker?”

“Probably just a coincidence,” Thaddeus said, waving away Tim's concerns. “Still, we've done all we can here.”

Thaddeus pressed on his wrist and was rewarded with a flashing blue light and a low hum. The hum grew louder, and the light flashed faster, as a magnificent open cockpit flying machine hovered down to the street. Thaddeus and Sarah took the front seats, while Tim and Tina piled into the back.

The Sextons rode in silence for a time, lost in their own thoughts. Below them, New York's skyscrapers whizzed by. Sirens dominated the street noise, muted by the Sextspeed's air jets. As they passed over Metreon park, where the New York Metreons played. Tim stared long and hard at the stadium until it was behind them.

“Looking for your major league boyfriend, Tim?” she asked sweetly.

Tim turned beet red and hid his face in his hands.

“Shut up,” he said.

“What was his name, Peter something?” Tina continued as if Tim hadn't spoken. “I bet you still dream about having his cock in your mouth and ass.”

“Mom! Dad!” Tim shouted. “Tina's making fun of me again!”

“Oh, for heaven's sake,” Sarah said, rolling her beautiful eyes “you two are eighteen! Why do you have to act like children?”

“I'm not making fun of him,” Tina said defensively.

“Both of you, quiet down,” Thaddeus said sharply.

“She started it,” Tim said.

“I did not!” Tina snapped.

The Sextspeed slowed until it hovered in mid air over Sexton Tower, and then slowly settled atop the landing pad. As soon as the fans hissed to a halt, Thaddeus gave Sarah a knowing look.

“Take care of this, will you, my dear?” he asked. “I have to get to the lab and try to trace Dr. Despair by the inter-dimensional energy put out by that portal.”

“All right,” Sarah said, nose twitching. She turned about in her seat and glared at both of her children as Thaddeus disembarked. “I have had quite enough out of the both of you! I think that you need to sort the fan mail together as a punishment.”

“What?” Tim said in shock. “That's not fair! It was Tina who-”

“That's so BORING, Mom!” Tina shouted.

“Shut up!” Sarah snapped. Both children grew quiet as her mood darkened. Sarah produced an egg-sized remote control, which would allow her to manipulate the nanomachines embedded in the Sextile suits they wore.

“Aw, come on, Mom,” Tina said as Sarah adjusted the dial. “We-mmph!”

The Sextile suit crept up past Tina's neck and slithered into her mouth cavity like blue liquid latex. Once her mouth was filled, the substance hardened and Tina found herself choking on a very deep, thick penis gag.

She looked at her twin, who was likewise silenced by his own suit. Knowing their mother, who favored Tim, the gag in his mouth was likely much smaller than her own, if no less effective at silencing complaints.

“That's better,” Sarah said. “Both of you go to the Punishment Room, now!”

Tim seemed frightened, but Tina's eyes glistened with an eager light. Her plan to make their parents angry enough to give them attention had worked!

The twins exited the Sextspeed, Tim first. Tina jostled him as she landed on the tarmac, and he angrily shoved her on the shoulder. Both twins made garbled, angry attempts at reproach from behind their gags. Sarah, fuming, made adjustments on the remote that controlled their costumes.

In Tina's case, she discovered that her gloves no longer had individual ports for her fingers, making her hands into useless clubs. Sextile strands shot out of her wrists and attached to her torso, pulling her arms into a tight embrace of her own abdomen, creating a virtual straight jacket.

To her dismay, the crotch of her uniform disappeared, exposing her pussy and ass while still covering the rest of her lower half. Tina glanced over at Tim and discovered that his costume had also been changed into an inescapable straight jacket.

“That should keep the two of you from causing me any more problems,” she said in a huff. “Now, march your disobedient little asses to the Punishment Room, double time!”

Sarah slipped off the belt to her uniform and doubled it over. Tim shrieked and dashed for the stairs leading into the Sexton Tower's top floor. Tina wasn't quite quick enough to escape a hard lash from the belt, which produced a bright red rectangle across both her ass cheeks.

Tina's mother didn't relent, striking her daughter across the bottom again and again as they both ran for the stairwell.

The twins knew better than to risk further enraging their mother. Sarah Sexton swung between nurturing matron and hell-bent dominatrix at the drop of a hat. Tina was looking forward to what her mother might unleash, but poor Tim could feel nothing but dread.

At the entrance to the Punishment Room, their powers were canceled. Dr. Sexton had insisted there be some way to counter the Sexton's powers in case of mind control or a turn toward villainy. That the most menacing of sex toys and torture implements ended up there was a matter of convenience, for the most part. The decorations on the wall all featured Gothic paintings of women and men being sexually pleasured and pained. Acoustics prevented any noise from exiting the chamber, though there usually wasn't anyone around in Sexton tower to hear in the first place.

Sarah didn't hesitate. As soon as she entered the room, she fell upon the twins with rage and strict discipline.

“Get down on your back,” Sarah hissed, hand tight across Tina's throat “and spread your legs.”

Tina obeyed, choking in her mother's grasp. Sarah buckled her daughter's ankles into steel cuffs, using a spreader bar from the wide assortment available to keep Tina's legs lewdly apart.

Tim watched in horror as his mother tied a rope so tightly about Tina's waist it appeared to sever her in half. Things got even worse for his sister when Sarah snaked the excess length of thin twine between Tina's pussy lips.

Pulling the rope taut, Sarah seemed to relish her daughter's gagged screams as the rope bit deep into Tina's twat. Using a convenient ring set into the ceiling, Sarah tied off the crotch rope, forcing Tina to adopt an awkward crab like position to avoid the terrible cord cutting even more deeply into her pussy.

“Now, as for you, Tim,” Sarah said, motioning him forward with her finger. He shuffled to her reluctantly, his massive erection awkwardly banging against his leg. “Well, look at that.”

His mother gripped him tightly about the shaft and moved in close, her breath hot on his skin.

“Mommy's little boy has a hard on,” she said through gritted teeth, milking him all the while. “Is it because you like seeing Tina be punished, or because you want mommy to suck your cock?”

Tim tried to form the words she wanted to hear, but only choked on his gag.

“Well, Mommy's not going to suck your cock,” she said, suddenly squeezing him painfully tight. “Mommy's going to punish your cock.”

Tim wept as his mother wrapped thin cord around his erect shaft, right near his balls. She formed a harness which also squeezed his nuts into purple balloons, and neatly dividing them with a cord down the seam. Next she tied a cord around near the tip, just below his mushroomed head. Tim could only watch and cry as his mother tied off the rope to a hook near the one restraining Tina.

“Best stay on your tip toes,” Sarah said, grabbing his ass in her hand. “Otherwise it could pull really hard on your big, swollen dick.”

Tina watched as her mother picked up a snakelike whip and cracked it across her palm. She flicked her wrist, and the end danced out to lash Tina on the left nipple. There was a moment of shock, then the pain wracked through her body. Tina arched to a greater extreme, arms pulling in futility at the jacket holding her prisoner. Sarah sent out the whip's nasty tip again, this time kissing Tina's right nipple just a tad harder than before.

Any sympathy Tim felt for Tina dissolved quickly, because Sarah suddenly spun about and sent the lash in his direction. He watched with eyes open in horror as the whip sped toward his vulnerable groin. When the leather smacked into his engorged, bound coin purse he screamed, gurgling and drooling from out the sides of his penis gag.

“You are both spoiled brats,” Sarah said, panting. She added four more strokes to Tim's balls and cock before turning her attention to Tina. Her daughter's breasts were soon crisscrossed with streaks of scarlet. “No more coddling from your mother. From now on, you WILL fear me like you fear your father!”

Sarah took hold of the rope pulled taut through Tina's crotch and yanked it back and forth. Tina cried out in misery with each brutal tug, which grew even worse when Sarah planted her foot firmly in her daughter's belly.

“Do you understand me?” Sarah sputtered, then shoved away from her daughter in disgust. She glared at Tim for a long moment, eliciting a whimper from behind his gag.

“Oh, stop crying,” she said, grabbing the rope holding his cock prisoner. “Your father is so butch, and you're a bigger girl than Tina. I'm ashamed of your behavior.”