The Implication: Father Daughter New Car - Tommy Mackson - ebook

Shannon was always a good girl and when her dad buys her a car, he expects something in return...Sandra recently graduated from college and her dad surprises her with a new car for graduation. Unfortunately, this new car comes with some obligations attached to it...Join us for some steamy father daughter incest.

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Tommy Mackson

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Table of contents

The Implication: Father Daughter New Car

By: Tommy Mackson

So as I lay there and I looked over opening my eyes after a good night sleep to my surprise I find out that my dad is laying next to me and of course one of my suspicions is coming true in I see he is naked. I then wonder to myself why the heck is my dad lay next to be naked and why do I feel so relaxed and at ease with this whole thing going on right now. These are the thoughts that are running through my head as I'm trying to wrap any grain of sanity around the scenario. And then I think back to what happened last night and it all starts to make sense.

Last night

"Hey sweetheart, I know that you just graduated college and everything so I wanted to take you out to go car shopping." My dad said with a straight look on his face.

"Car shopping? Oh my gosh you're going to really take me car shopping right now. That is so awesome I can't wait. You guys have never bought me a car before and why the sudden urgency to get me a car right now. That is so generous."