The Hunting Sketches - Ivan Turgenev - ebook

An intriguing confession of doctor’s romantic involvement with a beautiful 20 year old patient. Followed by Turgenev’s exquisite, often meditative descriptions of Russian countryside and mysterious herbalist Kassyan infatuated with Gamayane, a prophetic bird of Russian folklore, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

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The Hunting Sketches Bk. 2

The District Doctor and Other Stories

Translation by Constance Garnett

Revision and introduction by Max Bollinger

Published by Sovereign

Copyright © Max Bollinger, Interactive Media 2010

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ISBN:9781907832093 (e-book)

ISBN: 9781907832086 (audio book CD)

ISBN: 9781907832130 (MP3 Download)

ISBN: 9781907832208 (paper back)



The Hunting Sketches Bk. 2              2

Introduction              5

THE DISTRICT DOCTOR              7


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The first major writing by Turgenev that gained him recognition. The stories in this collection were written based on Turgenev's own observations while hunting at his mother’s estate. This work exposed many injustices of serfdom and led to Turgenev’s house arrest and eventual abolishment of serfdom in Russia. A fine example of realist tradition in Russian literature. This edition is an updated and revised version of English translation, available in audio book format (CD) under ISBN: 9781907832086  (MP3 download) ISBN: 9781907832130  And paper-back format under ISBN: 9781907832208

About The Author

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818-1883, a Russian novelist, short story writer, and playwright. His short story collection entitled The Hunting Sketches, is a milestone of Russian Realism, and his novel Fathers and Sons is regarded as one of the major works of 19th-century fiction. Turgenev studied literature, philosophy and philology at the Universities of Moscow, St Petersburg and Berlin and in 1879 received honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford. Turgenev's artistic purity made him a favourite of like-minded novelists of the next generation, such as Henry James and Joseph Conrad. 

Audio Book Edition Reviews

“A milestone in Russian realism, Turgenev's Hunting Sketches paint an almost mystical portrait of everyday life in Russian country villages. Times are harsh: in the isolated village where the coachman tries to get the carriage axle mended, the water is bad, even for the horses. Nevertheless, in the woods, where all is "rippling, quivering in fleeting brilliance", old Kassyan chirrups to quails in answer to their calls. Moved by the obvious passion of the Russian narrator, Max Bollinger, the listener is transported to that world.”Rachel Redford, The Observer, UK“THE DISTRICT DOCTOR, a tightly woven story about a physician who shares a tale of falling in love with a young patient. Somewhat different or at least more dramatic than the other stories contained in Turgenev's short story collection, the characters are so well defined and the situations as the physician describes them are so touching that the story seeps into the mind and remains there. Despite the label as being a 'sketch', this story is a novella by our standards.  It is a fine choice to complete this audio book with the other story from THE HUNTING SKETCHES, Kassyan of Fair Springs - a quiet reverie of nature and the impact it has on the writer. The work is more a meditation than a story and Bollinger treats it in a different manner: this story is delivered almost as an otherworldly sigh and conjures images not only from Turgenev's writing but also from Bollinger's reading that make it very lyrical.”Grady Harp, USA

Max Bollinger

August 2011


One day in autumn on my way back from a remote part of the country I caught cold and fell ill. Fortunately the fever attacked me in the district town at the inn; I sent for the doctor. In half-an-hour the district doctor appeared, a thin, dark-haired man of middle height. He prescribed me the usual sudorific, ordered a mustard-plaster to be put on, very deftly slid a five-rouble note up his sleeve, coughing drily and looking away as he did so, and then was getting up to go home, but somehow fell into talk and remained. I was exhausted with feverishness; I foresaw a sleepless night, and was glad of a little chat with a pleasant companion. Tea was served. My doctor began to converse freely. He was a sensible fellow, and expressed himself with vigour and some humour. Queer things happen in the world: you may live a long while with some people, and be on friendly terms with them, and never once speak openly with them from your soul; with others you have scarcely time to get acquainted, and all at once you are pouring out to him–or he to you–all your secrets, as though you were at confession. I don't know how I gained the confidence of my new friend–any way, with nothing to lead up to it, he told me a rather curious incident; and here I will report his tale for the information of the indulgent reader. I will try to tell it in the doctor's own words.