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Thoughts are results of all cognitive activities, and they may be ideas, knowledge, beliefs, impressions, stereotypes, and memories. These cognitive results are meant to determine directly your behavior throughout life, while you are fulfilling your needs. There is more to know about thoughts, reasoning, and behavior, and we are going to study it all throughout this book. Why understanding human thoughts? You cannot understand anything in life at a higher level if you do not understand The Human Thoughts, for the simple reason that you use thoughts throughout your reasoning in order to understand everything in life, including yourself, the world, and your place in this world. Even more, thoughts in general, and your thoughts in particular define your reasoning and intelligences, they define who you are in life, entirely. Thoughts construct you and they develop you wholly throughout life, through the gradual development of your cognitive system. This is exactly why you are who you are, because you think the way you do, because you have the thoughts that you do, and more importantly, because you think exactly the thoughts that you do. Thoughts are results of all intelligent activity done through thinking. Thinking itself is performed by intelligences, consciously, subconsciously, and highconsciously. You, the conscious intelligence, you perform your conscious reasoning, while your thoughts are all results and changes in your cognitive system occurring throughout your cognitive process of thinking. Some thoughts are useful, some are random, irrelevant, successful or compromised, and you are capable to distinguish among them all. You notice your thoughts as a change of your cognitive system, of your memories and ideas, as a change in your beliefs and opinions, since your thoughts influence these all. Throughout this book, we are going to integrate thoughts within the body, brain, mind, and intelligence systems, and we are going to study thoughts down to their smallest components. We will see how thoughts form, develop, manifest, gather, and how they are commanded from within and from without, analytically and intuitively, and how thoughts and smaller components of thoughts gather independently to form separate concepts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, stereotypes, intelligences, higher-level intelligences, and entire separate ideologies and artificial intelligences. If you want to learn more about thoughts, thinking, ideas, and the human mind, this book is for you!  

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The Human Thoughts

A comprehensive model for all human thoughts

Fourth Edition

By Valentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed.

Published by Valentin Leonard Matcas

Copyright © 2019 Valentin Matcas

All rights reserved

Cover: Valentin Matcas

I dedicate this book to everyone eager to learn and develop continuously throughout life.


1 Analytical, Intuitive, and Controlled Thoughts

2 The Origin of all Thoughts

3 Primordial Perspectives of a Comprehensive Wider World

4 Thought Awareness

5 The Way You Think

About the Author

1 Analytical, Intuitive, and Controlled Thoughts

Thoughts are results of all cognitive activities, and they may be ideas, knowledge, beliefs, impressions, stereotypes, memories, needs, feelings, words, information, suggestions, communication, etc. Thoughts are meant to determine directly your behavior throughout life while you fulfil your needs. Thoughts make the difference if you are successful or not, they determine directly your life, and if you happen to neglect, ignore, confuse, or forget them in any manner, then you cannot cope with life anymore. …But aren’t thoughts everywhere, simply popping in your mind, you use them as they come, and this is how you think and act in life? Well, not exactly. For example, right now, there is this extraordinary idea just about to happen in the world, and it can make you rich and famous beyond your expectations. …But is it you the one to get it? …Because if it is not, then for you it is only business as usual. Can you acknowledge it? Can you control it? Can you model it? Do you know where thoughts come from?

Ideas are simple thoughts, only that they match perfectly specific niches of opportunity in the world that happen to be vacant right now, just waiting for you. What are ideas? Ideas are only new thoughts, and nothing more. How do you generate ideas, mostly extraordinary ideas? All ideas are similar, you seek them, you spot their presence, you identify them, you model them, you improve them, you apply them, and once successful, your life changes for the better, and the whole world changes for the better too, depending on circumstances. …And we refer to these as successful ideas. How do you do it all? You have to understand thoughts first, since ideas are nothing but thoughts, only successful, yet thoughts are all similar at a cognitive level.

There is more to know about all thoughts, and about reasoning, intelligences, and behavior, and we are going to see it all throughout this book, along much more, everything necessary for you to understand thoughts in all details. …Because you cannot understand anything in life at a higher level if you do not understand the human thoughts, for the simple reason that you use thoughts throughout your reasoning in order to understand everything in life, including yourself, the world, and your place in this world. Even more, thoughts in general, and your thoughts in particular define your reasoning and intelligences, since intelligences count for the world through their reasoning, thoughts, and interconnectivity, in the way living beings count for the world through their acts, behavior, and interconnectivity. Thoughts construct your cognitive system and they develop you wholly throughout life, through the gradual development of your cognitive system. This is exactly why you are who you are now, because you think the way you do, because you have the thoughts that you do, and more importantly, because you think exactly the thoughts that you do.

How, why, and what exactly do you think throughout life, and why do thoughts make you different and unique in life? Thoughts influence, interconnect, and develop intelligences wholly, while intelligences define themselves through uniqueness and originality, and through diversity, achievements, knowledge, strength, persistence, and abilities. Intelligences lose distinction and integrity when they resemble other intelligences, which is the case within cognitive systems and collectives of cognitive systems. …And this is how intelligences lose not only authority, but they lose individual status, individual rights, and individual recognition when they lack uniqueness and pertinence. Interconnectivity among intelligences is good or bad, pleasant or dreadful, lovely or impossible, it all depends on who you are, but mostly, it depends on who you are interconnected with. …Because as an intelligence, you always share direct thoughts with others, just by connecting and being together. …Or you may merge entirely for a full experience, yet you lose identity and therefore status. Two or more directly connected intelligences act like one in one stronger thought, they have one identity only, and therefore they are one. …Yet you do not have to be like one in order to be that one, but you may only serve one in order for your master or chief to be you too, and take credit for your life. You lose this way your identity, status, rights, and individual meaning. This way, you do not provide to Life anymore but only to your master, and this is how Existence ceases to define you, while it defines only the master. Interconnectivities have many levels, while servitude or direct control is only the first level of interconnectivity, generating first level thoughts, while defining first level intelligences and first level human beings. You may find first level beings and intelligences throughout hierarchies, prisons, animal farms, centralized regimes, ideologies, controlled societies, etc.

…And examples are many to give. Slaves for example, act on behalf of their owners only, through their owner’s identity. Slaves have a status lower than their owner’s status, they have a first level status, while they wave their human rights with the oath that they make to serve their master. However, you do not have to know that you are a slave in order to be one, and the world is full of examples. …And it is all related to status, rights, identities, oaths, agreements, signatures, intelligences, reasoning, thoughts, thought control, indoctrination, ignorance, beliefs, etc., since these are always interconnected, and once you understand one, you are on your way to understanding everything.

Why would any intelligence want to serve another? Well, most of the wider world is full of intelligences and living beings living their lives at the first developmental level, in slavery. …Probably because the servitude niche is the first level social niche and therefore it is the easier one to occupy, or it offers more certainly, or your master is more capable to fulfill your natural needs than you are, or it is simply a way of life, as it is the case with all employees and soldiers. …And it is not always a matter of enforcement, but only a matter of agreement, interests, incapability, circumstances, thought control, lack of awareness, and lack of options.

Thoughts are results of all intelligent activity done through thinking. Thinking itself is performed by intelligences consciously, subconsciously, and highconsciously. Psychology may confuse thoughts with intelligences and thinking yet this should not be the case, since you always have actors, acting, and acts in the world, in this only possible line of causality. These can never be mixed or you interfere with the natural laws of the universe. …And therefore, you always have intelligences, thinking, and thoughts, or intelligences doing the thinking, and all resulting in thoughts.

You, the conscious intelligence, you perform your conscious reasoning, while your thoughts are results and changes in your cognitive system occurring throughout your cognitive process of thinking. Some thoughts are useful, some are random, irrelevant, successful, or compromised, and you are capable to distinguish among them all. You notice your thoughts as a change of your cognitive system, of your memories and ideas, as a change in your beliefs and opinions, since your thoughts influence these all.

However, this is how you think through your major intelligences, while your cognitive system is filled with intelligences of all kind, smaller and larger. Their entire cognitive activity generates and leaves behind thoughts. Besides your own conscious thoughts that you are capable to follow and conduct consciously, you may identify your subconscious and highconscious thoughts too, ignoring them or considering them always, depending on circumstances. To be more specific, subconscious thoughts relate to lower needs of all kind, and you get these continuously throughout life, not exactly in form of words and conversations, but as needs and feelings, as your hunger, thirst, recovery, reproduction, security, along with the multitude of your social needs. These needs come straight from your primal subconscious intelligences as your primal eating intelligence for example among the rest, and they are meant to inform you of specific imminent details of your body, in order to get you involved in specific activities on their behalf. This is the way you remain interconnected with your subconscious intelligence and all its primal subconscious intelligences throughout life.

…Yet your mind is not divided in only two main intelligences, but in three: conscious, subconscious, and highconscious. You identify yourself with your conscious intelligence the most just because you maintain conscious awareness, independent reasoning, and therefore consciousness through your conscious intelligence only, or this is the case during your time awake. Your highconscious intelligence relates to your higher self and your soul, if you have one. These send you similar needs throughout life, since they also communicate with you through needs, which are your higher needs. Once you are capable to identify your higher needs, and if you are capable to fulfill them, you manage to remain in harmony with your entire cognitive system, with your entire oneness.

…But how exactly can you do so? Religion and Spirituality are defined as means of getting you in touch with the higher world. There are tens of thousands of religions and spiritual schools of thought in the world, all fighting for their uniqueness, identity, validity, and integrity, and many times, fighting among themselves and competing intensely. Are they all true? Which one is true? Is yours true? What if no one is true? How can you ever tell? You may know through reasoning only, which is a third level thinking, it is the human thinking. Reasoning only generates and considers valid knowledge, and nothing else. This does not mean that all beliefs are false, or that all beliefs should be presumed false from the start. There are true beliefs throughout many ideologies, and this is the case because true beliefs happen to be valid facts.

…Yet how can you ever distinguish between good beliefs and false beliefs? You cannot do so through other beliefs or you enter invalid loops of reasoning that generate human errors of thinking. Even more, all ideologies state that all their beliefs are true unconditionally. …And once you are a member of any ideology, you may never question any of its beliefs, but accept them unconditionally. You might still be able to judge the beliefs of other ideologies that are not yours, in order to decide which one of its beliefs is valid and which one is not. …Yet again, you have to follow the beliefs of your own ideology, and these state clearly which particular ideology is true and which one is false. How do you reason under these circumstances? You do not. …And more importantly, you never reason independently within any ideology, but only through its beliefs, beliefs providing you with the specific ‘how to do’ list, and ‘how to think.’

By definition, Religion and Spirituality are ideologies, and ideologies by definition are sets of beliefs. All beliefs are thoughts, they are ideological thoughts and convictions of the first level. You have them right now within your cognitive system, regardless if you are a member of any ideology, since you will always follow your own ideology, your own convictions, and your own beliefs. …Or this is the case if you live your life below the human level, since at the human level and higher, you are very careful with your mind, thinking, thoughts, positive attitudes, body, behavior, development, righteousness, equality, wellbeing, fulfillment of natural needs, etc.

Beliefs do not involve reasoning, since beliefs always come with their own sets of questions and answers, you must follow these closely, while accepting them and nothing else. You do not have to reason and generate your own thoughts as solutions, improvements, or successful ideas for example throughout all ideologies of the world, but you must always consider the sets of answers that they give you. Are these answers true? Yes, always, by consent or agreement among all people following the specific ideology, and this may be political, social, religious, spiritual, cultural, military, scientific, and so on.

…And now, while reading this book, while you involve your high-level human reasoning, what is better to do? Is it better to think through beliefs, or through reasoning? It is certainly your choice, yet it is also a matter of capability, development, environment, status, and privileges or rights. It is your choice and I respect you throughout this entire book series, and this is why I never state that you should think or behave in particular manners, as all ideologies do. …Yet I only encourage you many times to reason and seek development continuously throughout life. Besides, all my books require and engage your reasoning at its best.

What is the difference between reasoning and thinking and between thoughts generated through reasoning and thoughts generated through thinking? Thinking comes in eleven distinct levels, among which only the first levels of thinking are accessible to humans. Ideological thinking is of the first level, while the genuine human thinking is of the third level and I refer to it as reasoning. All intelligences think, since this is their most common cognitive activity. All intelligences and living beings are hierarchized in eleven distinct levels, and therefore they may perform eleven different kinds of thinking, generating eleven distinct forms of thoughts. First level thoughts are beliefs, orders, and assignments, generated by masters, hierarches, and ideologies through very specific lists of orders that you may use throughout your servitude, thinking, and behavior. Many of these ideological lists of orders and beliefs are good indeed and promote a positive lifestyle, only that Life is highly complex and places you continually into situations when you cannot find solutions within these lists of beliefs. An alternative is to live in a specific environment that is capable to offer you only the conditions stated by your ideology. …And many people live in this manner, only among themselves, and many times, it is nothing wrong with what they do. …Yet as in politics, since Politics is another ideology, only the collections of ideologies recognized by the current regime are considered good and harmless, while the others are considered bad and should be avoided. …And if you happen to find yourself on the other side of the fence, then you are attacked, harmed, and even eliminated, and examples are many to give.

Ideologies are predetermined sets of beliefs or thoughts, and this is why they never require thinking. …Because ideologies already provide the thoughts and you have nothing else to do but accept them, memorize them, and then recite or apply them whenever needed. …And now, as you may see all around, the world does seem to be only about ideologies at play and at war, with you caught right in the middle if you are not careful. …And more importantly, with you controlled by others, through these ideologies, since this is their purpose in the world.

How do you control one servant? Through orders, rules, and respect. How do you control the world? You cannot order everybody personally, since they are too many, yet you may always create a list of rules, orders, and respect, and everybody follows. Why exactly would people follow you? How can you control them all? You do not exactly control them all, not even within dictatorships and the rest of centralized regimes, but you control those who control those who control those and so on, in a genuine social hierarchy of power. Why would anyone obey those above within hierarchies? Because those below obey them too, and many times it is this simple. All dictators are not exactly the ferocious rulers depicted by News and History, but they are held on top only as an image or symbol, for the entire dictatorship social machine to function flawlessly. …Because many times, those behind dictators rule entire nations and the whole world, as it is the case with the deep states.

I model Society throughout other books of this series, with the Masses, the Brotherhood, and the Elite as main social classes. Among these all, the Brotherhood manages Society in all details, with presidents, royalties, and dictator to find themselves at about the middle part of the Brotherhood, taking all orders and assignments throughout terms, as everybody else.

The world is by far more organized than what History and the Media let you know, since these two are also ideologies, with History being integral part of Science. Science is a regular scientific ideology based on scientific beliefs and order through scientific consent. There are no free minds in Science, or at least not in the current Science, with the great majority of its scientist to be part of the Brotherhood too. …And this is how Science is controlled just like everything else in Society, and this is how Science is an ideology since the scientific ideology itself is the method of control of science on Earth, and through it, it is the control of the human conscious thoughts along with the control of the entirety of the human knowledge.

…And you know it well. It is all about needs, since everything that you do in life you do it in order to fulfill your needs. All needs are thoughts. As stated, you may understand thoughts as products of reasoning, which are your third level conscious thoughts, your own thoughts. …Or you may understand thoughts as orders and assignments found within hierarchies, which are first level thoughts that relate to orders, servitude, hierarchies, and fictitious intelligences. …Yet you may also understand thoughts as needs coming from your other main intelligences, the subconscious and the highconscious. These other thoughts are not conscious, since they are not your thoughts, the thoughts of your conscious intelligence. For example, you are familiar with your subconscious needs, as your physiological, social, or security needs, yet you might be used to ignore or neglect your higher needs, which are the needs coming from your highconscious intelligence. …And you might end up neglecting your higher needs if you are too busy, too tired, too intoxicated, too preoccupied with beliefs, which are first level thoughts, or only if you are not used to receive, identify, and fulfill higher level needs. …Yet with your lower needs already fulfilled by the Brotherhood, and if you manage to fulfill your orders and assignments well too, then you have extra time that you may use in any manner you please, and in itself, this is a treasured privilege throughout hierarchies. What do you do in your free time? You have two choices only: fulfill zero level needs, which relate to vices, entertainment, and addictions, or you manage to fulfill your higher needs, which means that you aspire or already manage to live your life at the genuine human level or higher. …Yet today it is different, because today the masses of developed and developing countries seek higher development too.

Is it not safer and better to find yourself the best ideology, get a cozy spot and status within, and just take your life from there to live it as safe and as acceptable as possible? Yes, certainly, and this is exactly what all ideologies promise. …And you may do so very easily, if you happen to live your life below human level. Otherwise, you tend to seek freedom of thought and expression along with a personalized lifestyle. Which one exactly is best? Free but poor, or wealthy but within hierarchies and ideologies? Yes, you cannot have hierarchies without ideologies, both of these are of the first level, and they feed the Matrix well. …Yet it is not exactly you the conscious intelligence deciding your thoughts, thinking, and behavior throughout life, along with your choices, desires, and lifestyle, but your entire cognitive system does so, including the conscious intelligences, since they all send you your needs of all levels, you follow these needs closely throughout life, and now this is exactly what you become. …And if these happen to be more or less developed, then you follow your lifestyle at the exact developmental level of your intelligences. People might state that it is better to be free and smart or rich and obedient, yet they always do so according to their development too, many times assuming unknowingly that you are developed at their own level. …Yet if you do not seek development you tend to decay to lower levels, and the lowest is the zero level, which is the addiction level. …And examples are many to give.

…Yet is servitude really better than freedom, mostly since it offers you everything you need? When you are developed at the genuine human level, you have you higher need for continuous freedom to fulfill, and therefore you cannot stand servitude. Yet all living levels are different, since at your first developmental level, when you are wealthy and obedient, you cannot stand the Masses. …While nobody can understand why others behave differently, just because everybody sees the world through their particular level of judgment, perception, and understanding. It is only a matter of your choices and environment matching your needs, and through them matching your own intelligences, or matching their level of development. …Yet you will never treasure your choices and lifestyle always, just because you do not remain developed at the same level always. Throughout life and even throughout the day, you are more or less developed, and many times, you wish you were rich and under servitude, while other times you wish you were free indeed, and had nothing to do with the multitude of your superiors and assignments.

…Yet there is a lot more involved here, since within the Brotherhood, you never have only favorable assignments, but unfavorable ones too. These may destroy your life, for higher causes, and there is not much that you can do. …And it happens a lot. …And then the Brotherhood changes always, with entire factions advancing fast or falling behind, what was once firm and possible changes fast, you either lose or win, it is hard to control, and it tends to go against you, mostly if your status is not too high. …And they are always on the look for scapegoats, and you never know when it is your turn. Freedom is different, but it keeps you at work always, you have no time to use your freedom in order to develop, yet your mind and thoughts are always free, or this is what you believe. …And even so, it is not a matter of choice but circumstance, since if you are born in any ideology, you tend to remain there, and this includes social and national ideologies. …And then entire regimes change on you regardless of your social status, and ideologies that used to be accepted become banned and dangerous, and vice versa.

What can you do? You may reason for yourself and live your own life for example, it is always your choice as stated, yet make sure that you know exactly what to do with your freedom! …Because if you lack knowledge about your intelligences, needs, and development, or about yourself, the world, and your place in the world, you decay to lower levels, where you end up living for yourself only, and in any manner, Existence ceases to define you and therefore you cease to exist for the world, and probably it was better in the Matrix indeed! …While within the Matrix, your existence remains fictitious and on behalf of those above, Existence does not define you either individually but only through those above, and it seems that many people live life out of Existence anyway, under freedom or servitude.

…Yes, but is it better to be defined by Existence or not throughout life? …And why exactly does it matter? It does not matter for you but for the world. ...Because for Life and for the world, your existence matters little when you do nothing to count, and you never even existed for them even thought you were alive. For example, how many bloodlines to have perished still count for the world? Only those who influenced the world in any manner. What would you like to be in the world, a famous writer, or a President? Presidents are more famous even than famous writer, so you want to be a President, or an astronaut too. Did Plato really count for the world? Yes, and how many people can remember exactly who the rulers of Greece, Rome, and Egypt or Alexandria were at the time of Plato? …Yet the human interconnectivity and the human existence are very tedious to define and control, since many times, it does not matter how much you try and how hard you work to make a difference in the world it does not work, or you end up making a negative difference, and it always has to do with the human meaning. …And at the base of these all are the human thoughts, the human expression, and therefore the human contribution to the world, that generates the human existence.

…Yet there is more involved here. As stated throughout my books, Existence is the existence of Life and of the One, defining everything that is alive in the wider world. There may be many living beings and intelligences alive all around, but only those defined by Existence live in the wider world and are part of Life, since if the others do not interact they do not influence Life and the wider world, they are not defined by Existence, and therefore they never exist for you and for anyone else defined by Existence. How could this be true if everyone is alive and therefore should be part of Life? If you are part of Life, you fulfill your natural needs and meanings coming from life, and this is how you are part of Life. …And this is why you were born too. For example, there might be countless of realities anywhere not related to the wider world, and these do not exist for us. It is probable that they may be there, they all have their own existence individual or interconnected, it might be similar to our wider world that is defined by Existence, but it is not our Existence defining them but theirs. It is called differently, and more importantly, we can never know that all these exist by definition, since they have their own existence, their own definitions, and therefore they are defined by their own existence not by ours, if they even exist.