Wydawca: Boruma Publishing Kategoria: Obyczajowe i romanse Język: angielski Rok wydania: 2015

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Opis ebooka The Highwaymen's Plaything - Anna Austin

Elena is a young Victorian bride. Newly wed, she should be happy, but instead she is deeply miserable. Her husband is old, fat and impotent, and is unable to fulfill his husbandly duty. Elena is left to fantasize about the touch of a real man…But be careful what you wish for! Travelling through the forest, their carriage is waylaid by highwaymen – three brutal thugs with a taste for plunder – and a taste for pretty young girls. Innocent Elena soon finds herself being shared by the three criminal as they roughly take what they desire. As her lust and animal passions awaken, Elena finds her true self – as The Highwaymen's Plaything!

Opinie o ebooku The Highwaymen's Plaything - Anna Austin

Fragment ebooka The Highwaymen's Plaything - Anna Austin

The Highwaymen's Plaything

Victorian BDSM Erotica

Anna Austin

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015 Anna Austin

Written by Anna Austin

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

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Elena sat in the carriage, her mind lazily skipping from one thought to the next. She remembered the wedding, which was far too white and large for her liking. She remembered her parents telling her of her betrothal, and of Leopold, insisting that a marriage of their two prominent families would be beneficial to them all. She remembered meeting her soon to be husband, noticing that he was far shorter, fatter, and older than she. She remembered their wedding night, and how he was unable to perform as a man.

Now they sat in the carriage, traveling to their new home.

"Is everything to your liking, dear one?" he asked. She gave him only half a look before turning her gaze back to the countryside moving past them.

"Is something wrong? You seem out of sorts."

"I am fine, my husband," she muttered, barely loud enough to be heard.

"That is good to hear," he said, entirely fooled. "Soon, we will reach our estate and we can begin our life together."

"I can hardly wait..." she said, trying to fuse each word with sarcasm. Still he did not notice.

"The home is already fully stocked with everything we could ever need," he said excitedly. "The servants are already employed, of course. The kitchens are already fully stocked, and a full feast should already be prepared upon our arrival."

"I take it you are fond of such lavish feasts?" She mocked.

"Ah, yes. I am a man of many tastes, after all."

Elena sighed. She couldn't decide what was worse; having such an old and ugly man as her husband, or being forced to deal with his dull manner. She moved her body ever so slightly away from him, trying to distance herself from his large frame.

He was disgusting. She had once had all of the men in the land, anyone she could have wanted. She was a woman in her prime, a beautiful one at that, and she had been in love. A sweet boy with a gentle smile and a warm laugh. He was a servant of her family, and they would often meet together in the barn after sundown. Watching the moon and starts as they lazily dozed in each other's arms, or feeling each others bodies as they made love in the darkness of night, Elena had forgotten all of her troubles.