THE HIDDEN FEELINGS - kanaz khan - ebook

the story is about a teenage girl who feels a lot for a guy but fails to express her feelings. it's a story of any teenage girl, everyone has someone we can't get over. it's a story of one-sided love 

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Chapter 1 - A Casual Catch Up


As I entered the cafe I saw Farah sitting on a table nearby, I slowly started walking towards her I noticed that she is not alone there was a guy sitting with her. As I got closer, Farah noticed me and quickly waved at me. As I approached the table I said “hey” to this Farah got up and hugged me saying “hi finally you are here”. I looked at the guy sitting next to Farah and gave him a quick smile. Farah introduced us saying “kana meet Umar, he is the guy I was talking about”. Farah is my best friend she is the best .. but sometimes she annoys me. yes, I know all best friends are annoying but mine is a bit more because she always makes me meet new guys so finally have a boyfriend and settle down. I know it is thoughtful of her but it's very awkward. Umar is no doubt good looking but does looks really matter ? can you live your whole life with the looks .. I guess not .. I was deeply lost in my thoughts, when Farah touched my shoulder saying “ are you okay ?” what are you lost? I embarrassingly smiled at Umar.Farah started laughing and said, “don't mind Umar, my Kannu is a bit crazy”. Umar replied quickly “Okay guys let's order something ? what will you have Kanu? I hope you don't mind me calling you that”. I smiled and replied “ it's okay everyone calls me that” Farah quickly replied to that saying “why don't we go somewhere else ". I quickly stood up saying"nice idea Farah but i think we should head home. we are getting late”. Farah looked at me replied “ you can't be stuck there forever Kanaz you need to move on”. before I could zone out or say anything Farah held my hand and we slowly walked out of the cafe. I saw Umar quietly following us. Farah turned towards Umar and said “Umar ill talk to you later. once I reach home” umar nodded in agreement. I didn’t turn back or say a word after that. I slowly walked towards the car and sat in the car for two minutes there was complete silence and I couldn’t do anything about it. I slowly switched on the car and started driving. there was complete silence in the car. Farah said hesitantly are we not gonna talk until we get home home…


Me: tell me I'm listening

Farah: yeh kab chalega kanaz ?

Me: I don't know

Farah : you know you are very stupid right

Me: yes I know that


before Farah could reply to it, her phone started ringing .farah quickly answered the phone and suddenly I saw her expression changed. he spoke to someone for about 10 minutes and then kept the phone in silence. before I could ask her anything or talk she said “ Kanaz we are going to Abu Dhabi " I replied quickly “why what happened ? has something happened ?” Farah replied instantly “HE IS BACK”





Chapter 2 - “He Is Back”