The Guest - Eliselle Yu - ebook

What could happen when drinking a good cup of tea in the wrong house? 

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The Guest

The Guest

Four batteries left there on a little piece of furniture in the bathroom, AA type. One of the most common types used everywhere. There were in couples, a pair red and the other blue, standing up side by side, with label aligned.

Obsessive, that what came into my mind while I was looking at them because put them that way was not by chance, it was by choice. I took one and I smiles thinking that I have four in my bathroom too, in case I need them in hurry.

Why four?

That's simple: a vibrator usually needs two. And you always need two vibrators, one for the front and one for the rear. So, four, 4, in two couples, for the vibrators I used on my victims, to torture them before kill them.

Yes... a vibrator in the ass, slightly bigger of necessary, that in every movement it hurts, and one in the pussy or on the dick, that pinch the skin and stimulates. And if you are forced to sit on it, bound and gagged, without the possibility to get free, every little movement makes you fill them all.

Usually, despite from the pain, they became horny and some of them, have orgasms too, especially the men, even if the women are the ones who come many times, more and more. Men always come, one to three, sometimes up to five times before dying; women on the contrary or never at all or without limitations. And after every orgasm, the sensibility grows up and so even the pain.

This makes them be good and steady more than ropes and chains, after hours and hours in that conditions, they become an empty shell that has one only desire: make it end!

To make everything more interesting, I force them to see continuously porn movies, that make them more and more excited, even if they are in a pitiful situation.