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Katarzyna Ducros

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The plot of the book takes readers to an extraordinary country where lives a young woman named Anna. Anna is a loving mother who wants to have a happy life. Unfortunately, countrymen and even her own husband, coming from an influential family, can not accept and appreciate her.

Fortunately, fate will give Anna another chance to change her live, only if she can answer the riddle prepared by the queen herself. The task will not be easy, but ultimately the love for her daughter and the love for beautiful roses will make the story happily end.

It should be emphasized that the fairy tale becomes the background for a ballet that inspires the reader. Illustrations of figures will allow you to empathize with the role of a beginner choreographer, encouraging you to prepare your own performance.

To tell a dance is real art.

Try your strength!

Inside, you'll find a recipe for how to empathize with the role of a real dancer.

Read the story, put together the figures and show the audience what you can do!

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Katarzyna Ducros
The green roses

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Begin your dance standing in the first position. Heels are

connected and the feet head to the sides. Bring your arms to

a belly button height and hold them round like a crown.


Bend your knees and stand on demi point while

stretching and activating your legs.

– Mum! We got invited to a temple! There will be a Queen as well as the whole court. Dad could also go with us!

Small girl ran and was impatiently looking around the garden. She was looking for a women that she met a quarter of an hour ago. Beautiful Anna, young mother always spend a lot of time in her garden. Despite Ewa's birth it didn't change her daily work in the garden.


Connect your both feet together and stand flat

on the ground. Slowly and grandly walk around

the hall and stop in a selected position

Flowers, plants and beautiful old trees that overgrown among the park meant the most for a young women. That was a place where she felt warm hearted, where she cried and where she could talk about everything what happened. Beautiful roses, hortensias as well as small pansies became a family since she left her native sides and moved to her lover. Anna became Rufius's wife. He was one of the sons who belong to an influencial family in the court of Patronia Queen. The country where she lived was inhabited by few aboriginals that reluctantly welcomed other people. If somebody was rich, or was a highly skilled and known merchant, then indeed, that person could apply for the status of a resident in Patricia – as this was the name of the country. However, many gifted and talented people, who wanted to live their peaceful life here, had to continue their journey, as neither Elders Council, nor The Queen, wanted more Patricians. Well, at least not those who came from outside. Even children’s birth rate has decreased recently, with even less baby girls being born. Everyone, wanted to have a boy, so not many people appreciated a little, cute, newborn girl becoming a new member of the family.

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