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Neil Hollander (born 9 July 1939) is one of the most popular American writers today. Most of his books (he has written more than 30 books) are bestseller, and several of them have been translated into several languages. Hollander was born in New York City and soon after graduating he started to traveled around the world. He visited many places and resided is countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil and other. In the past decade he has been living and working in Paris, France and there is considered to be one of the living cultural symbols of the city.Hollander graduated from the University of Washington - Academy for theater and film. At the beginning of his career he worked as a journalist and war correspondent. He is also known to be an exceptional sailor who back in the 70's crosses the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans all by himself in a small sailboat. On that voyage that lasted almost three years he wrote a book about the working sail which was later used as a screenplay for his documentary film "The Last Sailors." Many of Hollander's books are intended for kids. Some of them are included in the collection "100 best children's books".Other than being acknowledged as author of books, Hollander is known for his works as filmmaker. He has been directing and writing all of his films, mostly documentaries. Reaching high publicity, those films were always narrated by people that are well-known in the world of cinema and people that publicly speak about some important issues in the world. His film "The Last Sailors: The Final Days of Working Sail" was shot in 15 countries and is narrated by the great Orson Welles. The films displays some amazing footages and is a rare chance to see people around the globe working with their ancient crafts, harnessing the wind and the sea for their livelihood. As a narrator, Welles appears in another film of Hollander, "GoldLust." Other famous people that worked with Neil Hollander include Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston and Henry Rollins. The later collaborated with Hollander on his latest films "Burma: A Human Tragedy," "Under the Radar: Burma" and "H for Hunger" which was made for the World Food Program. The films was shot in parts of Burma, Bangladesh and Africa and is available in several languages including English and French.More books from Neil Hollander are available here -

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Neil Hollander The Great Zoo Break

Narrated by

Neil Hollander

Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales


Cat and Fox _____________________________________ 3

... And third son was villant ___________________ 7

Prozdrlica _______________________________________ 14

The soldier that went well ___________________________ 18

Rabbit, bear, man and fox _______________________ 22

Servant who charged the gentleman _________________________ 28

Pjetlic’s company ________________________________ 35

Boy and evil king ________________________________ 40

Frog lady __________________________________ 47

Birdman and black crow ________________________________ 51

Little fairy ________________________________________ 57


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

Cat and Fox

There once was a man who lived alone with his cat . The man was grim and stingy so it is no wonder that no one wanted to live with him . Cat on the other hand did not care with whom he lives, as long as it is received at least a bit of food . It was a beautiful cat , big and white - but narrower Depending lazy . Long as the two of them lived together , though they did not exactly get along well . The man grunted the cat , the cat snorted at the man .

One day, a man said to the cat :

- You will now clean up the house , and I 'm going to guests .

- I'm not a dog that will guard your house! - Replied the cat . - If you go in the room , and I 'm his girlfriend . A cleaning will not even mention .

But the man that gets mad worse than ever previously , and said :

- Well , you 're such a great gentleman , and you're asking yourself another job ! I no longer need . I do not want to see you at your house!

The cat was very unhappy being kicked out of the house . He snorted at the last boss and went to the world .

He soon found a job at another man . And that he lived alone , but he was cheerful disposition . In - fit to receive the cat to him and agree with him like this: cat will serve him , and paid him will be an old pipe and one colorful dress . It will be in service throughout the year , but this year will last for three days.


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

When such years older than the man hold promise he gave his old cat pipe and - done him a colorful dress. The cat clothed dress , lit his pipe and forgiveness from him , for very - sufficient . And start afresh in the world .

Put in the world is led through the woods . Cat goes down on the forest path and walked and walked , and makes - lo him that the forest has no end . He was timid , but he was not accustomed to so much wildlife . I just began to wonder where there would be able to find a nice place to sleep , when he bumped into a fox .

- Where are you going , Aunt ? - Asked the cat fox .

- Here , you see - said the fox - I'm looking for trees and groom .

- Well, when you're looking for , you found ! Take me! I'll be your groom can just kind of wished - you . You'll see , everyone will ask you where you found me !

Fox looked at him - along with a pipe and a dress - and seemed to be not very enthusiastic about it. And yet agreed and took the cat into her lair .

It was already dark night when they arrived . The cat went to the fox 's den and there - just as much as me - feathers ! Neither could not imagine a better place. He sat back in feathers and fell into a sweet sleep .

The next morning the fox got up early , grabbed a broom and begins to sweep in front of the holes . There we passed a forest path , and through that morning first encountered the bear , Lijin old acquaintance . View on a fox as targets and welcomes the :

- Praised be Jesus , Aunt !

- I is not no damage , but the bride - fits fox with high and continues to sweep .

Surprisingly the bear , but not stopped , nor was anything said . He did not want to be told how to bada - your nose where it does not belong And so would love to find out who is married to a fox ! Shortly afterwards the same forest path encounters a wolf . He also knew the fox . He saw that the front cavity and targets from afar welcomes :

- Praised be Jesus , Aunt !

- I is not no damage , but the bride - fox suits and smiling enigmatically .

Questioned the wolf , he had a curiosity . But even he did not dare ask the fox to whom to marry - is .


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

Soon the forest path appears and wild boar , and she welcomes the fox :

- Praised be Jesus , Aunt !

- I is not no damage , but the bride - again the fox .

Questioned and wild boar , but no one asked, but nothing went on.

A little later met the bear, wolf and wild boar forestland clearing, talking about the fox and wonder . What is this story about marriage ? Is overnight found the groom ? And whoever it is that thing ? There can be none of their relatives , because none of their relatives is not a woman !

- I know you will - she 's finally a wild boar . - You, bears, some wood . These pulls, catches somewhere chicken , and I'll make a fire and we'll do the baking . The scent will lure out - groom out of the hole , and we will then see what is and what is .

And so they made : the bear gather in the woods dry branches , wolves in the nearby village steal co -basket , and wild boar light the fire . They baked a delicious roast and brought before the fox jazbi - nu . And it's good to hide : the bear climbed the oak , wild boar crawled into a pile of dry leaves , and the wolf crouched behind someone felled tree .

They did not have long to wait . Roast the fine smell , the smell spread all over the place , even in a fox hole . Foxes was not home , but her fiance woke up . " Just fine ," he thought, " to - lunch will be good as a bed . " And he went out from the holes .

- Here it is - muttered bear who first spotted . - Now we'll see what ...

But the groom in a colorful dress was really weird !

Moves to bear on the branch , to see it better . He moved a little , move a little more in. ..

branches are broken off , and the bear takes off the ground ! Directly in front of the cat . Scare the bear and scare and a cat.

The bear fled into the woods , the cat of fear rushed towards the pile of dry leaves - straight to the wild boar .

Scare the pigs , and they were afraid , and cat.

Wild boar rushed into the forest , and the cat jumped over downed trees - straight to the wolves . From the mighty fear his power blows into the pipe and the pipe snorted spark , just pulling the fur . Scare the wolf , and he fled into the woods .


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

When they came to him from a mighty fear , bear, wolf and wild boar again came together in a clearing .

- Awesome groom ! - Bear sighed . - How is just sleeping on me !

- And to me too ! - Said wild boar . - How did he know that I just hid under those leaves ?

- 'll Admit that I was the worst yet - said the wolf . - For me fired from a rifle !

So they complained a little and sighed . And when he came across a fox , and she complained to the wild groom .

Puss in turn fear also fled into the woods , but not on the same side as those three . I did not run very far . He hid in some bushes and listened . " A strange world of living in the woods , " he thought. " Maybe we would have been better to immediately move on to the world . " But when it is the fear completely gone , he remembered all that soft feathers and those fragrant roasts and still send back to the lair .

Fox did not greeted kindly.

- What you're my fiance? - She said. - Neither the guests do not know politely wait!

- Just as you goodly you your guests! - Replied the cat . - Falling from the tree, jump out of the leaves, hiding in wait like bandits.

- If you are my guests are not good, and you go on your way . I'm such a bridegroom.

- Well - said the cat. - I do not care.

And although he was sorry and roasts and feathers , he turned and went back the fox .

But the way it was taken away . He found a lair and became a wild cat.


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

... And third son was villant

There was a poor man and had three sons. The man took care of his children and tried to gain any good profession and be a true master. And so his son became one percent-lar, another carpenter, and the third - a robber.

Near the turn lived haughty earl who was immensely loved command and all have the last word.

One day the Count invites the man and said to him:

- I heard the old man, to praise her sons, all talking about how good masters.

- If not, I would not say so.

- Well, well, we'll check. If your eldest son of eight days I do not sew boots as there is no one in this area, I'll hang it!

He left the old man's oldest son and told him that Count requires. The eldest son was accepted-seeker and for eight days made boots she really had no one in that area.

But the Count was not enough. He called again the man and said to him:


Neil Hollander West Bank Fairy Tales

- Boots are not bad , but now I have a new order . If your middle son for eight days to make my house shutters what no one else in this area , I will give him two - fed !