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This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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The Glory Of Gloria

CHAPTER ONEAttractive, auburn-haired Gloria Harkness glanced at the huge circular clock in front of and just above her. Three-thirty in the morning. She was really beat but she had to tough it out for another two and a half hours. The spinning record was coming to a close and she checked to make sure that her second turntable was properly cued up."The time is three thirty-one and this is Gloria keeping you company the whole night long. Stay with me for I have much more pleasant listening prepared just for you. The current temperature is 52 degrees and the day ahead promises to be sunny and a bit breezy with a high in the upper 70's or low 80's. But we'll be sleeping through a lot of it. Won't we? 'Nuff chatter. Let's have some more music."She started the next record, then pushed away from the console. She stretched her neck, arms and shoulders, and reached for the ever-present cup of black coffee sitting be-side her ashtray and cigarettes.Gloria Harkness, 28 years old, was in her eighth year of broadcasting. She was an attractive woman, a bit on the short side at five foot two, with a great figure. Her lovely breasts were just a wee bit too large for her petite body, which was trim and shapely.Her thoughts drifted to the wild party she had attended prior to coming to work that night. She had intended to stay for just a short while so that she would be ready for her midnight-to-six stint on the air, but she had got caught up in the excitement of the evening and had long over-stayed. She did go real easy on the booze, but was unable to resist some of the other diversions. She knew most of the people there, but one attractive couple were new-comers to the community and it wasn't long before Gloria had engaged them in conversation. Their names were Glen and Susan and they both worked in the computer industry. Both were about six feet tall, blond and well-developed. After the few standard, introductory questions the three were quite comfortable and relaxed."I'm fascinated, Gloria," Susan said. "I've never met anyone in broadcasting, let alone a woman disc jockey. How do you like it?""Oh, I love it," Gloria answered. "It's all I've ever done and all I want to do. Let me modify that slightly. I'd like someday to manage a radio station but I would hope that if that day comes I will be able to continue my broadcasting.""What hours do you work?" Glen asked."Midnight to six," Gloria replied. "And I have to go on at midnight tonight so don't let me get carried away.""Are you alone at the station all night?" Susan wanted to know."Yes, for the most part," the lovely announcer answered. "Once a week or so our engineer is in for a few hours to do some of his work and occasionally I invite a friend to keep me company. Most of the time, though, it's just me, my microphone and a stack of records.""Would you consider having us spend an evening with you soon?" Susan asked."I'd be thrilled," Gloria replied. "Just give me a ring ahead of time and I'll make the arrangements. As you can imagine, we keep the station locked for security purposes, so I'd have to know in advance what night you'd like to come and about what time to expect you.""Great," Susan said smiling. "We'll try to make it soon. Oh, by the way, what nights are you off?""Saturday and Sunday, so any night Monday through Friday would be fine with me."The evening wore on and Gloria had a second drink, which she intended to be her last one of the evening. Susan began to get more and more familiar as the talk continued. Soon she was lightly massaging Gloria's upper thigh, while Glen draped his arm around her shoulders and casually dropped his hand. He lightly ran his fingertips over her breast until he felt her nipple harden under his skillful manipulation.Gloria began to breathe more quickly and she felt a twinge in her pussy from the hands and fingers caressing her.Susan leaned forward and whispered to her."Gloria, dear," she said softly. "Everyone here is ignoring us. Why don't Glen and I take you into the spare bedroom? I'd love to eat your pussy and I'm sure Glen could find something to do."Without waiting for the excited girl to reply Susan stood up and offered her hand to Gloria. Glen rose from the couch and helped Gloria to her feet. Gloria could hardly believe what was happening to her as the attractive couple urged her toward the bedroom. After they had entered Glen reached behind her and engaged the lock."Come here, Gloria," Susan said eagerly. "Let me get you ready."Gloria moved forward until she was in front of the tall, pretty blonde. Her head was swimming from the excitement that the bold action had generated in her. Susan leaned her head forward and kissed Gloria on the mouth, forcing her tongue between the soft lips. Glen had moved in behind them and was unbuttoning Gloria's blouse. He tugged it from the waistband of her slacks, then forced the lower garment down past Gloria's trembling knees. Susan held the kiss while massaging Gloria's breasts as Glen slipped the slacks over the excited girl's feet. Then he took her sheer panties and removed them. Susan broke the kiss and raised Gloria's blouse. Glen released the snaps on Gloria's brassiere and Susan lifted it away. Her nipples were rock-hard and felt like they would burst.Glen lifted the stimulated girl and placed her on the bed. She had lost all control. Susan knelt before her and forced the soft thighs apart. She moved her head forward and began chewing on Gloria's damp pubic hair as Glen positioned himself beside her and began sucking her breasts. Gloria cried out as Susan moved from her bush and dipped her tongue into the wet, swollen pussy. She reached down and rubbed the back of Susan's head as the thrilling contact of tongue on pussy surged through her. She bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out as the pleasure became almost unbearable.Glen continued to use his mouth skillfully on her generous breasts and the lovely auburn-haired woman could not help whimpering. When she thought that she was about to pass out from the intense feelings she arched her hips and cried out as her orgasm arrived. Susan continued to lick at the sweet juices that ran out of Gloria's excited vagina. Finally she removed her head from between Gloria's trembling thighs.Glen, in the meantime, had removed his clothing and stood at the side of the bed with a raging hard-on. When Susan got to her feet Glen quickly moved into position and, before Gloria realized what was happening, the ex-cited man had lifted her legs and plunged his cock deep into her open cunt. Gloria's vaginal muscles grabbed at the invader and began milking it as Glen held steady to al-low his cock to soak in Gloria's juicy pussy. Then he started fucking and the panting girl under him responded lustily. As the fucking couple held tightly to one another Susan removed her clothing quickly and straddled Gloria's head. The tall blonde lowered herself until her puffy pussy lips came into contact with Gloria's mouth."Eat me, Gloria," she urged, "eat my pussy while Glen is fucking you."Gloria opened her mouth and inserted her tongue into Susan's pussy. She darted it in and out, then ran it up and down."Oooo, Gloria, you've eaten pussy before," the excited woman sighed. "I love what your tongue is doing to my pussy. That feels wonderful."Glen continued to move his large cock in and out. Gloria felt another orgasm approaching and the nearer she got the faster she pistoned her agile tongue in and out of Susan. Suddenly, Glen jammed his cock completely into the soaking wet pussy and spewed come into it. Then Susan grabbed Gloria's head and held it against her pussy as she spilled her juice into Gloria's open mouth. As she sucked and swallowed, Gloria's muscles tightened, her hips arched high and her second orgasm arrived.A short time later the three spent lovers had revived and began to dress."That's just a taste of what you have coming, Gloria," Susan told her.Gloria turned her back to Susan so that the woman could button her blouse."My God," she sighed, "I'll never be able to make it through the night. I should be very angry with you two but I'm not. But how the hell am I going to be able to stay awake until six o'clock tomorrow morning?""Lots of coffee," Susan said jokingly."You'll make it," Glen added. "You'll probably get your second wind about three o'clock and just breeze right through.""I surer than hell hope you're right," Gloria said as she checked her hair in the dresser mirror.Gloria returned to the present and found that the record was just about to run out. She grabbed another and quickly positioned it on the empty turntable just in time."More good music coming your way," she said into the suspended microphone. "Give a listen."CHAPTER TWOThe day Gloria graduated from broadcasting school was the happiest she had ever experienced. The field was made just for her. She enjoyed it to the fullest and she knew that she was good. Her low, sexy voice was made to be amplified many times over so that it could be heard by thousands of radio listeners. Her acceptance by a small, dynamic station in the great northwest was arranged by the school's excellent placement service. After a rather tearful farewell at home the lovely girl climbed into her car and headed west. The trip was rather uneventful with the exception of her first night. The exhilaration she felt over what lay ahead of her had kept her keyed up during the four hundred or so miles she had covered, and she didn't feel the least bit tired. But she knew she had better call it a day and settle down for the night. She watched for a likely place to stop for the evening and finally settled on a rather peaceful-looking motel on the outskirts of a large metropolitan area. She checked in and, after cleaning up and getting fresh clothes ready for the next day's travel, decided that she was hungry. The motel's restaurant was about half full and a hostess escorted her to an empty table."Your waiter will be with you in just a moment, Miss," the hostess said. "Enjoy your dinner."Gloria thanked her and began thumbing through the menu. While she was engrossed in trying to decide what she wanted, a glass of water was placed on the table and a pleasant male voice interrupted her."Have you decided on what you would like?"Gloria glanced up from the menu and was surprised as she looked at the waiter, a nice-looking young man with bright red hair and smiling blue eyes. He stood only about five foot three, and Gloria was sure that he couldn't be a day over eighteen."Hello," Gloria said. "I'm still undecided but how about starting me off with a dry martini while I think some more.""One dry martini," the young man said. "Comin' right up."While Gloria resumed perusing the menu she couldn't get her mind off the young waiter. Wonder how someone so young could work at a place where liquor is served, she thought. Surely the law requires that they be eighteen. Oh well, not my problem, she told herself. The waiter re-turned with her drink and asked if she had decided what she would have to eat."I think I'll have the ham-steak dinner," she said. "And a tossed salad with country dressing.""Thank you, miss." The young man wrote on his order pad, turned away, and headed for the kitchen.Gloria enjoyed the dinner. She didn't realize how hungry she was until the meal was placed before her. The ham was lean, just the way she liked it, and the vegetables were prepared just right. When she had finished the last bite the waiter returned. As he neared the table Gloria happened to be glancing at about crotch-height and noticed a very pronounced bulge in the young man's tight pants. A sudden shiver ran through her as she imagined what it would be like to see it in an erect state. How could such a small-built young man, have such a bulge? she wondered."Would you care for dessert?""No, I don't think so," Gloria answered, "but I would like a cup of coffee."When the waiter returned, Gloria made it a point of checking the bulge once again. The coffee was placed be-fore her and the man stood there for a second or two."May I ask you a personal question?""Bet I can guess what that question will be," he answered smiling. "Better yet, let me just answer you and then you tell me if I am right. I am eighteen years old, the law in this state is eighteen and, yes, I am small for my age.""Remarkable," Gloria said. "You are psychic, too.""No, I'm not psychic," he said. "I'm asked that question at least three times a day. Matter of fact, I've thought of having cards printed up saying that my name is Vince and I'm eighteen.""Well, miss, there's nothing that I can do about my size or my looks and I've gotten used to the questions. There is one thing about me that is fully developed though."A slight smile played along Gloria's mouth."I'll bet I can guess what it is," she answered, glancing down at Vince's crotch. "Looks like most of your growth took place in one area."Vince smiled and stood still as the lovely girl continued to stare."If you'd like to examine it firsthand and up close, I get off at ten o'clock. What's your room number?""I'm fascinated at your boldness," Gloria replied. "And it's room 104."A few minutes later Gloria paid her bill and took the short walk back to her room. She felt a tingle in her groin at the prospect of seeing Vince's generous cock in its erect state. She glanced at the clock. It was only five after nine, so she decided to take a shower and prepare for her visitor. The warm water felt wonderful flowing down her voluptuous body and she lathered herself generously. She worked the soap in and around her hairy pussy and was tempted to prolong the washing of that sensitive organ as she thought of her expected visitor. She forced herself to stop, though, and rinsed off. She rubbed herself vigorously, which brought an additional glow to her lovely skin. After drying she applied a light amount of make-up and-slipped into a long satin bathrobe. She returned to the bedroom and made sure that everything was just right. One soft light was glowing from a table lamp on the dresser. She had turned the television set on prior to showering and noticed that a rock show was being telecast. She began to hum in time with the sounds coming from the set. She was in a sexy mood. Come on, Vince, she said inwardly. I want to check out that meat of yours. Her mind conjured up a variety of images involving her and Vince's cock and it wasn't very long before she felt her nipples harden and her pussy juices begin to flow. Oh shit, she thought. All he'll have to do is show me his cock and I'll come all over myself. She did her best to calm herself down somewhat but it wasn't working too well. Then the door buzzer sounded. She jumped slightly in surprise, then regained her composure and went to answer it. She opened the door and was greeted by a smiling face."Hi, Gloria," the young man said, "I couldn't quite wait until ten o'clock so I snuck out a few minutes early. Oh, and I went by the office and checked the register. That's how I know your name.""Hello, Vince," she greeted him. "I'm happy you got here as quickly as you did. Come on in."Vince entered the room and Gloria locked the door be-hind him. He looked around and took a seat on the edge of the bed.Gloria approached the young redhead and stood in front of him. She smiled down at him."Bet you don't have anything on under that gown," he said softly."I'm not a betting person," Gloria answered, "but why don't you find out for yourself?"Vince reached his hand through the fold in the gown and ran his hand along the inside of her thighs. Gloria moved her legs slightly apart in anticipation. Vince moved his hand confidently until he felt the soft pussy hair covering her expectant cunt, then ran a finger between her puffed pussy lips. He wiggled it around a bit and Gloria almost lost her balance from the excitement that it generated."Damn, Gloria, you've got a very juicy pussy," Vince whispered.Gloria regained her balance and quickly threw off her gown. Her large, firm breasts quivered and the sensitive nipples stood straight out.Vince reached up with his other hand and squeezed her gorgeous breasts. He continued to move his other hand in and around her pubic area and the excited girl began to quiver and shake from the double attack on her sensitive areas."Oh, Christ, Vince, I'm gonna come!" she squealed. "I'm gonna come and you'd better catch me! Oooo, it feels so goddam good. Keep working your fingers, like that. Ooooo, here it comes! I'M COMING! I'M COMING!"Vince's fingers were soaked by flowing pussy juices and he had to remove his hand from her breasts to catch her around the waist to prevent her from falling. He removed his hand from between her legs and placed her on the bed. Her eyes were closed and a smile covered her face. He watched her for a few minutes, waiting for her to recover from the effects of the orgasm. When her, breathing indicated to him that she was about back to normal, he reached for his zipper, lowered it and tugged his dungarees down over his hips. Gloria's eyes opened just as Vince's large cock sprang free from its confinement. She almost swooned at the sight. The young man's cock jutted for-ward. It was about eight inches long but looked a great deal larger because of his slight build and small stature. A drop of clear come oozed out of the hole in the tip. Gloria eased herself into a sitting position so that the hard cock was just inches from her enraptured face. She reached up and encircled it, moving the taut skin back and forth as she moved her face closer to it. She was mesmerized. As she played along its length she flicked out her tongue and captured the small drop of juice. Then she opened her mouth wide and enveloped the head with her soft lips. She sucked greedily and, while doing so, reached up with her other hand and fondled his heavy balls. Vince placed his hands on both sides of her face and held her gently while she worked her magic on his rock-hard cock. He felt his excitement growing as Gloria worked her mouth and tongue skillfully. Feeling himself approaching orgasm, he forced the lovely girl's head back so that his cock was re-leased."No, no, no," Gloria moaned. "Give it back to me. I want to suck it some more.""Hold on," he told her, "you're gonna get it right back."He urged her to move into the middle of the large bed. Then, guiding her with his hands, he positioned her over his body so that her cunt was hovering over his mouth. Gloria grabbed his cock again with her mouth and resumed her sucking. Vince's tongue jabbed up into her pussy and licked at the copious flow of juice. Gloria squirmed around but would not release her hold on the rigid cock in her mouth. Vince clutched her hips and drew her down more snugly. His mouth and tongue touched every part of her twitching cunt. His cock began to jerk as his orgasm approached. He moved his hips to try to force more of it into her mouth but Gloria was maintaining complete control. Suddenly thick spurts of come jetted from Vince's cock and sprayed her throat. She sucked harder to get it all and felt herself coming again as she swallowed. As her second orgasm arrived she forced her hips down so that her cunt was plastered against Vince's face. Vince licked up the juices that were flowing from Gloria's open vagina while she continued to swallow the final drops of come from the large cock.They remained in the sixty-nine position for some minutes after they had exploded. Vince's cock had not shown any sign of wilting and Gloria was amazed. Then the young man urged her up and off his firm body. He guided her down on her back, took one of the pillows and placed it under her shapely hips."Now I'm gonna fuck you, lady.""Put it in me," she urged. "Fuck me good. Fuck. Fuck."Vince placed the head of his hard cock at the opening of her vagina and slid forward. The entire length was captured by her wet cunt. He kept it firmly imbedded in her, then lowered his mouth to hers to let her taste her pussy on his lips. As they crushed their mouths together Vince began pumping in and out. Gloria matched his strokes and clutched him with her legs. She thoroughly enjoyed fucking but this was a special treat. The pistoning cock touched every part of her and she felt repeated thrills racing through her as the cock worked feverishly. Gloria was almost afraid to come a third time, but she knew that the loving cock would work its magic on her and make it hap-pen. The familiar feelings began anew and she knew that another orgasm was only minutes away. Vince picked up the tempo as his body began to feel his orgasm approaching. Vince was the first to come and he thrust forward and held himself rigid as his cock exploded a second time. While the waves of pleasure swept over him, Gloria hollered out as she came again.The exhausted couple collapsed away from each other as their spent bodies fought to recover from the gut-wrenching thrills they had just experienced. Gloria fell into a deep sleep and Vince forced himself up. He went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, then dressed and quietly departed.Gloria didn't move.CHAPTER THREETodd Murray had just finished his four-hour stint on the air. He went from the control room into the office to check on the morning mail and talk with the program director. He made a few cutesy remarks to the station's secretary, then flopped down at the communal desk and grabbed for the few pieces of mail that awaited him.Murray had been with the station for about three and a half years and during that entire time he had been the "morning man." His broadcasting chores ran from six to ten six mornings a week and, to supplement his income, he spent a minimum of twenty hours a week in sales. Most announcers at the smaller stations were hired as "combo" men, spending so many hours a day on the air and "pounding the pavements" for another half a day. They were paid a base salary for their broadcasting work which was seldom enough to live on and received a percentage of sales. Todd was reasonably successful at both activities but he realized that his talents were limited and he would always remain a "small time" announcer for as long as he stayed in the business. But he was content with how things were going and had no desire to seek "bigger and better things." He enjoyed the northwest more than he had enjoyed any other part of the country to which he had been exposed. He was a bachelor, had a comfortable apartment, and enjoyed fair success with the ladies.Todd took his time thumbing through his few pieces of mail. One of them was a fan letter which gushed over his voice, his choice of music and his personality. "Todd, what say we chat a bit?" a voice interrupted his reverie."Oh, sure, Ben," Todd answered. "Right now okay?""Fine with me," Ben Wilson replied. "Let's use my office."Ben Wilson was Program Director and Assistant Manager of the station. The titles sounded very impressive but, in actuality, they didn't amount to much. As with most small stations, the staff was small and most of the employees had one title or another. Ben was in his mid-forties and had been in the business for more than twenty years. He had been exposed to the big time and bright lights but the hectic pace and the constant demands were too much for him. They were reason enough for him to give up the nomadic life of a radio announcer and establish some roots.Todd Murray poured himself a fresh cup of coffee and placed it on Ben's desk. He slid a chair up close and looked at Ben expectantly."Todd," Ben began, "none of us has been happy with the way things have been going around here for the past couple of months. We're not happy with Greg Girard on the midnight to six shift and I know that you haven't enjoyed following him on the air for some time now. Whether you realize it or not, your work has been affected by the strained relations between the two of you and we can't afford that. I've always felt that the morning man was the key position at any station. He sets the pat-tern for the entire day and he must be ON to hold the listeners and keep the clients happy."Ben sat back and paused. Todd was giving him his undivided attention and waited for the P.D. to continue. When Wilson felt that his remarks had had their intended effect he continued."I've taken steps to rectify the situation," he went on. "I haven't said anything to any of you for I wanted to wait until the last minute and spring it suddenly. Effective Sunday night at midnight we have a new jock for that time slot and Girard is out on his ear. I've got an old friend who runs a broadcasting school back in the midwest and he sent me a demo tape of one of his recent graduates. And I like what I heard. I think we got us a winner even though the experience isn't there. What a voice. Wait till you hear the demo tape which I intend to play for you in a couple of minutes.""Damn," Todd remarked, "this guy must really be good. I haven't heard you this excited about anything in a helluva while. What's his name?""Not him, Todd -- her. It's a young woman," Wilson said dramatically. "And her name's Gloria Harkness.""A broad? Don't tell me you hired a girl," Murray said with astonishment. "Far as I know this station has never had a woman announcer. Know anything else about her?""Only that she's gonna take over late night radio in this area," Wilson answered enthusiastically. "She's single, about twenty or so, and is dynamite. Take it from some-one who's been around this business a long time, Todd. This girl can't miss. C'mon, I'll let you listen to her demo tape."The two men went into a private studio room which had been set up to make tapes and prepare commercials. The older man got everything set up and engaged the recorder playback. The two of them listened attentively and nodded agreement to each other as the twelve-minute demonstration tape rolled on. When the tape ran out the two men just looked at each other."Do you agree with my assessment?" Ben asked."Damn," Todd replied, "you weren't kiddin'. She is terrific."Ben reached into his coat pocket, extracted a three-by-five color photo and handed it to Murray. "That's the face that goes with that voice."Todd took the picture and let out a long, low whistle."What a doll!" the young announcer exclaimed. "All that talent and looks to go along with it. It's gonna be a real pleasure coming in here before six o'clock every morning. Hell, I might start getting in an hour early from now on.""I thought you'd like her," Ben went on. "She's due to arrive in town in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow. I've got a small apartment for her so that she'll be ready for work very shortly?'"I'll be happy to show her around town and give her a hand if she needs it," Murray gushed."That might not be a bad idea," Wilson replied. "Since the two of you are gonna be working together that just might be the thing to do."