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Sanelisiwe Mtsewu



Lettie had a beautiful garden in her home..she always chose to be in her garden other than anywhere else..But weather changes came as a surprise., which made a mess into  her beautiful garden will she ever find peace with what happened..? This take a deep insight into teaching kids to be independent and be able to think outside the box that is being able to be as creative without being told what to do..Here Lettie also was a big thinker not just as a child but as an independent and smart people could..She always had something... Therefore if children are to become successful in adulthood they are to start from teen years...

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Sanelisiwe Mtsewu


Volume 1

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Little Gardener






Once upon a time there was a little girl by the name Lettie. She was so pretty just like her mom and she loved gardening so much that she would be very disappointed when she sees that most gardens that were close by her home were not taken care of. Mhhhm… what can she do to help..? She thought….


Lettie loved the garden flowers, trees and vegetables and every morning she would wake up early to irrigate starting from the veggies to trees. And then she would get ready for school. 



Lettie would spend most of her time in the garden making sure that the garden was as good as better, sometimes she would sit there doing nothing. Her mom saw this and bought her other seeds to make the garden even bigger with other plants.


This was the happiest day ever for little Lettie because she liked gardening…! She then rushed outside the house straight to her beautiful garden to put the seeds immediately under the ground….




One day she went to school and there was a big wind blowing very hard that even her classrooms’ roof was shaking….Lettie was very worried about how her garden would be like after the big wind….!


The school day came to the end, Lettie ran quickly to the house and boom…! Her garden was a mess everything was all over the place. What a bad day it was… She cried a lot and then went to bed not knowing what to do anymore…..