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After years of researching and writing to open the eyes of those who wanted to be enlightened to the truth. W. L. King decided to write one more book to close this chapter of his life...venturing off his normal literary works of non-fiction, W. L. King surprises his die-hard followers by releasing his first fiction, paranormal book, The Evil Within.A young man fighting for humanity and diligently trying to rid the planet of its evil takes a horrifying trip to the deepest reaches of hell, and is forced to choose one of two paths put before him. One of the paths will strip the soul from his body and leave him to suffer eternity in the darkened depths of hell, while the other path will lead him out of the darkened depths of hell with a knowledge only known to the gods…or will it.

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W. L. King

Table of Contents

Title Page


1 | The Beginning

2 | Trip to England

3 | Voyage to Devil’s Island

4 | Devil’s Island

5 | Voyage Back to England

6 | The Final Chapter

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The Beginning

Hi, my name is Xavier Kingsley, and I am a supernatural investigator. I am fighting for humanity and diligently trying to close the gates of Hell once and for all, and rid the planet of all its evil. I grew up in Winchester Bay, which is a small town located in Oregon. One would think that Winchester Bay would be the perfect place to grow up, but it was not for me, it was a vacationer’s paradise, not mine. Do not get me wrong, Winchester Bay did have miles and miles of beautiful undisturbed beaches, and for the most part, it was a very nice place to live. However, if you ask me. It was nothing but a bore because not much happened in this small town, well that is in my line of work anyways. I was the only supernatural investigator in the small town of Winchester Bay. In fact, I was the only supernatural investigator in the state of Oregon to my knowledge. Nonetheless, it did not matter much, since nothing supernatural had ever happened here.

I had been raised by two wonderful people, Alexander and Charlotte Kingsley since I was a small child. I never knew much about my biological parents because every time I had brought the subject up I was told they were killed in a horrific accident when I was a baby, and nothing more was ever said, so I stopped asking about them.

You might be wondering how I got started into this kind of profession. Well, I will tell you! It all started when I was sixteen years old. When one day I was walking down a narrow path through the forest that surrounded the small town of Winchester Bay and I came upon a fissure that had mysteriously opened up right in front of me, stretching across the narrow path, blocking me from going any further. It was something that one would never have seen, except for in a movie. It was very odd and out of the ordinary, if I do say so myself. Puffs of super-heated steam arose from what seemed to be a bottomless pit. I was being cautious and tried not to get to close. However, my curiosity got the better of me, and before I knew it, the ground beneath my feet gave way and I fell into the darkened depths of the unknown.

When I had come too, after the tremendous impact of my body slamming into the hard dirt that lined the bottom of the pit, I thought to myself that there is no way in hell that I could have survived the fall, let alone the super-heated steam that arose from the fissure itself. Suddenly it occurred to me that I must have died from the impact, or was I just having a nightmare from being knocked unconscious by the sudden impact at the bottom of the fissure.

I had found myself standing in an enormous cavern that was located in the darkened depths of the earth. It was very hot and humid, with little fresh air to breath. It was pitch black with the exception of a few lit torches that were positioned on the sides of the cavern walls. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my head, and one of those thoughts was, could this hideous place be the Hell that religious people talk about. I did not know for sure, but I had an eerie feeling that I might find out. I was directly positioned in the middle of the cavern and noticed multiple paths around me to choose from, but none of them seemed to lead upwards, they all lead further into the darkened depths of what I thought had to be Hell.

This is where I met Satarel, who accompanied me for my journey into the darkened depths of the unknown. Satarel had a long greyish or white beard and was clothed in a black robe. He had an enormous stature that was very intimidating, and must have stood at least thirteen feet tall, making me look like a midget.

He suddenly broke the silence and spoke out to me in a deep and distorted voice saying, “Xavier Kingsley, do you believe in Hell, because that is where you are, in the fiery depths of Hell.”

“How do you know my name?” I replied.

“I have known about you before you were conceived, and have been waiting patiently for you to grow into a young adult so you can fulfill your destiny. You can call

me Satarel, and I will help guide you on your journey.

“As you can see, there are two paths to choose from, but you must choose wisely, for when your journey has been completed you will know everything there is to know about the different levels of Hell, and all those who have been damned here for eternity. Choose poorly and you will leave this hideous place a lifeless Zombie, knowing not who you are, and having been stripped of all your emotions and memories.”

Choosing which path to take was not easy, but down one of the paths, I noticed a faint glow of light, so I had decided to take that path and work my way towards the dim light. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a much longer journey than I had ever expected. As soon as I had made it to the dim glowing light there was a set of steps that were leading further downwards into the fiery depths of Hell. I carefully made my way down the first level of steps and came upon a man whom Satarel said had been terribly lost in his life at one point in time, and chose to make some very bad decisions that had been unfortunately forced upon him. It seemed as if he was trying to stay afloat in what seemed to be a vast lake of black goo, maybe oil, and a void of what seemed to be nothingness. Nevertheless, he was able to speak out these words to me.  

“We have all created this endless suffering ourselves, from our own free will and weakness, and will never be allowed to leave this atrocious place. We are to suffer in this god forsaken place for eternity for accepting the temptations of evil.”

I asked the man, “What have you done that was so atrocious that you have to spend eternity confined within the darkened depths of this god forsaken place?”

He replied, “I had robbed a liquor store, taking all the money from the cash register after killing the unarmed cashier.”

Satarel spoke out saying, “It is time to move along”, and I proceeded down the steps to the next level of Hell.

This level was filled with what seemed to be millions of horrible screams and voices all scrambled together. It was unbearable. Satarel must have used telepathy to inform me that the next person we were to encounter was damned to hear every judgmental thing that he had ever said to others throughout his lifetime. Once we got close, enough I asked the man, “What have you done to suffer here in the fiery depths of Hell for eternity?”

He replied, “I had mentally tortured my wife until she went insane, and had to be admitted into a mental institution.”

Our journey continued, this time it took even longer to get to the next level of Hell. When we arrived to the next level of Hell, it made sense why it had taken so much longer to get there. It was the darkest and most fearful level, created just to hold the worst sinners of all.

Satarel pointed out a woman who had been chained up to a cavern wall, and was pointing to the numerous demons that had been circling her ankles. As we moved closer to the woman, I noticed blood had covered her ankles. The demons circling her were devouring her legs like tiny insects. The woman never looked at neither me nor Satarel, which I thought was very strange. It was as if she could not see us at all. The woman had tears that were flowing down her cheeks as she screamed out in pain. As I watched her, she kept focused on the same location without moving an inch. I looked in the same direction that was drawing her attention to hopefully catch a glimpse of what she had been staring at since we arrived and noticed a child that was looking right back at her. Suddenly, the child began to run towards us, and as the child got closer, it began to resemble the little demons that circled the woman’s ankles.

Suddenly, the child spoke saying, “It is useless to try to help her.”

I noticed a look of hatred within the child’s face as I asked, “What has this woman done that was so atrocious that she has been damned to such punishment?”

The child ran off, disappearing within the darkness without ever saying a word.

At this point, I was more confused than ever. I knew that it would be awful to leave the woman chained up to be eaten alive by those little demons, but the child specifically said that I could not help her.

I asked Satarel, “What should I do?”

He replied, “The woman had helped her boyfriend hold the child underneath the bath tub water until he could no longer hold his breath, taking the child’s life.   Therefore, the woman had been damned into the fiery depths of Hell with the punishment of being tortured repeatedly, while watching her only child, the one that she had brought into this world and sadly helped take the life of. Her child was the only person who she could see for eternity.”

“Yes this is all true,” the child mumbled. My mother was supposed to protect me from harm, but instead she gave my life for her own selfishness. But do not worry. I am not really her child, only an image of him, as the little boy resides up in heaven because he was innocent and pure.” 

The levels of Hell consisted of numerous sins. For the first couple of levels these sins were not very horrific, but the last level had been created for all those who committed the most violent sins of all.

Each of the sinners that had been confined within the fiery depths of Hell was receiving punishments that were symbolic to the sins that they had committed while they were alive. Some of these punishments were gruesome and cruel, while others were just physically


At the end of the level, I finally found a set of steps leading upwards.

I asked Satarel, “Is this my way out from the fiery depths of Hell, and back to my salvation.”

He replied, “Yes it is Xavier. Just follow these steps towards the light, and you will be out of the fiery depths of Hell before you know it.”

“Is this the last time that I will see you Satarel?”

“Yes! This is the end of our journey together Xavier. I can go no further, as I too am confined to the depths of Hell. Farewell and good journeys my dear friend.”

I said my farewells to Satarel for the helping guidance that he had given me through the different levels of Hell and started walking up the steps. As I made my way up the steps I saw a faint light appear, and with a blink of an eye, I was laying on the narrow dirt path in the forest again, where I had originally fallen into the fissure.

It was weird. There were no signs of the fissure that I had fallen into, nor what had just happened to me. However, I came out of the fiery depths of Hell with a knowledge of its numerous levels, the Demon Hierarchy and their powers, and the numerous ways to destroy them.

I never saw Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness himself, nor do I remember Satarel telling me how to destroy any of his kind. However, he must have somehow implanted all this knowledge deep within my mind, without me even knowing it, until now.

However, I did know that Lucifer was once a mighty Seraphim, which is the first choir of the Supreme Hierarchy of all angels before he decided to challenge the Almighty Ones authority. He brought an army of two-hundred following rebellious angels along with him that are known as the Watchers, who are also confined within the fiery depths of Hell.

I knew that there was a great battle within heaven, one in which brought the fall of the once mighty Prince of Darkness from his high position in rank next to the Almighty One, God, along with his following angels. At some point in time, Lucifer become jealous and envious of his superior, and could no longer stand being in the position that God had given him, and in return rebelled, as he no longer wanted to be considered the equal to God, he wanted to be the Almighty One.

This is when the Great War in the heavenly realm broke out. Michael and his angels fought against Lucifer and his following angels. After the rebellion, Lucifer and his following angels were cast out of the heavenly realm, and shackled within the darkened depths of Hell, where Lucifer and his demons still reside to this day.

It is here, within the darkened depths of Hell, where Lucifer is the Prince of Darkness, the master, the ruler, the light bearer, the God of this world. Through the millenniums, Lucifer and his fallen angels have grown in strength, and have been continuing with their invisible warfare against humanity. In addition, Lucifer is the master, the ruler, the Prince of the Physical World as well. He uses his powers of free will to enrich those who have weak wills, and in return, he gets their souls, stripping them from their bodies. Lucifer, in return uses those who he now has possession over to do his evil biddings.

Lucifer and his massive army of demons are never satisfied. If they cannot deceive by temptation, which in return gives them the ability to strip the soul from the human body. These evil demons will possess anything that walks the earth. They are not meticulous. Lucifer and his vile army of demons use trickery or deception to entice, seduce, or allure humanity to do his evil bidding of destroying everything on this planet. Therefore, if one eventually succumbs to Lucifer or one of his army of demons temptations, it shows the character of this person, and further reveals that they had a weak will!

Nonetheless, today, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, and his following army of demons are far more of a formidable foe than the day when he and his following angels were when they were banished from the heavenly realm. In fact, they have grown in tremendous strength over the millenniums, by using free will as the means of tempting those with a weak will.

There is no possible way to estimate the size of Lucifer’s evil army. However, somehow I have gained the knowledge that indicates that one day soon, four of the fallen angels that have been bound and shackled beneath the Euphrates River will be released, set free from their shackles, and will have with them an army of two-hundred million demons to slay one-third of the mortal population on earth.

This is for those of you, who may or may not know,

there is only one being known as the Prince of Darkness, and that is Lucifer. Nonetheless, there are swarms of demons living within the planets darkened depths of Hell, within the spiritual realm. 

Thusly, one can see why the Son of God had been manifested in the first place, and that is to keep the balance of good and evil on this planet. The yin and yang, light and dark, good and evil, the Double Divinity, without one there could be no other, which indicates that Lucifer and his fallen angels will never be destroyed for good, just kept in check. That is until they are released once again to judge mankind for their sins. 

Lucifer seeks only one thing for his loss of Divinity, and that is to destroy every living thing on the planet, at whatever the cost. Thus, by the powers he retains over humanity, which is their free will. 

Over the millennia’s, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness has been destroying truth, righteousness, hope, faith, and peace. He is the deceiver of this planet, and has an army of demons doing his evil biddings! Just as he destroyed the lives of Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden, he is playing out the same role all over again, but on a much grander scale. His ambition is to create Hell on earth, and that is exactly what he is doing!

It is apparent to me today that this adversary is so powerful, and holds such enormous power over the global population, that the ability to successfully stop this evil doer seems like a hopeless struggle.

Numerous human beings were also condemned to go to Hell for committing vile sins. Once in the depths of Hell their souls were corrupted and warped to a point unconceivable to us by spending centuries confined to the fiery depths of Hell, being continuously tortured, repeatedly, thus having their humanity relinquished from them. Their souls are stripped from within their bodies and all that is left is nothing but energy that can cause electromagnetic interference.

I received the knowledge of all the demons powers, their abilities, their weaknesses, and how to banish or destroy them if I encountered one of them. I also knew that a demon could not enter a human’s body unless that human is in some sort of mental distress, on hallucinating drugs, or gives it permission to. I knew that the lowest level of demons could possess people and animals. That they rule on a spiritual level here on earth, and are in spirit form, which requires a vessel to travel on earth, and that they do not need consent as long as the person that is being possessed is in a weakened mental state of mind. I also knew that once a demon possesses something it is now in control of that body, turning them into a walking Zombie.

I knew that it is easier for a demon to possess people who are depressed, in a heightened state of emotions, in mental distress, or on hallucinating drugs. Sometimes, under certain circumstances the person who is being possessed can regain control over their body if their will is strong enough, which will force the demon right out of their body.

If you know the tall tell signs, you will know when a demon is lurking around within your vicinity, as they tend to disrupt all forms of electronic devices and lights with their presence. Furthermore, injuries that would be fatal to us, such as broken necks or gunshot wounds have no effect on demons, as they are immortal beings. In fact, once the mortal body or vessel ceases to live, the spirit residing within the body leaves, and goes into the spiritual realm. It is here within this spiritual realm where demons roam freely throughout the planet. Once in spirit form, these demons can no longer be killed, just sent back to the depths of Hell. However, special weapons or rituals can be used to extract these demons from a mortal body, or confine them in a certain place.

Another thing I learned was that demons cannot heal their vessels. If their vessel receives too many injuries, they simply disregard it and find another human to

possess, leaving their former vessel left to die.

I learned that Angels nor demons require food, water, oxygen, or sleep, and possess great strength compared to us humans. The black-eyed demons contain mid-level powers, and they have the powers to manipulate the biology of other beings by bio kinesis. They can make a person explode with the snap of their fingers. They can use electro kinesis, pyro kinesis, teleportation, thermos kinesis, and terra kinesis, which create small earthquakes.

The highest-ranking demons have white eyes, and possess all the previous powers, but at an enhanced level. These demons are powerful enough to overpower angels who rank low on the celestial chain of command, but they will still flee when they are confronted by an Archangel. These demons have the ability to transport themselves back and forth between the spiritual realm and our reality without the need of any complex summoning rituals or assistance. They can enter and control the dreams of their intended victims while they sleep. Generally, the more powerful the demon, the more resistant they are to Salt and Holy Water. Each demon has their own weaknesses, and I know how to banish and hold the majority of them for an indefinite

amount of time.

A Demon’s Trap will hold and prevent the demon within its vessel from escaping until it has been exorcised. The trap will also prevent low-level demons from even using their advanced powers. A rule of thumb is that a demon that has been caught within a Demon’s Trap will usually be unable to do anything to damage the integrity of the circle of the trap, which would allow it to escape.

For some unknown reasons demons are unable to cross a line of salt, and again can do very little to damage the line, as long as it is without a break. They cannot even open doors that are lined with salt, if opening it would break the line. Salt can also be used as a weapon against demons. For example, it can be used for torturing the demons by making them ingest it, or by injecting the salt-water directly into their body. The salt can be put into pretty much anything you can think of to use as a weapon against demons. However, it will not kill the demons, but the pain that it inflicts is enough to force them into telling you the information that you want to know.

Unfortunately, this will only work on the lower and mid-level demons, which are those human beings who have sinned and have been bound and trapped within the fiery depths of Hell. It has no effect on the highest-level demons, which are those angels who had ascended to earth millennia’s ago. They seem to be immune to the salt, shrugging it off with a smile.

Holy water can also be used against lower and mid-level demons. It burns them acting like an acid, but it too has no effect on the highest-level demons.

You can also perform exorcisms on possessed beings

that will pull the demon out from within its captured vessel and send it back to the fiery depths of Hell. Unfortunately, exorcisms are not one-hundred percent successful, and the possessed vessels may not survive the exorcism after it has been performed.

In addition, if a demon has dispersed a vessel that it has been occupying for some time, and it is not in your best interests for it to do so, one can recite an exorcism verse backwards, which will force a demon right back into its once occupied vessel. There is one point that I want to make clear, and that is the highest ranking demons are completely immune to exorcisms because they are the original Fallen Angels who had fell to earth thousands of years ago, known to us humans today, as the Watchers.

Nonetheless, now that I have revealed the knowledge and intellect I had received while being guided through the different levels within the darkened depths of Hell, I will get back to telling my story.

It was now getting late in the evening, and the sun was just about to set when I finally made my way back to my house. I could not wait to tell Alexander and Charlotte about what had happened to me while I was walking through the forest today. However, before I got inside I had a gut feeling that something terrible was wrong. I noticed that every light within the house had been turned off, and it looked as if nobody was even at home. This was very odd because Charlotte always had the family dinner prepared and ready around this time every night.

I slowly and cautiously opened the front door to the house and walked inside, saying in a soft voice, “Hello, is anyone home, Charlotte, Alexander are you home?” After I closed the door behind me I quickly noticed an awful odor of what seemed to be the faint smell of something dead, or I thought it was, but I could not be certain to what it was at that particular moment. I walked over to turn the living room light switch on but when I flipped the switch on, it did not work. In fact, I tried several of them throughout the living room, but none of them seemed to be working for some weird reason. I made my way into the kitchen and flipped the light switch on, and to my surprise, the lights had flickered a bit, but all of them came on, revealing something unimaginable.

What I saw next was terrifying, way beyond my own minds comprehension. Alexander and Charlotte were sitting lifeless at the kitchen table. My body was frozen with terror at what I was seeing. I slowly and cautiously walked over to them and reached out to touch Charlotte on the shoulder when I noticed that both of them were dead. It looked as if they had been murdered, but in a way that no human being could have ever conceived. Their eyes were completely gone, somehow ripped right from their sockets, and in their place was nothingness, a black void so to speak. Not one trace had been left of Charlottes beautiful blue eyes. The strange thing was that there was no blood to be seen anywhere, not on the floor, the table, or even on the clothes that they were wearing. Their bodies looked as if something had sucked the life right out of them, but what in the world could have done such a thing.

I was horrified, and almost in tears as my eyes and throat started to swell up with emotions. The two people who I loved so very much were now sitting in front of me dead. The only rational answer that I could come up with at the moment was that this had to be the handy work of some sort of supernatural being, as a witch could not do such a thing.

I kept thinking to myself that they never harmed anyone. All they did was love and take care of me. Who could have done such a horrific thing to them?

It seemed as if someone or something was reading my thoughts because within a split second after asking myself that question, Alexander and Charlotte suddenly burst into flames, and I heard what seemed to be a vile laugh, and a voice that said, “I am Bastelet, and soon we will meet again.”

Before I had any chance at all to ask any questions, the entire kitchen went up in flames. So fast in fact that I had no time to do anything except run for my life. Therefore, I ran through the living room and straight out the front door. As soon as I got out to the safety of the street, I turned around and the entire house had already been engulfed in flames. So intense that I could feel the heat on the other side of the street. I knew that it would not be long before the fire department would arrive and start asking me questions that I knew I would not have the answers too. Therefore, I decided to leave. I took off running as fast as I could. Headed for the old lighthouse that was located on the outskirts of town, down by the beach where the ocean met the forest-covered cliffs. This is where I would always go if something had been troubling me.

As soon as I got to the old lighthouse, I broke out in tears, knowing that I have just lost the only two people in the world who ever cared about me. My mind started going haywire as I started wondering, what in the world am I going to do, and where am I going to go. When suddenly I heard a voice, a faint voice at first, which became louder, and louder, until I realized that the voice was coming from inside the old lighthouse. Just on the other side of the door that I had been leaning on. As I put my ear up to the cold metal door, the voice from within said, “Open the door and come inside Xavier.”

My curiosity had overwhelmed me and I decided to go inside to see whom the voice belonged too that I was hearing. The old steel door hinges must have rusted a bit over the years due to the exposure to the salt from the spray of the ocean, as it made the most horrendous sound, screeching loudly as I slowly opened it, further and further, until I was able to walk inside. Once inside the old lighthouse I called out, “Who are you, and what do you want with me?”

I made my way to the bottom of the old winding steel staircase of the lighthouse when I heard an awful screeching sound, which ended up being the old steel door of the lighthouse mysteriously closing, somehow by itself, when I heard a voice again, “I am up here Xavier.”

Up until now, I was only being led by my curiosity. However, now my curiosity had vanished, and I was really nervous, and did not know what to do, but for some unknown reason I still decided to follow the voice that I was hearing. Therefore, I slowly and carefully started making my way up the rusty winding staircase, up to the top of the lighthouse. When I finally made it to the top of the staircase, I noticed a glimmer of light, but wondered what could be creating the source of light that I was seeing, as the old lighthouse was no longer operational. It had not been for as long as I could

remember. Therefore, where could it be coming from?

As I slowly made my way closer to the radiating light a figure started to appear, and came more into focus, as I got nearer. I stopped and my jaw dropped wide open, as I stood frozen in time, so it seemed, as I could now make out the figure that was within the radiating light. It was what I thought to be an angel, good or evil I did not know. However, I hoped that it was one of the good Watchers. However, at this particular moment I did not know. As soon as I had enough courage to speak out, the angel spoke, breaking the silence.

“Xavier Kingsley, you have grown into a fine young man, and now it is time for you to fulfill your destiny.”

I replied, “Who are you, and what destiny do I have to fulfill?”

“I am Ambriel, and your destiny is to rid this planet from all its evil before my advanced extraterrestrial species has to intervene.”

“Ambriel, what will happen if your advanced species has to intervene to rid the evil from this planet?”

“Xavier, if we have to intervene we will destroy the entire human species on this planet, as we have done in the past.”

“How on earth am I alone supposed to stop all the evil on this planet? There is no way that one person can accomplish this task alone.”

“You will not be alone Xavier, you will have all the help you need when you are in need of it. I am here before you to give you the knowledge that you need to know about the Hierarchy of the Watchers. Xavier, there is no time to waste so let us get to it.

“There are nine cores grouped together into three spheres. The nine cores within the three spheres differ

by their angelic form, knowledge, and power.

“Within the first sphere, it is comprised of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones.

“The first core of the Supreme Hierarchy is the Seraphim, who sit at God’s throne and sing and praise to him. They are completely ruled by his divinity, for there is nothing more important than God’s divinity.

“They are known as the Burning Ones, and have six indestructible wings. Two to protect their faces, two to protect their body and legs, and two they use to fly. Seraphim’s are the highest and most powerful of all the angels.

“It was from this sphere that Lucifer emerged. Before his fall from grace, he was considered the angel that outshined all other angels, the bearer of light. He now resides chained and bound within the fiery depths of Hell, along with the two-hundred other fallen angels known to you as the Watchers who had each taken human earthling women wives and impregnated them. This includes the giants, the Nephilim, or Demi-God children that the human earthling woman had.

“The second core of the Supreme Hierarchy is the Cherubim. They sit beside God’s throne, keeping unwanted entities at a safe distance. They are also God’s record keepers, and hold the Tablets of Destinies and Celestial Charts. They are fierce angels that have four faces, that of a man, that of an ox, that of an eagle, and that of a lion. They are the protectors of God’s throne. They radiate with the knowledge of the Almighty One, known to you humans as your God.

“The third core of the Supreme Hierarchy is the Thrones. Their main characteristics are compliance to God, peace, and to oversee and bring forth fierce judgment upon mankind for their evil doings, they are the bringers of justice.”

“The second sphere is comprised of the Dominions, Virtues, and Powers.

“The forth core and the highest order of the second sphere are the Dominions. They rule over all angelic orders, and are responsible for the execution of the Almighty One’s, God’s commands. However, they enjoy a certain unbound elevation towards the supernatural,

and are immune to incompatibility and subjugation.

“The fifth core of the second sphere is the Virtues. They implement the orders from the dominions and govern the heavenly bodies that are known as the firmament between heaven and the planet Earth.

“The sixth core of the second sphere is the Powers. They confront and fight against any evil forces that are opposed to the Almighty One’s, God’s providential plan. However many of these angels have decided to follow Lucifer, and are no longer Holy.”

“The third sphere is comprised of the Principalities, the Archangels, and the Angels, which are all directly involved in human affairs on this planet.

“The seventh core and the highest order of the third sphere are the Principalities. They are impressive to say the least in their authoritative ways, but unlike the other orders of angels, the Principalities are made in the likeness of God, and have the closest appearance to humans.

“One of their purposes is to be the leaders to the two lower chores of angels, and to help protect humans and their earthly nations along with the destinies of their souls.

“Xavier, if you ever meet a Principality Angel, quickly

find out exactly whose side it’s on. This chore is the primary source of Lucifer’s disciples, so be careful who you trust.

“The eighth core of the third sphere is comprised of the well-known Archangels, which are the best known of all angels. The Archangels provide guidance, and are the leaders of the angels. They are entrusted to carry out the most important missions of mankind.

“There are seven Archangel’s:

Uriel: The angel who watches over the world, and over Tartarus.

Raphael: The angel who watches over the spirits of men. 

Raguel: The angel who takes vengeance on the world of luminaries.

Michael: The angel who watches over mankind, and the chaos.

Saraqael: The angel who watches over the spirits of man who sin in spirit.

Gabriel: One of the angels who watches over paradise, and the serpents, and the Cherubin.

Remiel: The angel who watches over those who rise up.

“The ninth and lowest of all the heavenly Hierarchies are the Angels. They are the true messengers of God, just as Jesus Christ was. Their primary duties are to be in direct contact with earthly beings. They are the ones you know as your Guardian Angels, which protect all human beings when the Almighty One, God wills it.

“Xavier, this is everything you need to know about the Hierarchy of the Angels.”

I replied, “Where do you rank among the hierarchy?”

“I am a messenger of the Almighty One, God, along with being your guardian angel.

“Xavier, listen very closely to what I am telling you. I am here to give you the knowledge and the guidance to help you fulfill your destiny.”

So there it was, from that point in time I became a true believer in supernatural beings, and I now knew that it was very important for the survival of all good on this planet to fulfill my own destiny as Ambriel had explained. He had not explained what exactly it is that I have to do to fulfill my destiny, but he did say that I have to rid this planet of all its evil before his species has to intervene.

Right before Ambriel vanished into thin air he said, “Xavier Kingsley, in due time you will find out what will be required of you to fulfill your nightmarish destiny. I will let you know this much. Your Destiney is to destroy the one created from Lucifer’s bloodline to become the Antichrist.”  

It did not take long for me to think of a place to go, as

I only had one best friend. Therefore, I made my way to Saraphe’s house, who was one of my closest girlfriends. Well she was my only true friend that I revealed all my secrets to. After telling her what happened, she begged me to go to her parents for help and guidance. So I took her advice and told her parents about the situation that I was in, and obviously about the horrific accident that had occurred to my foster parents. Yes, that was exactly what the authorities had reported it to be, just another unfortunate and horrific accident, and without any hesitation, her parents said that it was all right to stay with them as long as I needed too, as I had no family

left to turn to.

Within a couple of days after what remains was left of Alexander and Charlotte were cremated a well-dressed lawyer going by the name of Ben McFergason called me and informed me that a considerable amount of money had been left to me that was in a trust. Therefore, I should meet him at his office in town as soon as possible to get all the details worked out.

Therefore, the next day I went into town to his office, where he revealed that the trust left to me was worth just over one-million dollars. He also indicated that I would be taken care of for the rest of my life with that amount of money since it was all invested, and I could only get a portion of it once a month. He revealed that it should be more than enough money for me to live off for the rest of my life, as I could not blow it all on worthless material things.

Nonetheless, before I had turned twenty-one years of age I had already traveled to numerous places within the United States to investigate the existence of the paranormal, extraterrestrials, and the New World Order. This sort of thing went hand in hand with supernatural occurrences that had been happening throughout the world, and is where I started to attain much knowledge. In fact, I even started researching and studying philosophy and numerous religious beliefs to get a better understanding of the power structures of the world, which had led me on a path all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. It seemed as if the deeper I dug, and made my way down the rabbit hole, so to speak, investigating supernatural phenomenon, along with the New World Order and the occult, the more they had in common with one another, somehow they were all


It seemed as if the one percenters who are ushering in the One World Government have received some sort of enlightenment from an advanced extraterrestrial species thousands of years ago, and are using this information to bring forth the Antichrist. The puzzle pieces started to all come together!

When I had turned nineteen years of age I had moved out of Saraphe’s parent’s house and rented my very own two-bedroom house on the outskirts of town. It was small, but just enough room for all my things. Saraphe and I were still close. However, she went off to college to study to be a Veterinarian out in California after she graduated high school. Yes, we still keep in contact, but the calls seem to be diminishing between us as time goes on. I know that most long distance relationships seldom work out, but some do. Therefore, we shall see what happens in the future between the two of us, as we did have a lot of chemistry together, but that is a story of its own. A hot, sweaty story, if you know what I mean. Her parents never knew how close the two of us had been, as we kept it a secret since I was living in their house. I will keep it at that for now.

It was a cloudy and gloomy day so I decided to finish some much-needed research on my laptop when the silence that filled the room was suddenly interrupted by the sound of my cell phone. I picked up my phone and started to read the short, but to the point text message that I had just received. It became clear right away that this was no ordinary text from someone that I knew. It was unexpected. Therefore, I stopped my research right then and wondered if this could have something to do with fulfilling my destiny that I had somehow forgotten


It was someone telling me that they were sending me an e-mail with the details, and that I should read it right away. Therefore, I quickly opened my inbox and there was a new e-mail. I was nervous, but very curious as I opened it and read it. It was a very intriguing e-mail to say the least. A woman named Elizabeth Blackwood had vaguely stated that some very strange things had been happening to her starting at midnight and ending exactly three hours later within her newly inherited home in which she has been residing. She also said that this home has been in her family for well over one-hundred years. She went on to indicate that the house somehow changed its form during those three hours of the early morning, and so did anyone who resided within the house from midnight, and then after the three hours were over everything would go back to normal, including whoever or whatever was still residing within the residence. Elizabeth even stated that she had thought that whatever these supernatural forces may have been, were also controlling the entire town, as well as the people who resided in it. She also went on to say that, these atrocious supernatural forces were trying to kill her and whoever is within the house, and that she really needed my expertise.

Thus, to my surprise, Elizabeth Blackwood indicated that she was willing to pay for my entire trip out there to Briarcliff Acres, in South Carolina along with the return trip. She bluntly stated that money was no object, even if I could not eradicate her house of the detrimental supernatural forces that occupied it.

I instantly replied to her e-mail and asked her how in the world she obtained my phone number and e-mail to get a hold of me, and in what seemed to be just seconds after sending her the e-mail I had received one back from her indicating that she had found my phone number along with my e-mail address on a desk calendar within the house. She indicated that the exact words written down were, ‘For anything out of the ordinary get in contact with Xavier Kingsley.’

I replied and told her that I would be delighted to give her my professional assistance, and that I would catch the first flight out there tomorrow. That was all that was said in the e-mail conversation between the two of us. Therefore, I went and started packing my things for the trip. 

It was very early the next morning when I awakened. The sun was not even up, and around six or so in the morning I stepped into the shower and approximately thirty minutes later I was out the door. As I turned around, after locking the front door I noticed that the Uber driver that I had called earlier was already waiting for me in my driveway, waiting to shuttle me off to the airport.

The drive to the airport was very pleasant, as the driver was a beautiful blond haired woman with an outgoing attitude that I could not take my eyes off. Unfortunately, the drive to the airport was quick, taking only thirty minutes to arrive at the drop off point. Nonetheless, the two of us talked so much that I would have thought that we had known each other for years. As I got out of the vehicle I thanked Melony, the Uber driver and commented on her beautiful blue eyes, saying, “Your eyes are very alluring Melony,” as I closed the passenger door.

She gave me the biggest smile and asked, “Xavier,

what does alluring mean?”

I replied, “It means attractive Melony, and that you are.”

As I finished getting my luggage from the back of the vehicle Melony replied, “Thanks so much Xavier, you’re pretty attractive yourself.”

I glanced back at her one last time and smiled before making my way to the airport terminal. As I waited in line to board the plane, I started to wonder what was in store for me when I got to my destination, and in less than an hour the plane was already in the air, and I was on my way. I slept almost all the way there, just waking up prior to landing, as the fasten your seat belt chime had awakened me, and as I looked up I seen the fasten seat belt sign lit up. As I glanced out the window, I noticed that it was raining heavily, although the plane was traveling around five-hundred miles per hour, which made it look as if we had been caught up in a hurricane.  

As soon as my flight had landed, to my surprise it was still pouring down rain as I walked down the stairs leaving the safety of the plane. Very intense bolts of lightning lit up the blackened night sky, when suddenly a loud crackle of thunder shook the airport terminals towering windows as if it was an immense earthquake. I have to admit I was startled for a second, but swiftly walked through the sliding doors and right into the airport, which then sheltered me from the unpleasant weather, and made my way over to the car rental counter. Once there I asked the young woman behind the counter, whose name was Lisey by the way, if they had any rentals available, preferably a compact car that gets very good gas mileage. Lisey checked her computer for any available rentals and said, “Mr. Kingsley, I have a white Chevrolet Cruz available.”

I quickly replied, “That would be perfect,” and I filled out all the necessary paper work that was needed and asked, “Lisey, where can I pick up the car.”

She responded, “I will have someone bring it up to the pick-up area of the airport, which is right outside the airport terminal doors.”

I made my way from the warmth of the airport, out into the covered pick-up, and drop off area, when the brisk night air sent chills through my body, as if I had just jumped into freezing water. As I waited for the rental car to be brought up tiny droplets of rain blew in under the covering of the pick-up, drop off area, and hit me right in the face, blushing my cheeks, and felt like tiny needles piercing my skin. What seemed to be thirty minutes was only five when a white Cruz pulled up and a man got out and asked, “Are you Xavier Kingsley?”

I replied, “Yes, that is I”, and he handed me the key fob and helped load my luggage in the trunk of the car. I did not bother with chitchatting because I was in such a hurry to get out of the rain and on my way, as it was already getting late. I got in the car and took off, driving out of the airport like a bat out of hell.

After roughly twenty miles or so, I had found myself

driving on an unlit unmaintained two-lane road in a thunder and lightning storm that seemed to be never-ending. Do not get me wrong, I love thunderstorms, but did it have to be tonight of all nights. The rain was furiously coming down, forcing me to turn the vehicles windshield wipers on high, which then made them seem like they were violently slapping out of tempo on the highway. I had the vehicles high beams on as well and still could barely see a cars length ahead of me on the darkened two-lane highway when something caught my attention. The headlights were reflecting off something very shinny up ahead on the right side of the road. I wondered if it could it be a road sign, and as I got closer, I could tell that it was indeed a road sign, but I could not make out what the sign said, then it suddenly came into focus, Briarcliff Acres four miles ahead.

The trembling sensations running through my body ever since the sign had come into focus were trying to tell me something, but at the moment I could not pin point what it was. However, I did know one thing for sure, and that was this trip to the Blackwood Manor was already proving to be very exciting and interesting. Somehow, I knew that this trip had something to do with fulfilling my destiny, and for now, I had no reason to believe any differently. Unbelievably, I have not investigated that many supernatural occurrences after learning that I had a destiny to fulfill by my guardian angel Ambriel.

As I entered the small town of Briarcliff Acres it truly seemed deserted, but then at this time of night surely everyone in this small town would be asleep. Bear in mind, it is definitely not Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Nonetheless, I drove on another thirteen miles when a sign came into view, a sign that said Deep Creek Road cut off two miles ahead. Even before I had went the two miles my imagination was running wild, along with the anticipation of not knowing what I would find once I arrived at the Blackwood Manor. I looked down at my dash for a split second to check the odometer to see if I had gone the two miles, as my navigation on my phone had stopped working for some unknown reason, and when I glanced up again at the road, there it was, the sign that said Deep Creek Road. Therefore, I took a left and kept an eye on the odometer until it had said I was just about to hit the four miles that Elizabeth had indicated that I had to go before I came upon the dirt road that led to the Blackwood Manor. What do you know? There it was, a dilapidated sign on the side of the road indicating that the Blackwood Manor was just down the side road. Go figure, and just my was an unmaintained dirt road that looked as if it had not been used in a very long time.

Elizabeth Blackwood had stated in her e-mail that it was exactly four miles from the Deep Creek Road cut off to the dirt road leading up to Blackwood Manor, so this must be it, being exactly four miles, and having an old dilapidated sign saying Blackwood Manor. I remembered  Elizabeth telling me to take the first dirt road on the left, and that it would lead me straight to the Blackwood Manor, so that’s what I did, even though it was the only direction that I could go. 

The downpour made the narrow road very muddy and slick. I wondered if this could be the only way to the Blackwood Manor, and hoped and prayed that I did not get stuck out here on this unmaintained road in the rain at this time of night. Nonetheless, I remembered that Elizabeth had specifically stated that this dirt road was the only driveway to and from the Blackwood Manor in her e-mail to me. Therefore, I decided what the hell and started my way down the narrow, muddy road, which started to get very slick as I carefully navigated my way through the mud stricken road. Even though the car that I was driving was front wheel drive, which transferred more weight on my front tires for traction, and gave me more control over the vehicle. I had to keep my speed up just enough to keep my momentum going so I would not get stuck, but slow enough to still keep control of the vehicle. I was glad to have rented a vehicle with front wheel drive, which gave me more control over the vehicle as I drove down the muddy road and around the sharp curves.

This was the longest driveway that I had ever seen, let alone driven on. Geese, it surely seemed to go on and on, and I was beginning to think that I had driven onto the road to nowhere when suddenly, the car broke free from traction and started sliding sideways around the sharp curve that I was in, which was exhilarating and scary at the same time. However, I managed to keep the car under control and kept on driving when a yellowish glow came into view. As I continued onward, down the muddy driveway, and closer to the yellowish glow. I had noticed that the glow was coming from the lampposts that were positioned at the entrance to the Blackwood Manor.

A light mist had still covered my vehicles windshield, as the Blackwood Manor came into view, and at that very moment reminded me of a horror movie. 

The closer I got to the Blackwood Manor I began to feel the tremendous power from the supernatural forces that were concealed within it. It made me very nervous, and an uneasy feeling began to come over me, as this was a powerful and unpleasant force that I had never felt before. I somehow knew that this was an urgent and dire situation that Elizabeth was in, and that it had to be investigated as quickly as possible. As I pulled up in front of the Blackwood Manor, I suddenly began to feel something weird, an evil force of some sort trying to get inside my body. I could even taste it, and the taste was very unpleasant, especially in my mouth, it tasted like death, that is if death had a taste. I knew that there was something wrong with the situation at the Blackwood Manor. I did not like the situation one bit. This could be very dangerous for Elizabeth, and for me. I hope that I have what it takes to relinquish the evil supernatural forces that have taken over the Blackwood Manor.

I knew at this very moment Elizabeth was waiting for my arrival. Well, I had assumed that she was waiting inside the Blackwood Manor, as I had just called her right before I started my way down the mud stricken driveway from hell, and her maidservant Alexandrea answered the phone and stated that she was expecting me. 

Once I pulled up in front of the Blackwood Manor, I got out of the car, removed my luggage out of the trunk, walked up the steps, and set them on the porch. The Blackwood Manor