The Elements of Modern Architecture - Radford Antony, Morkoc Selen, Srivastava Amit - książka

The Elements of Modern Architecture książka papierowa

Radford Antony, Morkoc Selen, Srivastava Amit


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Fifty of the world’s modern architectural masterpieces, constructed between 1950 and the present, are analysed through specially commissioned drawings that reveal the principles and details of what makes a building meaningful and enduring.

Includes c. 2,500 line drawings and 50 photographs

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Starting from its site, each work is analysed through its surroundings, use of natural light, volumes and massing; its program and circulation; and its details, fenestration and ornamentation, showing the reader how the building works as a cohesive whole.

Aimed at architects, students and everyone who appreciates great buildings, 'The Elements of Modern Architecture' will be an essential reference and inspiration for generations to come.

Liczba stron: 344

Format (wymiary): 30.5x22.5cm

ISBN: 9780500342954