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When I was eighteen, my parents decided that it would be a good idea for me to learn German so my father took me to Germany and I was enrolled in a German High School. The next thing was to find a family where I could live as a full boarder......******Excerpt******She jerked in pain and he gave a long low moan of joy. His delicious prick was now inside her narrow bum passage, sliding beautifully up it as my finger had recently done. Gradually he pushed it further in, giving her a generous length of it before starting the ritual rock of the fuck. I watched the timing of his motion and rubbed Jane's clitoris in harmony. Slender though it was, his prick must have felt enormous to her, thrusting lustfully up her bum, yet I knew very well from my own experience how thrilling it was as well. I too had been raped like this, in my case one man holding me down while Bobby possessed me, and I had quickly become addicted to it. Now I felt Jane's cunt responding wildly to my touch and knew that her passion had been brought on by the cock up her bottom.She was very excited as I ended another long kiss and let go of her shoulder. My hand was now trapped between her thighs and Bobby's but I pulled it free. Jane looked at me with frantic bloodshot eyes."Up on your hands and knees, darling." I urged "That's the proper way."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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The Easy Way

Taylor Teen


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When I was eighteen, my parents decided that it would be a good idea for me to learn German so my father took me to Germany and I was enrolled in a German High School. The next thing was to find a family where I could live as a full boarder.

As my father did not like to spend more money than was absolutely necessary he found me a place with a family who would take me very cheaply. It was the family of the local cobbler. Mr. Henry Felzman, the shoemaker, was well known in the whole town.

My father discussed all the particulars with him, or rather with his wife, and soon an agreement was reached.

When the holidays were over and a few days before my new school term was due to begin I moved into my new lodgings with a trunk containing clothes and a bag filled with cakes. I was soon on friendly terms will all the members of the Felzman family and if the food had been sufficient I would have been quite satisfied there. After a little while I got used to their manner of living and when I was in the right mood I liked to sit on Mr. Felzman's cobbler's stool to get acquainted with all the mysteries of making and repairing shoes. In this Mr. Felzman had the help of one assistant and two apprentices.

The master, or the chief, as he liked to be called, was a small stout man with very short legs and abnormally large head. His hair was always in disorder and he had a beard, bristling as though he was forever looking for a fight. He was very fond of drinking and now and then he drank more than he should have done. He used to wear an old fashioned bowler hat on Sundays and was convinced that only this particular type of headgear suited him and conferred on him the proper dignity to inspire the respect due to his social standing and expert craftsmanship.

I did not need to stay long in the family to see that the chief was hen-pecked and that Mrs. Felzman was the real boss not only in her household but also in the workshop which was attached to the house.

Mrs. Felzman was quite young and still had a fine figure, well shaped legs and a mature bosom. She assumed the right to be the boss, being taller by a head than her husband whom she always intimidated. She had a daughter from a previous marriage called Mitzi who was eighteen, and there was also a foster daughter called Fritzi. She was some relation of theirs, was of the same age as Mitzi and had fair hair and quiet manners.

These were the members of the family. There was another lodger at that time. He was a student called Martin, some eighteen years of age, a very tall and lean fellow. I had to share the bed with him. The bed was very old and rickety and so narrow that we had to lie on our sides, otherwise there wouldn't have been room for both of us. Sleeping in this bed was a doubtful pleasure indeed and it required so much ingenuity that it amounted to a course of P. T. In fact I think the bed was made for this purpose. When one of us wanted to turn the other one had to do the same and this we did regularly through the night.

I was a very big boy for my age being strong and well developed and I had only one interest. I was fond of sports and games, especially football.

I was a real master at this game and thanks to my physical strength and constant training played better than any other boy of my age. My other tastes were as yet undeveloped and I thus lived like a "healthy animal. When I had a quarrel with another boy I settled it with fighting and I gave thrashings to boys who were two or three years older than I was. At that time I took absolutely no notice of girls. I was very proud to be a man and I looked upon girls as worthless beings. How could I recognize girls as equals when it was impossible to fight with them?

I had some basic knowledge about sexual life but such ideas were very hazy and as I was not interested in such things I did not give them much thought. I must confess I was two or three years behind my classmates in this matter.

I kept away from girls as much as possible, but during my stay with the Felzmans these circumstances changed very much. I was daily in the company of the two girls, we walked and started to play together a bit and by I got used to them. The longer I stayed with the Felzmans the more friendly we became and as the girls developed their charms I became aware of a strange feeling which I couldn't explain to myself.

I was in the second year of my stay with the Felzmans and spoke German like a native. My relations with the two girls were becoming more intimate. As their bodies developed and their forms became full and round I came to look at them with quite changed thoughts. Just as an ugly chrysalis changed into a beautiful butterfly, these two girls were becoming lovely young women whose well shaped figures attracted the eye.

Mitzi being an only child was very spoiled indeed. She was self willed, quarrelsome and was a perfect telltale. I disliked these qualities in her and told her so often which usually resulted in a row. Her skin glowed healthily the color of a golden yellow peach and her face was framed by a wealth of dark hair which glittered in the sunlight. Her eyes sparkled and observed with interest everything that happened around her. On her full lips, red and fresh, were usually trades of chocolate or jam. Her finely cut nose she was inclined to put into matters which did not concern her and teeth enhanced the beauty of her mouth. She was quite a young lady now. Under her blouse her young breasts swelled, her legs were slender and above her short skirts could frequently be seen an admirable pair of thighs.

She was really a very pretty girl developing into a beautiful woman. She liked to tease me during meals and was always ready for any mischief.

Her cousin Fritzi was in every respect the exact opposite of Mitzi who was active and vivacious. Fritzi had fair hair which resembled ripening corn in colour. Mitzi's hair was always in disorder whilst Fritzi had two tidy pigtails. She had regular features; her eyes were blue like the sky on a fair summer's day and her lips, red and fresh, were made for kissing. When she laughed charming dimples formed in her cheeks. She liked to wear an open blouse and if you observed carefully you could see a pair of fine breast not yet fully developed. She was growing into a fine young woman and her well shaped legs showed promise of beauty. She was very gentle and quiet, much more subdued than Mitzi.

They were attending their last year at school and were just at the age 'when their calves were getting fiery' as an old Anglo-Saxon songs says. When speaking to them I could notice that they were interested in the male sex and by their remarks concerning sexual life I could judge that they were not so innocent and inexperienced in sexual affairs as they pretend to be. By and by, when I was in their company I got more courageous.

I often told them stories that were not quite decent and they used to cover their ears pretending to be embarrassed but I noticed that they did it in such a way that not a single word would escape them. When my confidence grew and I told them outright lewd stories they covered their innocent eyes in shame but I could see that they did it so carefully that they could see between their fingers and, hearing such immoral things, they were much amused and their cheeks were burning from the excitement of their thoughts.

They had always changed their dresses in front of me without embarrassment and I had never taken the slightest notice. Now it was enough for me when I saw their skirts pulled up; then I was immediately on her alert. When they crossed their legs and I could see part of their uncovered thighs I stared at them; and if by chance they bent down and I could see further perhaps as high as their bottoms I was fascinated to see their pink or blue panties and their white cheeks. Then my head got full of blood and I blushed scarlet.

It sometimes happened that we were climbing trees or some steep slopes. On such occasions I could see not only their dainty panties but the outlines of their cunts which were not yet completely covered with hair. It was quite natural that I could not tear my eyes away from such a sight I was so fascinated that I could not move my legs and I could feel a pleasure which I could not describe, my body was shivering and my penis got restless and stiff.

The girls were clever and soon realized that their charms were exciting me. They then started to make movements that would intentionally reveal themselves as much as possible. They would dance, lifting their skirts up high and were very pleased to see my excitement and emotion. After similar demonstrations they would stand giggling and chuckling like true daughters of Eve.

But the greatest pleasure for me was when I began to touch them with my fingers. At first when my sensuality was aroused and I put my hands under their skirts both of them would cry and shriek. Later they got used to my advances and they suffered willingly my advances, tickling and caressing their thighs. After a while I managed to go a bit higher and was able to examine the spot at the juncture of their legs. And then when I put my fingers under their panties and tickled their cracks they kept still and were clearly content.

I used to get very excited feeling the wet warmth of their cunts. I spread my fingers gently exploring the lips of their quims. The lips which were pressed together closely, opened slowly when I penetrated inside and when I was moving my finger up and down I found the hard spot of their clitoris and rubbed them.

I did it with so much feeling that they suffered it with pleasure and liked to indulge in such games. They were sighing and sobbing and I think, were pleased in the same way as I because they use to open their thighs so that I could put the whole of my hand there. I could fell how they shivered, and could play to my satisfaction with their cunts and arses. At these moments I used to get excited and was often trembling, with my prick strong and stiff.

Soon the two girls in their turn became more curious and active. Their hands, which at first would rest upon my knees, ventured higher and higher until finally they arrived at my flies. My penis would get very hard and stiff. The girls got excited, they opened my flies, came gently inside my trousers and played with my prick, stroking it from top to bottom and making the acquaintance of my balls. In these doings Mitzi was more active than Fritzi who seemed to be a bit shy and ashamed.


Later on during our walks in the fields and woods we had many opportunities to play our games. I got more venturesome and not only did I caress their thighs and tickle their cunts but I pulled down their panties altogether so that I could watch what I was doing. They suffered it readily and were very pleased when I offered them my penis in reward. I unbuttoned my pants and took out my prick and left it in their hands and to their pleasure. They tickled me and fondled my prick with their gentle fingers; they pressed my balls and rubbed my prick until I spouted and this used to make them even more excited.

While they were working on my prick I was not idle. I stroked their cunts with such speed and feeling that the two girls were sobbing and sighing and moving their hips, their eyes closed in ecstasy.

Now that we had got on such intimate terms it was only natural that the next step was for me to insert my prick in their cunts, which I very much wanted to do. But they were not inclined to fulfill my wish as they were afraid of having babies.

Nevertheless it was not long before I was able to satisfy my desire. Mrs. Felzman had an acquaintance in a nearby village who supplied her with butter and eggs now and then. One day she had been promised some buttermilk and as she wanted it for supper she sent the girls there as soon as they returned from school. The way to that village lay through a wood and the girls asked me to accompany them. So we went, strolling through the wood, laughing and singing, gathering wild strawberries and bilberries. We played hide and seek and enjoyed the fine afternoon of a hot summer's day.

The sun was blazing but the air in the wood was cool. Soon we were so tired by the long walk that we decided to have a rest in the shade. I stretched myself out in a place over grown with grass and covered by moss. The two mischievous girls lay down, one on each side of me.

I pretended to be fast asleep and was snoring loudly. But the girls disturbed me by tickling me under my nose with blades of grass and by constant giggling and chuckling. I couldn't imagine what was the matter with them, why they were so very animated and excited that day.

To prevent them from disturbing me further I drew' the girls close to me, one on each side, and put my arms around their necks. I had a fine chance to caress their breasts and I took full advantage of it. They pretended to resist at first, laughing and joking but them they were silent and allowed me to play with them. I slipped my hands inside their blouses and soon got hold of their naked breasts. I massaged them with my fingers and tickled their nipples with gentleness until they got stiff. Finally I unbuttoned their blouses and allowed their breasts to escape their confinement. Their nipples stood out hard and fresh like strawberries.

The girls became very quiet, their faces flame and their breath came quick. So I stopped my day with their breasts and put my hands down on their thighs and pulled their skirts up. I could feel their knees and then the smooth softness of their thighs. I got higher and higher until I reached their laps. The girls were very excited; their sighs quickened and they seemed to be out of breath. I got hold of their panties and pulled them down. Their cunts were trembling as I touched them. Neither of them had a lot of hair and I could see the lips of their cunts quite clearly. I opened their lips and slowly penetrated inside. I could feel their clits and rubbed them until they both got very wet.

Fritzi, who had been very reserved on previous occasions now put her hand on my flies and unbuttoned my trousers. Mitzi then immediately put her hand inside and took hold of my prick and started to caress it. Finally she took it out altogether. Then they divide their task; while Mitzi was holding my prick Fritzi was working upon my balls.

I suffered this play with pleasure and not to be surpassed by then opened their legs wide and played such a fine scale inside their cunts that the girls were roused to the highest pitch and were stroking my prick and balls in the same harmonious way as I was playing with their cunts.

Their cunts got very wet and my instinct told me that now was the very moment to prove to them that I was a real man. So I said, "Well, I'm doing it with my hand, but that's nothing. If I introduced my prick to your fannies you would soon find out what a pleasure that is."

"You may be right, but what if something happens?" said Mitzi.

"What could happen? I tell you I wouldn't push it inside, I'd only rub your cunts just a bit at the entrance. And in any case I promise nothing will happen."

"No, no, you might do something of us." Mitzi was afraid.

"How could I do anything to you when I'll be tickling you only? Nothing can happen. All girls do it like that and think nothing of it."

The girls were at a loss what to do. Their eyes revealed their curiosity and the wish to satisfy their desire was mixed with the fear of possible consequences.

But to encourage them and to make them agree I said: "You'll see it's nothing. I'll show you which way I'll do it."

And seeing that they were still undecided I knelt down between Mitzi's thighs and pulled my trousers and pants down.