The Easiest Route To Sex: Taboo Erotica - Mattie Norris - ebook

Excerpt:Iris rolled onto her back and glared up at him. "I'm not playing. I'm engaged to be married. I just wanted to help those two boys, and now you're going to have them rape me while you watch. You're disgusting!" She wrapped her pretty features around the words and spat them out with a sneer."Yeah, I'd like to watch," Rob admitted, "but I sure as hell don't intend to jack off. I'm gonna have some of that nice, furry little cunt o' yours. I don't think you'd call it rape, neither. You were ridin' my youngest to beat the band."Iris compressed her lips in a tight line. "It's rape if I don't want it! All I want to do is leave, and you and your boys can rot! I don't care if they go crazy from masturbating! This is the lat time I'll ever try to help anyone!"

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The Easiest Route To Sex

Mattie Norris

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter One

The slender, intense blonde turned around. The gate in the tall hedge was only waist-high, made of narrow white pickets. I don't want to let them see me. Iris bent low and peeked between the slats. Her Postal Service miniskirt stood stiffly out behind her, showing a lovely length of smooth, slim thigh. The lush pout of her pussy stood out in her conservative white panties, a juicy handful if ever there was one.

They are! I didn't think boys that young did that. The big one can't be more than eighteen. They look like brothers. It's terrible! To think that a brother would expose someone so young to self-abuse!

Iris crept closer to the gate. The boys were totally involved in watching each other jack off. The slender blonde letter carrier looked around.

Is anybody watching me? Look—there's another gate much closer. I bet I could sneak up behind them. I have to do something about this. A responsible citizen can't let young men ruin their lives!

Iris stooped to adjust her knee-high uniform socks. She wanted to look as official as possible when she confronted the children. She tucked in her blouse, stretching it tighter across her sharp-pointed bosom. She made a mental note of the address and strode around the corner of the yard.

Iris heard pages turning. One of the boys was talking. The woman strained her ears.

"Look at the titties this one has! She's super!"

That's terrible! They're handing down horrid attitudes about women! My breasts may not be as big as those magazine cows, but I'm still a woman, and a very desirable one . . . I think. I keep myself in good shape, even if I don't flaunt myself. There are lots of twenty-five-year-old women who need bras, but I don't and I never will!

Iris was fuming by the time she reached the side gate. The crooked-hanging portal swung loose. She couldn't see the boys from her new position, so Iris slipped through the gate and into the yard. She kept the big shade tree between herself and the naked boys.

Iris poked her head around the leathery trunk of the tree. Intent on the pictures, the boys didn't look up. "This sure feels good, Bobby," the smaller one said. "Who showed you how to do it?"

"I figured it out myself," Bobby said proudly. "I wish this book had more pussies in it. I really like to look at them."

"They're okay, I guess, but I really like all the bottoms and tits. I like the ones with the great big nipples, like her." The smaller boy pointed to a picture. The meaty thwack of his strokes speeded up.

Iris craned her neck. She couldn't see the girl he'd talked about. The blonde stepped out from behind the tree, catching a glimpse of the magazine.

Why, my nipples are bigger than those! I wonder what those dirty-minded boys would think if I took off my blouse? Besides, the girl isn't even pretty. She looks stupid, with her hands on herself and her tongue sticking out.

Iris opened her lips in a wide oval, imitating the model's expression. She ran the tip of her pink tongue around her mouth. A little flame heated her pussy. She started unbuttoning her blouse.

It's my duty to straighten those boys out for their own sake. They could ruin their lives by chasing those pin-up types. I'll teach them that a woman is more than a slick photo!

Iris skinned out of the blue-grey blouse. She crept up to the brothers' backs. The sudden nearness of their vigorously pounded little pricks made her pulse race. Iris cleared her throat. "Ahem!"

They boys' heads snapped around. Their fists stopped the rapid vertical beat.

Iris stood with her hands on her hips. Her conical titties stood high and proud, topped with the huge strawberries of her nipples. The luscious pink berries poked out, as big across the tip as a teenager's thumb. She slowly, sensuously slid her hands upward, pinching her narrow waist in. Iris cupped her hands under the firm cones.

"Wha—what are you doing, lady?" The older boy spoke first. He made a quick effort to sweep the magazine out of sight.

Iris put her sensible shoe on the cover. She looked the two smooth pantless bodies over carefully before replying. "You needn't worry about what I'm doing. Do your parents know what you boys are doing? Do they know that you are exposing yourselves to anyone who walks by? Would they be proud to find you polluting yourselves, abusing your bodies with masturbation?"

The smaller boy turned. "What's she talking about, Bobby?"

"Jacking off in the yard. Remember when Mom spanked me for spending too long in the shower?" Bobby turned back to Iris. "Are you gonna tell on us? Please don't, ma'am. We didn't mean no harm."

"I really should tell your mother about this," Iris said sternly. "Boys your age shouldn't be looking at this filth." Iris lifted her foot and kicked the magazine away. "What are your names?"

"I—I'm Bobby Hill, and he's Danny. He's my brother. Please, lady, don't tell our folks." Bobby looked around. His pants were out of reach.

Why, there're afraid of me! I don't know if I like that. It does feel nice to have some power over somebody for a change, though. Iris decided to test the children.

"Come with me into the corner of the yard." Iris turned, looking over her shoulder. The boys stood to follow. Their cocks poked forward like pink spears.

Bobby and Danny followed the slim woman across the lawn. The boys looked at one another, wondering what this mysterious, bare-breasted stranger was going to do to them.

Iris turned around, standing against the corner of the tall hedge. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a strict pony tail. Her arms were suntanned from walking her route, but the rest of her body was smooth, creamy white. She pointed and said, "Bobby, bring me that bench."

The youngster complied. He set the long redwood seat down. Iris sat. "No one can see us here. I want you to tell me why you were looking at that trashy magazine."

Danny spoke up. "Bobby showed it to me, and I got hard. He was gonna teach me how to jack off." The boy looked down at his bare feet.

"Why did you want to learn?" Iris asked. She couldn't keep her eyes off their hairless bodies. "There's no reason for a boy your age to lust after women's bodies." Iris' pussy was simmering. She felt the secret juices dampen her panties. She told herself, This is no time to get aroused, Iris. These boys need a lesson!

"We like lookin' at the pictures," Bobby told her. "You look nicer than they do, though. You're an awful pretty lady."

"Thank you," Iris said, pleased by the compliment. "Isn't it nicer to look at a real person than a picture?"

Danny moved within arm's reach. "Yeah, lots. You have better titties than the girls in the book." He reached shyly. "I like the ends on yours. They're really neat!"

Iris leaned toward the younger boy. "You think so?" She looked down and saw her nipple erecting. Her pink tips turned to coral. Her big aureoles contracted into a maze of stiff wrinkles. "Would you like to touch them?"

Bobby moved forward. "Can I, too?" His prick was rampant. He stroked the shaft.

Iris sighed at the questing touches of the boys' hands. "Don't play with yourselves, boys," she chided. She pulled Bobby's hand off his cock, replacing it with her own.

The heat of the boy's rigid weapon shot a flare of red lust into Iris' loins. She squeezed the shaft, milking gently up and down.

"Come closer, Danny," she commanded. "I'll take care of that." Iris grabbed the smaller boy's cock and ran her fingers over the shockingly soft skin.

They are so smooth and nice to touch! Why don't men stay this way when they grow up? The organs are much prettier this way. They look cute, even though they seem bigger than they are. I guess it's the fuzz around them. I can hardly see it!

Her Longest Route Oh' my! Why am I getting so hot? I'm just doing a duty for society. That magazine could warp these childish minds. What kind of wanton woman would pose for that sort of picture?

Iris imagined herself, naked, writhing lewdly for a camera. The spark in her cuntal flesh turned to a furnace of heat. She opened her mouth sensuously.

"That feels good, lady," Bobby said. "I dig the way you do it. Your hand feels neat!"

"Yeah," Danny chimed in. "It's a lot better than doing it myself." He bent quickly and kissed the hard spire of Iris's nipple.

"Oh! What are you doing, Danny! Don't suck so hard!" Iris pulled the boys closer, jacking faster at their cocks.

Bobby bent to her other nipple. He licked lasciviously around the point, bathing the whole pink circle of her corona. He scraped gently at the long tip with his teeth.

Iris thought she would faint. Her fingers caressed every bony ridge along the two prick shafts. Her panties were soaked. She squirmed on the redwood bench, rubbing the base of her cunny on the hard surface.

It helps if I squeeze my thighs together! Oh, what lovely little penises they have! I'm glad I stopped them from abusing themselves!

Iris rubbed her thighs together. The boys' hips were moving, forcing the hairless cocks in and out of her fast-stroking hands.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Iris moaned. She watched the childrens' cockheads thrust in and out, covered with the fistfuls of skin she held so tightly. The dear sight of those precious organs made the young woman drool.

"It feels funny," Danny said. "I don't know what's gonna happen!"

"I'm gonna shoot off pretty soon," Bobby warned. "Your titties really make me feel great."

"Then do it," Iris panted. "Get it out for me. I want you to do it, so you won't touch yourself any more!"

Four hands and four lips roved on her titties. Iris jacked furiously at the brothers' cocks. Her excitement built to a giddy peak. Iris knelt on the ground in front of the bench.

Bobby and Danny let go of her firm, lush breasts. They looked down at the panting woman. Those delicious cones jiggled with the fierce speed of her rapid wrists.

Iris looked the cockheads over. The two blind eyes stared back at her. The mushroom tops were redder with every stroke of her fast, soft hands.

Iris pulled the boys together. The little sacs bobbed. Danny and Bobby thrust their hips in unison.

I wonder if I can get them both in one hand. I could touch their testicles if I had a hand free.

Iris tried the capture, but her slim fingers couldn't wrap around both organs and keep the fortissimo beat. She caught both in two hands, but one always escaped when she reached for the bouncing sacs.

Damn! I want to feel those rolling little things! How can I touch them? I can't let either of these children go back to handling himself!

Iris opened her mouth wide. She held one little cock in each hand, and pulled the boys close. She put her mouth on the ends of their cocks.

Bobby and Danny jostled against each other. If this half-naked lady wanted to kiss their hard pricks, it was all right with the boys.

Iris groaned her pleasure. The two thrusting spears stretched her lips, but she loved running her tongue around the twin knobs. Danny's was a little smaller, but no less delightful.

Iris bathed the childrens' cockheads with saliva. Spit leaked from the corners of her mouth. In seconds, her chin was as wet as her pussy. She put a hand on each young ass.

Bobby held her head against his cock. The lusty sliding of his brother's sock against his own excited the boy. The sucking was the best feeling the eighteen-year-old had known in his life.

Iris blessed her wide, full lips. She sucked lustily at the dual piercers. The forbidden joy of the double fellatio and the smooth, fresh feeling of their asses blew her mind. Iris hummed rhythmically around the prick-pair.

Her cunt was tight. She felt the entire floor of her pelvis contracting lustily. Iris couldn't keep her hips still. The woman's knees bent, rolling her cunt around in lewd circles.

The slender blonde concentrated on the cock-heads. It took all her skill to lick equally at each one, covering the rim and the tiny, boyish cumslits.

Iris tried to stand back and look at herself. A part of her mind revolted at the knowledge that she was blowing two young boys, but the tight heat in her cunt won out. She sucked at them like a mad woman. A strident voice in her brain prayed for the boys to fill her mouth with cum.

It won't be long. I feel them swelling up. Bobby's getting harder and harder. Even Danny's little butt is tense. Come on, boys, please!

Bobby thrust deep. Iris almost gagged on the manly little spike as it hit the back of her throat, but she controlled the spasm.

Danny's prick still rammed in and out. She slipped a fingertip part way into his tiny rosebud ass, and he stuffed his cock all the way into her mouth.

Iris licked the undersides of the shafts. She tried to swallow the twin knobs, making her palate milk at them. Her lips sealed tight around the naked base of both shafts. Iris hung on the edge of a cunt-shaking orgasm. She squealed deep in her throat.

Bobby pulled her face against his belly.

Iris felt the pulse travel the length of the boy's cock. She welcomed the thick, stringy blast of cum. The blonde tried to swallow it, but the surprising size of the shot filled her mouth.

Danny's younger cockhead responded to the sudden gush of slimy warmth. He spewed cum into Iris' mouth, grunting in surprise. The sudden release of his first cum was a delightful shock to the boy.

Iris found herself struggling to keep the cocks in her mouth. The first salty taste of the spunk set her cunt off. Her hands clawed at the boys' asses.

Oh, God, don't let me lose them, she begged. Both cocks pistoned back and forth in her mouth as she gulped at the cum. Mixed with saliva, the fluid trailed down her chin.

Over and over, as fast as little jackhammers, the two pounded in and out of her mouth. Iris slumped, the explosion in her pussy overwhelming even her need for boy cum. She let the cocks, still jabbing, slip out of her mouth. Iris fell onto her back.

Bobby and Danny still thrust, but the flood of cum had almost stopped. Their cocks glistened with spit and semen. The boys' knees were wobbly. They fell down on the grass next to the half-naked letter carrier.

"Ma'am, that was great. I never had a lady blow me before," Bobby panted. "It sure feels better than jackin' off."

Danny lay on his side, nodding his head. "You're super, lady. What's your name?"

Iris began to answer, but a voice cut her off. "Bobby! Danny! Where are you?"

Iris sat up in shock. The boys scrambled toward their clothes. "Mom's home!" Bobby hissed.

Iris dashed toward her blouse. She struggled into it. The frightened blonde was starting to tuck it in when she saw a shadow moving around the corner of the house. She froze for an instant, then hid behind the big tree. How am I going to explain this to their mother? I've got semen all over my face!

Chapter Two

Iris hardly dared breathe. She could see Danny struggling with his zipper. Bobby was already dressed.

Dawn, the boys' mother, was a veritable Valkyrie of a woman. She was blonde like Iris, but bloody huge. Mrs. Hill was shapely for all her size—her breasts were like two pale pillows, huge and round. At five-nine, Dawn Hill was imposing, almost frightening in her voluptuous femininity.

Her voice was sharp. "Where have you boys been? Why didn't you answer me when I called? I'm going to have to tell your father you've been hiding from me again."

Dawn's scolding wasn't totally unpleasant to the ear. She had a throaty, sensual voice. Her hips were firm, meaty enough to take on a fleet of lusty riders.

Iris peeked from behind the scaly tree. The letter carrier had her blouse tucked in at last. She saw the broad, tall, stacked woman grab each boy by an arm and drag them away. As her panic cooled, Iris felt sorry for the children.

Iris slipped out of the yard. She went to her Post Office jeep and grabbed a handful of tissues. She studied her face in the mirror as she wiped the cum away.

Her pulled-back blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face, with large grey eyes that tilted slightly up at the corners. Her cheekbones were high and fine-chiseled. Iris had a perky upturned nose and a mouth that was almost too sensuously wide and full for her face. The lusty width of her mouth made her look sexy when she didn't want to, which had been most of her life.

No wonder those poor boys are fixed on breasts and bottoms, Iris thought. Look at the size of their mother! She looks like she painted her clothes on. The woman's positively packed into them!

Not that she's that heavy. Nobody could have a waistline like hers and be fat. She's just a big lady.

This is no way to keep myself on Special Delivery. I have to get more of these packages and letters out. I'd hate to have to go back to a walking route again. That bag gets so heavy! Mr. Bridges will rant and rave if I don't get back to the station. I better hustle. Iris started the little truck and roared away from the curb.

The slender woman rushed right through her lunch hour. She delivered all her mail and got back to the station just in time to check out. She ignored the lewd suggestions of her supervisor, Earl Bridges, and went home.

That man's so loathsome! I mean, if there was a trophy for grossness, he'd win it for sure. He thinks he's God's gift, though. I wonder if he's actually made every girl who's ever worked there.

No, that couldn't be. I bet he's fat and ugly all over, not just the parts I usually see.

I know he's nothing like those two Hill brothers. Bobby's nice, but that little Danny's just a doll! I sure hope they don't masturbate any more now. Maybe I better check up on them now and then.

Hey, Iris, that's a good idea. It would be such a shame if they spoiled themselves. I'll just mail a Special Delivery letter to them every couple of days.

Iris walked up the stairs to her tiny apartment. She had lived with her parents until the year before, and the small abode was packed with the belongings of all her life.

After dinner, Iris set to cleaning the little apartment. Shy and silent, she seldom spoke in the quiet of her evenings. She dusted her books and the shelf full of porcelain frogs, then got her mop and bucket out of the closet.

The summery evening was warm. Iris realized as she filled the castered bucket that she should change her clothes. She donned a thigh-length robe, shyly dotting her panties after her supple body was covered with the silky cloth.

It was nice of Mom and Dad to help me furnish this place, but I don't know why Dad got me this big deck-swabber of a mop. This industrial bucket is more convenient than running back and forth to the sink, but still . . .

I wonder why those children masturbate. Didn't their parents tell them it's a sin? I only remember being told once, and that was enough. I never touch myself, except for necessary reasons.

They sure were cute, though. Those little penises in their hands . . . I wonder if my fiance Roger ever does that. Out there on that submarine, with all his duties. I'm sure he couldn't. He's a good, upstanding guy, and I'm proud he wants me. No matter what Mom would think, I enjoyed it when we made love before he went on sea duty. Now that I have this apartment, I can give myself to him when he comes hone on leave.

Oooh, that makes my body feel funny, almost like kissing those little boys' penises today. I wonder what happened there at the end? The feeling seemed to go so much further than when I made love with Roger. Do you suppose that was an orgasm? They say you can't describe it if you've never felt it, and it WAS like nothing I ever felt.

Iris picked up the mop, dunking it solidly in the big yellow bucket. Her robe fell open. Oh, well. There's nobody here to see me, anyway.

Iris pressed the water out of the mop. The vertical handle of the wringer stood at precisely the angle of little Danny's penis when she released it. The white plastic grip was just the length of Bobby's wand. She caressed it absently, thinking again of her good deed of the day. The young woman had perhaps saved two lives from moral pollution.

The black-printed robe showed off her fair skin to perfection. Iris stood with the front of the garment open. She turned one knee out, in the unconscious pose of a model. The dark gold of her pussy hairs glistened in the light. I remember when Daddy and Roger made me read about Communism. They said we had to know our enemy. I wonder if there are any books or articles about masturbation. I mean, I wouldn't want to do the wrong thing while I try to help those two boys. I've read enough to know about the evils of adultery and promiscuousness, so I'm in no danger there, but I don't think I ever saw anything about masturbation. Boy's bodies are different, of course, but maybe if I touched myself just a little bit I would be prepared.

Iris put the mop back in the rolling bucket. She steered the whole apparatus into the kitchen, where the light was brightest.

Hmmm. It certainly looks innocent enough. Let's brush some of this hair out of the way.

Doggone it! I'd better take off the robe. It just blocks the light. One can't study in the dark.

Iris peeled the slinky black cloth off her back. She rested her pale, firm buttocks on the edge of the little table and looked into her pussy.

Her heart beat a little faster. Iris parted her golden floss and looked at the tender, intimate crevice of her pussy. The edges of her cuntal lips showed slightly pink. She held her breath, then whispered, "It's not really wrong. This is just an experiment. Everybody knows I wouldn't do this without a good reason."