The Dressmaker - Eliselle Yu - ebook

A man realizes the first piece of his dream, a pair of straitjacket pants. But soon the dream becomes the worst nightmare when he meets The Dressmaker who tailored the clothe.

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Table of contents

The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

It had been a real fluke finding that tailoring.

Dresses and Custom-made to order said the sign and (beyond his expectation) the clerk had told him that they made clothes also from one of his models.

"Just take me all schemes according to the standard template" she told him.

And so he did, drawing the first piece of his idea that would soon be materialized and bringing the schemes, excited as a kid peeking in the dressing of women and sees his first pair of tits.

Although the day when he went to collect it, he was excited like a teenager at his first fuck.

Literally speaking ...

The tailoring was on the top floor of a shopping center, at the end of a corridor where every else shops were closed, in a desert wing: The ideal place to walk with a nice erection under trousers without worrying about it too much.

And thinking about when he would have tried at home his new creation made him more and more horny.

He entered the small room, he approached the counter and rang a bell to call the clerk.

And he made sure to be well against the table, not to take the chance that the woman noticed something between his legs.

However, instead of the clerk, from behind the curtain of the back a woman appeared.