The Doggy Trainer: Volume One (Bestilaity Erotica) - Max Edelman - ebook

This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the "Free Excerpt" below for all the sexy details!****Excerpt***"You're a trainer. A canine trainer," Cindy explained slowly."What the hell is a canine trainer?" Gail looked at Cindy strangely."Have you ever heard of a sporting dog, my dear?""Never. What is a sporting dog?""I see I do have a little explaining to do for your benefit," Cindy laughed. "I'll tell you what a sporting dog is. It's one who is trained to have sex with women. You see, lots of women like us don't want to have that much to do with men. Either that or maybe the old guy they're married to has trouble getting it up, or they're turned off with him, or else they just want extra thrills. Whatever it might be. Anyhow, dogs can serve a tremendously beneficial pur- pose when it comes to giving a woman pleasure. That is, if they're trained properly. And that's where I come in. If you go to work for this man I know, it's where you'll come in as well."*************************Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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The Doggy Trainer: Volume One

Max Edelman

Copyright © 2017

Darque Taboo Press

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Disclaimer: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic, adult language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable which might include: multiple sexual practices, heavy and strong BDSM themes and elements, erotic elements and fetish play. This e-book is for sale to adults ONLY. All characters depicted at least eighteen years of age or older.

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Gail Ray had been in a despondent frame of mind.

She had quit her job, the third one in a row, for the same reason. As a beautiful, darkhaired girl in her late twenties, she was highly vulnerable to the advances of men. At that point she wasn't about to get involved for any reason. She had recently been divorced from her husband of five years, and the hurt that remained within her caused her to seek sex through other outlets.

The two outlets she pursued were those of masturbation and, whenever she felt particularly provocative and in a daring frame of mind, lesbianism. At times she would think about how much fun she had had with her husband and other men that she screwed with, and on those occasions she recognized all too well that she would not hold firm in terms of the way things were going. But then she would start thinking about the frustrations of her marriage, and that would sour her for the time being. She was afraid of any more involvements that might lead into that same direction.

The basic reason why she quit her jobs, however, stemmed from the fact that she got the idea her bosses wanted to own her. Due to their employing her and having her work under them, they tended to think that she ought to toe the mark in a way that they saw fit. Since she valued her independence highly, Gail wasn't about to tolerate that type of association. So she up and told her bosses just what she thought of them, quitting in the process.

One evening Gail was feeling so despondent that she decided to have a few drinks at a bar a few blocks away from her apartment in West Los Angeles. She picked this particular bar be- cause of the fact that not many men frequented it. It was mainly known as a getting acquainted place for women who wanted to have sex with one another.

Although Gail liked the fact that the bar afforded her a little privacy as far as the advances of hungry men were concerned, she also recognized she had to be leery of many of the females who patronized it. She had never liked the bull dyke type, and they were usually represented there, with their exceedingly short hair and their tight-fitting sweaters and slacks, which made them look highly masculine.

As Gail entered the bar, she observed a couple of dyke types. She did not even turn to acknowledge their presence, since both of them had tried to put the make on her the last time she had been in and had been unsuccessful.

Gail sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. She downed it quickly, then ordered another. Several drinks later, just as she was moving into a haze, a girl sat down on the stool next to her.

Gail liked that particular moment, one in which she was neither drunk nor sober. It was a never-never land for her, feeling some kind of a sleepiness, but removed from her troubles.

The girl looked over at her, and Gail returned her glance. Pretty soon the glance on the part of the other girl loosened into a smile.

"Hello there," the girl said. "I've never seen you in here before."

"I come in occasionally," Gail shrugged. "I guess we just haven't met before."

The longer that Gail surveyed the girl sitting next to her, the better she looked. She was exceedingly shapely, and was clad in a bright red dress. She had dazzling brown hair and brown eyes, along with thick red lips that looked highly sensuous.

"My name is Cindy," the girl said.

"Nice to meet you, Cindy. My name's Gail." "Gail, I'll remember that name. I'm usually pretty good at remembering names. How about letting me buy you a drink, Gail?"

"Thank you. That would be nice."

That first drink quickly materialized into a second. This time it was Gail who was doing the buying. She could tell by the gleam Cindy had in her eyes that she was interested in Gail sexually.

After they finished their second round of drinks, Cindy reached beneath the table and clutched at Gail's left thigh. She clasped her fingers around it ever so firmly.

"How about going to my apartment, honey," Cindy said. "There's privacy there, and it's so quiet. You'll love it."

"That sounds good," Gail said.

It was only rarely that Gail would turn on to a woman as fast as she was turning on to Cindy. But then, of course, Cindy was far more attractive than most women that she met. Gail couldn't help but notice the fullness of her breasts and the way that her body tapered beautifully from the waist down. She liked Cindy's sensuous hips and thighs and her gorgeous ankles.

"Is your car parked out in back?" Cindy asked.

"Yes. How about yours?"

"It's back there, too. I'll tell you what. You follow behind me. I don't live far away from here."

"Neither do I. We might be neighbors."

"Could be."

As Gail followed behind Cindy's bright red sports car, she felt enormous waves of titillation. She wanted to not only experience sex with this beautiful girl, but also to get to know her as a friend. Cindy was the type of person that Gail felt she could cling to at this particular hour of need.

Gail drove toward an apartment complex located no more than three blocks from where Gail herself lived.

They got out of their respective cars, then walked into the building.

"I live on the second floor," Cindy smiled. "Let's just walk up the stairs."

A few moments later they were inside the apartment. Gail could tell that Cindy definitely meant business. She immediately began to unbutton her dress, slipping casually out of it.

She stepped out of her shoes, then stood before Gail wearing nothing more than her dazzling white panties and matching bra. Gail became more impressed than ever upon seeing lovely Cindy in the panties and bra. She checked out the tapered beauty of her thighs and her ankles, and once more fastened her eyes on Cindy's lovely breasts.

"I guess I've got a pretty good body, if I do say so myself," Cindy laughed, posing like a model as she placed her hips demurely against her hands.

"You've got a gorgeous body," Gail said.

"Would you like a drink, dear? Pardon me, but I like to get comfortable when I am in my apartment."