The Cursed Arm of Driftwood Beach - Cora Buhlert - ebook

A disembodied arm terrifies a seaside town… Strange things keep happening in the permanently fog-shrouded seaside town of Hallowind Cove, earning it the nickname "Harbour of the Weird". When a beachcomber finds a giant wooden arm on the beach, the people of Hallowind Cove are excited about a new addition to the town museum’s collection. But the wooden arm has a mind of its own – and the tendency to go walkabout by night… This is a short story of 2400 words or approximately 10 pages in the Hallowind Cove series, but may be read as a standalone.

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The Cursed Arm of Driftwood Beach

by Cora Buhlert

Bremen, Germany

Copyright © 2016 by Cora Buhlert

All rights reserved.

Cover graphics by © Iryna Rasko and Nitropen

Cover design by Cora Buhlert

Pegasus Pulp Publications

Mittelstraße 12

28816 Stuhr


The Cursed Arm of Driftwood Beach

Near the fog shrouded seaside town of Hallowind Cove, commonly known as the harbour of the weird, lay a stretch of shore named Driftwood Beach. It was called that because due to a quirk of the currents, half the flotsam and jetsam in the ocean tended to wash ashore at Driftwood Beach.

The people of Hallowind Cove had been taking advantage of the curious properties of Driftwood Beach for centuries, collecting the flotsam and jetsam that washed onto their shores. Of course, most of it was junk — driftwood, kelp, sea beans and drift seeds, fishing nets and bits of rope, torn sails and broken bottles, seashells and sea glass polished by the waves and the sand and — in modern times — a lot of plastic junk. But occasionally, something useful would wash onto the Driftwood Beach, such as the cargo of a ship lost at sea or even a whole wreck, only to be promptly salvaged by the good people of Hallowind Cove.

In day of old, a few of the not so good people of Hallowind Cove decided to increase the supply of useful flotsam and jetsam washing ashore and created some wrecks of their own via false lights on the cliff tops. In time, the people of Hallowind Cove stopped engaging in wrecking, since the practice gave the town a bad name. And should they ever be tempted to start again, there was a vengeful and undead sea captain prowling the docks by night to discourage anyone who might try.

But even if the people of Hallowind Cove had given up wrecking, they never gave up combing Driftwood Beach for anything useful to salvage. And so you could spot beachcombers at Driftwood Beach almost every morning, as soon as the sun had pierced the blanket of fog that enveloped the town and its surroundings far enough that you could actually make out the treasures the waves had deposited ashore overnight.

The most successful beachcomber by far in Hallowind Cove was Don Holbrook. Every morning, steady as clockwork, Don was out at Driftwood Beach, hoping to find a treasure among the trash that had piled during the night.