The Conflict of the Gods - Idjakpa Mathaias - ebook

The gods of the sun and the gods of the moon battled for supremacy using Angela and Megan respectively.The conflict had indelible effects on the worshipers of these gods. Find out the role of the Almighty GOD in resolving The Conflict of the Gods.

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Idjakpa Mathaias

The Conflict of the Gods

Idjakpa O. Mathias hails from Kokori inland in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. He had his Primary School leaving Certificate in Oziegbe s where he left positive footprints in the sand of time. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

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I am mostly indebted to Mr. Ovie Peter, who sacrificed his private time to go through this work and made all necessary corrections and contributions. My profound gratitude also goes to him for his concern and doggedness to make this work worthwhile which made this novel what it is now. I will also appreciate him for the selflessness he displayed to allow only my name to appear as the author of this story.Above all I thanked God Almighty who has brought a sacrificial person like him to my way.





Long time ago in the spirit world, there lived Bina the gods of the territory. He was so powerful that he was called the ‘gods of the sun’. Bina had a queen called Bino. He is the gods of Odu village. The people of Odu believed so much in their gods as the only one that has power over the sun.

In the spirit world, there existed Gabi, the ‘gods of the moon’.Gabi was so jealous of the gods of the sun. The people of Oku village cherished their gods and paid homage to him saying ‘our gods is the strongest of all gods’

As the people of Oku village reverenced their deity, Bina was infuriated,

‘Before the moon was, I was’, he said with a thunderous voice and Gabi was alerted.

‘I shine in the darkness of all ages’ Gabi replied and Bina`s ire went to a crescendo because of Gabi’s words.

‘I’ll cause the earth to come between us and you’ll be in darkness’, Bina threatened.

‘I would have caused endless trouble in your kingdom if not that my son wants the hand of that your beautiful girl who had just arrived the spirit world in marriage’ Gabi said proudly.

‘Just as a cat cannot marry rat’, I’ll not give my daughter to Saki’ Bina responded with a stern mien.

Okin, the queen of Gabi asked him to cause trouble in the land of Odu and Queen Bino urged Bina to retaliate.

‘It is easy to be angry but to be angry at the right person at the right time is difficult’, Bina said to console his queen whose hair was already standing.

‘Ok, let’s send Angela back to the earth to frustrate Gabi’s plan’, Queen Bino suggested and the gods of the sun consented.

‘I’ll send Angela back to the earth through my faithful servant’, Bina promised.

Gabi was fused in anger, ‘a cow cannot run from its tail no matter how fast it runs.I’ll send Saki back to the earth as a blessing to my obedient and patient worshiper ’, he said laughingly, ‘when a bird perches on a rope, the bird and the rope will not be at peace’.




Boyi and his wife, Atu lived in the village of Odu. They had married for five years without any issue and had tried all they could to no avail. Their situation was like a man who went to a stream to fetch water with a basket and later came back home empty despite all his effort to bring water back home.

The couple had visited different priests to consult gods and goddesses to know what the future has for them. They visited a witch doctor whose name was ‘Aja- the first’, who had provided solutions to people with similar problem to that of Boyi and Atu, consequently he was tagged ‘the centre of solution’.

Boyi and Atu prepared for a fifty miles trip to see Aja- the first. When they eventually got there, the witch doctor told them their problem at a glance and after which, he prescribed some herbs.

‘Take these herbs with water and drink for seven days and your long expected child will come’ Aja- the first said in a much assurance.After three weeks they were startled to see that their obedience to the witch doctor’s command could not avail them a child.

Maria who was one of Atu’s friends sympathetically disclosed how she got out of the same problem ten years ago.

‘I simply sacrificed seven cocks to the gods of the sun’ she said , ‘and that was how the great Bina sheltered me form the dreadful storm of barrenness’.