The Complete Three the Hard Way Series - Katrina Millings - ebook

Nine hot stories in one book!AmeliaDeliaRosalynZoeJodiTinaLizzyMoniqueJennaKeywords: multiple partners, mfm, threesomes, menage a trois, triangle, domination, submission, anal, oral, deep throat, fingering, alpha male

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Katrina Millings

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Table of contents

The Complete Three the Hard Way Series

Copyright October 2015

By Katrina Millings

Three the Hard Way (Delia)

Three the Hard Way (Rosalyn)

Three the Hard Way (Zoe)

Three the Hard Way (Jodi)

Three the Hard Way (Lizzy)

Three the Hard Way (Tina)

Three the Hard Way (Monique)

Three the Hard Way (Jenna)

The Complete Three the Hard Way Series

By Katrina Millings

Copyright October 2015

Three the Hard Way (Amelia)

By Katrina Millings

I wanted them both. I knew it was wrong, but I did. Christopher and Hudson were the hottest two guys in town. I was eighteen and they were a year older. Neither of them had gone to my school. I knew them because they were close friends with my cousin, Billy. We’d all hung out on more than one occasion. Usually we got together in Christopher's parent's basement. He had a pool table and I spent most of the summer hanging out down there, listening to music and perfecting my game. I'd pestered Billy on numerous occasions to set me up with either of his friends, but he refused.

“No way. If it doesn't work out I'll get the blame. Find a guy who isn't one of my best friends, Amelia. Half the guys in this town are hot for you. It shouldn't be too difficult.”

Finding a guy was not hard at all. Finding the kind that turned me on was a different story. All the ones I'd dated in the past few months were really nice. That was actually my problem. Nice guys bored me out of my mind. I don't mean in general. It's good to have a boyfriend who won't be a dick about opening the car door for you, or pulling out your chair at the dinner table. Certainly, it means a lot when they send you flowers just to let you know they've been thinking of you. I was not adverse to a little romance. In the sex department, however, I needed something else, something edgier, while it seemed all they wanted to do was whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

Take my last boyfriend, Jaycee. I'd recently broken up with him. It was a shame, because he was the first guy I'd ever dated who had his own apartment. I thought that made me look cool in the eyes of my friends who all dated boys still living at home. Jayce was good looking and a talented musician who played all the most popular clubs in town. You'd have thought he'd be into the whole rock star life style, fucking a different girl every night while swinging naked from a chandelier, but no. Jayce was a crazy rocker on stage and the sweetest, most mild mannered young man you'd ever want to meet the rest of the time. I mean, he charmed my mother. She didn't say a word about his long hair or tattoos. She adored him to the point of wanting little rocker grandchildren who looked just like him. When I stopped seeing him he took it well. I'm pretty sure he was even sincere when he asked if we could still be friends. It was my mother who had a melt down.

“Why would you throw away such a good boy?” she asked. “It isn't easy to find a good man.”

Of course, I couldn't tell her the truth, which was that he was a dud in bed. Oh, he was plenty attentive, but I just wasn't satisfied. Every time we had sex he'd ask the same questions. Is this okay? Are you comfortable. Am I being gentle enough?

“Actually, we could go it a little harder,” I'd say, but he wouldn't take the hint, at least not the way I meant.

One night, our last night together, I tried to spell it out for him. I figured I couldn't blame him for not giving me what I wanted if I didn't ask for it. “Did you ever want to get a little rough with me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like pull my hair or something? I wouldn't mind. It might be exciting. Or maybe we could play a game. I've been a very bad girl and I deserve a spanking. Get it?”

“Uh, no, it's really never occurred to me to pull your hair, Amelia. And a spanking? That's too kinky for my taste. Sorry. I think you've got the wrong guy for that sort of stuff.”

He was right. Jayce was a nice guy, but he was the wrong one for me, so I let him go and set my eyes on Christopher. It hadn't occurred to me he might be more right for me than I'd guessed until one Saturday afternoon when I was hanging out in his basement with him and Hudson. Billy had to work at his uncle's auto shop and Christopher's parents were out somewhere. It was just us three. We were bored with shooting pool, so we switched to throwing darts. I was a terrible aim. Forget about the bulls eye. I missed the board completely. The dart hit the wall and stuck.

“My old man just re-plastered these walls. I'm never going to hear the end of it,” Christopher said. “You little brat. I should spank your ass.”

He was joking, but the words made my pussy turn instantly wet. If he only knew how much I'd like that.

Hudson chuckled. “Now there's something I'd like to see. She's got a nice round ass.”

They never spoke to me that way when Billy was around, but we all flirted a lot when he wasn't. I never knew how seriously to take it. Either of them could have any girl they pleased, so I assumed they were teasing me. Still, I wished it was more. I couldn't be sure they'd fool around with their friend's little cousin behind his back, but maybe it was time to find out.

“I've never had my ass spanked,” I said.


“No, my parents didn't believe in physical punishment when I was growing up.”

“No wonder you're such a spoiled brat,” Christopher said.

“I'm not spoiled.”

“Well, I say you are.”

“Well, then you should do something about it,” I shrugged, giving him a coy smile.

“Are you saying you think I should spank your ass?”


He laughed and threw his dart, hitting the center of the board. “There, that's how it's done. Think you can handle that without fucking up again?”

“What if I can't? Then would you have to spank me?”

“Oh, are we still on that? I'm starting to wonder about you, Amelia. I never had you pegged as a girl who likes it rough.”

“You don't know every little thing about me, Christopher.”

“That's true, but I'm learning, aren't I?”

“It isn't as though anyone would know if we fooled around down here. “I wouldn't tell Billy. You can count on that,” I said.

Christopher gave me an unsure grin. Now it was him trying to decide if I was serious. “Well, I wouldn't, either.”

“I sure the hell wouldn't,” Hudson chimed in, his eyes still on my ass.

“So, are we being for real?” asked Christopher.

Though I'd been interested in both of them for a while, it had never occurred to me I might have them both at once. I'd never been with more than one man at a time and I wondered how it would work. Would they fill both of my holes at the same time, or just take turns?

“Yeah, we're for real,” I said.

“Nah, I think she's putting us on,” Hudson said.

“No, I'm not.”

“Prove it. Show us your ass,” Christopher challenged me.

“You mean-” I hesitated.

“If I'm going to spank your ass you'll have to drop your pants, won't you? It wouldn't be any fun, otherwise,” he grinned.

A jolt of nervous excitement shot through me. I knew this was wrong. Billy would say I was being a little slut. He'd be humiliated to see his sweet young cousin behaving this way in front of his buddies, but Billy wasn't here and I didn't want to stop. Overcoming my modesty, I pushed the waistband of my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. My panties were sheer and I knew they could see my firm ass cheeks through the material. If I turned to face them they'd see my pussy, too.

Hudson whistled. “That is a nice ass.”

“We want to see more. Take off your shirt,” Christopher said with a smirk.

“I'm not sure,” I answered, suddenly shy.

“It's up to you. It was your idea anyway, but if you want to do this, let's really do this.”

I couldn't argue with that. I'd finally found two guys willing to play along with my fantasies and I was acting like a prude. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and pulled my t-shirt off, throwing it onto the pool table.

“Now the bra,” he said.

“Yeah, we definitely want to see those titties,” Hudson agreed.

I unclasped my bra and removed it, tossing it onto the shirt. They were both staring at my body with lust in their eyes. I could see their cocks rising in the crotch of their jeans. Christopher stepped towards me and ran is hands over my tits, thumbing the nipples, making them hard.

“Are you sure you want your ass spanked, Amelia? I give a very hard spanking. I'll beat that ass so red and sore you won't sit down for a week,” he warned.

“Yes, do it. Spank my ass,” I said.

“How rough do you want to play?” he grabbed a fistful of my hair and gave it a slight tug. Do you like it like this?”

“Oh, yes,” I gasped.

“Fine with me. Have it your way. If you want to be a dirty little slut I'll treat you like one.” Still holding me by my hair, he walked me over to the pool table. “Bend over,” he commanded.

I put my hands flat against the green felt and stuck out my ass, offering it to him. He had my panties down around my knees in an instant.

“Tell me why I'm doing this,” he demanded.

“Because I want you to,” I said, a tremble in my voice.

The palm of his hand landed on my bare ass with a sharp sting. “Wrong answer. I'm doing this because you're a horny little slut. Say it.”

“I'm a horny little slut,” I gasped. He hadn't been kidding about giving a hard spanking.

“And you deserve to be punished, don't you?”


“And you like to be punished. It makes your pussy wet, doesn't it?”

“Yes, my pussy is so wet,” I confessed.

I heard him fumbling with his clothing and then I felt the leather caressing my ass. “You're going to use a belt on me?”

“Well, I never said I'd use my hand,” he answered in an amused tone.

Hudson came up to stand at my side. “It's okay, Amelia. Take your punishment. There are ways to make it feel good.” He put his hand between my legs and slipped  his fingers inside the folds of my wet slit.

“Oh, yeah,” I whimpered when he captured my clit between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it. “Finger my pussy.”

He gave my nub a pinch before plunging two fingers inside my hole, which was dripping with juices by then. “Ready?” he asked.

I nodded and Christopher swung the belt. I suppose I hadn't expected him to put so much force behind it. We were playing a game, after all, but it smarted and the sound of the leather whipping across my bare skin startled me. In fact, I think it was the crack of the belt more than any pain that made me grimace. He whacked me again and this time my ass truly started to burn, but it still somehow felt good, especially when it mingled with the pleasure of having Hudson's fingers probing hard and deep into my pussy. He twisted them, rotating them against my walls. The pain and pleasure were quickly becoming one and I didn't want either to end just yet.

“Good girl,” Hudson said. “Take your punishment and we'll let you come when it's over.”

“But not before,” Christopher warned. “If you come before we say, we won't let you have our cocks.”

“Mm, I want your cocks,” I moaned, though I didn't think it was possible not come with Hudson's fingers fucking me so furiously. I was already panting.

The leather hit my ass cheeks again. “How do want us? Be a good slut and tell us.”

“I want both your dicks in me at the same time,” I cried.

“Yeah, where do you want them?” he asked, giving me another lash.

“In my pussy and ass,” I replied, not really sure if I meant it. I'd never done anal before, nor had I ever intended to till then. Also, they were big. I didn't need them to drop their pants to see that. Their cocks were clearly outlined through their jeans. I'd noticed many times and they weren't even hard then.

“You want us to fill your aching pussy and your empty ass all the way up, don't you?” Christopher teased.

“Yes, fill me up,” I begged.

He threw the belt down and moved closer to me. His hands roamed over my  inflamed ass cheeks with a gentleness that was a far cry from the whipping he'd just given me. One of his fingers dipped into the crack of my ass and circled my anus. “You do have the sweetest ass, Are you a virgin back here? Don't lie. I'll be able to tell.”

“Yes, I've never been fucked in the ass before,” I said, breathing the words with a heavy sigh.

“That's what I thought. I hope you understand what you've gotten yourself into, Amelia, because we we'll fuck the shit out of you if that's what you really want.”

“It's what I want,” I assured him.

He dropped to his knees and spread my pussy lips apart. Hudson pulled his fingers out of me and started rubbing my nub again while Christopher's tongue licked my slit and darted into my wet hole. Hudson's hand gave my clit a sharp smack before reaching up to fondle my tits. He gave one of them a slap as well and started playing with my nipples, pinching and tugging on them just hard enough to make my pussy gush juices all over Christopher's tongue.

“Oh, you're mouth feels so good on my pussy,” I groaned.

Hudson gave my tit another whack with the palm of his hand. “That's because you're a nasty whore.”

“Yeah, I want your cocks so bad,” I whimpered.

Suddenly, I didn't feel Christopher's face in my slit anymore. I looked back at him in time to see him spit into the palm of his hand. He rubbed it over the crack of my ass. Then his fingers circled my anus until it was well lubricated, rolling them over my puckered hole with a slight pressure. My ass felt empty. I never knew I could crave  something inside me back there until that moment. He pushed the tip of his finger past the rim up to the first knuckle. It felt odd to be however slightly penetrated back there, but it wasn't painful. When I gave him no signs of discomfort he pulled it out and then pressed two fingers against my asshole.

“If you're going to take my dick up this tight ass we're going to have to get you ready,” he said, popping both fingers inside my asshole with no further warning.

He pushed them in as far as they would go and then started working them in and out of me.

“Ah!” I shrieked as his fingers turned rough, jabbing into my ass with a force that should have at the very least made me uncomfortable, but didn't. The friction swelling up in my ass was so delicious it made my pussy quiver with an aching wet need.

“I think it's time she got to work,” Hudson said, tweaking my nipple again. He had them both sore, but didn't seem inclined to let up on them. “Wouldn't you like to suck our dicks, Amelia? Be a good girl and say yes.”

“Yes, I can't wait to taste your dicks,” I said. “I want you to fuck my face.”

Christopher rammed his fingers into my ass harder, almost in a punishing manner that made the juices squirt out of my cunt. “Yeah? I thought you wanted your ass fucked.”

“I do. I want fucked everywhere.”

His fingers pulled out of asshole. He stood and his hand grasped my arm and led me over to the sofa. I knelt on it and placed my elbows on the arm rest facing them as they both stood before me. I watched as they took off their clothes and let them fall where they would. Their cocks were hard and stiff, perfectly capable of filling me everywhere. I couldn't help running my tongue over my lips as I thought about sucking on the huge shafts.

Christopher took my face in his hands with a strong grip while Hudson put his fingers to my mouth and pushed them past my lips. “Open up.”

I opened my mouth wide. I couldn't ever remember being so hungry for dick.

“Yes, she wants it so bad,” Hudson said. “Don't worry, Amelia, we're going to stuff that mouth nice and full.”

 The instant Hudson's fingers left my mouth Christopher shoved his cock into it. I closed my lips around it and bobbed my head over it. Then I came up and spit on the fat mushroom before taking it all again to spread my saliva over the length of it evenly. He thrust deep inside, slowly, but still moving steady when he reached the back of my throat. He continued forward until I felt the pop I'd been anticipating and he slipped fully inside. His hips lurched back in forth, but never far enough for the head to come out of my throat.

“I knew you'd like to take it in the throat. I know a greedy slut when I see one,” he said.

It wasn't the first time I'd had my face fucked. I had a talent for taking any cock as deep as it needed to go. I made a good slut.

When he pulled out of me so I could catch my breath I gasped for air and drooled over his cock before opening wide to signal I was ready for more. He crammed the shaft back into my mouth. I tried wrapping my lips around it again, but Hudson once again popped a finger into my mouth and stretched my cheeks apart. He crammed the fat head of his cock between my lips. I didn't think it was possible, but somehow he slid his cock in along side Christopher's. My mouth was stuffed full to it's limit as they both pumped into it. My own wet slurping sounds could be heard as they used my mouth. My mews were stifled and sometimes came out like gargles when their cocks nudged against the back of my throat. Both clutched a fist full of my hair to hold me in place. I reached a hand down between my legs and played with my clit while they continued to ravish my mouth.

Hudson pulled out of me and got onto the sofa. Kneeling behind me, he pressed the slippery head of his cock against my hole and glided into me. Christopher's enormous dick muted my moans as Hudson began slamming into my pussy. His grunts were loud and some turned to long drawn out snarls as he pumped furiously into my dripping wet cunt.

Christopher pulled out of my mouth. I licked at the shaft, looking up at him with lustful eyes, whimpering as Hudson bored deep into my pussy.

“Yes, that feels good, doesn't it?” Christopher asked with a grin.

“Yes, oh, yes,” I shrieked.

Hudson slung an arm around my waist and pulled. We both fell backwards onto the sofa with me on top, his cock still fully impaling me. He started buck upwards hard and fast. I was in an awkward position, helpless to do much but lie there and enjoy the feel of his dick ramming me.

Christopher stepped up onto the couch and stood at the end, kneeling down before my cunt. He stuck a finger inside it and pried it further open much as Hudson had inspected my mouth before deciding to double stuff it. “I bet even a tight pussy like this could take one more,” he teased.

Surely, he mean what it seemed? But he did. He grabbed hold of my legs and raised them into the air. Hudson grabbed hold of them and pulled them until my knees were at the sides of my head. Then Christopher moved in and began inching his shaft into me. At first my pussy didn't want to part for him, Hudson already had it stuffed so full. Once the fat mushroom made it past the entrance, however, I was delighted at how easily it slid into me, but I was also shocked that even my throbbing pussy could take so much. For a moment we were all three silent and still as I sucked in my breath and accustomed myself to the sensation of being packed so incredibly full.

Both Christopher and Hudson broke the silence and started groaning in unison. With my cunt packed to the limit, they moved slower now. With Hudson thrusting upwards and Christopher humping my hole sporadically. It seemed they were waiting for my response. When I moaned they both took off hard and fast and began reaming my expanded cunt.

“Uh, fuck me,” I hissed at them.

“Oh, you dirty little slut,” Christopher groaned as his cock plunged into me.

“Yeah, I'm such a good whore. I can take both your dicks at once. Fuck your whore,” I shrieked.

“Are you going to do anything we want, slut?”

“Yes, I'll do anything you want,” I moaned.

He pulled out of me and walked up the length of the sofa, his feet treading on either side of mine and Hudson's writhing bodies until he squatted over my face and shoved his cock back inside my mouth. I dropped my jaw open so he could fuck my face again as Hudson continued to slam my pussy. I was just beginning to enjoy the feeling of having him pump into my throat when he pulled out and turned his back to me. He sat lightly on my stomach and lowered his head into my pussy, engulfing my nub between his lips. He sucked so hard my little ball of nerves came to life. I shrieked and moaned, writhing hips to rub my slit in his face as Hudson's cock hammered my hole, which felt half empty now that I'd had so much more than one cock could give me.

“Please, I want both of you to fuck me at the same time again,” I begged.

“Oh, we're going to do that, don't you worry. Get up. I need you facing the other way.”

Hudson released hold of my legs. We both rose up. I got on my hands and knees and he knelt before me. He took his cock in his hand and smacked the head against each of my cheeks. It was a humiliating gesture that only served to make me want his dick more.

Christopher put his hand around the back of my neck and shoved me forward so I was bent over in the position he wanted me. His spit hit my anus and he shoved two fingers up my ass as he had earlier. “I think if that tight pussy of yours can take two cocks this ass can take one,” he said. 

“Mmm, I want it up my ass,” I agreed.

“Nasty whore,” he said, spreading my ass cheeks apart with rough hands.

“Yeah, stick that big cock up my little asshole. Stretch it out like you did my pussy,” I urged.