The Complete Humiliation Training 6-Book Bundle/Anthology - Daisy Rose - ebook

Sometimes, you have to be subdued in order to submit. The submissives in these complete short stories let go of their inhibitions and surrender everything to complete strangers in broad daylight. ~~~~~ The Humiliation Training of S starts with an innocent young woman who falls into the clutches of dominating alpha males who don't hesitate in making her submit, no matter the circumstances. She is filled in an airplane, an office, a bar, an elevator, and many other all-too-public places. She is blindfolded, tied up, humiliated, and dominated, her life turned upside down as she is filled with unadulterated pleasures... and pain. ~~~~~ Humiliation Training begins with Nicky, whose troubles begin when she goes to a doctor for her creaming problems. Her sexy doctor no qualms helping her with his bare hands - and lips - or bringing friends in to witness her shameful problem. Her new job as a personal maid is turning out to be a lot dirtier than she anticipated. Not only is she expected to wear skimpy uniforms during work hours, she has to surrender to everyone in the office. And falling in love with her boss isn't helping. This complete trilogy brings you on Nicky's journey from an innocent, naive young woman to a humiliated, submissive exhibitionist. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ "Don't move unless I tell you to," he said simply as he grasped the thick ropes in his hand. I couldn't help but wonder how he was going to tie me up. Unquestioningly, I stood still as each piece of rope was bound across me. At first, I stared at him and watched how he expertly tied the knots around my body, but my focus is soon diverted to the way the ropes felt as they were wrapped around me. I could feel each fiber of the rope against my skin, every intake of breath making the rope dig in just a little deeper, then loosen as I exhaled. Instead of feeling panicked, I got calmer and breathed deeper as he wound the rope over my wrists and ankles, keeping it tightly around my body, but with loose bits that hung from it. I knew he wanted to tie me to something but didn't know what exactly. He took more and more control of my body with each layer that he added, and my flesh belonged to him. It was no longer about what I was ready to give, but how much. He pushed me forward until I was leaning against something soft, my stomach pressing against the cushion. I looked down and saw a flat, thin surface in front of me, only about a palm's width wide. He tugged the rope on my left ankle to indicate I should move it. I hesitated for a second, and then complied.   Without saying a word, he bound my hands with ropes to the bars on the mechanism he had placed me onto. He bent me over and tied me legs spread apart, with a good four feet between them. The silence rang in my ears and I knew I should feel uncomfortable, but I was oddly calmed by the ropes bound around me. The lack of choice made me free unencumbered. I was leaning against a long cylindrical cushion with four legs, each holding one of my limbs, trapping me. My wrists and ankles were tied firmly to the legs of the odd furniture, making me look as if I was offering myself to whomever decided to come into the room. There was nothing graceful about my position, but that didn't matter. The inability to move my hands and legs trapped me in the position. I was afraid that if I struggled, I would fall off the contraption completely. I couldn't see him as he stepped behind me, but I could feel his warm breath against my skin.

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The Complete

Humiliation Training 6 Book Bundle/Anthology

Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Domination & Submission, BDSM

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This book contains:

The Humiliation of S 1: Training With Blindfolds

The last thing Stephanie expects when she boards a flight is to be indoctrinated into the mile high club! The innocent and naive young woman is completely unprepared when the dominant alpha male mistakes her identity for another and joins her in the airplane's lavatory.

After clearing things up, she parts way with the dominant male, only to cross paths with again him shortly after. Only this time, there's nothing accidental about the ropes, blindfold, and men he has prepared for her...

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The Humiliation of S 2: Training With Pain

When Stephanie gets trapped in a broken elevator with a sexy, dominating alpha male who also happens to be her boss, she panics. And she panics harder when he breaches her every defense and takes her with the brutal strength of his passion.

Her life is turned upside down when she falls into a world of domination and submission with more men than she can handle. The alpha males flood her with pleasure and drown her in pain all at once.

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The Humiliation of S 3: Training With Bondage

Insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. Stephanie must be crazy. How else can anyone explain why she keeps surrendering to the clutches of a dominating alpha male who she knows doesn't love her?

She needs to be tied up, humiliated, and edged without knowing release before she finally learns to finally let go of him.

But what happens when he doesn't let go of he even when she already belongs to another?

They're going to have to learn to share.

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Humiliation Training Book 1: Submitting To Strangers

Innocent and naive Nicky isn't sure what to expect when she visits a new doctor for her breasts exam, but it certainly wasn't for him to start helping her with his bare hands and lips!

Being nursed by her sexy male doctor is the least of her problems. Her new job is turning out to be more than she can handle, especially when her boss insists there's more to her job than being a maid. He helps her relieve her pressure... while his men watch.

She is utterly unprepared for the onslaught of raw physical desire that consumes her.

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Humiliation Training Book 2: Submitting To Bosses

Nicky's first day at work is turning out to be a lot dirtier than she anticipated, even for a maid. Not only is she expected to wear a skimpy maid's uniform that barely covers anything with no underwear, she is required to surrender to her boss and all the employees in the office.

Humiliation and raw physical desire consumes her body, mind, and soul as brazen hands breath her every defense and strips her bare.

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Humiliation Training Book 3: Submitting To Everyone

Nicky's eccentric and gorgeous new boss has a few demands. First, she must wear only a jacket as she boards a flight to meet him. Second, she must join the mile high club, but she isn't allowed to come. Third, she must submit completely to the powerful strangers a restaurant with him watching.

And he's not the only one making explicit demands. Her doctor wants to examine her creaming problem... by calling in his doctor friends.

Nicky wants to make a few demands of her own but will she be able to do anything with so many men lusting over her?

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The Humiliation of S Book 1


Voyeurism & Exhibitionism, Domination & Submission, BDSM

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a short story featuring an alpha male dominating an innocent young woman for the first time in public.

It also contains voyeuristic and public humiliation, public spanking, public gangbang, bdsm, ropes, blindfolds and lots of steamy scenes...

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Chapter 1: Mile High Club

I glanced at my reflection in the rear view mirror. Everything about my complexion was plain. My lips were neither luscious nor full, and my cheeks were neither rosy nor bright. My eyes were a dull brown that didn't shine in the light. In fact, I looked rather exhausted, which was to be expected after a full week of work with little sleep. I would usually put a bit of makeup on, but today was my day off and I didn't like travelling with a full face of makeup.

I saw my reflection again on the window as I took out my luggage and locked the car. I didn't look like I could win a beauty pageant any time soon, but I looked decent. I took good care of my body and it showed.

I was just wearing just a black windbreaker over my white tank top. My hair was neatly tied in a braid that slid comfortably over my neck. I donned a the thin silver necklace that emphasized my slender neck and unzipped the top of my jacket to reveal a bit of cleavage.

The dark jeans that I wore would no doubt activate the metal detector later, but I didn't mind the pat down. Janet was used to me already and she knew I didn't carry anything.

Was I took casual? Maybe Oliver preferred girls who dressed up more... I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I shoved my keys into my jacket pocket. It was too late to change my mind now.

I was going, this was what I was wearing, and if it's not good enough, I could turn around and leave on the next flight back.

With that in mind, I marched into the airport in the middle of nowhere towards my next date. The man I was going to meet was a dream come true. The only thing I didn't know about him was what he looked like. A giant red flag, but he insisted that stay a secret even after I had sent him a picture of myself.

A part of me wondered if he was going to be three feet tall. Not that I had against the vertically impaired. It just wasn't my thing.


It was a long, arduous wait until I finally boarded the flight, by which time all my nervous anxiety had made way for exhaustion. All I wanted to do was sit down and sleep through the rest of the flight.

I dragged my carry-on behind me, dodging the careless toes of passengers already seated on the plane with nonchalant practice. I saw a few familiar faces already in their seats and nodded in acknowledgement.

The overhead bin above my seat was full, so I kept my carry-on in the compartment opposite mine. Flying every time I needed to go on a date was not the best circumstance, but the job I had was unique enough that I was paid a handsome amount of money. Enough not to have to worry about the frequent flight expenses anyways.

I had barely settled into my seat when an uncomfortable crawling sensation slid up my spine. I looked away from the window and saw that it was just an air stewardess, Penny, offering me a cup of coffee. That woman always gave me the creeps. She was entirely too pretty to be completely natural.

I accepted one in exchange for five bucks. It was hardly worth two, but it was better than not having caffeine at all. Penny saw me on the flight enough times to offer me the coffee directly even before the flight had taken off, which should endear her to me. Instead, I just felt obligated to buy coffee that tasted particularly foul.

I sipped it as the plane filled and tried to shake the feeling of dread. It was just another date. If I didn't like him, I could leave.

Glancing around to see that we weren't ready to take off yet, I accessed my phone to enter the chat room and see if my mystery date had left me a message to cancel the date.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as I logged into the forum.

The chat room was empty when I entered, but I left a message for Oliver anyway, letting him know I was on the way.

I knew so little of the man except what he revealed on his profile page. He loved all animals and enjoyed spending his free time in animal re-homing centers. His main job involved behind-the-scene tech work for an international business, but he didn't reveal which company he worked for.

I knew he preferred black and white over any other colors, and preferred the cold of Winter over any other seasons. It was one of the things we had in common. I loved the cold.

We spent the past month talking over the internet before finally deciding to meet up in person. What were we talking about for an entire month? I felt like I knew nothing about him.

Cold dread that I had been the victim of a catfish scam gripped me, as it did every time I went on a date.

I let out a sigh of relief when he responded almost immediately:

See you later, alligator.

I cracked a smile. He was funny in a too-corny sort of way. I wondered what he looked like. My heartbeat started to increase the moment I realized there was nothing else that I could do except wait.

After all, I wasn't going to meet the man until after the flight landed. The whole month I had pieces of a puzzle that I'd slowly started to fall in love with, but now that I was presented with the possibility of a whole picture,

"Pardon me," someone said in the aisle said.

The sound of the man's deep, vibrating voice struck a nerve in me, a dark promise that made me cross my legs. I wasn't used to such a powerful reaction. I checked my seat belt, pretending to be busy while I spied the stranger from the corner of my eye.

He had his back turned and was putting his carry-on into the overhead compartment, next to my own luggage. His back was poised and solid, both elegant and incredible masculine at once. When he turned, I quickly looked away, but spied the five o'clock shadow that made my insides coil. He looked particularly sexy.

I looked up when I felt his weight settling on the seat beside me. He sent a smile my way that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Hello," I greeted politely, then quickly looked away before he could start a conversation.

The danger tempted me, but I knew better than to poke a dragon in the eye. He looked important and the place I worked at was small enough that rumors travelled everywhere at once.

While the company wasn't against dating amongst its staff, I didn't want to go out with a man who worked in the same company to avoid the awkwardness of the potential breakup. I had a few colleagues who left the job not because of the work, but because they couldn't handle seeing their ex-partners every day.

I had been using dating sites instead, talking to people online and then setting up dates away from my work place.

So far the results had not been good. I wasn't particularly worried yet. I had time. I was only twenty one.

The pilot gave the standard announcement regarding seatbelts and takeoff. Shortly after, a new air stewardess went through the how-to-buckle-yourself routine. I'd heard the same instructions enough times to be able to say them with her.

I closed my eyes and sleep came surprisingly easily shortly after.

"Good morning, Mr. Siegel," a stewardess commented suddenly, her voice so loud that it woke me up.

My eyes shot open and immediately I glanced to my right. Penny's voice was almost an entire octave higher. "Is there anything I can do for you today?" she asked.

He turned to her and said in that smooth, panties-melting voice, "A cup of coffee would be wonderful."

"Your usual brew?"

My eyes grew wide. He had his own coffee? One that didn't taste like shit? I glanced at my own cup of coffee on the hand rest and frowned.

"Yes, please."

She nodded and turned to her cart. She poured him a coffee that smelled absolutely divine. More than a few heads turned at the smell of actual, drinkable coffee.

He must've seen the coveting look on my face, or it was the upper lip lick that gave me away, but he asked, "Would you like a cup too?"

"Oh, no, thank you. I already have a cup." I gestured to my coffee and hated myself quietly.

"I insist," he said, handing me the cup he had in his hand. I reached for it as if in a trance. Our fingers touched and I almost pulled back from the jolt of electric that sizzled through me. I tightened my grip on the coffee and was immediately thankful that he had been given a solid glass cup instead of a cheap paper one like us regular people.

"Thank you," I said, hiding my face behind the cup. It tasted as amazing as it smelled and it was still hot. It warmed my throat as I swallowed a mouthful. I gave a low moan as my taste buds exploded in flavors and quickly blushed a bright red. "This is really good," I said quickly, trying to cover my embarrassment.

He grinned in a way that made my insides tighten even more.

Penny glared at me as she filled another cup for Mr. Siegel. I avoided her eyes carefully, never one for confrontations. I knew she was hoping to find a rich man to marry while on the job. She even admitted that to me during a particularly empty flight, saying that the job was only 'temporary' until she finds a right boyfriend to support her. I think the word she was looking for was 'sugar daddy'.

For the first time, she saw me as competition. I tried not to snort into my drink at the thought. Me? Compete with her? Not in a million years.

She was gorgeous, what with her long blonde hair and large blue eyes. She was also a good half head taller than me, with legs that went on for miles. I couldn't compete with her huge balloon breasts and perfect bubble butt even on my best day. Yet, Mr. Siegel chose to gave me the time of day. I felt prettier already.

"Here you go, Sir," she said with a smile that was too sweet to be real.

"Thank you. Oh, and take away this vile thing will you?" he reached over and took the original coffee away.

"Of course." This time, her smile was strained. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" She put too much of an emphasis on 'anything'. I stopped my eyes before they rolled too far to the back of my head.

He shook his head and turned his face away from her, ending her attempts at coming onto him then and there.

"Thank you for the coffee," I said, taking another sip and trying to make it last.

He nodded his acknowledgement, but didn't try to make conversation. I watched Penny through the gap between our seats. She sashayed away, pushing the cart down the rows with her hips a little too forcefully. The plane was small, with only a few regulars hoping to make their way to civilization for the weekend.

Penny laughed a little too loudly at a joke one of the men made, then leaned towards him, no doubt giving the man an eyeful of her large breasts. I realized that the reason why her buttocks were particularly pronounced today was because she wasn't wearing any underwear.

I gasped and looked away as I caught the sight of her black tuft of hair. So her blonde hair wasn't natural.

Mr. Siegel had a curious expression on his face. as if he knew exactly what I had seen.

"You must be a very important man," I commented once I was certain she was out of earshot.

His questioning expression prompted me to continue.

"I've never seen Penny try so hard to please someone before. She was basically offering you have a go at her in the bathroom," I said, then clamped my lips together.

His eyebrows rose in amusement, but even I could see I shouldn't have said that.

"Sorry, I uh- I'll just keep drinking this now," I said, sipping my coffee and trying to shake the feeling of embarrassment. I didn't know what came over me. I usually had more poise than that!

It wasn't after I finished my entire cup of coffee that I drew out the courage to talk to him again, but he beat me to it.

"Do you work with the company as well?" he asked. It was a solid question. Either I worked at the company, or I was the spouse or girlfriend of one of the men who worked there.

My heart raced at the intensity of his look. His voice was too sexy to be legal. "As a matter of fact, I do," I responded, if a little too defensively.

"I've never seen you before," he commented.

"I work research," I admitted. "With the-"

"Plant placenta research," he finished with a chuckle. "You must be Stephanie," he said, offering his hand forward.

I hesitated for a moment, certain that he had mistaken me for another Stephanie who also worked at research. She was in her thirties and worked in a same building. Oh well. I wasn't expecting to see him again anytime soon. "Just Stef please," I murmured.

"Hello, Stephanie," he said, blatantly ignoring my request. He rolled my name on his tongue like a caress of better things to come. The way he was looking at me sent a shiver down my spine.

"Excuse me," I murmured, getting out of my seat and squeezing past him to head towards the lavatory.

My heart raced. I took a second to take a deep breath and calm down. This overreaction was unlike me. I didn't know the man. Sure, he was devastatingly handsome and had a voice that could melt glass, but I wasn't a complete virgin. Well, I was, but I wasn't so horny that I'd throw myself at the next sexy hunk that showed the slightest interest in me.

I sat on the seat and emptied my bladder, all the while wondering if it was possible to stay in here throughout the duration of the flight so I wouldn't have to subject myself to his mysterious magnetism. I wasn't sure my panties wouldn't melt if I went back to my seat.

As I washed my hands, I heard the latch release behind me and reached to re-lock it.

"Hold a second I'm almost-"


My heart stopped at my throat. Mr. Too-Sexy was staring at me as if I was a small animal of prey.

Chapter 2*: Public Misunderstanding

"I'm almost done," I spluttered, as if that wasn't obvious, as if he was in here by accident.

The crawling sensation of danger made the hair on my neck stand on end. There was nothing accidental about him being in the small bathroom stall with me.

He stepped into the tight space and forced the door shut behind him. I stopped breathing.

"Isn't this what you what?" he growled, his voice so deep it went straight down my spine to my pussy.

"Mr. Siegel, I think you may have misunderstood something," I started, trying to find a way out of the stall. The lavatory wasn't big enough for one person, let alone two. All my shifting around only amounted to me rubbing my body against his, worsening the problem.

I had backed up the most I could, the back of my legs hitting the seat of the toilet, which had the lid closed down. He was leaning in toward me, not touching me, but close enough for me to smell the hint of cologne on his body.

He was moving toward me and my eyes fell from his chest to the growing hardness between his legs. I licked my lips despite myself. What was he doing? What was I doing? I should be shouting for help.

I opened my mouth to try and tell him to get out of the way, but he put his palm on my parted lips, stopping the words from escaping.

My tongue darted out, tasting the salt off his palm.

In panic, I grabbed his fingers and tried to pry his hand away, but he was too strong. I twisted with no effect. His free hand reached behind my head and gripped my hair tight, yanking my head back.

I exhaled sharply from the pain of having my hair pulled back to roughly. I reached behind my head to free myself from him.

"Be very quiet, Stephanie," he said.

Fight or flight punched me in the gut and I bit down on his hand as hard as I could. My tongue picked up a slight hint of metal, letting me know that I had bit hard enough to draw blood. Good.

He pulled back with a hiss and stared at me with eyes so angry that I thought he was going to hurt me. There was something else beneath those eyes, a deep-rooted desire that almost burned with it's intensity.

"Listen, I-" I never managed to finish that sentence. His lips were on mine in an instant, suffocating me with the passion of his desire. His tongue found its way into my parted lips, his tongue picking up the taste of his own blood. His skin was so warm it hummed against mine. I was distracted by the pain of his hand tangled in my hair, pulling me head back.

"Stay still," he said. I didn't know if it was the sound of his voice or the way he looked at me, but I stilled against my will. His voice flushed my body hot, and then cold and his eyes enthralled me as if in a trance. It was inhuman, the effect this man had on me. "I'm not going to hurt you," he purred, smooth, like a French roast.

I shuddered as he leaned in for another kiss. This time, I didn't try to fight him. Instead, I kissed him back, tasting the bittersweet of his coffee on his tongue. I struggled between terror and deep, unfamiliar arousal. The man drifted his hand down to my chest and dragged it lower, fingers sending a trail of goosebumps between my cleavage. He went further down, pulling the zipper of my jacket with him. The blood on his hand smeared the front of my white tank top like a gothic design.

When we finally parted for breathe, I groaned, "Yes. Oh God." I grabbed his hand and pushed it away. "You have to stop. We can't do this."

"You listen to me," he warned. "And only me."

I moaned at the sudden heat drafting across my skin. I suddenly understand the meaning of words having power.

Every hair stood on alert. Blood hummed in my veins, my heart working on overdrive. My hearing was fractured with panic. I considered running away again, eyes darting to the exit, only to have him tighten his grip on my hair, yanking my attention back to him.

I jerked under his grip and gasped at the pull on my hair. This was insane. He was a stranger doing this to me. I shouldn't be kissing him back, I should be clawing his eyes out! I tried to hold onto that outrage but the panic and desire slipped through, leaving only those behind.

I renewed my efforts to escape, pulling and twisting despite the ache in my scalp from his fingers tangled in my hair, pulling it.

He drew his head down and kissed my neck, leaving a burning trail of his kisses on my neck until he found my throbbing pulse and sucked it. He hummed. It was like a bass string connected to the heat between my legs, making it grow. I watched my hands drift around his neck as if it belonged to someone else.

I could feel something hard between his legs, pressing against my body. I knew I should be afraid, but the pleasure of his kisses on my throat made it hard to feel anything except arousal.

Abruptly, he twisted me around so that I was facing the mirror. I could see the brown in his eyes, so dark and foreboding. He caught my gaze in the reflection and grinned.

My nipples were engorged and pebbled, showing through my bra and tank top. He moved his hand to my breast, rubbing it up and down, deliberately teasing my nipples. I bit my lip and held back the moan that threatened to escape my throat.

His erection rubbed against my ass and his hands were on my breasts, cupping them in both palms and leaving another slight stain of blood with his hand on my breast. He captured my nipples between his fingers and pinched them together, sending a jolt of pain mixed with pleasure down my spine.

His teeth shone in the reflection and my eyes widened when I realized that he knew exactly the reaction he was having on me. Desire coiled in my belly where I could do little to ease it. Deliberately, he pinched my nipple, eliciting a gasp from my lips. I felt his manhood twitch in response, pressing harder against my torso.

I could feel his eyes on me, watching my every move as I pushed back against him, wanting to feel more of his erection on my body. His grin faded away into a low growl that vibrated through me. Masculinity radiated from him in waves and I found myself being encompassed in it all too willingly.

Pleasure coursed through my veins as he leaned down and kissed my pulsing flesh again. The steady suction on my neck and his captivating eyes drew me in. I couldn't begin to fight back against the solid strength of the man holding me close.

"The more you struggle, the harder I am for you," he growled, tilting his hips forward as if to prove a point. His erection was hard and throbbing now, so massive that I could feel it despite the heavy pair of jeans I was wearing.

I shuddered at his words. I knew I should be horrified and disgusted by his actions but I had lost my will to fight back. It felt too good to fight back.

"Mr. Siegel," I breathed, saying his name in a low keening sound that wasn't unlike a plea.

His eyes were dark as he glanced down at me. The corner of his hard mouth tugged up. "Finally surrendering?" His hand moved from my breast to the growing heat between my legs. He didn't try to take my jeans off, instead cupping my wet sex through the thick fabric.

The action made me catch my breath, the brush of his fingers making my skin tingle and my heart speed up. He caught my nipple between his finger and thumb and brought it alive even through my bra, pinching and pulling it through as I watched in the reflection. My lips were parted and my expression wasn't one of a woman being sexually harassed. I looked like I was enjoying every second of it.

I wished I had worn a dress instead. Then quickly pushed back that lewd thought. I had more class than this!

Despite the thoughts in my mind, my hands were doing something else altogether, reaching behind me to cup feel his erection with my fingertips.

"That's right..." he groaned. I swallowed at the hardness of his voice. "Take of your clothes for me," he growled.

The time for running had already passed. I realized with a shock that I wanted this, I wanted him. I didn't even know his first name!

Without waiting for a response, he pulled my tank top and bra down, revealing my breasts as he did. I couldn't move. I couldn't even breathe.

"You're more beautiful than I imagined," he said. cupping my breasts and pulling at my nipples. My face was burning and my pussy ached to be touched. My dark pinkish nipples were turning redder by the second. Moisture leaked from my pussy as I watched him rub his hands over my breasts, teasing my nipples to make jolts of pleasure course through my spine.

I felt the smoothness of his pants and in a moment of clarify, wondered how much it cost.

Our eyes met in the reflection of the mirror and neither of us moved for the longest moment. The desire in the air was palpable. It was hard to breathe.

His fingers tightened on my nipples and I let out a soft moan.

"Do you want my cock inside you, baby?" he growled, his voice vibrating through my body.

I leaned my head back, allowing him better access to my neck so he could taste me again, put his lips to my throat and kiss the pulse there that made my entire body shudder.

His head ducked to my neck and I held my breath as he kissed me there again.

"Mr. Siegel," I groaned, closing my eyes as I lost myself.

His fingers found the heat between my legs, running through my pussy. My body responded, wanting to feel more of him against me.

"Take your pants off," he growled. "I want to see how wet you are."

My eyes widened. I was already showing him my breasts. Why not my pussy? It made sense. I unbuttoned my pants and shimmied it off slowly, revealing the light blue panties I was wearing.

Impatient with my slow progress, he hooked his fingers around the seam of my panties and pulled down, revealing my shaved pussy.

He smiled, using both hands and reaching down to open me up. Oh god!

I gasped as I felt his fingers touch my burning folds. My jeans were tight, preventing him to opening my legs wide, but he didn't care, cupping his hand between my legs to capture my moistened sex.

"You're so wet." He caressed the delicate folds and creases, fingers rubbing against my clit, not entering just yet. I realized I could smell my own arousal, a little musky. I blushed a bright red.

"Oh, Mr. Siegel," I moaned.

"From now on, you call me Master Victor."

I would call him whatever he wanted as long he as continued to rub his finger against my slit. He slipped a finger into my hole as I watched.

"This is where my cock would go," he growled. But it would be so much bigger than my finger."

I swallowed hard. Wet, sloppy noises came from his fingers where he pumped his finger into me over and over again. When he pulled out, there was a hint of blood on his finger and he stared at it as if it made no sense to him.

"Mr. Siegel, Mr. Siegel, I'm Stephanie Lang! I think you may have made a mistake!" A panicked voice outside the stall shouted, banging on the door loudly. We drew away from one another in surprise. The sound of my colleague jolted me back to reality.

He jerked back and his eyes widened. There was the familiar arousal in his gaze, but also shock. He blinked a few times, drawing himself back from the haze of arousal.

"You're not Stephanie Lang?" he asked, his eyes burning into mine, he if there was an answer on my face.

I shook my head. "I'm Stephanie Bakers," I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

He swore in another language under his breath, then ran his coarse fingers through his hair. There was a scent of metal in the stall, though now I wasn't sure if it was from his finger breaking my hymen or his palm where I bit him.

I licked my lips and fought to make sense of anything. My brain was a muddled mess and the woman's continuous banging outside the door wasn't making things any easier.

"I apologize, Miss Stephanie," he said. "As you were trying to tell me earlier, there's clearly been a misunderstanding."

I stared at him as he drew back, putting what little distance he could between us.

"Wait," I panted. It was ending too quickly. I wanted more. I wanted to taste his lips again and maybe even an invitation to dinner. I wanted to know why he could make me delirious with need with the sound of his voice and how he managed to strip away my restraints where countless others had failed.

"Perhaps we will meet again, Miss Stephanie," he said, growling my name like a promise.

Then, he unlatched the door and walked out as I hurriedly covered my clothes again.

Chapter 3: Descent

I stepped out of the lavatory in a daze. The plane shuddered through a bit of turbulence and I stumbled, putting my hand on the back of a chair to steady myself. The passengers by the toilet looked up and glared at me blatantly, no doubt having heard the commotion in the lavatory.

Confusion made my brain spin, but judging from what the woman outside the lavatory was shouting, it was clear that he had mistaken me for a different Stephanie, one whom he had planned to fuck in the toilet earlier. It was a case of mistaken identity. I didn't know how to feel about it. Maybe outrage was the proper reaction, but there was a throbbing need between my legs that I couldn't ignore no matter how hard I tried.

I daren't look at my seat to see if Mr. Siegel had returned, only looking up once I've reached my row.

He glanced up and I caught my breath in his shocking brown eyes. Intense. Dangerous.

"Sorry," I mumbled as I semi-climbed past him to get to my own seat beside the window. I sat down and stared resolutely out the window, mind made up that I would forget the incident in the bathroom ever happened. It was easier to pretend it was all a dream.

Was that it? Had he taken my virginity with his fingers, of all things? It was too insane to be real.

"I should be the one apologizing to you," he said. "Let me make it up to you." He reached into his suit's inner pocket and produced a business card. "Let me bring you to dinner while you're in town."

I hesitated, struck by the cold stare of a dominant predator eyeing his next meal. Tentatively, I gave into temptation and accepted the card. Our fingers brushed and I bit my inner cheek at the spark of heat between us.

Victor Siegel.

That was the only thing on his card other than his phone number, as if anyone who would have his card would know exactly who he was.

The name sounded only vaguely familiar, but I had a feeling I would grow familiar with that name soon enough.

I had a million and one questions for him, but none were answered because the pilot announced that we were making our final descent.

Chapter 4: The Date

I re-read the text on my phone for the millionth time and wondered at the way my chest fluttered. It wasn't as if I was going on my first date, but I had never encountered this kind of nervousness before. I felt my gut tighten. I knew I wasn't excited for the date with Oliver, but for my dinner date the next day with Mr. Siegel.

Tell me your hotel. I'll have someone pick you up tomorrow evening, 7pm.

The way he said it left no room for protests, not that I was going to protest. I replied with a polite 'See you tomorrow'.

I stood at the corner and considered ditching my date altogether. He hadn't picked me up at the airport like he had promised, instead telling me that he had an emergency and would pick me up at a cafe down the road from my hotel.

I waited to cross the road with a dozen other people in a sort of daze. Everything had felt unreal after the encounter in the plane.

A street vendor was trying to sell his roses to a man who looked like he was trying to decide between getting one or a dozen.

He was a good looking man, if a little too tall for my liking. His skin was dark, even for a black man. The man was insisting on a dozen roses, guaranteed to make his lady friend happy. I smiled a little at that. I never had a thing for flowers.

The traffic light was still an angry red and I watched the man decide which bouquet to buy.

"A dozen, please," he said. God damn. He had a great accent. His voice, while not as deep as Victor's was close enough. What was I doing? Comparing a stranger to a man who I barely knew? Push came to shove, Victor was the better looking man. He was a few years older and held himself with a confidence that was alluring. The stranger buying the flowers had a more boyish look.

I bit my lower lip and watched money exchange hands. A hundred and fifty bucks for flowers that would die in a week. What a waste of money.

"Thank you," the man said with a small smile that made the corner of his eyes wrinkle pleasantly.

I followed the crowd and crossed the road over to the other side of the road before I could see where he was headed. The lively coffee shop was just a short walk by the light. I smiled to the barista in an effort to regain the excitement of meeting my date but was rewarded with indifference. She was distracted by someone seated in the cafe.

"Excuse me?" she murmured, eyes dragging away from someone behind me to focus on me.

"Black coffee please," I said. "No sugar, no cream."

"Okay!" she chirped, drifting away from the counter. I panned my eyes across the tables for her distraction.

There was a young couple making out by the window. A familiar tightness grew in my belly and I looked away instantly, focusing my attention anywhere but at them.

From the corner of my eye, I spied the guy with the red roses a few customers behind me and couldn't help but smile a little at the fact that he was coming to meet his girlfriend here. I wondered what she looked-


I didn't know how to react to the roses suddenly in my vision. No. He couldn't be. "Oliver?" I whispered.

"Stephanie!" Oliver offered a half grin as he handed me the flowers.

"For me?" My eyes widened at the roses he had shoved in my hands. They were beautiful up close. I'd never been given roses before. And there were a dozen of them, all wrapped up in a pink wrapping paper. "Thank you," I murmured, suddenly speechless.

"Why don't you take a seat first? I'll get your coffee. Black, no sugar right?" he asked.

"I already ordered," I said, feeling selfish for not thinking of getting his coffee as well. I knew that he liked it exactly the way I did.

"It's okay," he said, his smile not even faltering a little bit. "I'll be right back," he leaned down a little and kissed my forehead and butterflies exploded in my tummy. He was such a dream.

I found a seat in a small oasis of empty tables. Most of the people were getting their coffees to go. A warmth blossomed in my chest at the sight of the roses on the table.

I watched how he rolled his sleeves up to his arms as he waited in line to get his order. Veins were visible up to his forearm, muscles bulging impressively.

Taking a sip of the coffee reminded me of the incident I had run into just that morning and the butterflies fluttered away. Stop it. That's not fair.

I was surprised when he came back to me with two cups of coffee instead of one.

"I have somewhere I'd like to bring you," he admitted in a way of explaining his to-go cups.

The butterflies came fluttering back. "Where?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," he grinned that devilish grin that almost sparkled. "Come on," he said, pulling me to my feet. I twisted around so I could grab my roses.

"My car's parked in the back," he claimed.

My heartbeat sped up and I considered running off in the opposite direction. Sure, we'd been talking online, but did I really know the man?

"It's safe, I promise," he said, seeing right through my fears. I nodded and let him guide me through the dark alleyway towards his car.

By the time we made it to his car, we were finished with both our drinks. I wondered if I should be worried about the man, but I stuffed all the preconceived notions I'd had of strangers and followed him into his car. He drove a black sedan that hummed gentle as we started our journey and the music he played was soothing to the ears.

It was only ten minutes before we reached our destination and I burst out laughing.

"The zoo?" I laughed.

"You said you loved animals," he said.

He paid for the tickets into the zoo while I looked through the map for the park. I was feeling easier now that I was certain he wasn't taking me somewhere to sell my organs. I didn't smoke and rarely drank, so my organs were probably worth a decent amount of money.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

I turned to him with a laugh. "I was just wondering if we should see the monkeys or the tigers first. What do you think?"

"Eagles," he said taking the map from my hand and folding it. "I've always envied their ability to fly."

"We can fly too," I teased. "Just not for very long."

He raised his eyebrows, charcoal eyes glinting in the sun. They were a really deep black that almost shone. I found myself thinking of black pearls. The exact moment he got the joke was reflected in the dilation of his pupils. His chuckle followed soon after. "That's true," he burst out laughing.

I shook my head in disapproval even though I was relieved that he found my morbid humor hilarious.

"Give me your hand," he said suddenly.

I hesitated for only a moment before doing as I was told. To my surprise, he merely wrapped the zoo pass around my wrist. I let go of the breath I didn't realize I had been holding. "Thank you," I whispered. "How much are the tickets?" I asked, reaching for my wallet.

"My treat," he grinned. "You can pay for our next date."

The butterflies in my stomach were doing Olympic-level gymnastic moves. I blushed and said softly, "Okay."

We circumnavigated a group of high school girls taking pictures of themselves, and then each other while their boyfriends looked like they rather be anywhere but there. I glanced at Oliver. He looked like he was having the time of his life.

We had gotten through half of the zoo when it started getting dark. I looked around and wondered if we should call it a day, but that was a can of worms I wasn't ready to open just yet.

My stomach grumbled but the noise was thankfully masked by the loud growls of the lions.

The skies made way for orange hues and once we reached the antelopes and porcupines, the lights in the zoo had turned on.

His stomach gave a loud growl and I turned to him and laughed. "Let's get something to eat," I suggested, grateful to find that I wasn't the only one who was starving.

Instead of heading towards the exit, he guided us to a small cafe in the middle of the park.

"Are we staying?" I asked in surprise.

"The night safari here is beautiful," he said, then half-jogged towards the woman behind the counter to order us some sandwiches, drinks, and crisps.

We found a nice, spot a little away from the crowd at the cafe to enjoy our food. We sat cross-legged under a pine tree and watched the last of the sunrise go out.

"Thank you for bringing me to the zoo," I said as I swallowed my bacon sandwich. I didn't even remember the last time I was so relaxed. "This is fun."

"I'm glad," he said with a laugh. "This is my favorite place in the city, away from all the technology and busyness, you know?"

It was easy to just agree with him. I liked animals as well, but my work brought me to the middle of nowhere. Trees and animals were all I saw. While I enjoyed the animals in the zoo, it was the company that enjoyed, the noisy chattering from the crowd of girls, babies crying, parents fussing over their children and urging them not to run. The crowd was dispersing as light grew scarce. "It's nice," I murmured finally. I smiled and continued eating the sandwich.

When he was finished with his, he leaned back on the grass with his hands under his head. I couldn't help but stare at him then. He looked so relaxed, so devoid of worries that it was hard to not be comforted by just being close to him.

The cacophony of noise around us didn't seem to bother him. His eyes drifted closed and his booted feet crossed comfortably. For a moment, I thought he had fallen asleep. His legs were long and muscled, the little that was showing between the ragged edges of his denims and biker boots looked as dark as the rest of him.

I licked my lips subconsciously as I spied toned muscles where his stomach showed. His washboard abs were no joke.

"Do you bring all the girls you meet to the zoo on your first dates?" I asked before my brain caught up with my mouth. Way to ruin the moment, Stef. If I could smack myself over the head, I would.

He gave a short chuckle, not even bothering to open his eyes. "Only the pretty ones," he said. A blush formed on my cheeks and I was thankful he still had his eyes closed. His biceps bulged slightly where his arms bent up. I resisted the urge to reach forward and feel his muscles.

"All the girls then," I joked.

"Just you so far," he admitted with a lazy grin that went straight to my loins. I turned even redder. The thought that he was being honest slipped into my mind and I couldn't help but feel guilt about the dinner plans I had with Siegel. That wasn't a date, that was an apology dinner. Still, I wondered if I should let him know about what happened to me on the flight. It felt like too much to share on a first day.

"Why didn't you want to show me a picture of yourself?" I asked, curiosity getting the better of me.

"Last time I put my profile picture on the site, girls were asking me the size of my cock," he confessed.

"Is it because it's humongous?" I asked, trying to look sad.

He burst out laughing.

"I've never been on a second date with anyone I met on the website before," I admitted abruptly, feeling like I should reveal something about myself too.

He looked up at me, stunned. "Why not?"

I stared at him, locking eyes with the almost stranger. "They were just looking for sex."

He cringed and broke into a loop-sided grin, "I apologize for my gender, but in their defense, you're a very beautiful woman."

I was unable to stop the grin rapidly spreading across my face. The fact that he wasn't immediately outraged gave me hope.

"Let's go see the rest of the animals," he announced suddenly, sitting up. I was almost sorry to move again. He looked so comfortable there.

After a quick look at the map, we headed off to the part of the zoo that catered to nocturnal animals. The cold was starting to get to me and I zipped up my coat, fingers lingering on the zip for a little while as I remembered the way the strange man undressed me this morning. A heat grew between my legs at the memory.