The Collection 2015 - Kathrin Pissinger - ebook

Full collection of all published titles on Amazon from 2015The ultimate edition for fans of Kathrin's. All her titles published on Amazon during the year 2015 collected in a super thick volume chock full of the coveted and tasty mixture of lesbian domination, hard treatment of all bodily orifices and the resulting frivolous handling of body fluids - in other words: Lesbians, fisting and watersports, in such varying scenarios as burlesques, beaches, offices, the Zombie Apocalypse, and the near and far future.Kathrin's stories regularly revolve around strong female characters which shamelessly live out their same-sex proclivities, showing a special penchant for anal sex, hard and preferably double penetration, public submission and of course the heavenly taste of pussy. She doesn't hold back and is on a verbal crusade against the all-encompassing spread of vanilla sex.Contains all the stories from:- My Lesbian Slave Martina- Piss Whores in Training- Fucking Zombie Bitches Book 1- Anal Office Fuck Sluts- Billionaire Celebrity Whores- Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole- My Submissive Librarian Novella- The Pussy Lips On Tour- Presidents in PrivateAs well as the guidebook "Lesbian Sex Tips for Straight Guys", the interactive fiction "The Birthday Present" and chapters from "The Straight and Narrow" and "as of yet, unnamed".

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The Collection



Text Copyright 2016 Kathrin Pissinger

This is a work of fiction. All sexually active characters are at least of 18 years or older. Any resemblance to events or people, past or present, living or dead, is not just coincidental but would be fucking surprising.

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Hi there. Nice to meet you. Since we're about to become intimately acquainted, you can call me Kat. I'm your friendly lesbian kink explorer, smut peddler and deluxe porn story author. My stories are full of wonderfully depraved lesbian domination, doused with a good dose of peeing, some rough fisting, stretching and hard insertions, anal as much as vaginal, a little bit of public humiliation, abuse and degradation, with the occasional spanking and bondage, sometimes coupled with some gratuitous sperm play in my rare bisexual moments and, of course, all of that with lots and lots of beautiful, regular, naughty and oh-so-willing women.

I know, you're impressed already, right? So before you dive in and delve deep into the story and your own orifices, let me use this precious moment of your time to tell you how you can get some FREE, SELECT books of mine by just subscribing to my newsletter HERE. Also included are regular updates on new stories and sales, and the occasional little gift. Yeah, I know, like you needed any more incentives, but that's just how generous I am.

Well. Let me get out of your way, then, so nothing may stand anymore between you and orgasmic bliss.





For Elena.

Table of Contents

The Collection

There is a FREE BOOK hidden in this text! Find it!

Piss Whores in Training

Prologue – The flight attendant became my personal toilet

Sabrina – How my friend started doing a bottle and ended up with my piss all over her

Karissa – Taking my piss whore for a stroll

Dani – Sharing my two piss whores with my boyfriend

Helga – Meeting an older couple online and using the wife as my sex toy

My Lesbian Slave Martina

Prologue – How I met my slave Martina for the first time and had her fist me on the toilet

The Introduction – Fucking my slave with my boyfriend in all her holes and sharing his cum

The Vacation 1 – Playing pee-games on a train and fucking the conductor in both holes

The Vacation 2 – Drinking the receptionist's pee with my hand up her ass

The Vacation 3 – Secretly licking the receptionist behind her counter and fisting at the beach

Fucking Zombie Bitches


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Anal Office Fuck Sluts

Who was your first?

What the boss doesn't know won't hurt him

Training the new girl

You're never too old

Billionaire Celebrity Whores

One good turn deserves another

Who says three's a crowd?

Blackmail: A girl's best friend

Lesbian Sex-Tips for Straight Guys


Shitty lovers

Sex is messy


Abstinence is a myth

Feeling threatened

People don't change

Have heart

Don't rely on mechanics


Stay away from bad people

Understand the difference between a FANTASY and a DESIRE

Don't discriminate



Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole

Fisting Tessa At The Burlesque

My Shy Friend Maria

The Housewife In The Sex Shop

Fisting At The Cinema

Vacation In Paris

My Submissive Librarian Novella

Filling Her Holes In The Broom Closet

Reading Porn At The Library

The Interview Between My Legs

On Stage At An Erotic Convention

The Pussy Lips On Tour

Finally I'm getting to masturbate

We turned two cheerleaders into lesbians

And the crowd goes wet and wild

Testing their limits with the pastor

Bonus Track

as of yet, unnamed

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Straight and Narrow


The Birthday Present

The Birthday Present

Presidents in Private

The Candidate

Presidential Girlfriends

The Interview

Fuck The E.U.

About Me

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Piss Whores in Training

Prologue – The flight attendant became my personal toilet

In my work I sometimes have to go out of country to attend to clients, which is why I was on this flight once. It's not important why and where exactly, but it was a damn long flight. Luckily I was going on one of those airlines (don't say which) that hands out free drinks during the entire flight. I don't drink alcohol, so I stick to juices. And since everything is free, I'm not the only one getting refills. I'm sitting next to a german who kept drinking incredible amounts of vodka and got more and more talkative - and unintelligible - with time.

Anyway, what goes in, must come out. Sadly, I wasn't the only one feeling that urge: There was a long queue already forming in front of the bathroom. "Okay," I think, "there's gotta be more than one on this plane." So I go down the aisles through some other compartments where things didn't look any better.

I finally go to the business class section. You'll notice it right away: Different carpet, different seats, broader aisles and somehow quieter. I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one.

For some reason she can't let me into the business class, which seems to be a little embarrassing to her. So she wants to help me anyway and takes me to the side. "Come with me." I follow her. She's a little small and wears little makeup, as seems to be the case with most germans, but she's cute. The dark dress looks good on her, and her hair is decently cut and braided. And she's got that submissive air that people in helping, service-oriented jobs (nurses, stewardesses, maids, etc.) often do.

She's leading me to the side, where a closed door with the label "personal" is, fishes a key out of her pocket, and unlocks it. She's smiling insecurely and puts a finger to her lips, indicating I need to keep quiet about this, and then opens the door slightly. I smile back and slowly squeeze past her, while my hand brushes across her breast as if by accident. She looks at me surprised, I look back unflinching. My hand rests a little too long on her tits. She notices I'm serious and her submissive side comes forth.

She follows me into the tight attendants-bathroom and pulls the door close behind her. I grab her and place a kiss straight on her small mouth. She begins to shake slightly, for fear or excitement, I don't know. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee."

"Yes," she answers and looks at me devoted and somewhat clueless. "Down," I say. She slowly slides down my body and kneels on the floor as I push my skirt up. I pull my panties to the side and press her head against my pussy. She hesitates, but then starts licking across my labia. I sit down on the toilet seat and spread my legs further, while the tip of her tongue circles my clit.

Finally I can't stand it anymore. I look down at her, with her red coloured hair between my legs, the nice airline uniform still neat while she's licking my cunt, and then I squirt at her. A hot stream rushes out of my hole and she jerks back surprised and gasps for air. My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside.

It takes a while until I'm done, and I spray all across her face, her hair, her jacket, see it run down her body and collect on the floor. She swallows a bit, but not nearly enough to stay dry. When the pressure subsides I lead her hand to my sphincter, which got all wet from the pee already. She cautiously inserts a finger and starts fucking me. I grab her arm and move it faster, until she understands that I need it hard. So she takes two fingers, then three, widens my anus and fucks it hard. I squirm and moan uncontrollably. No clue if anyone heard us, and I don't care either. I have my ass cunt served by that stewardess slut, whatever the cost.

Shortly thereafter I come already, my whole body shaking and I feel my lower body tense. My sphincter grips her fingers tight and I wank my clit until it glows. Then I sink back. I feel her fingers sliding out of my anus and look down. She smiles at me happily and licks the slime off my pubic hair. I caress her hair and kiss her.

Before I went back to my seat, she gives me a card with her phone and email on it. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

Sabrina – How my friend started doing a bottle and ended up with my piss all over her

It was Sabrina's 24th birthday, many years ago, and since she's my best friend, I'm on board. She broke up with her long-term boyfriend shortly before, and accordingly she was in a bad mood. We went out that night and she drank quite a bit. I didn't notice that during the evening, but when we finally went to the car late, she almost couldn't walk anymore. At the time I still thought she may just be tired and sleepy.

I drove us, and didn't drink a lot myself. I usually don't drink much, but it was her birthday, so I was a little tipsy. We were in my car, and Sabrina had brought something to drink "for the ride" - champagne, I think. Anyway, I'm driving her home, it's late, almost no cars on the road. I still know it had rained and the streets were pretty wet and shiny. Strange, the things you remember.

Sabrina's sitting next to me and I'm driving. She's rather quiet and I think she might have fallen asleep until I hear a strange noise. I turn to look and almost drive the car off the road. She's in the passenger seat and masturbates. Okay, I need to phrase this differently, else nobody will understand how crass it was: Sabrina is sitting there, her short skirt pulled up and is shoving the bottle up her cunt. Gotta say it like that.

I'm speechless and need to regain my self-control, and then look for somewhere to park. At first I didn't know what to say and everything I could think of was that I needed to get somewhere nobody could see us. Sure, at night, in the city, it's dark anyway, can't be that hard, can it? So I'm driving down a side street and look for a parking lot while Sabrina's fucking herself with the bottle and doesn't seem to notice me anymore.

When we come to a stop, she doesn't notice that either, that's how far gone she was. And what do I do? At first I want to yell at her, shake her, try to somehow, well, discretely, get her to stop. But all I'm doing is stare at her. It's dark, I can barely see anything. Just a streetlight somewhere shining on the bottle, which slides faster and faster into her cunt. I've never seen her like this. Actually, I've never seen her naked at all. She's all shaved and I can make out her labia as they wrap themselves around the neck of the bottle. She's moaning and mumbling something and presses the bottle deeper and harder inside herself. I remember thinking something like that's gotta hurt, but it didn't look like it.

I'm like hypnotized and she's squirming in her seat until she's sliding further down and pulls the bottle out again. I thought she finally stopped when I heard a faint prattle. At first I think it started raining again, but then I realize: Sabrina's pissing in my car. She's spread her legs wide and I can see a thick stream running out of her cunt. And what am I doing? I'm getting all funny like, feeling something I've never felt before, like I can now be whatever I want to be, do what I always wanted to do. So I'm reaching between her legs and feel her warm pee on my hand. My friend's pissing on me, peeing on my hand, and I love it. I'm rubbing her wet pussy as the stream subsides. I'm bending over her crotch where she's smelling strongly and start rubbing her labia with my hand. She's moaning and whispers my name. "Kat..."

I freeze. All this time I thought she forgot about me. But she knew I was there, she knew it was me reaching between her legs. "Just you wait," I thought. "Enjoy it!" Because the time had come for harder measures. I bend far across her and see the bottle laying on the floor. She must've let it fall. I reach for it and pick it up, it's all slippery and wet after being bathed in pussy slime and pee, and seems to be a little full still. I lick across the neck and taste Sabrina, almost as strong as she smells. Then I squeeze the bottle in the dark between her butt cheeks below her pussy and start to push.

No clue why I thought I could get it in like that, but Sabrina seemed relaxed enough and I wanted to show her, after she's played with me like that. So I pushed harder and harder and Sabrina held her breath, but pressed against it until I felt the tip of the bottle slide inside her. I started fucking her with it slowly and rub her clit along with it and she started moaning louder and louder. I remember being surprised, as I thought having a bottle in her ass would hurt more than it would feel good, but she was really getting into it. So I got harder and faster and fucked with the bottle into her asshole while I rubbed her clit. Then I bent down further and started licking her cunt while I continued to fuck her. It didn't last long, because soon after that I felt her shake all over her body and scream suddenly, when a warm stream hit my mouth. She had an incredible orgasm and squirted the rest of her pee into my face. I didn't know something like that was possible.

Sabrina collapsed moaning after that, the bottle still firmly in her anus. I pull it out slowly and sit back up, looking at her. She seemed satisfied. "Happy birthday," I thought.

When we reached her apartment, I almost had to carry her to the door. Inside, she fell on her pink leather sofa and didn't move a muscle. Normally I would've gone home then, but since the events in the car I wasn't normal anymore. So I think, since we had already begun to let it all out, I might as well do so myself. I dim the light and take off my panties, before climbing on the sofa with Sabrina and spread my legs across her face. Unlike her I don't shave "down there" - well, legs and so I do, but not the pussy - and my bush is poised right above her face.

I know she must've noticed, or at least smelled that I was there, but she's not moving. So I grab her long black hair and pull her head closer to my pussy. She's whimpering a little from pain, but doesn't struggle. "Lick me," I whisper and move her mouth to my labia. She starts moving her tongue a little along them and caress the clit, but doesn't seem to be fully there anymore. That's when it got to me for the first time. "You little dirty sow," I whisper. "You little pig pissed on me while I fucked your arsehole. You like that, yes? You like being dirty?" I pull her hair back and hiss at her. "Open your mouth, cunt sow." Sabrina opens her eyes surprised and looks up at me, but actually opens her mouth.

I'm still surprised and excited myself when I think about what happened then. As I was typing this, I kept having to play with myself, but before I could continue here, I had to give it to myself first.

So Sabrina was opening her mouth, and as horny and wild as I had become I keep grinning at her sheepishly and suddenly can't do it right anymore, but suddenly something like electricity ran through my body, and I just let it out. I feel it pressing out of me and close my eyes at first. Then I'm looking down, where a broad stream from my wet piss cunt hits Sabrina straight in the face. It just keeps running out of me and her face, her hair, the sofa, her dress, everything gets soaking wet. And really, she's swallowing. The little pig swallows what I squirt into her face. It makes me so horny that I kept rubbing my clit like crazy and come almost instantly.

I pull her head into my crotch and press my cunt hard onto her face, so she'll remember, who treated her like this, so she could soak in my smell, my taste and smear my juice all over her. She doesn't seem to notice much of that anymore, and as I let go of her, she sinks down onto the sofa and starts snoring. Just fell asleep, wet as she is. I take my panties, leave the apartment quietly and drive home. Whatever was happening to me, I felt my life wouldn't be as it was before.

I still have the bottle.

Karissa – Taking my piss whore for a stroll

Sometimes, when you're a dominant lesbian with a distinctively kinky side, you'll meet girls that absolutely love to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Now, most girls have a submissive side, so it's not hard to find a lover who likes to get told what to do, but it takes a special kind of girl to devote herself and her body so entirely to you that she would let you use her, abuse her, do every depraved thing you tell her to willingly and eagerly and still ask for more, beg for more, while already soaked in body fluids from head to toe with every orifice raw and sore. One such girl was Karissa.

I woke up one morning with her and another girl next to me, who I had met at a party the night before. I don't even remember the other girl's name, and I doubt I ever got formally introduced to her to begin with. Karissa I remember, she was a friend of a friend of a lover and was just out for a good time. She's a slim petite with long black hair, a cute round face and blue eyes, a few inches shorter than me and, of course, much thinner, but not too thin for my tastes, with some nice womanly curves and a cute set of large-B/small-C cup breasts, which I got to explore all throughout the night. She's about 10 years younger than me, maybe in her mid-20s, and absolutely submissive, with a kinky side I had only scratched the surface of the night before.

The other girl was a brunette, a bit taller and older than Karissa, with a layered haircut that was all messy as she lay there in my bed in the morning. She had a long face, but sweet wide lips and the prettiest teeth I've ever seen. Her breasts, now underneath the sheets, were nice and full and heavy as far as I remembered. She had joined us, mainly out of curiosity, and was a little embarrassed and reluctant throughout the whole night as this was clearly her first "bi-curious" experiment. She didn't complain when Karissa ate her out, though, and seemed to enjoy watching us. Well, except the things we did in the bathroom, as we had a feeling that she might be too vanilla to appreciate our kinky side when we both found out that we each really, really loved all things pee.

Karissa stirred as I sat up, groaning, still half-asleep, while the other girl wasn't moving. I stretched, feeling refreshed and already slightly horny, thinking back on the night before. I was in one of those moods when you're awake, but too lazy to get up, unless something would really require you to, and since it was the weekend and I didn't have to go to work, nothing urgently required me to, other than my bladder. I considered a moment just staying in bed and peeing on myself, as I sometimes do when I'm alone, lazy, horny and don't care, just wanting to feel that warm, wet feeling between my legs, and the relief. Then I got a better idea.

I moved, slowly, straddling Karissa's head next to me. I was wearing a short, yellow nightie that just pushed up around my waist as I spread my legs, revealing my ginger-haired crotch and glistening labia. She moved her head, still not opening her eyes, but since the night before she begged me to use her in every way I would want, I was planning on putting it to the test and see if it still applied. Slowly, drops of pee trickled down my slit and onto her face, hitting her cheeks. She moaned, then parted her lips slightly. I don't know if she was aware of what happened, or if it was just a reflex, and I really didn't care. I relaxed my bladder more, and a small stream hit her mouth. She coughed, sputtered for a moment, looking up at me, then just quickly opened her mouth wide, letting me fill it with piss.

I peed slowly, giving her time to swallow it, making sure not a whole lot ran down onto the sheets. I lowered my crotch more and more down on her face, until my hairy snatch was pressed right on her luscious lips, pissing right into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and then almost looked sad when I was done. I smiled, and rolled over, laying down next to her, still too lazy to get up. Her hand moved between my legs, and she began to rub my now soaked pussy, at the same time kissing me with the taste of my urine still on her lips. I lay back and just let her please me, until I woke the other girl with my moans as I came. She barely noticed us and got up, stumbling to the bathroom. We giggled, feeling naughty for having already had sex right next to her. Finally, I also got up and made a little breakfast.

When the girl returned from the bathroom, we sat down at my kitchen table and had some toast and coffee, while it was Karissa's turn to go, freshening herself and doing the things girls do in the morning. I didn't speak much at breakfast, as our friend turned out to be still embarrassed and really quite boring as a conversationalist. I smiled, as Karissa returned and joined us, standing by the table for a moment, then suddenly dropping to her knees and crawling under it. "What's she doing?" the other girl asked. I shrugged. "Getting breakfast, I guess," I replied, already aware of her plans. Moments later, the girl realized what it meant when she felt Karissa's tongue between her legs, slowly working her way up to the moist centre of her sex.

Across the table, I acted like nothing was happening, watching the expression on the woman's face turn from surprise, to embarrassment, to shame, to relaxation, enjoyment, and bliss. I slipped off my sandals and began feeling with my feet underneath the table, finding Karissa's legs soon and tracing them back up to her butt. My toes ran across her soft, round cheeks and down her crack, my big toe finding its way deep inside to her anus. Playfully, I began to rub it while my other foot caressed her buttocks.

I might've entered her, but it was hard to tell as she had her mouth full of pussy and wouldn't moan much over the munching noises she made. Her anus was tight and dry, so it was hard getting inside, but I played with it anyway. If she wanted to serve me, she would need to get used to have her ass played with.

Karissa wouldn't stop until the other woman was satisfied, sitting panting and sweating in her chair. Soon thereafter, she excused herself, as she was probably already missed by her dear husband who no doubt had no clue about his cunt-whoring wife. We finished breakfast with Karissa still on the floor and me feeding her toast, laced with pussy slime, which I gathered from my snatch with a spoon. She ate eagerly, then sucked some jelly off my labia, pubes and nipples that I smeared on there with my fingers.

Once we were both fed and she had licked me clean, I began to think what I would want to do. The young girl seemed to want to stick with me today, so I got determined to put her devotion to a test and see how deep she would let herself be degraded. I'm not a cruel, sadistic domme, so I may not have the best track record of really breaking someone, but I like to play with humiliation, to see how far a sub's mind can be bent down. So, if you expect corporal punishment and violence, you might want to go to a different mistress; I'm a lover, not a fighter.

We got dressed. I put on a really cool tight green body suit that made me look 10 pounds thinner and gave my boobs a sweet shape, faintly showing nipples and areolae when I'm not wearing a bra. Over that, just some loose, light, white jogging pants, that were cut low enough for the crotch line of the body suit to peek out. And a wide, bright red flappy hat and my round gold-rimmed sunglasses. It was summer, after all. Karissa had no other clothes than the short black skirt and white bodice she had worn the night before, completed with silver high-heels and a matching purse lined with rhinestones.

We left and just went for a stroll. It was warm, but not beating down yet, and we enjoyed all the eyes following us as I led her down the street. My apartment wasn't too far from the city center, and so we passed a few boutiques soon on our way. Karissa stopped shortly at one with some bright, colourful summer clothes in the windows and admired them. The shop was called "Dani's", and it didn't look like they would have anything in my size, but I went inside with her anyway, just to let her have a look.

In the shop it was cool and quiet. Karissa took off right away and dove down an aisle of short dresses and mini skirts, squealing with glee. I was greeted by a wide smile from a woman. She was about my age, but much slimmer and a little shorter than me, with brunette hair she wore down to her shoulders in layers, framing a beautiful, delicate face with some of the sweetest lips I've ever seen. She certainly had the figure and size to wear everything in the shop and make it look good and I wondered if the short, olive dress with random looking cutouts in all the right places was from here, too. She must be Dani.

"Hello," she said, as if to confirm my thoughts. "I'm Dani. Can I help you?" I smiled back, pushing my sunglasses up into my hair. "Thanks," I said. "But I think me and my..." I looked around at Karissa, as she eyed herself in the mirror, holding dresses in front of her. " and my girl will just have a look around, I think," I finished the sentence. "Sure," she said, still smiling. "Can I offer you anything to drink?" For a second, I was about to answer something naughty, like 'only if it comes from between your legs', but then I just shrugged and said: "Ah, thanks. Some water?"

She left and returned shortly with a small bottle. I took a sip and slowly paced down the aisles. I hate water, it always tastes like drinking my own saliva, stale, but many places don't have much else to offer. Karissa couldn't decide between a white short dress with lots of pockets, and a black and green striped one with matching socks, while I started to notice the morning coffee looking for a way out. Coffee always takes the quick routes through my body, and so I glanced around as I stepped over to my new "girlfriend". There were no other customers in the shop at the moment, and Dani seemed occupied and looked out the window, leaving us in peace.

"Hey," Karissa said when she saw me. "What do you think?" She held up the two dresses. I nodded. "Get down," I replied, loosening the string that held my pants up. For a moment she looked at me puzzled, but then understood. She got down to her knees, half hidden behind a rack of clothes, and looked up at my crotch as my pants slowly slid down my legs. I pulled aside the thin strip of my body suit that barely covered my pelvis and gingerly parted my labia, which got stuck together from sweat and moisture.

Then I just let it run, slowly, making sure she was able to catch it with her mouth. Dani still didn't seem to notice anything as Karissa was slurping up the piss running down my slit and legs. She was eager, as before, and drank it down obediently while I enjoyed the sight of her sweet face buried in my hairy crotch, and the relief of emptying my bladder again.

Suddenly, I got startled by a voice. "Can... can I... join?" In the moments I wasn't looking, Dani had come closer until she could see what was going on. She looked at me embarrassed and her voice was much quieter than before, but she was determined nonetheless. I licked my lips, smiling. "Hmm," I said. "Giving or receiving?" She blushed and didn't answer right away, and instead hurriedly closed the door to the shop. "In any capacity you wished," she said finally as she came close. I smirked and looked down at Karissa, whose mouth was dripping wet from my pussy. She still knelt on the floor, her back straight and chest pushed out, waiting for more. In the dim light, I could see the top of her bodice had a wet, faintly yellow stain.

"Well, my girl is craving pussy," I said, looking down at Karissa, who nodded eagerly. "So if you feel like it, you could give her a taste of yours." She hesitated, but Karissa already crawled over between her legs, looking up, and so Dani slowly lifted her skirt. She wore a thin, black thong with some of her pubes showing around the edges, and quickly pushed it down as Karisssa moved closer to her crotch. I could see she was trimmed nicely above her slit, but still full enough to have the mature, feminine look that I love. Karissa, on the other hand, kept herself shaved smooth and clean all over, but she lodged her lips around Dani's pubes instantly, making little sucking noises, while the shopkeeper closed her eyes and moaned slightly.

"She's thirsty," I whispered into Dani's ears as I stepped behind her, cupping her breasts and twitching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers through the thin, soft fabric. "So whatever you want to give to her, she'll drink it." To affirm her, I opened the water bottle and poured some over her chest and crotch, watching it seep through her dress and run down her legs, where Karissa eagerly licked and sucked it up. "Are... are you sure?" Dani asked uneasily, her eyes moving between me and Kari. We both nodded.

I watched her as she took a deep breath, still blushing slightly, and then let her pussy trickle just barely, holding back as much as she could, embarrassed, but aroused, testing Kari's reaction. Like before, the girl instantly sucked it up and swallowed, closing her mouth around Dani's mound and letting her pee run into her throat. That convinced her, and I could hear a thick, wet stream shooting from her cunt into Karissa's mouth, filling it up until it spurts out the sides as she couldn't swallow fast enough.

Dani couldn't hold back and pissed straight into Karissa's face, covering her eyes and hair before the girl began drinking it again. I watched from the sidelines while the girl got covered more and more, her hair hanging in wet streaks and her top drenched in piss. Finally, Dani was finished, and Kari made sure to lick her clean while I ran my hands down her back. "Mmmh, did that get you hot, pissing on my girl?" I whispered into her ear. Dani swallowed, but didn't answer. My fingers slid between her buttocks, tracing the path from her sopping pussy to her anus and back again, before they entered her puckered, tight ass.

She squealed, but pushed back, leaning forward against a clothes rack as I probed her with index and middle finger. I squatted down behind her, smiling at Kari between her legs as I worked her ass. Karissa began licking her pussy again, sucking her clit deep into her mouth, making her squirm. I tried to fuck Dani's ass with my fingers, but couldn't get very far, as it was still dry and tight. I pulled them back and grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them hard and wide with both hands as I began to lick slowly across her ass, with my whole tongue.

She tasted musty, and spicy, but not bad, and seemed to enjoy the feeling a lot. I began probing her once more, spitting mouthfuls of saliva on her tight asshole, wetting it as good as I could. Finally, I could get deeper and faster inside her, pushing my fingers all the way inside and pulling them out again. She visibly enjoyed getting fucked into her ass, and so kept spitting on it, wetting it as much as I could, until I placed the neck of the bottle on her anus.

I pushed. The plastic made little cracking noises as it spread her ass wide, while I drilled the bottle up her ass relentlessly. I kept dripping saliva on the edge of her ass while I moved the bottle inside her, going deeper and deeper. It was small, but still thicker than a cock, and spread her ass nicely open, making her feel filled and raw. Dani moaned and panted while I fucked her with the bottle, taking her ass as deep and hard as nothing had done before. Meanwhile, Karissa leaned over to me. We kissed, passionately, I could taste Dani's cunt on her lips, while Karissa was fucking her pussy with her fingers.

I got rougher, and pulled the bottle all the way out, only to ram it into her gaping ass again, fucking her raw and merciless while Karissa worked her twat with her lips, fingers and tongue. Dani shuddered and buckled, close to cumming. I took the bottle out, screwed the cap off and then finally shoved it deep up her asshole, squeezing it to shoot the rest of the water high up her bowels. That sent her over the edge, and she came, violently, gushing into Karissa's mouth, before she collapsed onto the floor, now drenched in her juices. She curled up, smiling happily, the bottle still sticking in her ass, while Karissa and me kissed her.

Dani – Sharing my two piss whores with my boyfriend

We lay on the floor at Dani's for a while, letting the feelings of recent orgasms subside, with Dani still curled up next to me, whereas Karissa rested her head on my chest. It was actually quite comfortable there, the shop had a thick, brown carpet that was soft enough to lay on, and coming down from the high of a wonderfully depraved and perverted fuck was just the best feeling. After a while, though, I noticed a different feeling, and stretched, my body suit now clinging tightly to my skin. I looked around at my new lovers and asked, into the silence of the shop: "Any of you girls hungry?"

It was getting close to lunch time, and Karissa didn't have anything else to do anyway, so she was in. Dani had the look of a woman, whose hunger for lust and adventure had just awoken, and so she was intrigued and asked if she could accompany us. Of course I agreed, having hoped for her company anyway, and so soon the three of us were walking down the street, whatever wetness on our clothes remained was quickly drying in the sun.

I headed us towards a small pizzeria nearby, which I picked out for the great food they served, but also because I knew they had a small back room that would give us some privacy, and Gina, the owner, didn't ask too many questions. On the way there, I called my boyfriend on the phone. "Hey Triss," I said, as he picked up. "Wanna meet up for lunch at Gina's? I'm bringing friends..." Of course, he had no objections, so I told him to bring a few 'utilities' from home. "You know, my favourite, and maybe something else you think we might need. Three girls have a lot of room, after all..."

Dani and Karissa looked at me puzzled, but didn't ask. Maybe they thought it was too private, or maybe they liked the feeling of being already part of a plan, and the unknown made it all the more exciting. Whatever it was, I was sure we'd still have a lot of fun to come before the day was over.

Gina was a nice woman in her 50s, her black, curly hair showing many grey streaks, but her smile was always fresh and young. She was short and thin, almost wiry, with a great shaped body for her age, and a busy attitude. Just as we arrived, she greeted us already. "Ah, a table for the girls?" she asked welcoming. I nodded. "Yeah, can we have the room in the back, to be a little... undisturbed?" I asked. She looked at me for a moment, then smiled broadly. "Of course," she said. "Just tell me if there's anything else I can do." And with that she led us through the small restaurant into a chamber that barely had room for one table. A small, stained glass window let in some light.

We sat down on the benches that lined the alcove and giggled still, as we went through the menu. Just as we had ordered, Triss entered. The girls looked at him, partly suspicious, but partly intrigued, as he's quite an attractive man - tall and thin, with just a hint of a belly, receding dark blonde hair that he had brushed back in a fashion that's been 40 years out of style, giving him an air of old-school coolness. He also must be the last man on earth to still own (and wear) a jeans jacket, but in a way it looked good on the white t-shirt and faded jeans he was wearing.

He greeted us with a nod. "Hi," he said, "I'm Triss." I smiled at him, then said: "Triss is my boyfriend. I hope you don't mind if he joins us." Maybe they were a little too perplexed, because they didn't answer right away. "Mmm... not at all," Dani finally said as he sat down on the bench next to her. "I'm Dani," she told him, holding out her hand. He took it and looked her in the eyes for a moment. "Nice to meet you. I assume you and Kat are friends?" he replied. "...With benefits," Karissa said, giggling. "I'm Karissa," she introduced herself, also shaking his hand. He nodded. "I see," was all he said.

While we were waiting for our food, I absently stirred my empty espresso cup, looking into Dani's eyes, who was sitting across from me. "Well," I said casually, "why don't you two girls get below the table and have a little appetizer until the food gets here?" Dani looked puzzled, but Karissa slid down immediately and crawled underneath the table. I felt her rub against me, orienting herself, as Dani suddenly understood and with a wicked smile at me and Triss she squeezed herself down on the floor as well.

I couldn't see what they were doing down there, but after a moment I could feel someone's hands on my legs, running up to my pelvis. They skilfully opened my pants and, with a little help from myself, pulled them all the way down, immediately followed by a tongue, licking up the insides of my thighs. I felt soft hair brush along my legs, and slender fingers pulling my bodysuit aside, combing gently through my pubic hair and scratching slightly across my clit.

I was sliding forward on the seat, lolling on the bench as I tried to spread my legs wider, giving better access to the area between my legs. I did not go unrewarded. My clit was clenched between teeth, munched on, sucked on, licked all over and flicked with the tip of a tongue. Whoever was down there, she definitely loved to give pleasure with her mouth. I looked across the table and saw Triss getting a similar treatment. He was trying hard not to show anything, but sat slouched down in an almost uncomfortable position, with loud sucking noises emanating from underneath the table, only interrupted by the occasional gagging and moaning.

Knowing him, he probably tried to hold back as much as possible, not wanting to blow his load too soon, and so he grinned back at me, closing his eyes and humming quietly as he enjoyed the treatment. The girl between my legs went on to bring her fingers into play, and so the inside of my pussy began to get caressed by the gentle prodding and twisting of two slender fingers, exploring the musty secrets of my fuck cave. As her fingers probed me, the girl licked long and slow all over my pubes, which is one of the many little things that get me instantly wet.

In the middle of all this, Gina entered with the food. If she noticed anything, she did a great job at hiding it, as she only sat it down on the table and wished us a good appetite. Karissa and Dani both just got a salad, whereas I ordered pizza. Triss didn't order anything except for his espresso. "Thank you," I said, smiling up at Gina. "Can you do us a favour and make sure nobody comes in here for the next 30 minutes?" She raised her eyebrows, but knew better than to ask and only nodded. "Of course," she answered, leaving us quietly and pulling the door closed behind herself.

"Come on out girls, it's time to eat!" I said as she had left. The fingers pulled back out of me and soon, Karissa and Dani came crawling out from underneath the table. "Now, I think I need an appetizer as well, and since Karissa already got so much good stuff to drink today, maybe she can share it with us?" I said, motioning her to climb on top of the table. "Did you bring what I asked for?" I asked Triss as I watched get onto the table top, her skimpy mini skirt barely covering her butt. He nodded, reaching into the deep pockets of his jacket and pulling out my special favourite strapon dildo.

I leaned forward and dove between Karissa's legs, who knelt on the table, arching back as I sucked hard on her delicious, soft labia. Her mini skirt slid up, baring her shaved pelvis when I already had my mouth full of pussy, clit and juice. Looking up, I could see Dani bending across her, kissing her passionately as she played with her tits. The small devil enjoyed getting all this attention. "So what is it?" I asked, slapping Karissa's naked butt sharply and maybe a little harder than she expected. "Are you going to fill my mouth, or what?" She looked down, lowering her eyes as she pulled back her clit with her hand, making sure her pee hole pointed right at me. "Yes, miss," she whispered.

Her pussy began to drip, then run, forming a small puddle underneath her on the table. Then it gushed, becoming a firm, strong, yellow stream. I dove, hungrily, between her legs again, feeling the warm, tart liquid in my lips and chin, before I collected it in my mouth. I swallowed a few gulps, enjoying the taste, thinking of how it was mostly from the piss she had drunken earlier, when both Dani and myself emptied our bladders in the piss-whore's mouth. No wonder she squirted like she was about to burst!

When my initial thirst was satisfied, I collected as much pee in my mouth as I could and quickly pulled back, grabbing the dildo and blowing it through the little hole at the top into it's rubber bulb, which can be used to squirt it back out. As I did that, Karissa sprayed her stream across my tits, unable to hold it in anymore. Quickly I moved back down, catching another mouthful and depositing it into the dildo as well. To my surprise, Dani moved close to my side and started taking turns at Karissa's splattering cunt, bathing her face in the warm urine while I filled the dildo pump from my mouth. She seemed to enjoy drinking pee just as much as Karissa did, while also making sure to get it on other parts of her body as well.

As she stood there, bent across the table, her head between Karissa's legs, slurping luxuriously on her snatch, I saw Triss get up and move behind her. His long, hard member was standing firm and erect, reaching almost all the way up to his belly button, gleaming wet from saliva. He grabbed her butt with both hands and pushed her skirt up, ripping down her panties with a quick pull, then reached across the table, grabbing the small bottle of olive oil, letting it run down on her buttocks. The oil slowly ran into her crack and down, dripping off her pubic hair. He rubbed the head of his cock between her buttocks, covering it as well, before pushing in hard.

Triss being Triss, he didn't waste much time and took her straight up the ass. Dani shrieked surprised at the sudden intrusion, as his thick cock split her sphincter open, forcing it down the long way into her colon. She grabbed onto Karissa, squeezing her tit hard with one hand while leaning onto her leg with another, as she tried to steady herself against his assault, bravely pushing back at his enormous rod taking her unexpectedly and mercilessly. He didn't play around, and fucked her raw, grinding his teeth as he rammed inside her, his cock all the way up her asshole after just three strokes, his balls slapping against her sopping muff.

I got up and quickly strapped the dildo on while he grabbed her and lifted her off the table, turning around to give me good access as well. He held her up by her legs, his cock still lodged firmly inside her ass while he leaned back against the table, half-sitting on it until she could rest her feet at the edge and lean back against him. She began to ride as he held her by her waist, moving her lithe body up and down his cock. I stepped in front of her, the thick, 9 inch long dildo hovering threatening above her crotch.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to make her look up at me as I clenched my teeth, hissing: "You like getting my boyfriend's fat fuckstick up your ass while your worthless empty cunt just drips down on his balls, slut?" She did not expect that treatment, and didn't know what to say right away, but it clearly turned her on some more, as her nipples stood unbelievably hard, peeking through her dress. "Answer me!" I said louder, slapping her square across her face. She looked befuddled, but whimpered: "Y-y-yes miss." Smack, another slap, her cheek glowing red. "Yes what?" I asked demandingly. "Yes miss," she squealed, "I like... I like getting fucked like this... in my ass..."

I grinned. "So your cunt IS worthless, and you agree you just deserve getting taken in your asshole?" I asked provocatively. She bucked as Triss arched his hips up, thrusting in deep. "Aaaah, I... I..." she stammered. I raised my eyebrows. "Oh," I said casually, "or maybe you want to get fucked in your piss slit too?" She gasped for air for a moment, drooling slightly, before she could answer. "Please miss," she begged. "Please fuck my cunt."

I stepped forward and just shoved the strapon, dry and hard as it were, into her smacking twat. Triss leaned back, pulling her down with him as he lay down on the table, balancing Dani on his crotch, still pushing up inside her. She threw her head up, moaning and panting, degraded to nothing more than a fucktoy for all of us to use. I held her legs up and pounded her raw, shoving the big pink dildo up her cunt until it hit her cervix, filling her all the way, my pubic hair rubbing against hers.

Karissa, who so far had only watched us, came crawling over to us and began to kiss her gently, letting her saliva drip into Dani's mouth, spitting it, landing some on her face, and licking it up again. I slapped her butt. "Go sit on her face," I ordered, "make sure she's got her mouth full as well." Obediently, Karissa straddled Dani and lowered her crotch down on her mouth, until she covered it. Leaning forward into Triss, she began to slide her soaking pussy all over Dani's face, smearing her with cunt slime.

We pounded her in time, filling her from both ends like she's never been filled, fucking her violently, giving her the treatment she deserves while Karissa gagged her with her snatch, stifling her screams and feeding her more pussy juice and pee. She came. And then she came again. And again. Her legs were shaking in my hands so strong I could barely hold them, but I wouldn't let on, not with Triss still pounding the crap out of her ass. We kept at it, not caring how exhausted she was, and just used her as we wanted, until finally, he reared and groaned, shooting a massive, long built-up load high up her asshole.

I grabbed her hips, and thrusted the dildo in with all my strength and then, just as she was filled all the way, with the warm, sticky sperm oozing down her ass, I pushed the bulb and squirted the piss out of the dildo into her cunt. Karissa lifted herself up as Dani yelled, whimpered, gasped and breathed heavily, creating inhuman groans interspersed with little whiny noises. The pee came spurting out the sides of her pussy as it was filled beyond capacity, and just as I was slowly pulling back, her eyes widened and she moaned in disbelief: "Oh my god, oh my GOD!" as Triss released his bladder inside her ass.

Looking down at him, I knew instantly what he was doing, as I remembered him giving me that same, big, warm, wonderful, bloated feeling. I reached over the table and grabbed one of the salad plates, holding it underneath her as I finished pulling out. Her pussy seeped slime and piss onto the plate, followed by a thicker stream of sperm and pee as Triss finally unplugged her ass. She lay exhausted on top of him, feeling orgasmic bliss run out between her legs as she regained her strength. I knelt down, sucking the last, thick drops of cum out of her anus, holding them in my mouth for a while, savouring the taste.

I kissed her, and Karissa, sharing some of the cum with them, just as we shared the salad later on, as the most delicious, naughty, perverted lunch I had ever had.

Helga – Meeting an older couple online and using the wife as my sex toy

Quite frequently I get messages from "couples", asking me if I'd be interested in having sex with the wife. Typically, these are sent by bored husbands without the knowledge (or interest) of their spouses, so I either ignore them, or, when I'm feeling generous, tell him that I'd only talk with his wife, if she's really interested. That'll usually end the conversation (except that one time when someone tried to impersonate his wife - unfortunately, she made the same grammatical and typographical mistakes that he did, but that's another story) so I was quite surprised when I got a message from Helga.

Her husband Gerd had sent me the usual, telling me about how his wife was curious about having sex with women and he'd be thrilled if I was on board with her. I told him I'd be thrilled if she would contact me herself and not have him handle all her communication, thinking I'd never hear from them again when a day later I got an email.

"Hello," it read. "My husband already wrote you about me, so I'm just writing back to say I really like your stories and am curious about female on female. Please write back if you're interested." Attached was a picture of a pair of pink, wet pussy lips spread wide, while on the thighs next to them someone wrote "for Kat" with the date of the email. Surprisingly, it seemed to be real.

I set a date with Helga to meet in a chat room. She told me her husband was very submissive, and even though she's not really the dominant one either, she plays the role in their relationship and has him please her and fulfill her fantasies. Her biggest one at the moment seemed to be having sex with another woman.

They were from Germany, both in their 60s, she said; retired, but still lively and active, so they travel a lot. In fact, one of the first things she talked about was how she'd love to drive down to Italy to meet me in person. I had to curb her enthusiasm a little and get her to work on my terms.

"Well," I said, "that'd be something to keep in mind, but first I'd need to test you to see if we're on the same wavelength."

She agreed. "I do anything you want," she replied.

"Hm. So what would you do to please me?" I asked.

"Lick you," she answered. "Lick you anywhere you want. Your pussy. Your ass. Anything. Fuck you as you tell me to. Anywhere, any time. And let you fuck me as you please. All my holes, all my body is yours." And just to affirm, she sent me another picture of her twat, spread just as wide as before, with two of her fingers lodged inside.

I liked that. She was obedient and forthcoming, offering herself freely and voluntarily without expecting anything in return. "What's your favourite toy?" I asked.

"My husband's dick," she replied.

I laughed. "Ah, okay," I said. "What's he doing now?"

"He's helping me take pictures," she said. "And he's waiting for instructions."

"Okay," I answered, seeing how far I could go wit her. "Then I want him to film you while you spread your legs and start pissing right where you are now." It was a bit of a risky demand, since not everyone is into that kind of stuff, but I figured the worst that could happen was for them to disconnect and leave me be. And in fact, for a few minutes it seemed as if they'd just left, as I didn't get any reply back.

Then she wrote: "I sent it to your email." I checked and found a new message from her, with a video attachment. Opening it, I took a minute to lean back and watch what she sent me.

The video started with her face, a pretty, stern woman's face with just a few wrinkles around the eyes and lips. She whispered with her bright red lips "for Kat" and blew a kiss as the camera pulled back, showing her sitting on a red desk chair, wearing just a set of black lingerie that was cut out in all the important places, showing the nipples of her round heavy tits and the area between her legs.

She was blonde; dyed, as the small patch of black pubic hair above her snatch revealed. Her figure was average; not slim, as she had all the little chubby bits you'd expect of an older woman, but not fat either. When she lifted her right leg onto the desk she was sitting at, I could see her feet were in a pair of high leather boots that I really liked.

Slowly, she slid down to the edge of her seat, opening her legs towards the camera and then, the red chair turned a little darker between her legs before she spurted a long stream of pee onto the desk top. For a while she just let it run, splattering the rest on the floor as the pressure eased up and finally, as she was finished, she leaned forward and started licking the puddle that had formed around her keyboard. When the camera came closer, I could hear her slurp up her own warm piss as she winked at me.

Watching her made me so hot that I began to rub myself, feeling a strong urge for a good fuck rise inside me. Reluctantly, I pulled my fingers away from my snatch and typed a quick reply, my keyboard getting sticky from my wet fingers. "Mmh, that got me really hot," I wrote, "so I'm going to start playing with my ass now. Meanwhile, I want you to show me just how much your holes can take."

I leaned back and lifted up my legs, my fingers frantically running hard and fast across my pubes, rubbing my poor clit with both hands until it felt glowing hot. I reached for my desk drawer, where I keep my emergency dildo, which I keep there just in case I feel the sudden urge to fuck myself and am too lazy to walk to the bedroom.