The Camping Trip - Ginny Watson - ebook

Dominique has noticed that the man she had always known as Uncle Roy has started looking at her in a different way since she turned eighteen, suddenly he sees her as an attractive woman, so it comes as no surprise to the worldly teen when he starts taking sneaky photographs of her boobs while they are on holiday by the lake with his best friend... her step father.Two men, alone with a nubile teen in the wilderness... can they resist temptation?

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Table of contents

The Camping Trip


Part One

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Part Two

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Part Three

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

A note from Ginny.

The Camping Trip

Ginny Watson


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Part One

Chapter 1

She had always called him Uncle! Uncle Roy.

He was her step father's best friend, his drinking buddy, golfing buddy, fishing buddy, the two men were inseparable... so close that they could have been brothers, but her uncle Roy was no more than a close family friend... and she guessed that's why he felt it was acceptable!

Dominique was flattered in a creepy kind of way, but still confused as to what pushed a man like Roy to invade her privacy in such a kinky way. She had noticed subtle changes developing in the way he acted around her, the way he had started to look at her, furtive glances, the times when she would catch his eyes straying to her cleavage, only to dart quickly away as she spotted his attentions. But then had come the time that she had first heard the click of his camera. Of course he had claimed to be concentrating on the dragonfly that had settled on a branch at her side, but bikini clad Dom hadn't been fooled... it was simple physics, light travels in straight lines, therefore, because a camera merely captures light reflecting from the subject, physics declared that wherever the lens was directed would be the image in the photograph, and from where she stood she noticed the angle, aimed to capture not just the insect, but also her breasts.

To prove a theory she told herself silently as she shifted ever so slightly out of frame, her suspicions confirmed as she saw the lens shift a fraction... following her. Thinking about this logically, he's been different since I turned eighteen! It made sense when she thought about it, Roy had always been her uncle, next to her step daddy the most trusted man in her life, but that was when she had been a kid. But now I'm legal! The realisation was a revelation, her uncle Roy was looking at her more as a woman that the little girl he had always known... and it seems now that he isn't contented just to peep... it looks like he wants to record the moment too!

“Did you get a good shot Uncle?” she asked innocently.

Roy shook his head and changing position he raised the camera to his eye.

Clever she almost giggled, he had moved around until the insect sat between them, now he could focus his shot directly on her boobs without raising any suspicions. Dominique knew enough about photography to understand that if he focussed past the dragonfly he would be capturing images of her twin assets only, the insect would blur away to nothing. And he only has to snap one clear shot of his pretence, one picture of a crystal clear dragonfly set against my blurred body, just to show me after.

It was an involuntary action, and Dom glanced down to her chest in alarm as the lens clicked. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or concerned? Beneath the light yellow fabric of her bikini top her nipples had begun to harden alarmingly, and being blessed with very prominent nips the display was obvious to the point of obscene. He has to have noticed, I mean the whole dragonfly ruse was just so he could get a look at them, but why are my nipples so hard... is this turning me on?

It wasn't cold, so reluctantly Dom had to admit that arousal had prompted the embarrassing reaction, and as Roy's camera clicked she knew her display was becoming ever more prominent. I could just move she reasoned, just a couple of steps to the side and she would be far from the frame, but some strange force held her in place as Roy shifted his position again and continued to shoot.

“You must have got a good shot now!” Dom smiled as Roy lowered the camera and gave her a small and very guilty looking smile.

“I think I've got some fantastic shots,” he replied quietly, “I can't wait to download them when we get home.”

My uncle Roy is a pervert! Dom almost giggled aloud, he had invaded her privacy, and she knew for sure that at least ninety percent of the pictures he had taken were of her boobs... but in a strange way it was all right, she really didn't mind that much. But I want to get my hands on that camera before he has a chance to clear the memory. It shouldn't prove too difficult a task, not if the day developed like every other time they had camped by the lake.

It was a regular summer thing. The three of them, alone at the lakeside, three tents erected in a secluded clearing set back from the shore, a camp fire... and thanks to a small and very quiet generator set some distance away, all the luxuries of home like lights and a fridge filled with soda and beer. As dusk set in they would start drinking and as the evening progressed their laughter would get louder and louder until swaying slightly the two men would slump by the fire and begin to snore. And that will be my chance, I can sneak the camera from his tent and check out what photos he's taken using the preview screen.

Dom had a plan in place, she also had the whole afternoon ahead of her to sunbathe as her step daddy and uncle gathered together their tackle and set off around the shore with high hopes of catching their supper. It was a secret and guilty pleasure she cherished, those few hours of absolute privacy she had every time they stayed at the lake, she could keep track of the two men by the sound of their distant voices, and hidden from casual view she would spread a large towel in a secluded clearing just away from their camp, and then giggle quietly as her bikini became history before lying back with a contented smile on her lips, to enjoy the opportunity to get an even, and all over, tan!

Chapter 2

I bet uncle Roy would go nuts if he could see me now! Dominique giggled at the thought as the sun kissed her naked breasts and freshly shaven mound.