The Camp Party - Adult Erotica - Sand Wayne - ebook

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.

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The Camp Party

CHAPTER ONE"Oh Bill, don't be so stubborn," said Nancy as she walked from across the room and stood beside him. "There's nothing you can do about it now."Yes, thought Bill Roberts, her young, well built husband. That was the whole problem. She had worked behind his back and gotten herself hired by Martin Cantrell even after he told her not to, and now it was too late. He sat in his chair and looked out over the gaily lit downtown area of St. Paul. Nancy tossed her full head of light red, luscious full hair out of her eyes and looked directly at her dark husband."You know we can use the money, even the little bit the weekend will give us. Besides, how much can it hurt?"Gazing at his wife, Bill was finding it hard to really think of an answer. She always looked good, especially when she tried to be angry, and she was really trying to look that way now. Her thin sweater seemed to cling to her chest like another layer of skin, and her breasts were jutting from behind it like two perfect mounds of fleshy mountains. He could see very clearly her tight breast nipples, enraged by her anger heated blood pumping through her curvaceous body, making her luscious skin glow with a sensuous red flush. Her hips flared out and formed a luscious base on which she rested her delightful looking pubic area, tightly outlined by the dark pants suit she usually wore during the night. Her cuntal crevice was clearly defined by the riding up of her pants into her sensuous pussy slit. Jesus, thought Bill, with a body like that talking to him, how could he possibly be expected to keep his mind on what she was saying? It was all he could do to keep himself from ripping off all her clothes and fucking her right then and there.His eyes roamed hungrily over the beautiful luscious form standing in front of him, trying to convince him that she had done the right thing. He burned his gaze on her round, apple-shaped breasts, hardly hidden by her sweater, and he relished the memories of having them cupped in his hands, kneading and squeezing them, pinching the rose-tipped nipples and feeling her naked body thrash and writhe as they fucked the living daylights out of each other. They had only been married for seven months, but each night they spent hours roaming their hands over each other's bodies, and for a brief moment he could actually feel his fingers plunging into her sensuously wet pussy slit.Even her pants suit couldn't hide that shape her legs had, a shape that Bill had seen only on the most luscious of Hollywood movie stars, and no matter where she had come from, he knew that if she had really put her mind to it, she might have become a glamorous sex-symbol. She really had the body for it.Nancy noticed that her husband was not paying any attention to what she was saying."Bill!" she said sharply. "Are you listening to me?"Her angry tone brought him back to his senses."Now honey," he said, trying to soothe her anger with his voice. "I've already told you what I think of the whole thing. I don't want you to come with me and that is that."He tried to make his voice sound as though that was the end of the argument, but Nancy would have none of it. She gritted her teeth and tried to collect her thoughts. She usually found it hard to think when she got angry, and her husband was making her more angry now than he had at another time in their marriage. He was so bull-headed about certain things. He had never wanted her to take the job Martin Cantrell had offered, and she couldn't understand why. After all, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world being cooped up in their lovely home while her husband went out to teach every day. Ever since they had arrived in St. Paul when they were first married, he had gone to his class room and come home with exciting stories about the things that happened between him and his eighty students, and she had nothing to tell him except how she had swept the floors, cleaned the dishes, dusted the furniture. Not that she really minded keeping a good home for her husband, but she knew that there were other things to be had in life than being a house wife. When Bill had come home and told her that he had been asked to attend a camping trip with one of the local Boy Scout troops, she had been really happy for him. He had told her that he had been asked because of his work in the school. Since he knew many of the boys that would be going, Martin Cantrell figured that he would be a valuable asset on the trip.It had only been the next day when Martin had called her and told her that wives were often brought by their husbands, and that the services of a secretary would also be welcome. She had jumped at the chance to spend a camping weekend with her husband, something they had not done since they had been married, and she thought he would be happy to have her along.She was wrong. When she told him that she had accepted Martin's offer when he came home today, he gave her the cold, steely gaze that she had come to learn was his way of telling her she had gone against his wishes. Well... She was tired of being treated like a brainless sex-object. She had a mind and she was determined to prove it. At first she thought it was really cute that he treated her like a fragile china doll that might break if she moved too quickly, but that novelty had worn off. She wanted to start making her own decisions, and if he didn't like it, well, that was just too bad.She met his eyes with a fury of her own, something he had not seen in her for quite some time."That may be that for you," she said, keeping her voice steady and even, "but for me, it's too late. I'm not calling Martin and telling him I can't go. I can go, and that is really that. Now, what are you going to do about it?"Bill seethed with anger at his wife's standing against him, but it passed quickly. After all, she was a good wife, even if she did have some sexual hang-ups in bed. He really wished she would learn her place in life and be the good wife she promised him she would be, but the damage was done now. And after all, the thought of having her fuck him in the great outdoors was beginning to look good in his mind."Well," she said in a teasing voice. "I asked you what you were going to do about it."She moved even closer to him and put her arms around his head, knowing exactly what she could do to make him happy. Sending her tongue into his ear, she felt him shiver as she awakened his sexual fires."Now you stop that," he said, trying to make his voice sound convincing. It was useless. This horny little bitch really knew the things that turned him on, and as her tongue lashed out gently in his ear, followed by lascivious light blowing, he began to feel his penis grow rapidly in his pants. She was destroying his sense of anger, knowing that he would not long be able to hold himself back. After all, he really did want to fuck her now, fuck her harder and more powerfully than at any other time since they had been married except once on their honeymoon, and that was because she had stood up to him then as well. They had been married only two days, and Bill had been delighted in breaking her hymen. He knew that she had been a virgin before they were married, and although he had fucked a lot of women, none of them had been virgins. His wife was sweet and innocent, and when they were in bed for the first time together, she unleashed a sexual fury he had never seen before, and it gave him an idea. Driving into town, he bought her the sheerest black nightie, so transparent that even as he held it up for her to look at, he couldn't believe he was holding anything. He wanted her to put it on so he could see her lust-swollen breasts and sex-taut nipples behind the sheer lace. She had looked at him with horror in her eyes, and she flatly refused to wear the flimsy gown. No matter what he said, she would not put on the disgusting garment. She said something stupid about it making her seem like a whore, which was exactly what he wanted her to be for the night. He wanted nothing less than the hottest little slut he could turn his wife into, a blazing little cunt that would wear him out and drive him insane with her fucking. But she had stood up to him then, and in the end, he gave up trying to make his sweet wife a hot little bitch. The night they spent after that was indeed better than Bill could have imagined. It was as though his wife was fucking him harder than was possible as she tried to make up to him in her own way. Jesus, he thought as he looked at her deep blue eyes, wide with excitement as she tried to take his mind off what he was telling her tonight, she hadn't fucked him like that since they came back from their honeymoon. But now that she had seen that she made him angry, it could be that night all over again. By trying to please him after she went against him, he reasoned that she would try to make it up in bed by taking him for a real ride.Nancy knew what she was doing. Bending her body over her still slightly angry husband, she paid no attention to his demands that she stop her sexual arousement. After all, she knew that sex was the one thing he would never want her to stop. Continuing to blow in his ear, she reached out with her slender hand and rubbed his burgeoning penis under his pants. Usually she did not like to touch him there when he was fully clothed, but she decided that she would make an exception. Rubbing her hand firmly along his swelling cock, she delighted in his long hardness, and she could feel it throb and pulse in his pants.Moving in front of him, she pressed her lip-stick rimmed lips against his open and surprised mouth, and she surprised herself as she drove her tongue deeply into his throat. It was something she usually didn't do, and Bill reached up to grab her before she changed her mind. Holding her face tightly against his mouth, he met her tongue in his gullet, and sent it back into her own mouth, following it with his own sexually stiffened wet organ. He felt the pink member rake against her separated teeth, and thrilled at the tiny stabs of pain burning into his tongue. Reaching down from her face, he moved his strong hands along her back and coursed them to her front, cupping her perfect breasts in his massive palms. She did nothing to move away, and a shiver of delight raced through his body. This could be as good as that night on their honeymoon, he thought as he squeezed her growing breasts lightly, feeling her tightened breast nipples against the front of his palms. They were like little rocks, firm and hard against his hands, and as he constricted his finger muscles around her chest apples, they slipped around under her sweater and rested between his closing fingers. Bringing his fingers together, he felt that they had become entrapped between his fore and fuck fingers, and he tightened his gripping hands, he pinched their sex-sensitive nerve endings, causing her to tremble her entire body. She still had her hand resting on his blood-bloated penis, and as the blissful pain from his nipple squeezing raced through her body, she wrapped her fingers around as much of his cock as she could, tightening her grasp on the seething ridge of flesh, throbbing and pulsing as more lust-heated blood swelled it to an incredible size.Pushing her away from his face gently, he looked into her lewdly twinkling eyes."God, I want to fuck you, baby. I want to fuck you so badly. I can't wait any longer. I want to fuck you right now."Ordinarily his obscene language made her cringe, but now she found that it only made her grip his massive cock tighter, and she stroked it through his almost ripping pants firmly."Really," she said in a teasing voice. "Well, I want you too. Right now."She released her tight grip on his penis and straightened up, walking to the bedroom and giving him a little glance over her shoulder to see if he was following her.At first he just stared at her. She had never acted like this before, and he still thought he could feel her constricting fingers around his prick. She must really be feeling guilty about doing what he had told her not to do. And now it was she that was inviting him into the bedroom.Well, what was he sitting there for? She certainly hadn't left him to practice playing cat's cradle. She wanted him to fuck her, and that was exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted him to fuck her. Getting up from his soft chair, he almost ran across the living room to the bedroom, and threw open the door in eager impatience. His eyes met hers, and just as quickly, he removed them from her stare and fixed them on her breasts.She had already taken off her sweater and bra, exposing her luscious mounds in their full glory. He had never seen them so luscious and swollen before. Usually she preferred to wait for a while before she let herself go, but she was really hot for him now. As he burst into the room, she stopped her stripping, and turned her half naked body toward him to give him a full view of her glans. Heaving slightly as she took a deep breath, they seemed to thrust out at him, two mounds of apple-shaped flesh, firm and well rounded, firm and well rounded, and almost as red as large ripe apples, topped with hard, pebble-sized cherries that looked back at him like blazing eyes, glaring deep into his body and burning through his aroused torso. Just the sight of them was enough to make any man cum in his pants, but Bill had no intention of doing that. He wanted to ram his expanded penis as deeply into her cunt as he could, wanted to feel her buttery soft pussy lips grasping tightly around his cock as he thrust his swollen member again and again into her seething cuntal folds."Well," she said, taking her eyes away from his and looking down to her tight pants. "What are you waiting for? Hell to freeze over?"That was all he needed to break the trance the sight of her corpulent breasts had put him in. Rapidly unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants, he stripped his body and walked over to her now naked form, his thick, elongated cock bouncing as he took gliding steps. Even though he had often seen his wife in the nude, this seemed to be a special occasion. Again looking at her breasts, he took a deep breath at their amazing beauty. Moving his eyes down further, he thrilled at her flat, luscious belly, curving inward and perfectly at her rounded hips, accented by the pucker of her belly button. It looked like another eye staring at him from the center of her stomach, and surrounded by her soft, velvet like skin, glowing with the sexual excitement she had brought upon herself. Her hips were like an inverted base, held up by her firm, shapely thighs, creamy white and silky soft as she revolved them slowly and sensually. And there! How could he even avoid the bright red cuntal triangle blazing from her loins like a small fire capable of heating his cock to incredible temperatures. It looked like a wispy flame resting at the opening of her pussy hole, a warning flame that said her cunt was reserved only for her husband's burning torch-like cock, and nothing else. Already it was glistening with droplets from her slightly gyrating hips, small amounts of jewel-sized droplets emanating from her moist cuntal slit. Her almost cum seeped from her empty pussy lips, a chamber that Bill did not intend to keep empty for very long. As he walked across the room, he held his turgid cock in his hand and pressed the rubbery tip against her creamy belly flesh.Nancy felt as though a fiery torch had been placed against her nakedly smooth belly, burning into her womb and searing through her lasciviously nude body. Opening her mouth, she greeted his bruising, torrid kiss fully on her lusciously full lips, and accepted his tongue worming deeply into her mouth. She sensed that tonight was something special, and she wanted to make sure that she gave her husband her all. Reaching between their tightly pressing bodies, she enveloped his pulsing cock in her hand and stroked it gently, feeling his whole body respond to her light masturbation.Bill reached his hands along her ribcage and grabbed her small buttock cheeks. Pulling her tightly against him, he pressed his boiling cock firmly against her quivering belly, delighting at the sensations she was causing as she rubbed her firm breasts against his hair covered chest, pressing her nipples tightly against his muscled body. The force with which he pulled her to him flattened her mounds against her, and her rock-hard nipples felt like little pebbles against him. Again running his hands along her shaking, naked body, he pushed her away from him so that he could cup her fleshy mounds in his hands, thrilling at their throbbing as a surge of lust-heated blood coursed to her breasts. Despite their firmness, they were like cups of butter in his hands, and he squeezed them forcefully, sending a shiver through her body. She arched her back, and pressed her cuntal mound against his quivering thighs, and Bill could feel her seething, moist hotness along her cuntal slit. Her whole vagina seemed to be engulfed in a liquid fire, and as a trickle of cum ran down his legs, he stopped trying to control his body. Bending down, he grabbed her behind her knees, and lifted her naked form off the floor, cradling her in his powerful arms and carrying her across the room to the bed.Even as he held her, he could see her pussy lips spread apart as her legs dangled over his arms. Her bright red pubic hair was begging for penetration, and that was exactly what he was going to do it. Laying her down on the bed, he saw her go almost limp in anticipation of her husbands weight fall on top of her. She spread her legs and offered her cunt to him, gasping as she waited to feel the first contact of his bulbous penis tip along her aching vaginal slit.Bill looked at her as she gyrated her hips into the mattress, knowing that her movements would drive him insane with wanton sexual desires. Her hips were revolving slowly and sensually, their nakedness exciting him as he watched her cunt undulate and turn in small circles. He knew that she was waiting for him to ram his cock into her churning cunt, and he wanted to very much, but as he watched the syrup-like pussy revolve, he wanted first to eat her, something she did not like him to do. Well, tough. She was really hot now, and he would make her even hotter as he sent his tongue gushing into her cunt. Her eyes were closed, and he knew that he would be able to send his tongue ramming into her hot little pussy before she got a chance to stop him. He wanted to suck and drink at her cunt more than anything right now, and he was not about to let his wife's sexual hang-ups hold him back.Pressing his face against the seething crack between her legs, he lashed out with his tongue along her hotly seeping cuntal slit. Immediately she stiffened her body at the repulsive act."Please, Bill," she whimpered. "Not there. Don't kiss me there. Kiss me on the lips."Bill pretended not to hear her. In fact, he almost didn't hear her. He was too busy lashing his turgidly stiffened pink organ along her churning cuntal orifice, and it was something he wasn't about to stop just because his wife asked him to. He had wanted to lick her delicious cunt ever since they were married. He had taught her many things about sex since then, and he figured it was time for another lesson. Sending his tongue an inch into her thrashing vagina, he felt her body quiver and tighten as she pressed her thighs together to prevent him from continuing his perverse action.Bill looked at her clasped thighs and smiled. So she thinks she can prevent me from licking that hot little cunt of hers, does she? he thought. Well, she has another thing coming to that empty mind of hers. Running his tongue along her trembling thighs, starting at her knees, he inched his way along the writhing body beneath him. Her head was thrashing wildly on the pillow and her whole body was churning as he crept with his wet, searing organ along the valley between her legs, inching closer and closer to her Venus mound. As he crept toward her gyrating cunt, he got exactly the reaction he expected. She was whimpering in low, throaty moans, begging him not to continue."Please, Bill, please. I don't want you to do it. Don't kiss my cunt."But there was no conviction in her voice. As he ran his tongue along her nakedly shivering legs and came closer to her writhing pussy hair, she felt a wave of searing fires course and ripple through her body, burning along her love- heated blood stream and race to her near exploding cuntal split. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and against all her control, she opened her legs widely to allow her cunt sucking husband to enter the wetly soft folds of her hotly churning cunt. As Bill licked closer to the dangling wisps of her red pubic mound, she drew up her knees and dropped them open, lewdly spreading her pussy orifice and exposing her steaming slit to her husband's lashing tongue. From between her wildly parted knees she could see the wantonly lewd expression on her lover's pussy licking face, and she shuddered convulsively as she watched his long, pink tongue enter the cuntal valley of her wide open thighs. Suddenly she shut her eyes and lavished her mind as the whole room seemed to explode in her head. He had plunged his seething, hot tongue deeply into her cuntal chamber, reaching deep into her hole as he ran the thick organ around her vaginal walls, licking and slurping at the flood of cuntal lubrication she was washing into his face. Her whole body seemed gripped in the rushing torrent of a million all consuming fires, raging and blazing throughout her pubic area, and centering on her tongue-penetrated pussy lips.She was beyond rational thought as her pussy-licking husband lashed out with his tongue and rammed the turgid thickness deeply into the searing hotness of her churning cunt. The torching pain was excruciating, and her whole nakedly quivering body writhed and spasmed as ,he rammed his tongue again and again into the churning cuntal depths. It was nothing short of incredible, and she wished he had forced himself on her like this before. Reaching along her lust-shattered body, she gripped the sides of his vagina lapping head and pulled him against her stretched pussy lips, driving his face tightly against the fine mist spraying from her vibrating, pulsing cunt and into his face. Each lash of his surging tongue was like a gorging stab from a red-hot sword ramming into her cuntal depths, burning and searing her vaginal walls in a blissfully agonizing all-encompassing anguish. Pressing his head firmly against her lewdly naked cunt, she allowed him to drive his tongue all the way into her churning wetly soft depths, and she felt the organ revolve around along her vaginal walls, lapping and drinking her hotly, lustfully produced cum, and she felt her pussy muscles constrict around his depraved tongue.Bill mentally smiled at his wife's sudden coming to life. He knew the effect he was having on her as he reached his tongue into the churning depths of her gushiness, trying to reach with it her clitoral bud deep in her vagina, and he relished the writhing and trembling of her naked body lewdly sprawled beneath him. Arching his eyebrows, he watched her thrash and toss her head between her out-stretched knees, and he knew that his cunt-sucking was producing her orgasm. He himself was feeling hot in his engorged cock, and his bloated penis was rubbing against the bed sheets. That was turning him into a lust-controlled animal, but he was getting tired of merely licking cunt. He wanted to feel her churning depths grasping his cock, and he wanted to fuck his wife right now. He knew that she would not want him to remove his mouth from her vagina, but that was too bad.He could feel his sperm laden balls ache for relief, and while his cunt sucking was doing delirious things to his prim little wife, and even though he loved eating this deliciously hot pussy, he wanted even more to ram the full lust length of his bloated cock into her spasming cunt.With a violent surge of strength he ripped his face from her nakedly exposed pussy lips, only a split second before Nancy closed her legs around his head in an attempt to hold him against her vibrating cunt.