The Call Of Desire (Vintage Erotic Novel) - Anju Quewea - ebook

This is a Vintage Erotic, Adult Novel... Full of sexual adventures... Involving a sexy and Seductive girl... Full of Sex, Surprises and Unusual Naughty Twists.

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The Call Of Desire

CHAPTER ONE"Oh, hit me hard, stud," I breathed, feeling Steve's big thick cockhead at my cuntal deeps. "Fuck me good!"He groaned, shouldered my legs back farther, and went into his short strokes. There is nothing in the universe to compare with feeling a big stud of a man ram his prick in my coming cunt. This was the culmination of an evening of flirtation, tease and temptation.My slick, readied cunt contracted with swift, luscious spasms. My tits arched up at his chest, hard-nippled and peaked with need. The pillow beneath my ass lifted my crotch into the very right position, and the sweet slap-slap of his cockroot and drawn-up nuts against my lower cunt lips whirled me into a sex trance.He moaned as he unloaded his wad, and my fun gun went off again. My clit throbbed with furious spasms. I whined and savored the third orgasm since we had crawled in bed. He had done a great job on me. The first come had been on his finger in the living room, after tit-kissing and ear-nibbling and cunt play. The second go-off had been just after he pushed his prick in my cunt.Now, after fifteen minutes of prolonging the pleasure, he was getting his reward for showing me a good time. He was squirting in my cunt and I was having a really big climax.Softening in the saddle of my thighs, he muttered against my throat. "Damn, you're good, Lana. Very good!""Love it," I purred, my long legs slowly dropping to grip his tight, muscular ass. "Like I said before, you have a fine, long cock, Steve. And you know how to use it."He rolled his chest on my tits, keeping his big hard cock snugly in my shivery, semen-soaked cunt. Some girls get up right after taking a load of jism and can't wait to get in the john I love letting a prick soak. That rich virile nut cream is good for a girl's complexion. It tones up the whole delicate female apparatus."A very practical girl," he murmured, his cock showing signs of shrinking. I knew what was happening. Most handsome studs like him expect a girl to turn all gushy and giggly and declare her 'love' These with-it animals who get lots of pussy want a string of females on the list, and they usually have then.But, sadly, I was fucking him for more than just fun. Steve was captain of a cruise ship suspected of carrying cocaine, and as an undercover policewoman, I was 'doing my duty,' and adoring it. My twin sister, Mona, and I work for the Honolulu and Hawaiian vice squad. It is no secret there is no official name."Not like your usual lay?" I murmured, upfucking at his cock."Hey, I don't get a girl like you very often, Lana. Honest."I knew better, I had looked through his file, but like a good trooper I played my part. Mona and I don't work all the time. Our late father, Nels Larsen, a prominent shipbuilder, had left my twin and me very well fixed.We could have led the life of ease a lot of sexy girls do, when they can afford it. Jetting from one watering hole to the next, fashion shows, dating the best looking stallions.But a good friend of ours, Sandy Evers, had talked Mona and me into doing something useful with our lives and talents.Mona and I picked out cases. By working only now and then we were able to keep up our 'front: Two rich girls living in a big house on the outskirts of Honolulu with servants and the works. On some jobs we simply asked for expenses. Some assignments we did free. The authorities were damn glad to pamper us.Sandy was usually our only contact with the fuzz. She had been a friend a long time, she came and went like one of the family.So far, on this pleasant evening, I had learned absolutely nothing about cock aboard his ship. These things usually take time. And since he was such good fucking, I didn't mind at all!"The head man on a pleasure ship like the one you command simply must get lots of eager pussy," I giggled.He chuckled, lifted up and drew his shrinking cock out of my flushed, wet cunt. He settled down at my right and I handed him a towel I always kept handy beneath a pillow. He dabbed the pussy juice and spunk from his prick and balls, and I took the towel, pushing it against my leaking tutti.He slid his strong left arm under my head, patted my tummy, and kissed me on the mouth. He was good, all right. Slow, easy tongue strokes, his play hand creeping up to my swollen tits. Mona and I have terrific hard, high boobs. While we are 'twenty-one, we look about eighteen. Steve was exactly thirty-six, he had been married twice. No children. He lived beyond his salary, ,which is always a good indication a man is getting it under the table or from illegal activity.A man his age loves fairly young pussy. As far as that goes, a man of any age likes young cunt. Mona and I are what is known as triple-A stuff. If we sold it we'd be called racehorse whores. Those kind who get from five hundred to a thousand an evening. Or more.One old shit I had dated recently, to get needed info, had offered me ten grand for one trick. I would rather crawl in bed with Spiderman. You get the idea."You have this big spread all to yourself, Lana?" he asked, teasing my right breast, toying with my tingling nipple."Yes, with the servants," I said offhandedly."Young rich girl, huh?" he said.I giggled. "Sure, it's fun. Daddy left me lots of nice money." I reached over and cuddled his awakening cock. It was a good niner and thick. "And my hobby is good looking animals like you, Steve."I was doing this with no mention of Mona. I had plans for her for later. In fact, from her bedroom next door she was watching the whole thing here through one of those tricky one-way peepholes. We love to watch each other fuck. It had the usual attractions, like a ceiling mirror, two johns and a lot of suggestive statues, heavy thick carpet.Mona could also hear every word spoken, every sigh of the expensive bedsprings and every cry of delight. Hidden mikes are old stuff, you know. Invariably we are attracted to the same kind of man, or girl, and quite often we do a threesome, if the visitor is agreeable. You'd be surprised how many chicks love to be serviced by sexy blonde twins."Damn," he said, with the tone of voice which indicated he wanted to come back for more -- if I'd let him. Some men will marry if there's enough money involved. Mona and I were not ready for that stuff yet.I could almost hear the wheels turning in his brain. Marry some rich, sexy pussy like me and live a life of ease. He would check me out, of course. He would learn that I had an identical twin sister and that we were as rich as shit. But first he was going to give Mona the kind of fuck I had just enjoyed."What do you do for entertainment besides make out with willing, young tourists?" I asked.He laughed. "I golf and jog. What about you, Lana?""My exercise is mostly swimming. I have a nice pool. My other hobby is fucking."He squeezed my left breast and moved his hand back to the other tingling tit cone. I cooed and purred like a real sexpot."Damn," he said again, his mouth returning to mine. I softened and enjoyed his tongue and mouth. His cock was turning hard again. When he tired of kissing, he breathed in my long, rich mane."Baby," I murmured. "Let me up a minute, I gotta visit the john.""Sure," he said, grinning.I patted his cock, stuck my tongue out at him, and crawled from the bed. I wiggled into the bathroom, closed the door and waited for Mona to appear from a hidden door at the back of the large john. She did, winking and smiling. She held her thumb and forefinger together. I knew she'd want her turn at Steve.I flushed the toilet and she whispered in my ear. "I'm gonna love this, honey! I thought you'd never get his wad!"I patted her on the naked ass. She was all turned on from watching Steve and me fuck. We kissed lightly, hugged, and I slipped through the secret door. A narrow hallway led to her bedroom. I settled myself in a chair near the one-way peephole and watched her come out of the bathroom.Steve, on his back, his prick resting on his belly, stared at Mona and grinned. "Hey, you look better than ever, Lana.""Oh, I touched up my lips and eyes and brushed my hair," she dimpled, crawling on the bed at his left. His cock was already swelling. I stared enviously.He half-turned, his right hand sliding down her belly to her cunt. We sisters have very little pubic hair, a trait that often runs in blondes. While he played with her pussy, she kissed him on the mouth. Her left hand cuddled his puffing prick. Mona opened her beautiful, long legs and I had a fine view of his fingers toying with her exposed pussy.She whined with joy as his best finger oozed slowly into her cunt. She curled her hips at his hand. Obviously she was either sucking his tongue' or he was sucking hers. My clit stiffened sweetly. I opened a drawer in front of me, revealing several dildos. They were already warmed by electric heat underneath out pleasure poles. I selected one slightly larger than Steve's cock and brought the realistically colored knob against my cunt-mouth. I was already puffed and slick.I pushed the dildo slowly into my cunt, shivering with lust. "Mmmmmm. I hadn't had nearly enough fucking. This would do very nicely. As Steve thumb-teased Mona's prominent pink clittie, I started stroking the imitation prick in my shivery cunt.Damn. I wouldn't need much of this to get my fun gun off. Carefully now, baby, I said to myself. Enjoy. Don't rush it.Sandy Evers, our contact with the narcotics squad of Honolulu, had told me where to contact Steve. At a lounge in the Hawaii Stratton. It had not taken me long to draw his interest. Every stud in the lounge, plus several sexy chicks, looked me over as I took a stool at the bar. I wore dressy pants and a blouse that accented the forward thrust of my superlative tits. High heels, of course. No pantyline showed because I wore whisper thin pantyhose. Men and some girls like to believe there's nothing inside the pants except ass and cunt.A blonde like me, with long glistening hair and long legs, built like a movie starlet, attracts attention, believe me. Steve was almost drooling. When I glanced at him and winked slightly, he moved right over oh the empty stool at my left.The rest, as any smart pussy knows, was easy. You want a little, you let it show. Truthfully, I was horny. Lana and I hadn't scored in a while. We don't fuck just anybody.I had lured Steve to our big house with no great difficulty. After the usual bullshit, some tit feels and crotch touches from me, some deep tongue-kissing, I had him in my bedroom.He was no dummy. Anybody smart enough to operate and run a big luxury cruise ship, and perhaps peddle a little coke on the side, has brains. Invariably the smart studs know how to give a girl a good time."Oh, this is beautiful!" Mona giggled, caressing Steve's rock-hard prick. Clear wetness showed on his cockhead."I like what I'm feeling, too, Lana," he said."Why don't I climb on top this time?" she cooed, squeezing his thick niner."Great!" he said. His finger came out of her cunt, and she crawled above him. She fit her pussy at the root of his cock and posed there, slanted above him, arms extended. She arched her boobs at him and of course he reached up to squeeze them.Mona had heard all the bedroom conversation while I'd fucked him, so she picked it up from where I'd left off."Where do you sail next, Steve?" Mona asked."Oh, the big island. Why don't you come along? I can get you a fine stateroom.""Mmmmm," she cooed. She writhed her cunt at the root of his cock. She watched his hands as he cleverly fondled her tits, her pink, stiffening nipples. "I might just do that, Steve. If I can get my share of this nice, hot cock."He laughed. "Guaranteed. Or do you have your own yacht?""Oh, I'm not that rich, big man," she said. Which was a lie. Mona and I had decided against a boat of any kind. We didn't live like queens. Our strength was in banks and investment firms. Nothing beats a pile of almost-ready cash."Hmmmm," he mused. "Larsen. Wasn't your father a big shipbuilder?""Yes, and he left me well fixed," she answered."Say, don't you have a sister?"Was the shit going to hit the fan already? I stopped stroking my dildo and listened closely."Yes, baby, but she's in California right now." I could not have come up with a better answer. This Steve Ustick had evidently done a bit of research himself. "Come on, let's enjoy ourselves. I didn't get nearly enough sliding cock a while ago!"He chuckled. "And I didn't get nearly enough of this sweet, snug pussy.""Well, what say I lift up and slid your prick in there?" she breathed. She was ready. I knew all the signs. Watching him fuck me had really turned her on. She moved her crotch forward, tilted her hips and caught his cockhead with her puffy cunt. Her ass lowered slowly and an expression of pure enjoyment touched her sensitive, beautiful features."Look, no hands!" she giggled."Damn!" he said, squeezing her tits. "That's good pussy.""Mmmmm!" she purred, stroking slowly. "Just right, stud."I started poking my dildo in my itchy cunt. Oh, hell. I was going to come off right now. I would play it along on the next series of strokes. With the right guy or girl Mona and I can often get off up to fifteen times apiece. That is where it's at.With my left hand cupping my left tit, I squished the dildo faster. I wouldn't need to turn on the vibrator. I love to daily with my lust, draw myself right to the edge of an orgasm, then hold back a few delicious heart-beats. It makes the come quivers more delicious!But I was ready. I went into the short strokes. Ohhhhh! My clit pulsed, my stinging cunt tightened delectably around the pumping imitation prick. The nuances were particularly deep and delightful. I almost shouted!Mona was taking her time, smart girl. Besides; his second semen shot would take longer than the first one. She would enjoy more sliding live cock than I had. Hell, maybe he was good for three squirts in one evening."Yeahhhh," Steve grinned, watching my sexy sister bounce and rotate her ass. A few quick hunches, then a pause."Love your cock, baby," Mona breathed. "You're damn good up there, Lana," he muttered."I need lots of it, Steve," she said, thrusting again.I smiled. I began stroking my dildo...CHAPTER TWO"Which one of us goes on that cruise with Steve?" Mona asked sipping coffee.We were in our kitchen at a table that looks out on the pool and patio area. The French doors were open and a nice breeze from the Pacific stirred lush vegetation beyond the pool fence. Typically Mona and I came to breakfast in panties and bras. We had a very laid back lifestyle."We could flip a coin," I said. "He is good fucking, isn't he?""Delicious," Mona "smiled. "How many times did you come, honey? I missed some of the action. I was coming hard on a dildo.""I think I counted seven," I said. "Plus one down in the living room before we came in our special bedroom."Mona giggled. "I watched that, too." She stretched, tautening the sweet twin thrusts of her tits. "I could sure use some this morning.""Me, too," I said. "I don't think we're ever going to find a live-in that'll satisfy us both."At that instant the doorbell chimes rang. Tala, one of our young sexy maids, would get it. I heard distant voices, then saw Sandy Evers wiggle into view. She wore shorts and halter, very high heels and a wide-brimmed hat. She's thirty-six, but doesn't look it. She always has a live-in pussy. She lived on the other side of Honolulu in a modest pad.Like we twins, she had money of her own, but part of her cover was living unextravagantly. She had trained for police work in college before inheriting a couple of southern California oil wells. She did not care to copy the life of a jet-set lezzie. She was doing something useful and slightly dangerous.To get information she would sometimes fuck a man, but she said she never enjoyed it. She loved pussy. Now and then the three of us had a party. We never let business interfere with sexual pleasures."God, I get a stiff clit every time I see you two like this," Sandy said, dropping her sculptured ass into a chair.I waved my tits at her. Although cradled in a sheer bra, she could see every detail of my boobs."Stop that, Lana," Sandy laughed. She could tell us apart, one of the very few who could. She said it was something in the eyes. She told me once that I was better fucking than Mona. Coming from a lesbian I was not overly flattered. I prefer men."Did you friend out anything from Ustick, girls?" Sandy asked, pouring coffee."No," Mona said. "He's got nine nice thick inches of prick. He's smooth and experienced. We drained his balls, but not his brain. He wants one of us to go on a cruise with him to the big island. We might learn something that way.""I'll get back to you two on that," Sandy said, staring at my tits again. My nipples were coming out. I was getting a tingle in the clit. "We have another assignment for you two sexports. This guy is smuggling precious gems out of Singapore, and getting them to the mainland via Hawaii. His name is Henry Thorn, around fifty, and very dashing. He usually has two Asian girls with him, sometimes three. I'll give you his hotel and room number before I leave.""How can we touch him if he carries his own pussy with him?" Mona asked."He likes blondes," Sandy smiled. "Plenty of studs his age think they can service a harem. I think both of you ought to go on his deal.""I hope he's good fucking," I cooed at Sandy."God damn it, Lana, quit tempting me," Sandy giggled. "Lu just fell off the roof. I need a good, solid fucking."Lu was the name of Sandy's live-in, a plump young Island girl of mixed ancestry who would fuck at the drop of a pair of panties. We twins hadn't sampled her, but Sandy said she was some of the best ass she'd ever enjoyed. She could cook and keep house, too."We're not doing anything at the moment, Sandy," Mona said. "Let's have a party.""I was hoping you'd ask!" Sandy said, a flush crawling up her throat. For a brunette she had very fair skin. She didn't tan easily, and stayed out of the sun."It has been a while, honey," Mona answered. "Let's go down in our party room."Sandy's flush deepened. Mona led the way out of the kitchen and Sandy followed. I watched the sway of her ass in the snug red shorts, the rub of her long, full thighs. Nummy. I slipped closer and slid my right hand down across her tush. She giggled, undulating her butt. A subtle aroma of perfume and pussy tickled my nostrils and tingled my clit.The morning after a good fuck always leaves me with a kind of sex hangover. Only it doesn't hurt, it feels wonderful.In our party room, elaborate and suggestive, we three sat on a long sofa, Sandy in the middle. Although Mona and I had a big, well-stocked bar, we hardly ever drank. Sandy didn't either. Nothing destroys a girl's freshness sooner than too much booze.Since I was seated at Sandy's right, I started the action. I tickled my right hand between her rich, smooth thighs, slid my left arm around her waist, and our mouths met. Her tongue snaked between my lips. I opened and enjoyed the delicate probings, cupping her cunt mound and kneading the covered cunt flesh.Her hips curled up at my fingers, a little moan of delight came up her throat. Mona opened the brunette's halter and let her big, firm tits out. Sandy whined her appreciation. I slid a playful finger up her thinly-sheathed cunt slit and wiggled it against her clittie. Our mouths mashed together, and I began using my tongue. She softened back, letting me take charge. I'm that kind of dominant pussy.She was boss in the field, but I was boss in bed. I was usually the aggressor when Mona and I got it on. We didn't do it often anymore. We'd started in our very early teens; most of the novelty had worn off. Like unattached males, we loved new pussy. We hadn't fucked Sandy in a long time.She'd been stationed near L.A. several months recently. She had complained about the good-looking chicks around glitter city. They wanted money for a fuck. Sandy was getting old. I mean, compared with Lana and me. We never asked for favors; we don't need them.But hell, if a guy wants to send flowers or expensive perfume or buy a dinner, why not?"Love your tits, Sandy," Mona purred."Mmmmm!" Sandy whined into my mouth. She was turning on fast. A. smart, robust broad, she had lived for years with a near nympho, a stallion female, a young pussy who couldn't seem to get enough. Lu, her new live-in, was not doing a complete job.I continued to press her cunt and tease our along her thighs. We were eating each other's mouths. At last she tore her swollen lips free and panted against my throat."Let's get naked and fuck, Lana! I'm dying for it!"I let go of her, Mona stopped fondling the brunette's tits, and we moved into our play room, just off the rec area. My sister and I had had some delicious times in there. Sandy stripped her shorts and panties to the floor, tossed her opened halter aside. Her dark-bushed cunt was slick with juice, her slit showing a sweet puffiness.Mona and I removed our bras and panties. Sandy crawled on the wide bed, settled on her beautiful ass, her tits arched high, her lush thighs opened wide. Since she wanted me to fuck her first, I settled down at her right and started fondling her cunt.Leaning above her; I caught a dark, thick nipple in my lips. She moaned, pushing her tits at me, her sex flush pinking her entire throat. Most cunts do turn on fast for me. Mona and I have a very sensual appearance, we exude sex appeal."God, that's good!" Sandy breathed, as I finger-teased her clit. Trust a girl to know where the sensitive zones are in another pussy. You practice on your own cunt enough, you soon learn.Mona sat in a chair facing the bed., She had taken one of our numerous dildos from a night stand beside the bed, and she was playing the head of it against her clit. She fondled her tits with her left hand. She was a picture of voluptuous sensuality.Sandy claimed she didn't care for dildos, they were too 'masculine.' She certainly loved my finger in her oozy cunt, tickling her urethra. Thumbing her strong, pink clitoris, I coaxed the thrills from her crotch. She didn't fondle me, just rested there and let me draw the goodies from her cunt and tits.I lipped and sucked her other dark nipple, watching the expression of thrall on her sensitive face. Like so many beautiful girls who prefer pussy, she looked like the kind of sophisticated broad who could fuck about any man she wanted. I feel sorry for most lezzies. They simply don't know what they're missing!"Ohhhh, fuck me now, Lana!" she whispered, shaking with lust.I slid over between her smooth, warm thighs. trembling, I fit my clit to hers, her legs swung farther apart, her mouth begged for more kissing. I rolled my tits into hers, took her eager lips and began to fuck her.Lana and I had never eaten her. One of the sweet delicacies of lesbian sex is nibbling pussy. Having a turned-on clit between your lips and feeling it pulse in orgasm is sheer delight. But then, every girl is different. That's one of the pleasures of fucking females; you never know how they prefer it.In our collection of girl-pleasers are several strap-on dildos of soft rubber. Some chicks like the stroking of a prick without a man attached to it. We also had some double-dildos, similar to those used by ancient Egyptian women. Can you imagine two cunts fucking away on stone pricks? Ouch!Ours are of semi-soft rubbery stuff. You know, flexible.I fucked slowly, in short bursts, resting in between. Sandy swerved her mouth free, her face twisting with passion."Oh, do me, honey!" She breathed, her crotch lifting higher. "Make me come!"