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The first memory program specifically geared to business success--from the expert whose corporate seminars have boosted the careers of tens of thousands of employees and executives. At no point in history has the ability to synthesize and manage vast amounts of information been so crucial to business success. Yet research shows that within 3 hours to 3 days of learning something new, we'll forget 85 percent of what we've learned. Now, offering the same memory system he has used in his sought-after seminars and workshops, memory expert Frank Felberbaum shows you how to turn all that around. Instead of forgetting 85 percent of the people, facts, and ideas you are exposed to, you'll remember 85 percent--and you'll keep on remembering them as long as they are useful to you. Through a fun, easy-to-follow, four-step program that utilizes memory games, skills tests, and enjoyable interactive exercises, The Business of Memory will: o Improve your ability to retain, process, and retrieve information quickly and accurately o Teach you to harness your powers of observation, concentration, visualization, and association o Inspire you with new excitement and confidence about your own mental abilities With this simple program that requires only 10 minutes a day, you can vastly expand the

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Everyone actually has a photographic memory. The problem is that usually this perfect recall of new information lasts for only about one-tenth of a second—not long enough to do any good. Therefore, a system is required to extend that retention time and increase the amount of information that gets captured. Just a few simple steps can pay huge career dividends and benefits.

There are three steps you can use to become better at remembering things in the four key zones of business information:

Key Thoughts

“Paying attention, along with visualizing and associating, are the cornerstones of my memory system. Learning how to improve your use of these processes will go a long way toward boosting your memory—and your intelligence. Moreover, this effort has a cumulative effect. The more you strengthen one aspect of your mind, the stronger the other parts will become. Sharpening your powers of observation will mean you notice more and remember more. Learning how to create pictures and stories in your mind will strengthen your ability to make more and richer connections among your memories."

Frank Felberbaum

The Three Step Memory Training System

Three Steps To a Better Memory 1   Pay better attention to begin with

Before you can remember something, you first have to observe it and take notice of it. Most people gloss over important people, facts and concepts without really paying attention. If you don't notice something in the first place, you won't be able to remember it. Simply increasing your mental awareness in new situations will increase how much you remember without doing anything else.

To become better at paying attention in new situations:


Put your mind on full alert when you encounter new information. Pay careful attention to the fact that you're encountering new information. Some helpful hints in this area:

■ Look for patterns or anomalies. The way things repeat or when something unusual stands out will help you to remember that new piece of information.

■ Experience the present moment to the fullest rather than being half-hearted, distracted or thinking about other things.

■ Bring your social skills to bear. Ask some questions until you find something interesting or unique that is well worth remembering.

■ If you’re meeting a new person, select one of their most distinctive facial features and observe that closely. This will later become your mental trigger to remember them.


Concentrate deliberately and exclusively on the important new information you're being given. Choose to focus on what you need to pay attention to and stop your mind from wandering. In this context, multitasking is an enemy to remembering something. Focus entirely on the new information before you. Some hints:

■ Ask yourself periodically: “Am I focusing on my work or on something else?"

■ Keep working at this. At first, you’ll find that your mind wanders onto other topics without you being aware. Practice concentrating for longer and longer periods. Keep progressively increasing the amount of time you concentrate until you can go for 90 minutes or longer. Just making an intensive effort to enhance your span of concentration will see you making great leaps forward in this area.

■ Think positively. Feel confident that this is an area of your thinking where a little consistent effort can pay big dividends. Most people are pleasantly surprised how much their concentration abilities increase when they make an effort to work on them.