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All 4 Books from the Bound Wives Series!Three married men, three hot wives, and one idea that would change their lives forever!The Bound Wives Club 1Zack, Jeff and Brian are three married friends each caught in the boredom of everyday life and 15+ years of marriage. While having a few beers one night they come up with an idea that can cure their boredom and put them on the wild sex ride of their lives. And each one of their wives will participate without even knowing it. After all, if she's wearing a blindfold and doesn't know, what could possibly go wrong?The Bound Wives Club 2Zack, Jeff and Brian had a great thing going. Once a month one of them would tie and blindfold his wife while one of the others had his way with her. As long as they played by the rules the wives would never find out and they would have the time of their lives. That worked until the blindfold came off of Diane in the middle of the show. Now she wants to be part of the club too, and they need to let her play along or she'll blow the whistle on the whole deal. Certainly all she wants to do is watch... The Bound Wives Club 3Zack, Jeff and Brian had a great thing going. Once a month one of them would tie and blindfold his wife while one of the others had his way with her. Once Diane finds out about it, however, she forces her way into their group. The guys agreed to let her continue in the club on one condition: she needs to seduce Zack's wife into a consensual sex act - if she can pull that off, they'll let her play along when they blindfold Barb - otherwise, she's out for good. Zack's wife is straight as an arrow - surely Diane will fail in her attempts at seduction...The Bound Wives Club 4Three bored husbands, one understanding: once a month one of them would tie and blindfold his wife while one of the other two has his way with her. Once one of the wives finds out, though, she wants to indulge her bi-curious tendencies and things start to go sideways. It's time for them to come clean with the wives once and for all, but not before they go out with a bang!

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Sylvia Redmond

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This story contains sexually explicit content and is intended for readers over 18 years of age. By downloading this document you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age. All fictitious characters who are engaged in sexual acts in this book are likewise over 18 years of age, whether explicitly stated or not.

Table of Contents

The Bound Wives Club 1

The Bound Wives Club 2

The Bound Wives Club 3

The Bound Wives Club 4

The Bound Wives Club 1

Sylvia Redmond


It was supposed to be foolproof, that was the reason for the 5 rules. Nobody wanted to get caught and nobody wanted any trouble with their marriage.  It was risky, sure. But the potential payoff of getting to score on the other two wives seemed well worth it – even if you had to give up your own wife. They had discussed it for weeks before they drew up their charter – if they followed the 5 rules they should always be fine:

Always Blindfolded – Of course this was number one. Something had to be tied around her eyes so that she could not see – at all. It had to be something that would not easily shake off either.

Hands Always Tied – either behind the back or to headboard or bedposts. Tied in front wouldn’t do because it was too easy to get at their blindfold that way, and the blindfold was the single point of failure.

Auditory Camouflage – There needed to be some kind of background noise, either music or a television, to mask any footsteps from being heard. Headphones would be ideal but that might be tricky to pull off.

Keep Absolutely Silent – The participant must not utter a word or groan, nothing that would give himself away. Even with the music background noise nothing could be left to chance.

Husband Must Always Be Present – No one was to be absolutely alone with another man’s wife. If she started talking or words needed to be exchanged, the husband had to be there – be right there. The voice obviously could not come from across the room.

The fact that they had been friends for a while made it easy. If the wives didn’t know and it improved the intimacy in their marriages it was a good thing, they reasoned. Talking about it logically and coming up with the 5 rules made it seem like a way to have fun without anybody needing to find out. And it worked out fine the first two times.

Chapter 1

Ironically, it started because of the wives, or at least that’s the way it would be remembered by Jeff, Zack and Brian, if for no other reason than to remove any lingering guilt they might have had about their idea.

Jeff and Brian had been friends since high school. Living in the same town and having children the same age ensured that they stayed good friends. Now in their 40s, their wives had become good friends too over the last 10 years or so. Zack had become friends with Jeff through their daughters’ soccer team, and the three families soon started to spend a lot of time together,

On this particular Saturday, Julie, Diane and Barb were doing a “girls night out” so the husbands were at home with the children. Since Zack had the biggest man-cave flat screen and a full basement complete with 2 PlayStations and TVs for the kids, his house was the natural hangout while the woman stayed out. The three of them were having beers while watching TV when it happened.

The “It” that happened was a TV news clip of the weather girl pitching the forecast for the evening news. It was perhaps a 10 second sound bite but it was enough to ignite the adolescent hormones of 3 forty something men and start the beginning of their salacious private club. And it all started with Jeff saying “Man, I would tie that girl down and fuck the shit out of her”.

Brian looked at Jeff and laughed at the crack. Zack didn’t skip a beat. “Funny you should say that – that’s exactly what I did to Julie last night”. This brought out a chorus of hoots and catcalls. Brian countered immediately with “If there wasn’t a blindfold involved dude, you’re a rookie”. And that’s where it started.

Chapter 2

It didn’t happen right away; they ended up meeting several times after that and talked about it. One thing was clear – each man was intrigued with the idea, which was easy to understand because each wife was desirable in their own way. Each man was willing to trade off their unknowing wife for a chance to have their way with the other two. As long as they could figure out a way to do it and not get caught, they could have the thrill of their sexual lives and not one would be the wiser. That’s why they came up with the five rules.

Next came the important question – who goes first? Jeff had unwittingly offered up Barb when he let it be known that she was already used to being tied up and blindfolded. To her this would be just another kinky sex night.

Julie had been tied up but not blindfolded yet so Zack would have to introduce the blindfold to her. Brian hadn’t done either thing yet with Diane so it would take him a little while to “break her in”. So it was decided that Brian would get the first go-round with Barb. Brian had been friends with Jeff and Barb for a long time so in the weird kinky logic of drafting a schedule it made sense for him to go first with Barb.

Jeff would go next with Julie. They figured if they did this once a month that would give Zack two months to get Julie comfortable with being blindfolded before bringing someone else into the bedroom. Since Jeff offered out his wife in the first round he was the obvious player for the second round.

This meant that Brian had 3 months to loosen Diane up to the idea of being tied up and blindfolded. For couples that were creeping up on 15-20 years of marriage this seemed plenty doable. So Zack would go third with Diane. Once they got past the third month they would repeat the “batting order” which meant Brian would go again but this time with Julie.

They agreed that one thing was certain – between each man introducing different things into their married sex lives and the thrill of fucking other woman, this was certain to give their entire sex life a boost unlike any other. It would actually be good for their marriages, and the wives should benefit too, albeit it unknowingly. This is what they told themselves.

They just had to follow the rules and they would have the time of their lives.

Chapter 3

Brian had always had a thing for Barb – it was one of the reasons he never batted an eye at the idea of the BWC. He had known her as far back as high school but he had only been friends with her. She was a little wild in high school and was the kind of girl who was dating college guys when she was a high school junior.

He was happy for his friend Jeff to have made her an “honest woman”. Being married with two girls was good for her and she was the model mother - or Milf, depending on who you were describing her to. Since Jeff has a good, high paying job Barb spends most of her non-mothering time at a Crossfit studio and kick boxing. And it shows, of the three wives she probably has the best body.

The perfect opportunity presented itself when Diane took their kids to her mother’s for the night one weekend. Jeff would be taking Barb out that night for a few drinks after dinner and then they would be home – he told Brian he would text him once they were home and then once again once he had her in “ready” position. Their back door would be unlocked, so he needed to be ready to move.

Brian was crazy with nervous anticipation. He had been married to his wife for 17 years and had been faithful. Their marriage was fine but their sex life was, well, the sex life of a couple who had been married for 17 years. The thought of screwing another man’s wife was driving him crazy – and it was the only thing he had been thinking about for weeks. From the moment they first talked about their plan, his first thoughts were about sliding into Barb.

Brian got the first text around 9:30 from Jeff that they were home and he high tailed it over to Jeff’s house and parked just down the street. Up until this point he never really thought their plans would materialize – as much as they had talked about it, there is a big difference when it’s go time and you’re offering up your bound wife to another man. His nerves were still telling him it wasn’t going to happen when he got the second text – it read simply “ok”.

He got out of his car and two timed it to the back of Jeff’s house and silently let himself in. He quickly slipped off his shoes and made it to the staircase. He could see Jeff at the top of the stairs at the entrance to their bedroom motioning him up urgently so he went up the stairs. Jeff met him just outside the door and whispered to him “She had several cosmos so she’s pretty lit up. I told her I wanted her to wear headphones this time with some music I picked out so she’s pretty out of it”.

Brian stepped inside the bedroom and nearly came in his pants at the sight. The room was dimly lit but had plenty of light to dance off of Barb’s glorious body. She was face down on the bed with each hand tied to one of the bedposts. She had a dark blindfold on and was wearing phones that ran to an ipod on the night table.  She only had a pair of panties on barely covering one of the most glorious asses he had ever seen.

She was moving her hips and muttering something unintelligible, probably singing along with the music in her stupor. Jeff stood there in his boxers with a raging hard on himself and gave Brian the thumbs up.

Brian stripped down to his boxers and moved onto the bed behind Barb to get a closer look at that fabulous ass. As soon as she felt the bed go down she started to coo “that’s it baby”. Brian moved his hand up and down her back, surveying every inch of her beautiful, toned body. He ran his hands up to her should and then down her sides along the sides of her breasts.

He couldn’t take it anymore and put his fingers under the elastic waistband over her panties and slowly slid them down over her ass. He was sitting over her legs so she couldn’t move her hips for the panties to come off, but that was fine, he wasn’t in a hurry. He surveyed her beautiful pussy closely between her gorgeous ass cheeks. She started begging “go ahead and take them off. Just take them off”. Brian responded with a simple “Shhhhhhh”.

He spent some time rubbing her ass and running his hand up and down her barely exposed slit. She was soaking wet and moving her hips like crazy so he moved off of her legs and whipped the panties off of her in one motion. Once he did this, he turned her hips and spread her right leg so that he could get better access to her beautiful pussy.

Jeff could see from where he was standing the dewey moisture on his wife’s swollen pussy lips. Brian reached down again with his hand and parted her lips and she let out a low guttural moan. It was almost too much for either one of them to take. Just then, Barb started saying “baby I can’t hear you with these goddamn headphones on but I want to feel your cock in my pussy now”.

Brian had waited for a while for this and he wasn’t quite ready to enter her now. Instead he moved forward and scooped his hand under her chest so he could get his hands on her tits. She pulled at her bounds to try and pull herself up on her elbows but her arms were tied tight enough to the bedposts to not allow any kind of movement. She was trapped with her blindfold on and her breasts pressed into his hands.

Brian finally moved back behind her, stepped off the bed for a second and removed his boxers. Looking over he realized Jeff had already pulled his off and was staring glassy eyed at his wife’s open pussy with his dick in his hand. Brian got back on the bed behind Barb.

“Go ahead baby, please put it in me, my pussy’s on fire”. Brian took one of the pillows from the bed and put it under her hips to raise her ass a little further up in the air. Then he ran his fingers over her sex again, spreading her lips with his finger and gently rubbing the nub of her clitoris. She started shaking and moaning wildly. He then finally lined himself up and slipped inside her with a single, slow thrust.

Barb let out a squeal that was both surprise and passion. She still had the headphones on and apparently didn’t realize how loud her moans were, but it was driving Brian into a frenzy. He grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her hard. Barb was moaning like crazy and Brian couldn’t take it – he tried to pull out of her just as her pussy spasmed and clamped down on him. The last thing Brian felt before spraying her insides with his seed was Barb’s sex grip onto his shaft.

He pulled out quickly and Barb flopped forward in a sweaty sigh. Brian quickly threw his boxers and shorts back on and lingered long enough to watch Jeff kneel in the same spot he was in two minutes ago. He grabbed Barb’s hips, pulled her ass back up into the air and thrust his own rigid cock into her pussy. The last thing Brian heard as he retreated down the stairs was Barb asking in a loud, panting voice “Jesus baby, what’s gotten into you tonight?”

Chapter 4

The three of them met later that week after work for a few beers. Brian still looked like he was still walking on a cloud.

“Dude” he said to Jeff, “Your wife is fucking spectacular”. One of their subtle agreements when they commenced on their club membership was to not dwell on their particular encounters, but Brian could not help himself.  “That was fucking awesome”.

The three sat and went over details about what worked that evening and how they could repeat it again successfully. Zack was on the edge of his seat throughout Brian’s retelling of the story and it was obvious Brian was not the only one at the table with a stiff dick.

“It worked perfect” he said. “We continue following the steps and I think we’re good to go”.

Zach was chomping at the bit.  “I think Julie’s ready to go. I’ve already tied her up and blindfolded her twice since we originally talked about this. I think if I just waited a couple of weeks to play it cool and then we went for it she would be ready”.

Jeff readily agreed. Julie sounded ready.

Chapter 5

Julie was the quietest of the group, and on the surface the most reserved. She was a great mom and the kind of woman you could never, ever picture being unfaithful to her husband. She was active in her church, sang in the choir and was always the “room mom” for her kids at school.

Still, Jeff always looked twice at Julie whenever he saw her. She never dressed provocatively, and was always a perfect lady. But he knew she had an outstanding set of breasts beneath that church choir robe. They had known each other a long time and Jeff had seen her in various outfits during the summer and always lusted after her voluptuous figure. Where Barb was lithe and athletic, Julie had a great body and full chest – just thinking about what lay in store for him made him start to get hard.

Three weeks went by when Zach called Jeff early on a Saturday morning. “I just found out our kids are doing a sleepover at their cousins, we are going to have the house to ourselves. If you can figure out a way to get away from Barb tonight it’s show time”. The plan was simple because it had already worked; Zach was going to take Julie out for dinner, go out for after dinner drinks, and then come home for the finale.

Jeff didn’t hesitate in coming up with a cover story for Barb – he had been thinking about this moment since he watched Brian fuck his own wife. Once he got out of the house he went to a bar of his own and waited for the text message. He had been waiting for 2 shots of whiskey and one beer when he got the first text – two simple, glorious words: “We’re home”.

He parked down the street from Zach’s house and waited. He had been going crazy ever since watching Brian with his wife. She never had any idea she had been fucked by another man and something about that excited him even more. Their sex life had kicked up a notch since this all happened – she had even made a comment to him recently about it. Now he was sitting outside thinking about Julie’s body when he got Zach’s second text.

Jeff got in the back door of the house and waited a second. He could hear the music coming from the bedroom so that was a good sign – he got to the staircase and made his way upstairs. He peeked into the bedroom quietly to see if it was clear.

Zach was on the bed with Julie. He was still in boxers but she was completely nude, lying on her stomach with her hands bound behind her back. She had a black blindfold tied securely around her eyes and Jeff could tell by looking at her hands that she was not getting them free. Zach put a finger up to his lips to indicate ‘quiet’ and then made a drinking motion with his hand to let Zach know she had a couple of drinks in her. Jeff knew that Julie was not a regular drinker so that should have loosened her up nicely.

“What are you doing baby?” she said to Zach. “You going to fuck your naughty girl?”