The Boring Job - Eliselle Yu - ebook

A secret special agent is upset by a boring assignment. Until she meets CassyLeen during the execution of her duty.

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Table of contents

The Boring Job

The Boring Job

"What??? A demolition???" Elisa read again the message and could not believe her eyes.

A simple demolition... this was the job delivered to her that morning.

"That bunch of idiots!" she almost screamed "Wasting me for a mission of this low level! What a boring job!"

She opened the wardrobe and furiously took everything for the order, but she couldn't help but thinking she deserved something better.

"Fusk, fuck and fuck!" she screamed leaving home and getting on her car "Let's make this quick, maybe I'll be back before midnight"

She drove fast to the point of her mission and in a few minutes, she reached a big palace of a multinational company.

She read again instruction and shocked her head, still incredulous.

"Complete destruction of floor 32" she read "No casualty, except in case of witness"

So, a simple sneak'n'destroy, without even the possibility to enjoy some kidnapping and torture. Because instructions were clear: no casualty. She took her preferred sneak suit, a latex, almost transparent leotard, that left uncovered hands, feet, and head.

She tied her hair in a huge ponytail and took her bag, getting ready to enter the building.

In a few minutes, she reached the 32" floor and the main bathroom, the ideal place where to place a powerful explosive.

Two types to be exact: a normal set of dynamites and a couple of pipes full of compressed (and explosive) gas.

The first would have exploded and detonated the second, creating a fire cloud that would have destroyed everything.