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ContentsChapter One: The Subject of MagicChapter Two: Magical Power and Natural EnergyInner PowerEnergy of the ElementsSpace and Planetary EnergyChapter Three: Fulfillment of WishesChapter Four: Money MagicThe Money AttractionMoney TalismansBusiness MagicChapter Five: Love MagicSpells and Rituals for LoveLove TalismansLove Potions (#1–15)Love DivinationsAntidotes for LoveChapter Six: Magical attack and protectionPersonal ProtectionHome ProtectionBreak the Evil Eye and HexesJustice and RetributionChapter Seven: Magic for Various PurposesSuccess and Protection of Different LinesThe Deliverance from Pernicious HabitsHealing Magic

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The book of Magic (Illustrated)


First digital edition 2016 by Anna Ruggieri


Chapter One: The Subject of Magic

Chapter Two: Magical Power and Natural Energy

Inner Power

Energy of the Elements

Space and Planetary Energy

Chapter Three: Fulfillment of Wishes

Chapter Four: Money Magic

The Money Attraction

Money Talismans

Business Magic

Chapter Five: Love Magic

Spells and Rituals for Love

Love Talismans

Love Potions (#1–15)

Love Divinations

Antidotes for Love

Chapter Six: Magical attack and protection

Personal Protection

Home Protection

Break the Evil Eye and Hexes

Justice and Retribution

Chapter Seven: Magic for Various Purposes

Success and Protection of Different Lines

The Deliverance from Pernicious Habits

Healing Magic

Chapter One - The Subject of Magic

Is there anything, in this or other world, so powerful that just a saying of its name would set in motion all uncompromising opinions and indifferent feelings? Is a thought so material that capable to melt an ice and light a flame, to be cause of gigantic destructions or great creations? Where is a border, having crossed which, you will find yourself beyond reach, and all in the world will be easily accessible and subject to you? Is it possible already now, in this life, to find a magical door behind which you are waited answers to all mysteries and questions? Will be these answers those what you expected, or they will disappoint you, will they give cause for new quest and new victories? Having made a step and found a new world, will you want to return back? Putting these and other questions for yourself, did you have clear answers? Was a public mind definitive for you, or only temporarily it became a replacement for your own opinion? Did it brake your own search, your hope, thought, wish and success? If it was so, make a new step. Find your own world. The future begins right now, let’s try to create it.

The Basis of Magic

Magic is ability of people to change the reality in a necessary direction by the power of thought and will. But in itself a thought about desirable events is a little worth in our physical world. Only when our wishes are supported by a real action, their translation into life is possible. So in daily life, to have any things and profits it is necessary to make certain actions. Magic means an imitation of these actions combined with a mental work. For example, you dream of love of a person and decide to use magic to arouse desire — then you mentally imagine your intimacy, how your hearts afire with passion and at the same time you connect two candles symbolizing your bodies, and light fires which are symbols of your passion. In other words, you create an idea and images of wishful events (use your will, faith, and imagination) and support them in the physical world by special actions repeating the real events (manipulate energy of the natural elements) — that is, you build a mental model, a spatial matrix, filling which, various events and circumstances take the form of the wishful reality. Thus magic is a connection of two worlds, material and spiritual space, where an idea can influence physical reality and reality can form necessary thoughts and feelings.

Spells and Incantations

At the beginning, there was a word. And the word was magic. Yes, indeed, creation of a matter from a void, using only power of words, is a magic work. A word is a great power. A word can kill or give a new life. In our world by means of words, states are ruled, laws are ratified, wars are begun and ended, marriage promises are made and feelings are expressed. In the real world, we can get various things by entreating favors of our patrons or demanding obedience from our subordinates. But here, we should recollect that the great ones of this world are not the main authority in the universe. There are the more high-ranking ones — the Nature Powers and Old Gods able to grant to us what we want or to take away what we already have. A direct verbal contact with these forces is the oldest kind of magic. But, certainly, using of common words and expressions will hardly help you to have contact with a power of the universe. Here, it is necessary to use special word formulas which are named magical spells and incantations. Incantation. This term has several different meanings. The first meaning is an entreaty or a supplication for anything in the name of someone. The second meaning is a bending in your will or a subjection of somebody or something by power of magical words. The primary kind of incantations is a special speech that are directed to an object on that it is necessary to influence. This influence can be directed on various objects of our world or the beyond, on people, supernatural beings and natural phenomena which are personified — all they are consider as living creatures. Usually, such incantations have form of demands and commands, which are made in a dogmatically imperative tone and into them quite often there are mention of punishment in case of not carrying-out a commands. A formula or a common construction of the incantations is “I order you to make this and that…”. The other kind of magic word formulas are imploring or beseeching incantations. In this case, magical words are directed not to object of the influence, but to an intermediary — natural forces from which a help is expected. Beseeching incantations can be directed to Old Gods, the Sun, the Moon, stars, nature elements, spirits of ancestors, spirits of house or forest in whose power to decide one or another question. Fairly often, the magical words are accompanied with symbolical sacrifices — food, wine, clothes and different things are burnt, buried, sunk or thrown before a wind as offering for the nature elements. These incantations are constructed as the two-part formula: “I give you... and you will give me”. Magical spells are “placing of words on” or “uttering on” — magical words are uttered directly on a thing so that a breath touch its surface. In essence, it is a direct transmission of a magical power to an object. Usually, spells are uttered on salt, sugar, food, water, ground, and on things belonging to a person on who it is necessary to influence. There are spells a basis of which is a comparison or a likening of two objects or events — actual and wishful. A common construction of such spells is “As... so” or “When... then”. Often, a realization of wishful events is compared and connected with time of beginning and ending of various natural phenomena. For example, “When all leaves will have fallen from this tree, the illness will have gone off”. In that way, a natural force responsible for one process is called for help in another affair. Spells of this kind are usually said at time of an action that are similar to one that is wanted to cause — they as if describe and explain an inside meaning of the imitating actions. For example, a wizard lights a candle and says, “I light not a candle. I kindle love. As the flame is hot, so the love will be ardent”. Also, spells can be uttered without any actions at all. In this case, spells are considered as a substitution of a real action by its description. Anyway, a casting of any spell must necessarily be accompanied by a mental visualization — you must mentally see what you speak and what consequences your words will be have. So, the power of magic word is boundless: it can control natural elements, prevent or evoke a thunder, a storm, a rains, and a hail, give bumper crop or sterility, increase herds or extirpate them by a plague, grant a happiness, a health, a success to people or distress them, heal a sick man or send illnesses to healthy one, inflame love in heart or cool a passion, inspire a mercy, a gentleness, or an anger and a grudge, give an accuracy to weapon and make a soldier invulnerable to bullets, arrows, and swords, cure wounds and stop blood, turn people into animals, trees, or stones — in short, a magic word can influence on events, change essence of things, subjugate beneficial and malicious forces of the nature to a will of a witch or a wizard.

Talismans and Amulets

Each physical object has internal power which was given to it by nature or which it has received as a result of certain actions. This power has a constant influence on ambient space and other objects. Could say that we live in the world of constant interactions and power exchanges. That is why our physical and spiritual state, abilities and skills, way of thinking and behavior, mental and visual appeal, our social status and courses of life, can depend on things with which we daily communicate. Thus, choosing one or another object for our milieu, we can change ourselves or our destiny — and it is already magic. Certainly, different objects have different power, and what is more, various objects have a different volume of the power and have the greater or smaller ability to influence on other objects. Therefore, for the fastest and effective result you should choose the most active objects designed for magic transformations by the nature or specially created for this purpose by hands of people. Such power-valuable objects are named talismans and amulets. It is necessary to notice that, at different time and in different countries, these terms have had various interpretations. The word talisman is derived from Arabian words tilism or tilsam which are translated as “a magical picture” or “a magical script” — originally, it was special objects with arcane inscriptions and magical symbols. Talismans were produced from stone, metal, wood, but most frequently, it was a piece of parchment with written magical formulas which must protect an owner of the talisman from disasters or fulfill certain wishes. The most known ancient talisman is so-called “abracadabra” — the word that is read the same in all directions. Usually, it is pictured as a triangle inverted by top downwards and the word is divided into separate letters. The word amulet is derived from Latin amuletum that is translated as protection from malevolent magic, illnesses, wounds, poisons and other disasters. That is, amulet is thing which gives a protection. At the same time, there is an opinion that the Arabian word hamala (the literal meaning is “to carry”) was a basis for amulet — as a rule, amulets are carried on a neck. The first ancient amulets was made from various materials in the form of sacred creatures, totem animals and parts of a body of people — a scarab, an unicorn, a fish, a key, a hand, a palm, a leg or an all-seeing eye. Also, it is considered that a talisman supports and strengthens your personal abilities and skills given to you by nature. It creates internal harmony between you and world around, helps you to withstand troubles and difficulties. So, if you use a talisman for getting of riches, you will become more dexterous and dynamical, receive flair to see what can give you a profit, and can avoid unnecessary expenditures and risks. In this case, you have all due to your intuition and new professional qualities given to you by an influence of a talisman. In the capacity of such talisman, parts of a body of various animals, whose qualities want to transmit to a person, are often used — it can be a tooth of a shark or a wolf, a tiger’s claw, or an eagle’s feather. The main influence of an amulet is directed at the world around its owner, that is, on an outside protection and an obtaining of benefits from other people. In this case, all occurs not due to your personal abilities and skills, but due to a secret movement of outside forces. If you use an amulet instead of a talisman for getting of riches, money can come to you without your active actions. But, at the same time, if you have not professional qualities and skill of handling with money, you can easily lose all your new achievements. Here, we notice that often the distinction between a talisman and an amulet is rather conditionally. The fact is that it is impossible to consider a person as an isolated object. Any your internal change results in a external change and vice versa — the world around you changes you. Therefore, using something as a talisman, you receive that what an amulet could give you. A development of your internal qualities will result in movement of outside forces, and a change of external movements will give stimulus for occurrence of new personal ability. That is why, in many cases, the words talisman and amulet are considered as synonyms. In final, it is necessary to say that there are natural and artificial talismans and amulets. That is, natural ones are objects which already by nature have great magic power necessary for a certain affair and there is no need for any additional actions for their effective work. First of all, it is stones, minerals, metals, herb, saint relics, and things from holy places — gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, stones with unusual natural tracery, bones, seashells, mandrake’s root, holy water, etc. Artificial talismans and amulets are same natural objects with which special transformations were made — objects are charged by magical power by means of making rituals, uttering of magical formulas, or drawing of special symbols. As a result of this, natural qualities and abilities of the objects are strengthened or the objects get new values, functions, and abilities. These already are not usual objects, but magical devices capable to change a destiny of other things which are in a field of their influence. Among artificial talismans, graphic talismans have a significant place, and we shall consider them more particularly.

Magical Symbols

The fact is that for the fast and reliable result, your magical actions should be supported by special spiritual forces. And for these forces are more easy to respond to a call that was made in specific designations. The spiritual world is beyond our common comprehension, the language of spirits and angels not always can be designated by simple words. The world of shadows communicates with us by means of images and unclear signs arising in our subconsciousness. In other words, in order that we understand the spiritual world, it tries to speak with us in our language. And in order that our words were accessible to the parallel world, we must use symbols known to it. Most of the magical symbols and signs are names of those forces which are necessary for a fulfillment of our wishes. And when these “names” are incorporated by one common purpose and are in a constant effort, they become not only a drawing, but a real action — spiritual forces, whose names were involved, create conditions and situations which promote a realization of our desires. But in order that changes really will start to occur in our life, it is not enough only to draw any symbols. It is necessary that these signs could perceive your words and thoughts and became a receptacle of your energy and wish. So that their reading makes move not only your lips, but also would set in motion the concealed laws of the Universe. And for this, there are rituals of an embodiment and spells of a personification.


As we have already defined, magical work or magical ritual is a creation of mental forms — matrixes of future events — where the building material for these forms is energy of the nature elements (the Fire, the Water, the Earth, and the Air), and the tools for their construction are your Imagination, Faith and Will. Beginning a magical ritual, enter a particular mental state. Use your Will, Faith and Imagination. During a ritual, imagine those events which your actions must cause. Be completely sure in your right and in your acts. You must trust that the wishful events necessarily will take place in your life. Think about the future as about the existent present. Making magical actions, you must necessarily see what result they will give. Surround yourself on all time of a magic ritual with images and visions of mystical forces and desirable events. If you use forces of Fire, Water, Moon, Cosmos or other supreme spheres, their images accepting the forms familiar to you or arising from your subconsciousness as symbols and obscure visions, necessarily must be visibly present at your magical space. Your Will must help your Faith and Imagination, to direct energy in a necessary direction, create the exertion and the discharging of magical space, move material objects and transform the time. The magical Will, like a lens, focuses your emotions and forces in one point and helps to achieve the purpose. Making magical changes of reality, you will use not only your internal, but also external forces and energies. As in the physical world for production of various things and objects various materials are necessary, so in the spiritual world for initiation of different events is used power of various qualities. It is considered that the main materials of which are created all objects of the physical world are the four elements of nature: the Earth, the Water, the Fire, and the Air. Aspects of these main forces of nature (their energy) are present at all manifestations of our reality and constantly exert various influences on any sphere of our life. Therefore, correct revealing and use of energy of the four elements of nature will be utterly necessary for who will decide to change the world and oneself. In our world, there are another secret influences and energies which can be useful for building of a favorable reality. First of all this is energy of the stars and planets — Sun, Moon, Venus, Jove, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. All these planets, as well as Gods in whose honor they were named, patronize the different activity categories of the people. Patronage of Supreme Forces also will be necessary for you to have the reliable protection and the bigger domination over people and a situation. Having finished magical ritual, hide traces of your secret action. Continue magic and in other days of your life. Remember that magical actions are not only ritual ceremonial acts, but also daily magic in real life. Be not afraid of possible insignificant failures and difficulties — going towards big aim, you cannot avoid them. If something has not the result from the first, persistent recurrence or approach to a problem on the other hand necessarily will give you success. Remember much depends on you, on decisions made by you, and on promises given to yourself. Feel that you have mystical connection with all living on the Earth and existing in infinite Universe. Make your own choice and find out not only the visible world, but also its latent scope.

The Time of Magic

One of the main laws of mysticism and daily life is “for each thing or event there are the defined place and the time”. Different actions have the bigger or smaller efficiency in different seasons of year. Magical rituals also have the bigger productivity in the specific periods. Therefore, in order to your magic would be really effective, it is necessary to coordinate it with indications of earthly and celestial clocks. It is considered that all kinds of beneficial magic should be made on the waxing moon, and destructive forces are in the competence of the waning moon. Besides the moon cycles, there is the daily magic schedule — each day of week is under the auspices of one of the seven planets and Old Gods. Individual interaction of the planets with the Earth's biofield enables to get the greater success in magic in the definite time interval. Different Old Gods have different influences upon life of people and an appealing to them at an appointed day (day when they have the most authorities) gives more chances that your words will be heard. So if your magic have concern with money and a receiving of material benefits, it will be more successfully on Wednesday than on Monday. For love magic, Friday is intended and Saturday fits for it least of all. Here is the conformity between the days and universal influences. Sunday is day of the Sun. On this day, the Sun is Lord in the sky and on the Earth, and it can give all its greatness and authority to the one who will make a request. The Sun is a star of kings and grand people and it gives popularity, force, riches and glory. The Sun grants light and warmth, moves heavenly bodies, makes a change of day and night, seasons, years and centuries. The Sun gives blessings, riches, happiness and prosperity. Also, The Sun patronizes weddings. On this day, you can make rituals for successful purchase and sale, attraction of money, career, leadership, for any high aims, happiness, confidence, composure, persuasion and patience, for male sexuality, physical and mental strength. Also could say that on Sunday any magic is possible if only it does not contradict your internal foundations and rules. Monday is day of the planet Moon. The Moon is the female planet, therefore, it most of all is responsible for a state of female health and fertility. Monday is intended for all kinds of magic connected to spiritism, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Rituals of this day for getting of female energy, normalization of personal cycles and internal processes, for development of mental capacity, for home and hearth, for cancellation and neutralization of any magic, for lesbian and homosexual love. The Moon also takes care of sprouts and the future crop, therefore this day successful for any magic connected with sowing and planting. Tuesday is day of the planet Mars. On this day, there are completely various influences. On the one hand, militant Mars brings destruction and this influence can be use for malicious magic. On the other hand, the power of this planet is very useful in affairs demanding perseverance and resoluteness — when it is necessary to resist to enemies and to have an advantage over them. Today, you can make rituals for stamina, courage, independence, leadership, competition, confrontation, struggle and victory, for success in sport, hunt and war, for male sexuality, for elimination of negative influences, return of black energy and punishment of an offender. Wednesday is day of the planet Mercury. The Mercury is very dynamic planet that is responsible for business and money. On this day, magic rituals are successful for travel, getting approbation, homosexual love, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Mercury is a patron of traders, cattle-breeders, grain-grower, hunters and travelers. All lowest spirits submit to him. Moneymaking bargains, profitable investments, business connections, professional qualities, gambles, study, education and all kinds of art are under protection of Mercury. Thursday is day of the planet Jove. The Jove is most intellectual planet capable to bring a success in all spheres of your life. Jove is creator of the world. He impregnates the Earth by rains and awakes the nature for life. Jove punishes for defiance of laws. On this day, you should make rituals for prosperity, advantage over rivals and enemies, for success in gambles, legal cases, public affairs, politics, and higher education. Besides, Jove has concern with male sexuality and voluptuousness; therefore, this day is useful for making various love poisons. Friday is day of the planet Venus. Venus is goddess of the earth and a harvest, mother of winds, the sovereign of the forest world, the patroness of female needlework, the mistress of crossroads of universe. She owns a secret of a passage from this world into the other world. Venus gives an exit from the most hopeless situations, but she reward only who have strength of mind and who not lose hope. Venus is goddess of woman destiny and that is why Friday is the most suitable day for rituals of fulfillment of any woman wishes. The Venus has concern with public work, shopping, gifts, comfort, harmony, and magnificence, female sexuality, emotionality, beauty and attraction. This planet promotes strengthening of friendship, partnership and marriage, removes hatred and gives peace. Any love magic, making in this day, will give beneficial effect. Saturday is day of the planet Saturn. Saturn is most dark and mystical force. Dark not always means bad. Here, there is the great secret of eternity which people cannot understand completely. Contact with the forces of this planet usually has negative or cognitive character. Venus is the Father God or the Old God. He patronizes old people and parents, gives wisdom and authority, allots lot and blessing. On Saturday, you can make rituals for success in scientific work, for transformation, reorganization, and reforms, for claiming of debts, reminding of obligations, stagnation of business of your competitors, creation and negotiation of obstacles, antidotes for love magic, antidotes for hexes, curses and the evil eye. And of course, this day is suitable for any malevolent black magic. Being guided by the rule of seven days, you already can have all prospect of success of your magic. But more the success of your magic will be guaranteed, if you make it in the right place.

The Place of Magic

By ancient traditions, magic should be made at specific places such as a crossroads, an open country, a top of a hill, a ruinous church, an uninhabited house, or a bath-house. Many spells and rituals are made in a kitchen (near a fireplace or a stove), a cellar, or a garret room. Wherever you make magic, remember the following rules. Beginning your magic, determine the place for a performance of a ritual. The main condition is a preservation of secrecy. Nobody must prevent you. Nobody must know about your magic. Certainly, other people can know that you have a magic practice, but they must not guess about your real actions. For a designation of your magical space, create a magic circle. You can use for this purpose a long white rope, by which delimit the external world and the world of your magical transformations. Instead of the rope, you can draw a circle on a floor by chalk. Create in your mind an imagined circle — an energy wall that separates you from the external world. The magic circle is necessary for isolation and an increase of a saturation of the space with magical emanations. Inside the circle, laws of physics not always those to which we have got used. Here, the space and the time are subject to refraction — the future not always is a continuation of the past, and the present lives according to laws of the other world. The closer to circle centre, the stronger these anomalies. Therefore, your main magical place is an altar always should be in the middle of the magic circle. As the altar you can use a small square table or a stool sheeted with a dark red or black fabric. The altar plays a role of the centre of a concentration of the influences necessary to your magic. Besides, it is considered as the reduced copy of the Universe where all forces and influences of world are collected. On the altar are placed all magical tools and implements using by you during a ritual.

Magical Implements

Certainly, you can acquire various magical implements as required, but the best of all would be provided with them beforehand. Here is the short list of necessary things. Colored candles. A pen or a thin brush for drawing of magical symbols. A pencil. A drawing paper and a cardboard. A scissors, needles and colored threads. Small plates and cups. Vessels with plugs for magical potions, herbs and granular substances. Sugar, salt, black pepper, herbs and essential oils. Bones of animals and feathers of birds. All these things must be purchased only on the waxing moon; it is desirable on Thursday or on Wednesday. All magic implements must be cleared by fire and water. For that, hold a cleaning thing above a flame of a white candle so that warm streams of air take away all unnecessary energy and information belonging to this object. Then put it in running water — in a spring or brook, or simply place it under stream of cold water in a washbowl. What can be spoiled by water must be exposed longer fiery cleaning without water influence at all. Anyway, hold a cleaning thing above the flame highly enough so that fire could not spoil it. Keep all your magical implements in one secret place and use them only in the magical purposes. Having made or bought once any magical implement, do not try to replace it constantly by other new thing — do it only when they have full used up or broken.

Chapter Two: Magical Power and Natural Energy

There are only two ways to get special magical power — either was born with it or to try to develop it. And for the final result, the second way does not concede to the first. We have many examples when people with bright abilities do not suspect about them at all, and only having begun to develop them, they find in themselves new abilities and forces. Let's notice that each person has magical abilities, but someone has them “on a surface” and at someone, they are deeply latent. Therefore, for someone is easy to look into himself and at once to receive a necessary answer, others need time and great tenacity for long quest. In any case, not doing attempts, you never learn your secret sides and the latent abilities. Having started motion and search, you not be able to remain without changes. Making various magical actions, you will use energy of the four elements of nature: the Water, the Fire, the Earth, and the Air. And to operate with these energies you will be by means of your Imagination, Faith and Will. Of these three aspects — the faith in yourself and in your actions, the imagination that creates real pictures of possible events, and the will which directs your ideas in a necessary direction — consists a base of a mental influence on spiritual and real world. To these three beginnings of a magical reality it is necessary to add the fourth magical constant — the Secrecy which raises the Faith, strengthens the Will and gives rise to latent images of your Imagination. Therefore, your first task is to learn to use all aspects of your mind, and to find out how to receive energy from ambient space.

Inner Power

The Magical Will

The most effective method of the development of the will is a focusing of the attention. Place a candle on a table. Give a flame to the wick. Surround yourself with silence, comfort and calmness. Focus your attention on the flame. Look only at the flame, don’t remove the stare from it. Think only of this fiery substance. Become completely indifferent to all others. Don’t distract and don’t blink. Try to prolong this exercise as it is possible longer. Repeat exercise several days, and very soon, you will notice how it will be easy for you to focus the attention on other subjects and objects. This focusing of the attention must become your everyday practice. Not necessarily to choose for this exercise any determined time. As soon as you have opportunity, focus the attention on any motionless object: a pen, a lighter, a book, a picture, etc. Imagine that this object is the most important in all over the world. This object must become for you only one object in the Universe. Nothing is able to distract you from contemplation its appearance, and sensation of its internal essence. Next time, concentrate your will and attention on moving objects. Keep your eyes glued on a second hand of a watch. Focus on a person who going by you. Unnecessary that your focusing lasted too long. Eventually, you must learn quickly “switch on” and “switch off” your attention. Here are others exercises. Read a book when there are many surround sounds, don’t distract, and clear understand what you read. Try to draw a circle by the right hand and a square by the left hand at the same time. Do it without participation of your will, and if you’ll fail, take a volitional decision — “necessarily to do it” — and actually achieve a success. Try by effort of the will to create different emotions, moods and sensations for yourself. Feel a joy, a fun, an excitement, a fear, an anger, a fury and a delight. This experience will necessary when you’ll want to influence on somebody — making magic, you must to feel the same feelings that you want to inspire in other people. By effort of the will compel yourself to see any object which there isn’t in your field of vision: for example, a flame of a candle or a person familiar to you. And here your will becomes a part of your imagination that able to move you to another time and another dimension.

The Magical Imagination