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Vusi Mxolisi Zitha



The Bleeding Stone is a collection of poems that confronts the deepest sense of reasoning and emotions. It encompasses overcoming, love, hope, family, faith, heartbreak, empowerment, and survival. These poems are for those who love life and seek to equip themselves with the weapons of knowledge and understanding of life in every occurrences. The Bleeding Stone refers to a softened stony heart or a loosened stiff-neck. After reading these poems, no-matter how hard you are; you'll be moved.

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Vusi Mxolisi Zitha

The Bleeding Stone

A Poetry Collection

The Bleeding Stone is a collection of poems that confronts the deepest sense of reasoning and emotions. It encompasses overcoming, love, hope, family, faith, heartbreak, empowerment, and survival. These poems are for those who love life and seek to equip themselves with the weapons of knowledge and understanding of life in every occurrences. The bleeding stone refers to a softened stony heart or a loosened stiff-neck. After reading these poems, no-matter how hard you are; you'll be moved.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

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The bleeding stone












The bleeding stone



A poetry collection



By: Vusi Mxolisi Zitha







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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopy, recording or other electronic methods, without the necessary written permission of the publisher. For permission request; write to the publisher at the address below.

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Vusi Mxolisi Zitha

Po Box 324, Mzinti, 1352


South Africa

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The Bleeding Stone is a collection of poems that confronts the deepest sense of reasoning and emotions. It encompasses overcoming, love, hope, family, faith, heartbreak, empowerment, and survival. These poems are for those who love life and seek to equip themselves with the weapons of knowledge and understanding of life in every occurrences. The bleeding stone refers to a softened stony heart or a loosened stiff-neck. After reading these poems, no-matter how hard you are; you'll be moved.

Chapter 1

1. My own

You are the citizen of my heart

The song that gladdens my soul

The dream that makes my night

You're the sweetness that never leaves my tongue

The sun that rises before my eyes

If loving you was a crime; i would spend my entire life in prison

I will always swim in the ocean of your love

Wearing the costume of your smile

You are the coffee i prefer to drink in every morning

The dinner i prefer to eat in every midday and evening

You are the thought that never quit my mind

The smile that never retires from my face

If loving you was madness, i would be the craziest person on earth

If it was breaking the law, i would always be guilty my entire life

Thank God it is my heart's high regard and my mind's admiration

I liken you to a mare amongst the chariot horses

A grape vine amongst the tree of the forest

You are a blanket that rescues me from cold in winter months

The precious stone I've ever picked on the ground

Come my dear queen; let me crown you with the crown of my love

Let me wear you with the beads of my happiness

And cloth you with the garment of my joy

For you alone are my own

Notes; The poet expresses his feelings to the one he adores the most. He tells what his dear one really means to him and he portrays loving her to be the best thing that ever happened in his life. He also tells the sacrifices he would make when it comes to loving his soul mate for she is more valuable to his heart.

2. Beautiful in my eyes

How beautiful you are before the face of the earth

Your beauty really Marvell's me

Why should the sun continue to shine?

When your beauty can kindle the entire world

I feel sorry for the moon, for the moment you'll come out of the house

It will fall off from the sky in honor of your beauty

I can't mention the stars, for they will vanish before your presence

You are indeed a true queen of beauty

A role model of Pulchritude

You're a garden of roses that never withers in the dry season

You are that special flower in the garden of my heart

The goose that lays golden eggs

You're the gold that always glitters before my eyes

The diamond that shines my day, the star that brightens my night

You are the precious lily of the genus lilium

The most beautiful rose of the genus Rosa

You are the wine that only few can afford

The music many find worth to listen

Those who set their eyes on you becomes the victims of your magnificence

You are a story I’ll never seize to tell

The song I'll never stop singing. You're the lyrics I'll never forget

The favorite creature of my eyes

I'll forever shower you with the praises of splendor,

And dress you with a garment of glamour

For you're a true beauty of my eyes.

Notes: here the poet glorifies the irresistibility of his beautiful queen; he tells how her beauty has victimized many men. He marks her as the most beautiful damsel in the universe that even the natural environment bow in honor to her beauty. Forever she is beautiful and her beauty never fades. The poet also refer to her as a goose that lays golden eggs in stanza 2 line 6; meaning; everything about her is glorious.


Pulchritude: Beauty

Genus lilium: Taxonomic group of Lilies

Genus Rosa: Taxonomic group of roses

Glamour: Alluring beauty

3. In a meeting with laziness

One day in a boardroom meeting, representatives of different companies were urged to introduce themselves and give an overview of their companies.

Laziness stood up and said;

I'm a deprivation of energy and the predator of strength

I'm a greatest associate of slavery

The plans of my clients always result in idleness

They always run a race that results to no victory

Their wishes and desire never comes to fulfillment

And their dreams always fade away

Poverty is always a guest in my apartment

Yawning is a common occupant in my house

And my children always have an appetite to lie around

In my land, tiredness is a permanent citizen

The house of a hard worker is filled with treasure

While the houses of my clients are filled with pleasure

Sleepiness is a top priority in my company

Poverty is always a reward of my workers

And devastation is their destiny

With their desire always in vain

I'm laziness and along with drowsiness, you can call me idleness

Notes; The poet single out laziness as a person who always enslaves people from becoming productive. He tells how the dreams of those who live under the suppressions of laziness are shattered. Laziness refers to lazy peoples as her clients, workers and her children. The poem gives a clear understanding of what happens in the house of a hard worker and the house of a sluggish person. The poet also clarify the impact laziness has on many people.

4. In the streets of hardship

I'm wandering in my world of suffering

Seeking redemption through altering

I'm a native of my own afflictions, a tenant of misfortune.

Life has thrown me in the streets and made it my home

How i wish to have things of my own

Garbage cans has become plates from which i eat

For in the land of bacon and eggs i know i can't fit

How i wish i can call it a quit, from the land they call me a twit

I'm like a cattle that roams across the prairie

A subject people not interested to learn

They all despise me by all means

When i ask for help, they look away

When i ask for a fish they give me a snake

To hustle is all i can, for scorning is all they care

I am helpless in my homelessness

I live a life without a meaning; i run a race with no destination

My dreams are shattered and my goals tattered

I have no future to be flattered

Life introduced me to bad habits of survival

And taught me the wrong motives of living,

In the streets of hardship.

Notes; this poem is about a street kid who is forever helpless in the streets of privation. People despises and are too judgmental towards him, he refers to the street as his home and himself a resident of bad luck. When he asks for people's help they deprive him. Whenever they see him they criticize him and though he wishes to quit the street life he can't; for he doesn't have what it takes to do so.


Twit; irritation

Prairie; grassland

Tattered; ruined

5. Loving you

Each time i see you my heart is filled with adoration

Each time i think of you my mind utters veneration

i ask myself why? And the answer is;

Loving you is my heart's daily routine,

it is my mind's everyday dwelling, my every time's utterances

My hobby, my passion and my dream

The toxicity of my love for you has no antidote

The fire that burns within me has no extinguisher

You are indeed a precious gift of my soul

The story only my heart can tell

My heart is the greatest poet of your love

And my mind the author of all fantasies about you

Loving you is a dream I'm never willing to wake up from

It is a diseases that has no cure, a sickness with no treatment

It is a war that will never end, a journey without destination

My love; crown me king of your heart

Let me sit on the throne of your love

And let me hold the staff of your smile

If loving you is water I'll forever be thirsty

If it is food I'll forever be hungry

If it is a journey, then let me take the walk

For i love loving you

My love

Notes; Here the poet expresses his love to the one he loves the most. More like he's possessed by an unending love. He compares it to a toxic that has no antidote, a fire that cannot be burnt out, a disease without cure and a war that will never come to peace. He sounds so sure that he can do anything for the sake of this strong feeling of affection. This is a certain level of love that would not allow the heart to rest by all means.


Veneration; honor

Chapter 2

6. A peaceful sleep

It hardens my mind to think that you're no more

It saddens my heart to believe that I’ll see you no more

For the time being; peace and happiness have left me

My spirit is troubled, and truly speaking; my heart is bleeding

For these are the days of my deepest sorrows

And your absence has left in my heart a biggest hollow

It's a pity you had to depart,

I wish i could revert the time but i can't

It’s quick for us to stay a part,

i wish i could bring you back but i can't

Now that you're no more from the face of the earth

It is time for me to face the facts

That you went and won't be back though i want you back

I can't stand the pain, for it is like a stain, i can't remove again

You'll forever be remembered for though you were angered;

You never acted in combat.

That is why your being no more has left me desolate,

i can't deny the fact that my heart is filled with grief

But it is also the time for your soul to rest, and rest a peaceful sleep.

Notes; the poet is mourning a lost loved one who left him in endless agony; he lost someone so close to his heart and it’s hard for him to bare the pain of such person's departure. If only he had the resurrection power he would bring him or her into life again; however since he can't do that, he will forever remember that person for his or her living in harmony with everyone. For even though provoked, the person couldn't retaliate.

7. Brokenness

It was 4 am on my way to work during winter months,

When i heard footsteps of someone following me

I tried to rush my way by all means

But it couldn't help as he was rushing. Me

Suddenly he grabbed me so hard and it was too harsh

I tried to pull myself out but he was so tough.

He held me so tight

Without notice, he pulled me down and had me silence

I felt so tense and he removed my pants

He took away my virginity and left me with no dignity

I was helpless and there was no one at the vicinity

I was crying, he was smiling and i felt like dying.

He left me bleeding, i tried to scream for help but it couldn't help

I dragged my self-home helplessly and to be honest i was hopelessly

I was devastated and in the meantime agitated

I couldn't get rid the thought of what happened

My heart was too heavy; my eyes couldn't stop shedding tears

The pain kept pushing me towards depression

And that was my daily impression

I had to live my entire life in the prison of brokenness

Charged by somebody's naughtiness

My heart is bruised, broken and left in pain

For what happened has left me a stain that i can't even use my brain

I don't think i would be able to trust again, for me trust has no gain

Life is no game and right now I'm so drained.

Notes; this poem is about a young lady who was raped on her way to work during the winter months early morning. By the way she was still a virgin when the incident took place, and such a terrible experience has left her in daily pain; for her dignity was taken away from her. The entire tragedy took her trust away towards men, for what has happened to her will never be forgotten.

8. Leadership

It is not about dictatorship but fellowship

It is not about bragging but caring

It is never about arrogance but diligence

A leader is not characterized by the number of followers he have

But the number of leaders he raised

A leader is an agent of change with an attitude of change

He doesn't seek for his own praise nor use people for trade

He is a Chanel of light where darkness abounds

A messenger of hope in hopelessness

Leadership is not about the position you occupy;

But the skills you possess and the ability to lead

A leader rules, guides and inspire others

A leader doesn't oppress;

But creates opportunities for everyone to progress

A leader is not boastful, nor doubtful,

9. Stand accused

Nothing i do seems to be alright,

Everything i do just doesn't serve me right

I'm always guilty of my own goodness, and fined by his own badness

I'm forever a victim of his drunkenness,

Always imprisoned by his soberness

And everything i say provokes his anger.

Every time i open my mouth, he will shut it with a hot slap

He would push me against the wall;

And chock me every time i try to scream

My children would come and stare at that scene

And that is what every day they had to see

What is exactly my sin, for i try to be good but it pays no good?

He is a brute and forever rude

When i try to be nice that is where I'm doomed.

How will my children be groomed?

When they witness me knocked down every day.

When I'm beaten without remorse each day.

Notes; this poem is about a woman who lives under the abuse of her husband who doesn't see anything good in everything his wife is doing. The woman is always a victim of his drunkenness and imprisoned by his sadness. She is beaten in the presence of her children each day.

10. In the interest of peace

The fact that I'm quiet doesn't mean everything is well;

But I'm peaceful enough to sidestep dispute.

The fact that I'm laughing doesn't mean everything amuses me;

But I'm kind enough to overlook your errors

That i don't retaliate doesn't make me a fool;

But a Wiseman who doesn't patronize hostility

But in favor of stability in every possibility

I do everything in my capability, to ensure compatibility in opinion

I fight no one nor shout anyone

I do respect and that i expect from everyone

If you disregard error, I'm the ultimate

If you avoid dispute, that's prominent

If you keep away from quarrel, that's preeminence

A peace maker doesn't confront any contests

But reconcile the state of affairs at all cost

And always act in the interest of peace

Notes; the poet speaks about his humble character and his good conduct that people takes advantage of. He tells that he always acts in the interest of peace in everything he does and his kindness and quietness is not a reflection of foolishness but a means of avoiding quarrels and fight for peace to reign.


Patronize; support

Preeminence; high status

Prominent; outstanding

Chapter 3

11. COVID-19

You were an invisible and invincible enemy

A pandemic that waged war against the entire world

In your fury you were unstoppable

And With a strange weapon you took many lives

You traveled from one nation to another

You exploded an explosive device in mass gatherings

Many were massacred and hospitalized

And this incident received a widespread television news

Governments of each nation joined forces

But still there were so many losses.

They took critical decisions under critical conditions

They imposed a nationwide lockdown;

A weapon considered effective to fight you;

But a backlash to our own economy

Many activities were suspended,

And those who couldn't comply were apprehended

You took our freedom through imposed restraints

And posed a lot of grievances through the constraints

You took away peace and stirred up trouble

You inflicted the world with fear and panic

The fight against you has brought us a great depression;

A negative impact on the economy, not to talk of poverty

It has left our companies bankrupt, not to mention joblessness

You dethroned harmony by crowning havoc

You planted restraints for us to reap torment

And manipulated our standard of living

You made it all about you; you made us dance to your own music

You made us sang your own lyrics and laugh at your own jokes

You made us biggest enemies of our selves;

By shutting down businesses and schools and by crippling our own economy. You made us took regrettable decisions

And had despicable illusions.

Thank God it is all in the past, though we couldn't recover so fast

God made a way where it seemed to be no way

Finally you were defeated; the battle against you has been won

We are now free from the bondage of your fears

With life back to normal again.

Notes; this poem is written in the days of Corona Virus; the poet tells how the virus stirred up turmoil in different countries. How it changed our livelihood and caused a great depression in the economy. In trying to fight it, is more like we were fighting against our own selves; for in all attempt to contain the spread; it all came against us in different directions.

12. (Sonnet 1) But we spoke about it

Just as i thought it's over, she kept on bringing it moreover.

I thought we spoke about it, but she couldn't get over it

Honestly we were once good friends, but now we do have some trends

She's still holding on to the offenses of the past

How i wish everything could just pass,

Though her appearance is in liberty; her heart is still in prison

Once; she told me to back off and i thought she was teasing

Till she gave enough reasons, to believe she means business

What will it take to loosen her? for i tried funny moments thinking that will take

But each time she gave me a smile i knew it was fake

You’re my friend and never my intentions for your heart to break

How long will this pretentious laughter continues?