The Birthday Handbook - Peter Delbridge - ebook

The Birthday Handbook ebook

Peter Delbridge



This book lets you combine both the Western and Eastern Zodiacs to create your profile. it gives your ruling planets, lucky numbers and colors. Birthstone and your special flowers.All these factors influence your profile, and you can create your own as well as finding out what Chinese Zodiac animal you actually are.Quite often the Chinese zodiac starts in January, February due to the cycle working on a lunar cycle. for example,1955 is the year of the Goat. However if you were born on January 23rd or before, you are actually a Horse for the year of the Goat starts on January 24th 1955.It also tells you what famous event and famous people you share yourbirthday with.

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Peter Delbridge

The Birthday Handbook

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 The first part of this book contains the Western Zodiac , and famous events associated with the west.

The second part contains the Chinese Zodiac, and famous events associated to the Chinese Zodiac.

You can combine the two, and create your Profile, see who or what shares your Birthday.




Since the beginning of time man has had a fascination with the stars. Worshiping the Sun and Planets, and looking to the night sky, for the guidance and mythical power.  

The Zodiac, derives from the Greek word Zodiacos, meaning circle of animals.

This knowledge of the heavens, refined by the Greeks, is known to have originated from the Mesopotamians and Sumerians around 3500BC-500BC.

It was thought, Cultures would use these signs to predict the characteristics and personalities of individuals.

The constellations were believed to be for ancient ceremonies and tributes, but evidence now suggests they were an elaborate coordinate system, that could have

been used to navigate the Globe.


The western Zodiac comprises of 12 Animals that reoccur in a cycle every year. The Chinese Zodiac also has 12 Animals but they reoccur every 12 years.

Each animal relays certain characters that are common to your birth., so with this handbook, you can match your intended mannerisms for each of the Zodiacs, and create a personality. These are based on the inherent properties of each animal, and are by no means to be taken as absolute scientific fact.

All in all have some fun trying to predict your personality.



So what characteristics do you have if you were born on 21st December. 1956.


1956 is a Monkey,

A person with a magnetic personality, extremely mischievous loving to play a practical joke. Never intending to offend anyone. Curiosity and quick mind willing to take on any problem any working on a solution.

Once a partner is selected, a Monkey is very loyal.

The 21st of December makes one a Sagittarius,

Bright easygoing, a good sense of humor, with loads of energy. A quick temper is a part of the make up, but it soon abates.

With an inquisitive nature, exploration and travel are desired.

They are quite self confident.


With a ruling planet Jupiter, it heightens loyalty optimism and an intent to tackle new challenges.


Lucky colors are Violet, Red, Pink, Blue White and Gold’

Lucky numbers 4 and 9, and 3, 12,  21,  and  30.


Being born in December Turquoise is the birth stone,

Which is a symbol for love, and is said to bring success and good luck.


The birth flowers are, Narcissus and Chrysanthemum.


All these factures combine to build the Sagittarian Monkeys make up.



This book allows you to combine you birthday with both Zodiacs, and lets you know what famous people and world events share your birthday.



CAPRICORN, (The Goat).

                                 January the 1st to 20th.


Capricorns are often thoughtful reserved and determined people. Although a friendship is hard to establish, once formed, they are most loyal. They are cautious, but make headway through effort and sheer skill.

On the downside, they can be indifferent and miserly.

Ruling Planet, Saturn. It will place restrictions and obstacles that must be overcome in everyday life. Diligence is required, and patience along with experience will produce a positive outcome.

On the down side Saturn can leave you rigid and indifferent.

Lucky Colors, Brown Grey and Black.

Lucky Numbers, 1 4 8 10 13 17 19 22 26.

Best Partners, Taurus, pisces anv virgo.


AQUARIUS, (The Water Bearer).

January 21st to 31st.



Aquarians have an adventurous and inventive mind. They are generous and compassionate, find it easy to make friends, but hard to create a deep relationship. With plenty of natural charm, they are generous and compassionate, yet can see through deceit. An Aquarian is also very supportive.

On the down side, an Aquarian can be eccentric and very opposed to change.

Ruling Planet, Uranus. Pushes the urge to be inventive and creative. It creates stresses, that will give alternative solutions to a problem, giving the freedom of positive thinking.

Lucky Colors, Blue Aqua Grey and Black.

Lucky Numbers, 4 8 13 17 22 26.

BITHH FLOWER, Carnation.

Best Partners, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini.


Birthstone JANUARY.


The name is derived from Latin (granatum), meaning pomegranate because of its crystalline seed-like structure. Most people think it is a red gem, but it comes in a variety of colors. They are found in many places in the world, America Australia Asia and India. In ancient times warriors believed Garnet would bring victory in battle protecting them from injury. Medieval times it was believed the wearer would be protected from poison get rid of bad dreams and cure depression. Garnet, Januarys Birthstone, symbolizes loyalty and enduring affections.

BITHH FLOWER, Carnation.



1st   January, Capricorn.


0404   Last roman gladiator competition

1896   X-rays discovered, by William Rontgen.

1971   Cigarette advertising banned on television.


1735   Paul Revere American civil war patriot. The British are coming.

1895   J Edcar Hoover, first director FBI.

1982   David Nalbandian, Argentinean tennis star.


2nd January, Capricorn.


1839   First photo of the Moon (French photographer Louis Daguerre)

1947   Mahatma Gandhi begins his march for peace in East Bengali.

1959   USSR launches Mechta (lunar 1), for the first solar orbit.


1885   Johannes Chardonne Dutch engineer of dikes.

1936   Roger miller country singer.

1968   Cuba Gooding jr American actor, (Men of Honor).


3rd January, Capricorn.


1888   The first wax drinking straw is patented.

1910   British miners strike for an eight hour day.

1977   Apple computers is registered.


1926   George Martin record producer for the Beatles.

1956   Mel Gibson actor, (mad max, lethal weapon).

1969   Michael Schumacher, German racing car driver, (World Champion 7 times).


4th January, Capricorn.


1863   Four wheeled roller skates created by James Plimpton of NY.

1887   Thomas Stevens is the first man to bicycle around the world.

1954   Elvis Presley records a 10 minute demo in Nashville.


1785     Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, German. Editor Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

1797     Wilhelm Beer, German astronomer, constructed first map of the moon.

1965     Julia Ormond, actress, (Sabrina).


5th January, Capricorn.


1914   Ford Motor Company, wages jump from $2.40 for a 9 hr day, to $5.00 for an 8 hr day.

1959   Bozo the clown premiers live on television.

2013   Bushfires, devastate much of Tasmania.


1923   Samuel Phillips, founder Sun records, will launch Elvis Presleys career.

1931   Robert Duvall, American actor, (Taxi Driver).

1940   Athol Guy, Australian singer, The Seekers.


6th January, Capricorn.


1681   First recorded boxing match (Duke of Albemarle, his butler vs his butcher).

1898   First telephone message from a submerged submarine.

1930   First diesel engine automobile trip (in a Packard), was completed.


1939   Murray Rose Australian swimmer, winner of 4 Olympic gold medals.

1955   Rowan Atkinson, English comedian/actor. (Mr Bean).

1961   Paul Azinger, golfer.


7th January, Capricorn.


1785   First balloon flight across English Channel (Blanchard & Jeffries).

1797   The modern day Italian flag is introduced.

1890   W B Purvis patents the fountain pen.


1685   Gerard Clifford Dutch director of East India Company.

1948   Kenny Loggins, American singer, footloose.

1964   Nicholas Cage American actor, (Conair).


8th January, Capricorn.


1884   The tanning process for leather is invented.

1954   Elvis Presley pays $4 to a Memphis studio and records his first two songs, "Casual Love" and "I’ll Never Stand in Your Way".

1974   The Loch Ness Monster is photographed.


1935   Elvis Presley American singer of Rock and Roll.

1942   Stephen Hawking, English physicist.

1947   David Bowie English singer, (Ziggy Stardust).


9th January, Capricorn.


1799   Income Tax introduced in UK.

1894   "Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze" is released in movie theatres.

1951     Life After Tomorrow is the first film to obtain an X-rating.


1890   Karel Capek, Czech writer, invented the word Robot.

1951    Crystal Gayle, country singer, (Don’t it make my brown eyes blue).

1982   Kate Middleton, English, the Duchess of Kent.


10th January, Capricorn.


1839   Tea from India first arrives in UK.

1863   First underground railway opens in London.

1946   the flying boat makes its first flight in th U.S.


1877     Frederick Cottrell, inventor of electrostatic precipitator.

1930     Roy Disney, American film executive, and CEO of Disneyland.

1945     Rod Stewart British singer, (Maggie May).


11th January, Capricorn.


1569   First recorded lottery in England is drawn at St Pauls Cathedral.

1913   First sedan-type car (Hudson) goes on display at the 13th Auto Show in (New York City).

1954   A 2 ton locomotive is swept into ravine by avalanche in Austria.


1449   Domenico Ghirlandjao, Italian renaissance painter.

1786   Joseph Lister, English optician, who perfected the optical microscope.

1930   Rod Taylor, Australian Actor, (The Time Machine).


12th January, Capricorn.


1896     First X-ray photo in US (Dr Henry Smith, Davidson NC).

1903     Harry Houdini performs at Rembrandt theatre, Amsterdam.

1948     First Supermarket in UK opens.


1579   Jan Baptist van Halmont, Flemish chemist, discovered boiling point of water.

1628   Charles Perrault, French, author (Mother Goose.)

1896   Rex Ingram, Irish actor/director, (Gods Little Acre).


13th January, Capricorn.


1785   John Walter publishes the first issue of London Times.

1930   "Mickey Mouse" comic strip first appears.

1942   Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic auto bodies, to conserve raw materials for the war effort.


1893   Roy Cazaly, Australian rules footballer.

1919   Robert Stack, American actor, (Untouchables).

1935   Mauro Forghieri, Italian Automotive engineer, (Ferrari).


14th January, Capricorn.


1914   Henry Ford introduces assembly line, for Model-T Fords.

1960   US Army promoted Elvis Presley to Sergeant.

1990   "Simpsons" premiered on Fox-TV.


83BC   Mark Anthony, Roman politician.

1926   Warren Mitchell, English actor, (Till death do us part).

1941   Fay Dunaway, American actress, (Chinatown).


15th January, Capricorn.


1759   British Museum opens in Montague House, London.

1797   First top hat worn (John Etherington of London).

1861   Steam elevator patented by Elisha Otis.


1908   Edward Teller, Hungarian, Father of  H-bomb. The Manhattan project.

1913   Lloyd Bridges, American actor, (Sea Hunt).

1929   Martin Luther King jr, Leader Civil Rights Movement .


16th January, Capricorn.


1936   First photo finish camera installed at Hialeah Race track in Florida.

1974   The book JAWS is published.

1991   Operation Desert storm, the freedom of Kuwait begins.


1853   Andre Michelin, French manufacturer, (Michelin Tyres).

1901   Frank Zamboni, inventor of the ice resurfacer, for ice rinks.

1948   John Carpenter, Director, (Halloween).


17th January, Capricorn.


1861     Flush toilet (with separate water tank and a pull chain) patented by Mr Thomas Crapper. 1928     First fully automatic photographic film developing machine invented.

1955     Submarine USS Nautilus begins first nuclear-powered test voyage.


1706     Benjamin Franklin, American, inventor, spectacles.

1857     Eugene Lauste, developer, first sound on film recording.

1962     Jim Carey, Canadian actor, (Dumb and Dumber).


18th January, Capricorn.


1778   Captain James Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands.

1911   First shipboard landing of a plane on the USS Pennsylvania.

1951   First use of lie detector, in the Netherlands.


1813   Joseph Glidden, inventor, of first useable barbed wire.

1849   Edward Barton, First Prime Minister of Australia.

1882   A A Milne, English author, Winnie the Poo.


19th January, Capricorn.


1903     First regular transatlantic radio broadcast between US & England.

1903     New bicycle race "Tour de France" announced.

1955   "Scrabble" debuts on board game market.


1809     Edcar Allen Poe, author.

1869     Alfred a Zimmerman, Rotterdam, Director of league of Nations.

1946     Dolly Parton, Country singer/actress, (9 to 5).


20th January, Capricorn.


1265     First English Parliament called into session by Earl of Leicester.

1929     First feature talking motion picture taken outdoors, "In Old Arizona".

1986     Chunnel announced (railroad tunnel under English Channel).


1896     George Burns, actor/comedian.

1910     Joy Adamson, author, (Born Free).

1946     David Lynch, director/actor, (Dune).



21st January, Aquarius.


1853   Envelope-folding machine patented by Russell Hawes, Worcester.

1903   Harry Houdini escapes from a police station in Amsterdam.

1976   Supersonic Concorde, makes its first commercial flight.


1905   Christian Dior, French, Fashion designer.

1933   William Wrigley, Chewing gum empire.

1950    Billy Ocean, Trinidad, singer, (Caribbean Queen).


22nd January, Aquarius.


1831     Charles Darwin takes his Bachelor of Arts exam.

1964     Worlds largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured, Wisconsin.

1982     Snow covers 75% of North America.


1934     Bill Bixby, actor, My favorite Martian, and the Hulk.

1960     Michael Hutchence, singer INXS.

1969     Oliva d’Abo, English actress, (The Wonder Years).


23rd January, Aquarius.


1859     In Hawaii, volcano Mauna Loa erupts, and lasts for 300 days.

1909     First radio rescue at sea.

1930     Clyde Tombaugh photographs the Planet Pluto.


1832     Edouard Manet, French impressionist painter, (The Luncheon on the Grass).

1840     Ernst Adde, German physicist, optics pioneer.

1950     Richard Dean Anderson, American actor, (Stargate SG1).


24th January, Aquarius.


1899   Rubber heel for shoes created by Humphrey O’Sullivan.

1935   First canned beer, "Krueger Cream Ale", is sold by Kruger Brewing Co.

1984   Apple Computer Incorporated unveils its Macintosh personal computer.


1925     Maria Tallchief, Fairfax, ballerina.

1941     Neil Diamond, actor, jazz singer, (Hot August Night).

1966     Jimeion, Irish comedian.



25th January, Aquarius.


1799   A Machine for planting seeds is invented in US, by Eliakim Spooner.

1924   First Winter Olympic games open in Chamonix, France.

1955   Columbia University scientists develop an atomic clock accurate to within one second in 300 years.


1615     Govert Flinck, Dutch painter, (Isaac blesses Jacob).

1759     Robert Burns, Scottish poet, (Auld Lang Syne).

1981     Alicia Keys, singer songwriter, (Girl on Fire).


26th January, Aquarius.


1788   Captain Arthur Phillip forms English penal colony at, Botany Bay, Australia.

1875   Electric dental drill is created by George Green.

1926   Television first demonstrated by John L Baird, London.



1880     General Douglas MacArthur, (WW2) 

1925     Paul Newman, actor and Businessman .

1955     Eddie Van Halen, rock guitarist, Van Halen.


27th January, Aquarius.


1880   Thomas Edison patents the electric incandescent lamp.

1948   First tape recorder sold.

1983   Worlds longest underwater tunnel (53.90 km) opens, Japan.


1832   Louis Carroll, author, (Alice in Wonderland).

1850   Edward Smith, Captain of the Titanic.

1987   Katy Rose, pop singer, (Overdrive).


28th January, Aquarius.


1807   Londons Pall Mall is first street lit by gaslight.

1878   First telephone exchange (New Haven).

1956   Elvis Presleys first TV appearance (Dorsey Brothers Stage Show).


1706     John Baskerville, Inventor of typeface printing.

1936     Alan Alda, actor, MASH.

1981     Elijah Wood, actor, (Radio Flyer).


29th January, Aquarius.


1886   First successful gasoline-driven car patented, by Karl Benz.

1924   An ice cream cone machine is invented by Carl Taylor.

1953   The movie, The Robe, is released in Cinemascope, (a new movie experience).


1874     John D Rockefeller, Industrialist.

1945     Tom Selleck, actor, (Magnum PI).

1954     Oprah Winfrey, talk show host.


30th January, Aquarius.


1487   Bell chimes invented.

1790   Lifeboat first tested at sea, by Henry Greathead.

1969   Beatles perform there last gig together, a 42-minute free concert on the roof of Apples Head Quarters.


1615     Thomas Rolfe, only child of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.

1930     Gene Hackman, actor, (Superman).

1974     Christian Bale, Welsh actor, (Empire of the Sun).



31st January, Aquarius.


1905   First auto to exceed 100 mph (161 kph), Arthur MacDonald, Daytona Beach.

1928   Scotch tape is marketed by the 3-M Company.

1990   First McDonalds in Russia opens in Moscow, it is the worlds biggest.


1797     Franz Schubert, Composer, (Unfinished Symphony).

1927     Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigator, (Amityville haunting).

1981     Justin Timberlake, singer songwriter.







AQUARIUS, (The Water Bearer).

February 1st to 18th.



Aquarians have an adventurous and inventive mind. They are generous and compassionate, find it easy to make friends, but hard to create a deep relationship. With plenty of natural charm, they are generous and compassionate, yet can see through deceit. An Aquarian is also very supportive.

On the down side, an Aquarian can be eccentric and very opposed to change.

Ruling Planet, Uranus. Pushes the urge to be inventive and creative. It creates stresses, that will give alternative solutions to a problem, giving the freedom of positive thinking.

Lucky Colors, Blue Aqua Grey and Black.

Lucky Numbers, 4 8 13 17 22 26.

Best Partners, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini.



PISCES, (The Fish).

February 19th-February 29th.

Pisces are charming, and have a quiet disposition, making them natural peacemakers. With their attention to detail they can sum up a situation, and come to a logical conclusion about the outcome. They are loving, caring and gentle, making them good parents.

On the down side they can be too timid, and on occasions lazy.

Ruling Planet, Neptune. Pisces are more in tune with water than most. Under the influence of Neptune imagination, idealism, the arts and sensitivity are heightened.

Lucky Colors, Mauve lilac Sea-Green and Purple.

Lucky Numbers, 3 7 12 16 21 25 30 34 43 52.

Best Partners, Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn.


                             FEBRUARY, Birthstone.