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Nia Jones is a strong black woman who has just been asked to marry by one of the richest bachelors in the world.He invites her to vacation on a mysterious tropical island. Everything seems picture-perfect.However, things take a turn for the worse when she receives a call from home.She discovers that not everyone is so excited about the prospect of marriage. In fact, a group of people would rather see her dead.Will Jake and Nia risk building a dynasty of their own, or will they break it off and decide that each other's lives are just too precious to lose?This is Part 3 of The Billionaire's Waitress saga.This is a romantic suspense story that contains elements of erotic sex and violence. For adults only.

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The Billionaire's Waitress 3

Blue Davis


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Chapter 1

Nia climbed from the edge of the yacht and stepped onto the soft, golden sand, inhaling the island’s sweet aroma. “It’s beautiful.”

Jake brushed sweat from his forehead into his short, light brown hair. “You’re beautiful.” He took a step toward the mass of rainforest that stood before them. At 6’0”, 190 lbs., he towered over her small body. He wore a collared, knit shirt, along with a pair of knee-length khaki shorts. “Home is a about half a mile inland. We chose to build it away from the shore for more privacy.”

He shifted his eyes to look down at his new fiancé’s feet. “You okay with walking?”

“Sure.” She wore a pair of flat silver sandals, along with a flared pink and white floral dress. She grasped her long, black mane and smoothed it back into a pony tail.

They walked a few steps along the sand onto a lush, green pathway. Wild ferns and other exotic plants lined each side of the grassy aisle. Coconut palms stretched from the tropical greenery, high into the sky. Birds chirped sweet melodies around red, orange, and yellow flowers.

“I still can’t even fathom the idea that you own an island,” she said, her eyes glowing.

Jake raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side. “Well…there’s twenty thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean. This is just one of them.”

They overlooked the turquoise-blue ocean, as the green pathway led them to higher ground.

“Here it is,” he said, holding her hand.

She gasped. “Wow,” she said, looking at the humongous mansion.

They stepped up onto a large, polished mahogany platform, passing by two large pools and greenery. They walked upstairs to a wide balcony that appeared to wrap around the entire house. The house itself was lined with several large, rectangular windows that reached around the house as far as the eye could see.

“Yes. It’s a nice getaway. We have three caretakers here, as well. They’re around here somewhere. They actually live in a separate three-bedroom, nearby. It’s a family from Fiji…one brother and two sisters. The people are great here. They’re unbelievably warm and friendly. They love to spoil me with delicious food and kava when I’m here.”

“Sounds wonderful,” she said, her smile widening as she peered into the house. She gawked at the living room’s luxurious, natural decor. The warm-colored wood was accented with red, high-backed chairs. The wood-beamed ceiling overlooked a large, round table underneath. Three strategically-placed chaises sat in front of an ocean view, a lamp at each chair. Ethnic statues of Pacific Island women sat by the windows. A white, leather sectional sat in the corner area of the room. It wrapped around a cozy fireplace.

“Let’s get you all settled in the room,” he said.

They walked up some steps to another level of the house and down a long corridor. She eyed a native art statue as they stepped into the master bedroom suite at the end of the wall.

“Wow. It’s huge,” she said, looking around, focusing on the majestic canopy bed. The bed had four carved, wooden posts. Soft, white sheets flowed down from rafters above. The bed itself sat on a raised stage, as if it were a showroom piece. A section of the room had a brown, leather sofa-set, surrounding a huge, flat-screen television. A colorful portrait of an islander woman and her baby hung on the wall.

She walked to the window, peering out at the mild ocean waves. So pristine.

He set down her red travel bag. “You can see a couple of the neighboring islands from here.” He pointed to a distant landmass. “That’s Wakaya there.”

“Ah.” She nodded. “And what’s this island called?” She pointed down.

He looked straight-forward. “We like to call it, ‘The Island’.”

Her smile faded. First Genevieve, now him. Why aren’t they telling me the name of the damn island?

“That’s not the name. What’s the real name?”

He held one finger up to his lips, while he smiled with one corner of his mouth. “I’m sworn to secrecy,” he said. He grasped her hand, taking a step backward. “Come on, I want to show you something.”

She looked into his glowing, hazel eyes. His skin appeared soft and translucent. His aligned teeth accentuated his strong, square jaw.

What am I going to do with this man? Her lips formed a slow smile.

“Okay.” She set her purse down, and placed her hands by her side. “Ready.”

He led her down the stairs and out the front door. They walked down the mahogany steps onto the platform. They passed by the glistening blue pools. A smaller, round jetted spa sat closer to the house windows. A massive stainless steel grill sat under a roofed barbequing area. Long, black countertops surrounded the grill, along with a full-size refrigerator, cabinets and dishwasher.

“A full kitchen, outside. It’s even bigger than the one you have back in Tanglewood.”

He held her hand tighter as they stepped down from the warm wood onto another green path. This one took them around to the back of the house. They passed by several large huts. She peered at the structures. Each hut had a straw roof hanging down toward the door and windows.

“Bures. It’s very rare that we have guests come to visit us. But when we do, they stay in these. Each unit is equipped with its own power, bathroom, and drink bar.”

As they passed the last of the houses, they walked until they approached the edge of a grassy cliff.

The faint sound of water grew louder as they neared the edge. She tightened her grip on his hand.

“I got you,” he said, grasping her other arm from behind.

As she peered over the cliff, her heartbeat quickened. Blood drained from her face. She jerked back toward him. The dream.

“You okay?” He raised an eyebrow. “You afraid of heights?”

She thought about the dream she had on the plane. She had been pushing a wooden cradle from a tree. The cradle was attached to a thin branch from a long, white rope. Inside, a baby wailed. The crying grew louder and louder as she rocked it from an arm’s distance. She heard a faint creak in the branch. She looked up, scanning the tied rope. She stopped rocking the cradle and took a step closer. As she looked inside, she saw a beautiful baby boy, clothed in white satin. The satin outfit had three diamond buttons on the front. She reached inside the cradle. The branch snapped. The cradle fell. She reached out, but it was too late. Baby and cradle tumbled far down a steep, mossed cliff. This cliff.

“No. Just a bit of deja vu again.” She straightened her shoulders, planting both feet on the ground. She cleared her throat. “I’m fine.”

She drew in a deep breath and looked over the edge of the cliff again. Tiny droplets of mist surrounded her face. Her frown slowly turned into a smile. “It’s beautiful,” she said, observing the waterfall, which initiated from a lower rocky point and cascaded down into a natural bath. The water fell down into the pool like soft silk. After the water reached one pool, it flowed over a second row of rocks, and dripped into another body of water.

The serene sound lifted her ears and calmed her tense shoulders. She closed her eyes and let the aura of the island take her.

He moved toward her.

She felt his breaths on the back of her neck, as he pulled her in closer.

He grabbed her waist and turned her toward him. She lifted her head, as he planted a kiss on her lips. His lips were soft and hopeful.

He took her hand and motioned toward a set of stony steps. “Let’s go down.”

Tall, dusty rock lined the steps on the right-hand side. The left side was bare. No handrail.

She took a deep breath, and nodded. “Okay,” she said, managing a smile.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. You’re the only one I’ve ever brought down here.”

Nia furrowed her eyebrows, as she continued to step down the steep, rocky steps in her sandals. “Not even Claire?”

He stopped mid-air, and turned around. His hazel eyes focused on her. “Not even Claire.”

They reached the bottom of the steps. He led her to the pools of pristine water that they had seen from up above.

She looked up at the cliff, biting her lip.

“I could spend a lifetime with you here. Forever,” he said, standing with her on the edge of the pool.

He pulled her in closer and kissed the lip she had been biting.

She allowed her shoulders to relax. Her arms felt like putty in his embrace.

He held her tight as the sound of fresh, falling water slushed through the air. The smell was sweet and misty.

She opened her mouth ever so slightly.

He placed his tongue into the mouth, motioning it back and forth. His breaths were heavy.

Her heart raced, as it desperately worked to pump blood to her warming womb. Her breaths quickened, as he began to apply soft kisses to her neck.

When she could no longer bare the hot sensations that it bore, he gripped the back of her neck and drew her mouth in to meet his. This kiss was fiercer than the last. He thrusted his tongue deep into her mouth several times. Then he reached underneath the pink floral dress. His hands embraced the smoothness of her curves. He felt where the lace underwear met her skin and tugged at it.

The lavender lace boy shorts slid down her thighs. She stepped out of them, as she played with the contour of his deep-cut arm muscle.

When he had the lace in his hands, he lifted it to his nose. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He fell into a trance-like state, letting the lace slip into the water. It followed the pattern of a ripple, gently flowing away, as it glided over the edge of some stones.

He stepped away, lifting his blue-striped shirt over his head. He focused on her eyes as he unbuckled his belt. He unfastened the top button of his knee-length shorts, letting them fall to the ground. He wore a pair of white, knit boxers that clung to his body, accentuating his growing bulge. His abs showed its contours as he lifted the underwear outward over his erection and downward. He gripped the penis in one hand and moved the skin backward and forward twice.

He moved toward her, eyeing the skin underneath her dress. “So soft. So sweet,” he said in a soft murmur. He lifted the dress over her head until she was only clad in a lavender bra. He pulled her toward him, as he unclasped the wired backing. The bra fell onto the mossy rock, a strap begging to flow into the rippling water.

Her hard nipples rested steady against his torso now. She submerged herself onto his chest with each breath that they took.

He held his breath as he reached down to embrace her fleshy thigh. He brought it upward toward his own, as he gripped his penis with his other hand. He allowed the cock to find the opening before fully immersing it into the canal. He penetrated deep into the opening.

Her wetness allowed the cock to venture further in. His right arm continued to cradle the thigh, while his left braced the small of her back.

Her breaths were quick, as she absorbed his steady rocking. She met his movements with rocking of her own to match his rhythm. She wrapped her right arm around his strong shoulder, as she pressed her left palm into his torso. She closed in on the cock, forcing it to reach the final depths of her.

His tanned skin was now reddening as he drove the cock into her harder. Sweat from his brow began to drip on her as she looked up at him. He grunted as he reached down and grabbed the other leg.

She inhaled and clung to his shoulders, enveloping his strong shoulders in her arms. She rested her head against the side of his face.

He stepped forward, as he began to guide her into the clear pool.

Cool water rushed to her butt as he lowered her in. She held on tight until her weight was half-submerged in the water. She rested her head on his hard shoulder.

He immersed the cock deep into her now, his strength revitalized.

She let out a loud moan that echoed against the brown rock cliffs. She continued to moan, unable to stop.

He drove the cock into her hard and fast.

Her hand lost its grip from his shoulder. She freed it into the fresh water. Then she brought the wetness up, smoothing the cool water through his hair.

He growled. He rolled his eyes to the back of his head and then shut them hard. He let out a loud, deep groan.

She felt the barrel of semen emptying into her. When she felt the cock softening inside of her, she rested her head on his shoulder, as he emerged from the water.

“You’re so fucking sexy. I can’t control myself around you,” he said, easing the cock out of her.

She kissed his chest. “Thank you,” she said, stepping out of the water, reaching for her cotton dress.

“No need for that anymore,” he said, eyeing the dress. He slipped his flip flops on, then grabbed his shirt, shorts, and boxers. “There’s no one here.” He folded them over one arm, as he strode out toward the stairs.

She watched his well-defined butt, as he stepped on each rock. “What about the caretakers?”

“They’ve seen it all before.”

She slipped into her sandals and grabbed her bra and dress. She looked out at the stream of water, while he stood by the steps.

“Don’t worry about those. The pleasure of watching them float down the river far outweighed the monetary value. I’ll buy you a replacement set the next time we’re in town.”

She eyed him, raising one brow. “I’m sure you will.”

He chuckled. “What?”

She laughed and headed up the steps.

He followed her from behind. “Mighty fine view from here, Miss Jones,” he said in his deepest Texan accent.

“Oh, you’re from Texas now, huh?” She looked behind her, teasing him.

He laughed, as they reached the top of the stairs. “Born and raised.” He rested his hand on her butt, as they walked bare along the green path that led home.

When he reached the wooden platform, he stopped and slipped into his shirt and shorts. “Don’t want to frighten them too badly now, now do we?”

She slipped the dress over her head.

“Come. I smell dinner,” he said, holding out his hand.