The Auschwitz Photographer - Anna Dobrowolska - książka

The Auschwitz Photographer książka papierowa

Anna Dobrowolska


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All prisoners at Auschwitz saw many terrible things, but no one saw and recorded as much as Wilhelm
Brasse - Auschwitz Photographer. Working under orders of the Germans, he took as many as 50
thousand identity photos—among them portraits of SS officers, and of children used for medical experiments
by Dr. Josef Mengele. At the end he rescued 40 thousand inmate pictures."
The book combines images with eyewitness accounts of inmates, SS men and historical notes painting
a comprehensive picture of the camp daily life including the work of the photography service, the orchestra,
sports and even the brothel. It contains over 300 in many cases previously unpublished photographs
and personal accounts."

Liczba stron: 288

Tłumacz: Samborska Anna

Format (wymiary): 22.3x29.7cm

ISBN: 9788393726165