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What does it take to win success and influence? Some people think that in today's hypercompetitive world, it's the tough, take-no-prisoners type who comes out on top. But in reality, argues New York Times best-selling author Dave Kerpen, it's actually those with the best people skills who win the day. Those who build the right relationships. Those who truly understand and connect with their colleagues, their customers, their partners. Those who can teach, lead, and inspire.  In a world where we are constantly connected and social media has become the primary way we communicate, the key to getting ahead is being the person others like, respect, and trust. Because no matter who you are or what profession you're in, success is contingent less on what you can do for yourself but on what other people are willing to do for you. Here, through 53 bite-sized, easy-to-execute, and often counterintuitive tips, you'll learn to master the 11 people skills that will get you more of what you want at work, at home, and in life. For example, you'll learn:  The single most important question you can ever ask to win attention in a meeting  The one simple key to networking that nobody talks about  How to remain top of mind for thousands of people every day  Why it usually pays to be the one to give the bad news  How to blow off the right people  And why, when in doubt, to buy him a bonsai  A book best described as "How to Win Friends and Influence People for today's world", The Art of People shows how to charm and win over anyone to be more successful at work and outside of it.  PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

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Table of Contents

Skill 1: Understand people

Skill 2: Meet the right people

Skill 3: Read people well

Skill 4: Connect intelligently

Skill 5: Learn how to influence

Skill 6: Change people's minds

Skill 7: Get good at teaching

Skill 8: Learn how to lead

Skill 9: Resolve conflicts well

Skill 10: Be able to inspire

Skill 11: Keep people happy


Table of Contents


Skill 1

Understand people

You can't understand how to influence others until you first understand yourself.

Organizations have been using Myers-Briggs assessments for many years to clarify personality types but a much better type of assessment is to use the Ennegram test. ( The Ennegram measures how you like to communicate and how best to communicate with others based on their Ennegram rating.

Key Thoughts

"The first step in learning how to better influence others to get what you want in your career and in life is to understand yourself. The better you understand yourself—your unconscious motivations, what gets you up and what gets you down, what makes you tick, and how you best interact with others—the better off you'll be at understanding other people and getting them to do things for you." – Dave Kerpen

If you meet someone that you just don't get at a personal level, the best way to move forward is to be willing to invest fifteen minutes in speaking with them over a cup of coffee. Ask them some questions and listen to the answers they give. The kinds of questions which will start to build a relationship could include:

1What kind of interesting developments are happening in your professional life at the moment?

2What notable things are happening in your personal life or that of your family members?

3If you had enough money to retire, what would you be doing right now?

4What's the one thing you'd most like to be doing five years from now?

5Do you have a favorite charity you support?

6Who are your role models for your life and career?

7Who has been a great influence in your life when you were growing up?

Just taking the time to ask those questions and discuss their answers will allow you to understand that person's worldview much better than talking about the weather, current events or anything else. You'll be surprised at how much you can get to understand a person when you ask questions and engage with them.

Your goal is to be interested in them rather than interesting to talk to. The differentiator is to actively listen and be authentic. Don't ask those questions with an ulterior motive and resist the temptation to talk about yourself. Instead, actively listen to what the other person has to say. You'll be stunned at how quickly and how deeply you can get to know another person if you will just sit back and let them talk about themselves.

Key Thoughts

"The secret to getting people to adore you is to shut up and listen." – Dave Kerpen

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you." – Dale Carnegie

As an interesting test of this concept, decide in advance that in your next business meeting you will do no speaking and instead listen to what everyone else has to say. This will feel a little unnatural but you'll probably come away from that meeting learning more in one hour than you have in weeks or months before that. What's even better, your coworkers will probably come out of the meeting feeling appreciated, more empowered and better understood as well.

Key Thoughts