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A key team member behind The Secret and his business partner offer the specific tools and mental strategies to help readers leap ahead in any career or business venture and achieve major financial success.  In this visionary work, New York Times bestselling author John Assaraf and business guru Murray Smith reinvent the business book for the twenty-first century. Two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, they combine forces to bring their special insights and techniques together in a revolutionary guide for success in the modern business environment.  Assaraf and Smith know how to minimize risk and maximize success, and The Answer provides a framework for sharing their wisdom, experience, and skills with the millions of people who want to accomplish their own dreams in life. Using cutting-edge research into brain science and quantum physics, they show how readers can actually rewire their brains for success and create the kind of extraordinary lives they want. By teaching readers how to attract and use newly discovered "uncommon" senses to achieve business success, the authors demonstrate the beliefs, habits, thoughts, and actions that they have used to build eighteen multimillion-dollar companies.  Any reader who follows this step-by-step process to build his or her career will experience an enormous life transformation and reach an exceptional level of living.

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Key Thoughts

“The human brain is the most powerful, complex machine in the universe. Simply having the desire to achieve something does absolutely no good, in and of itself. You can want all you want, and nothing happens. But impress that desire onto the power center of your brain as a new set of instructions, and you can transform that desire into a habit of thought—a belief. And once you do that, no force in the world can stop it from happening. If you have chosen to spend your precious life in pursuit of success in business, then don't let yourself settle for‘good. 'Make that business a perfect expression of your values and purpose, the perfect expression of you. Make it the business of your dreams—and then make those dreams come true. Devote yourself to the pursuit of the exceptional."

John Assaraf & Murray Smith

The Answer Learn how to use your mind betterUnderstand What Your Thoughts Are and Why They Are So Important

Thoughts are important because ultimately everything starts as an idea. If you get into the pattern of thinking productive thoughts, very soon those thoughts will attract a form of energy that will draw the building blocks required to make things happen to you. Pay careful attention to what you choose to think about.

The physical world always acts unerringly on laws—actions and con-sequences. Sometimes we may not understand the laws involved and assume that things happen as random occurrences, but the reality is that exact laws are always at work. This is very reassuring, because otherwise there would be chaos if things like gravity or chemistry worked sometimes but not others.

Humans typically think of the physical world we can see, but there is also an unseen world that is much bigger. This world is made up of energy—cells, molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, etc—which are all forms of energy. In this parallel world, everything starts as an idea before it takes on physical form. This is a great clue as to how we can make our lives a success—we start out by creating a successful life as an idea in our mind's eye and then work to make that idea take physical form.

As we come up with an idea, it will resonate with other forms of energy that exist in the universe. The clearer and more vivid we make the details we are imagining, the more“connectors”we are sending out into the universe. That, in turn, increases the opportunities for what we're thinking about in our mind to come into the physical world and take shape. Thoughts create everything—they are the starting point from which anything and everything arises. What you think about can and will create the realities you ultimately experience in all facets of your life and career.

Key Thoughts

“Thought is the most powerful force in the universe. Our thoughts are the controlling factor in what we manifest and create in our lives. The idea precedes the thing."

John Assaraf & Murray Smith

The human brain is quite simply the most powerful and complex piece of machinery that exists in the universe. Consider some facts about what is currently known about the human brain:

■Each brain contains a network of around 100,000 miles of blood vessels and in excess of one hundred billion neurons.

■It has been found the human brain can perform some ten quadrillion operations per second. To give that capacity context, imagine combining the scope and complexity of every telephone system in the planet together. The human brain has that much processing power in each individual brain cell.

■Every second you are alive, your brain is overseeing the construction and installation of around ten million brain cells and the decommissioning of about one hundred million more.

■To write down all the possible neural connections your brain could make would take you about 75 years just to write down all the zeroes that would be required.