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The wealthy Lady Harpur narrates her sexual initiation and adventures. Known to her friends as Queenie, Lady Harper was the daughter of a rich plantation owner in the West Indies and Queenie learns how the local gentry while away the hours in languorous loving. Eventually Queenie will be kidnapped and ravished by pirates, survive a shipwreck, and come into wealth and title when she meets, beds and weds Lord Harpur."The Adventures of Lady Harpur" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1885. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.This book contains all 3 volumes:Volume I - My Early LifeVolume II - Safe Haven With The GovernorVolume III - Free Enjoyment And Ecstatic Love

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The Adventures of Lady Harpur


The Adventures of Lady Harpur 1885AnonymousThis ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should purchase your own copy.First edition 2010

Volume I My Early Life

I - First Experiences

My father possessed a large and flourishing estate on one of the West Indian islands before the emancipation of the slaves.

My baptismal name is Charlotte, but from the fancied likeness to a picture of the English queen of the name, my father called me Queenie, which pet name has clung to me ever since.

The first event of any importance in connection with my subject which I can remember occurred when I was about ten years old. I had then a black nurse called Dora, in whose charge I was especially placed. It was from her I learned that my mother, who died soon after my birth, had been a favourite and very handsome slave, nearly as white as a European, and that I greatly resembled her.

My father was king to me, though I did not see much of him, for he was often away on business; when he was at home, he used to send for me to come to him after dinner, when he would set me on his knee and make me sip sweet rum toddy. He liked tickling my thighs and pinching my bottom, he said, as it made me laugh and look merry; but one evening after his second glass he placed me astride his lap with my back towards him and my dress pulled up, that he might feel the warmth of my bottom there. I laughed and thought it funny and let him settle me as he wished. Then in a short time I felt a hot stiff thing poking up between my thighs and rubbing against my slit in such a way as even then to cause such a strange tingling there that I told my nurse of it when she was putting me to bed. She laughed and said «Massa wanted to do to me what he had done to my mother before me.»

«Oh nurse, do tell me what papa did to mama.»

«Never you mind, missy, you’ll know time enough.»

«Tell me now, nurse, you know I am past ten and the other day, when you were wiping me after the bath and were looking in between my legs, you said that I was grown quite a little woman; look again, nurse,» I said, lifting up my nightdress and spreading my legs, «had mama a little slit in here, like I have, and did she let papa rub it for her?»

«What a funny child you are, Miss Queenie! You’re indeed a large and well-made girl for your years and your mama did enjoy a rubbing there more than anyone I ever saw and, unless I am very much mistaken, you will be just the same,» then stooping down, she put her hands under my bottom and raised me up and plunging her face between my thighs began to kiss the lips and lick around the inside of my little slit.

I was greatly surprised at first, but soon the motion of her warm pliant tongue in that most sensitive spot, made me press up against her mouth and cry, «Don’t stop, dear nurse, that is so nice!»

A thrill of pleasure passed through me, then feeling tired and heavy I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.

Nurse was a noted herb doctor and she used to boast that she could cure any sick person, or make them sleep, or even kill them if she liked. There was one herb which she often gathered when out walking with me, which, she said, was good for tea and made people sleep afterwards. She sometimes used it for our own tea. It was nice and pleasant to drink but always made me sleep heavily after taking it. She had steeped some that evening and filled my cup, but as it tasted more pungent then usual, my stomach turned against it and when she was not looking I poured it into the slop basin; but when she helped me again it was not so strong and I drank a little.

I suppose it was the effect of it which made me go to sleep so quickly, but it did not last as long as usual, for I awoke after only a few hours; the moon was shining brightly through the curtains drawn across the open window and I could see by the clock that it was only a little after twelve. I felt hot and restless and the excitement in my slit still continuing, I involuntarily put my hand to it and felt its smooth lips and the little slippery lump between. Then I rubbed with my finger the little hot chink below, which throbbed under my touch and which I felt to be connected in some mysterious way with the very mainspring of my being. I knew not then of that wondrous key which could enter in, wind up the spring and put all the hidden machinery into motion; but my eyes were partially opened, my curiosity aroused and many things I had heard and witnessed recurred to my memory with a startling significance unknown before. I settled in my mind therefore, to lose no opportunity of enlarging my knowledge of these interesting matters.

I was lying quietly in my bed while these thoughts were fermenting in my mind, when a low whistle to the window arrested my attention. Nurse sat up and softly asked, «Is that you, Dandy?»

The whistle was gently repeated.

«You may come in,» she replied, «the child is fast asleep and the coast is clear.» A dusky form then passed through the window and I recognized one of the assistant overseers, a good-looking mulatto, who was much chaffed as nurse’s follower and admirer.

She took him in her arms and gave him a mighty hug; on being released he turned towards me and asked, «Is she fast asleep? Might I look at her little cunny?”

«You might, for I gave it to her strong last evening.»

He came softly to the side of my bed, and lifting the clothes, pushed his hand between my thighs. I pretended to be asleep though at first I found it very hard to remain still for his fingers tickled me, but he quickly aroused the sensation of pleasure I had felt before, and that made me firm as a rock. He them pulled down the clothes and opening my legs said, «What a fair little cunt she has, Dora. I wonder who will be the first to ravish its sweets?»

«I would not be surprised if her own father had the first of her himself,» and she related what I had told her.

«I would not put it past him for he is the greatest man for women I ever met.»

«Does he often come to you, Dora?»

«Yes, he does; he takes a turn when he wants a black cunt for a change.»

«And you give him enough of it too, Dora?»

«Why not,» said the nurse as she kissed the top of his red-headed tool which she had drawn out while they were talking. She seemed to be supporting its bag with one hand while she moved the other up and down the dark-skinned shaft.

Meanwhile Dandy had frigged my cunt into such a state of excitement that he was able to push the tip of his finger through the passage and though the pain was so considerable that I had to bite my lips to prevent myself crying out, yet the sensation was so overpowering that I willingly bore it while he forced his whole finger up; then I felt something snap inside and to my great relief he moved it in and out without hurting me.

«I declare she is fit to be fucked,» he said «although there is not the slightest sign of hair on her mount yet. See the whole of my finger goes in without waking her.»

«So I see, but don’t meddle further with her now; come here and I’ll finish you off, then go to bed like a good fellow.»

Still holding him by the pego, she drew him towards her bed and sat down on the edge with him standing between her legs. He put his hands under her thighs and tilted her back. She at once spread herself like and open book, giving me a clear view of her enormous gap.

The outsides of the great fat lips ere dark and covered with black, wooly hair, but the inside was flaming red and seemed to be brimming over with unctuous juice.

«Let me put it in, Dandy!» she said as she directed with her hand the glowing head of his now rampant tool into what seemed to me the huge mouth of some all-devouring creature.

«Push, you villain,» she cried, as she clutched the two polished cheeks of his bottom with her hands, driving her nails into his quivering flesh, «send home your prick and fuck me like a man.»

Dandy, bending to his work, was not slow in obeying her command and fucked with such fury that the whole room shook with the vigour of his strokes. Then his job being done and having lain on her a few minutes, he got up and went away.

The events of that night completely changed the current of my life. I was no longer an innocent child. A new sense had arisen in my nature; I felt a want of something, I scarcely knew what. At that same time I had become as knowing and suspicious as one of long experience in the ways of me.

I had learned to read and write from a schoolmaster who attended me for an hour each morning. I was fond of reading but had few books at my command and they ere chiefly novels of light description and such books of poetry such as Don Juan, Tommy Little and Burns; all these I now read with renewed interest and enlightened comprehension of the meaning of the numerous hints and allusions.

But my attention was especially directed to the living characters with whom I mingled in daily life and the strange events which were continually occurring around me which were so highly calculated both to stimulate and gratify my eager and prurient curiosity.

I began life in the midst of an atmosphere pervaded by sensuality and self-indulgence and how I remained in comparative innocence so long is to marvel at now.

My father was a man of robust health and unbridled passion; he had absolute control over a large number and variety of women; and as he was generous in conduct and had a most winning manner and address, they were only too ready to gratify him in every want that he desired. Nor was he selfish in his pleasures, for he allowed his overseers — and he had several, mostly European — to enjoy the same licence he claimed for himself; so that, in a word, unbounded and promiscuous intercourse seemed the order of the day.

A son of the head overseer was allowed to play with me when he was home from school. His name was Dick and he was sixteen years of age. He often tried to make free with me, but hitherto I had always repelled his advances, but now I felt quite prepared to meet him half-way. The next time he came to play with me, he started his old tricks of running his hand under my petticoats.

«Where are you putting your hand? I have no pocket there for guavas or nuts.»

«No, but you have a sweet little flower which I would very much like to see and unfold.»

«What nonsense you talk. How do you know that I have a flower or anything else there?»

«Oh, I know very well. I was watching my sister who is about your age taking her bath the other morning and she had the prettiest little mouth between her legs that I ever saw.»

«And what have you got there yourself, Master Dick?»

«Oh, I will show it to you, Queenie, there it is, won’t you take it in your hand?»

«No, I’d be sorry to touch the ugly little thing» — all the time, however, looking at it with fixed attention.

«Why do you call it ugly — you just men the contrary. Look how stiff it is getting,» and he drew down the covering skin, «see its red top peeping out. Do you know what it is for, Queenie?»

«No, what would I know about it?»

«Perhaps you may know more than you would like to say; but anyway, I will tell you: it is just made to go into the mouth between your legs — ah, do; there’s a good girl.»

After much laughing, dragging and pushing he succeeded in getting his hand on my chink of delight.

I enjoyed watching how his face beamed with satisfaction as he felt with eager fingers the swelling mound and soft, rounded lips which formed the outer portion of my little unfledged cunny. He praised and kissed me and pressed hard against me, but all the while the knowing young dog was forcing me back and quietly pushing between my legs. He pinched my clitoris and his fingers rubbed the slit, as he softly pulled up my frock and opened my drawers until at last I allowed him to get what he desired — a full view of my rosy chink. How his eyes then sparkled. How he kissed its lops and thrust in his tongue. He was leaning over me on one side and somehow my hand strayed up his thigh. His trousers were open and I took hold of his prick, it stiffened up as my fingers closed up around it. He seemed greatly pleased and lifting himself up, he pushed it forward for a closer inspection. He showed he how to frig it, as he called the moving of its loose skin up and down, and with a gratified air watched the operation.

He gradually moved his prick towards my mouth then asked me to kiss it. I put its head to my lips and rubbed it to my nose. It had a slight and peculiar smell, which to me was pleasant and exciting. I let it enter my mouth and twined my tongue around its neck. He put my hand on the little bag that held its stones and told me to feel them and then pushed my hand until my fingers reached the round hole in his bottom.

Dick was in fact, quite a little European and, young as he was, he had seen and even participated in many of the various modes of sexual enjoyment.

«Queenie, you are a brick, you know how to please a fellow and you have a lovely cunt; now let us have perfect confidence in one another; we shall have great fun and I shall tell you all sorts of queer things; do you agree?»

«Yes, Dick, you are a good, clever boy and I am very fond or you,» and we sealed our bargain with a kiss.

«Queenie, you shall be my true love and I will marry you when you are grown up and I have an estate of my own. But now tell me, do you know the name of what you are now holding in your hand and petting so nicely?»

«It is called a prick and this, you know, is called a cunt and putting the prick into the cunt is the nicest feeling in the world and is called fucking. Now lean back, raise your knees and open your thighs as widely as ever you can and let us fuck together; if I can get my prick into your cunt you will know what a delightful thing fucking is.»

I lay back, spread my thighs and putting down my hand, tried to open my cunt as much as I could, while he knelt between my legs and pressed the head of his tool against the opening. He pushed and worked away and I heaved up and helped by every means in my power, but all in vain, he could not get it in; at last some white juice spurted out of his prick and he had to give up, almost crying at his want of success.

I fully sympathized with him and said, «But Dick, how do you know that it is meant to go in there at all?»

«Why, I have seen it go in many a time; shall I tell you what I saw only last week?»

«Do, Dick, I would like above all things to hear it.»

«You know, old Snigger keeps the plantation cat, and flogs the slaves when they are sent to him with a note from my father. Last week our Sally was lazy an impudent and he resolved to giver her a lesson by sending her to Snigger. So he wrote; “Give this girl a round dozen to teach her better manners,” and sent the note with her. I knew what was in the note and why she was sent. So I followed quietly after her and going to the rear of the punishment house, I was able to look in and see all that passed. The old fellow led her in and fastened the door. When the poor girl knew why she was sent there, she seemed quite dumb-founded and burst out crying. He tried to comfort her by saying, “I know you, Sally, and if you are good and quiet, I won’t hurt you much.”

«He then tied her hands and placed her leaning over a bean so that her bottom was well cocked up. Then he raised her petticoat and flung it over her head and shoulders, and putting his hands between her legs, forced them wide apart — at which she squealed out and threatened all sorts of things.

«“Very well,” he said, “if you won’t be quiet you must only suffer for it,» and bringing down the cat he gave her a smart cut across her naked posteriors.

«She jumped and gave a yell.

«“All right,” he said, giving her another, “now perhaps you will be quiet and behave yourself.”

«“Oh, yes, Mr. Snigger, I will be as quiet as I can, but don’t hit so hard, you hurt me terribly.”

«“I don’t want to hurt you at all, Sally,” he said, rubbing his hands between her fat thighs, spreading them further apart and gazing up at her cunt. He then loosened his pants and brought out his tool. You would have wondered at the big prick the old fellow has. He made it wag its great purple top as he shook it in his hand. Then holding her by the hips, he drove it at her cunt.

But when she felt it between her lips she cried, “Stop, you mustn’t do that.”

«“You want another taste of the cat, my lady?” he said, drawing back and giving her a lash.

«“Oh, Mr. Snigger, don’t whip me any more and I’ll let you do anything you please.”

«“Now, you speak like a sensible girl,” he said, coming close again. He opened the glowing lips of her cunt, inserted the head of his prick and pushed it slowly up. As it disappeared, he leaned on her back and put his hands under her belly, spread them over her cunt and made his prick pass in and out through his fingers. You would have been surprised, Queenie, to have seen with what ease the great prick passed up into her belly; and as soon as he began to fuck with regular back and forward thrusts, she pointed her bottom out to meet every push. When he finished he made her promise never to tell anyone what he had done to her. “If you do and I have you here again, maybe you won’t catch it, that’s all.” She knew that was no idle threat, so she let him kiss her and then went quietly away.

«Would you have liked to see that, Queenie?»

«Oh, dear yes, almost every day.»

«I will tell you the next time and we can go together. Won’t it be fun?»

I promised to go with him and after some more handling, looking and kissing, he departed.

II - My Strange Dream

The next time my father sent for me after dinner, I made and excuse for not going, as my newly awakened feelings caused me to shrink from him now. But that same night, nurse made some of he peculiar tea. I tried to avoid drinking it, but she pressed it so strongly upon me that I could not help taking some. Soon afterwards, I fell into a heavy sleep and out of that for some cause or other, I passed into a curious state of half-consciousness and either saw or dreamed that papa was in our room lying on nurse’s naked body. Then I seemed to be carried over and laid on my back by her side, in such a way that he could see and kiss my cunny as he worked his bottom up and down over her. All this time I was quite powerless and totally unable to move or speak, though I had a dreamy perception of all that was going on.

Nurse then got over him with her bottom towards her face, her breast, resting on his belly and her hand between his raised thighs. After a while she said, «Hah, I have got him into life again; what shall we do with him now?»

«Could we get him into Queenie?»

«Isn’t she too young as yet, it would hurt her I fear.»

«She is going on eleven and I have often fucked girls as young as she is, for in this country, as you know, girls mature very early. We will grease her little crack and this poor fellow not being over-strong, will not hurt her too much.»

She then brought cold cream and anointed my cunt, while he worked his finger in and out and at last forced up two together; then he got nurse to go down on all fours on the bed and placing me on her back, held up my legs and knelt between them. After working his tool a few times in her receptacle, he put its well moistened head in my little chink and holding me firm by the shoulders, gradually forced it in. I felt a dull sensation of pain as it entered and passed up, yet I could neither stir nor cry out but when it was all inside, it seemed to fill me with warmth and satisfaction. I heard nurse asking if he got it in. «Oh, yes, easily,» he replied, as he lifted me in his arms, staked on the engine of bliss and began to carry me round the room. The motion was so delightful that it partially aroused me, for the action of the prick fairly convulsed my cunt with delicious throbs as I clung round him with my arms and legs.

He soon laid me in my bed and I was conscious of nothing until the morning, when a feeling of soreness in my cunt brought back the dream to my recollection.

Nurse examined my nightdress and noticing some ensanguined spots, took it away and said I must have been scratching myself in the night. I kept my own counsel and said nothing.

My father always had young good-looking slave girls to do the housework and wait on him; but they also had other functions to discharge, which I now began to find out about and understand. I soon learned, moreover, that all the planters round whether married or single were similarly supplied and that they were not thought any the worse for it as it was the universal custom.

My father, being the wealthiest among them, only carried on matters on a grander scale. When he invited his friends to diner — and he never had any but gentleman’s parties — after they had imbibed a sufficient quantity of drink, he used to call in a number of these girls and make them strip and dance naked; then would follow a regular orgy, which would end only when they rolled off to bed together.

I heard all this from a pretty slave named Zilla, whom papa lately appointed as my special waiting-maid. She attended me in the bathroom and nothing seemed to please her more than when I let her kiss and suck my cunt. She told me that my father had a splendid prick and fucked so delightfully that the girls were always contending who should go to him at night; and that he loved to have his prick petted and sucked. While telling me these things, she kept on playing with my cunt, probing and frigging it and inserting the tip of her finger in the little round hole behind, which I found excited me greatly.

I asked her if she went to him often.

«As often as I get the chance,» she replied.

«But are you not too young — would it not hurt you to have such a big thing pushed up into your belly?»

«Not in the least, missy, I was not nearly so tall as you when I was first fucked. Put your finger in and feel how open I am now.»

To my surprise her cunt admitted three or even four fingers with the greatest of ease.

«You are much more open than I am. Now tell me, do you find fucking so very pleasant as they say?»

«Oh, yes, it is grand. There is nothing like it in the world. How you would enjoy it, missy. An if you only saw two people fucking, you would never rest until you were fucked yourself.»

«At all events, I would like very much to see how it is done; could you not contrive, Zilla, to let yourself be fucked while I was looking on — of course, concealed.»

«Well, missy, if it would gratify you, I think I could manage it safely and pleasantly. But first I want to show you something; massa is not home today. Come, let us explore his rooms.

She led me to a room which I had always found locked, but of which she had a key. It contained only some broad couches, some very lascivious pictures on the walls and a tall roomy press. Several large mirrors were fixed on either side and a splendid chandelier hung from the ceiling.

«This is the place where massa and his friends hold their orgies,» Zilla said, «but he will be alone this evening, I am told.» She opened the press which was full of loose gauze robes hanging up and continued, «We sometimes hide in here to see what is going on, but he does not mind and never looks in himself; what would you think of hiding in it tonight — you would see all sorts of funny things and no one would know that you were here.»

«But what should I do if I was found out?»

«There would be but little chance of that; anyway I could disguise you, so that you would not be recognized even in the full glare of all these lights. You would only have to let down your hair, put on the same light dress we wear and stain your face and arms with a dye which can be easily washed off next morning. Do missy — try it — you will have more fun than I can describe and really no risk. I will be there and you will see me fucked and probably several others. You can tell nurse that you are going to pass the evening with your papa. Come here before he leaves the dining-room and I will settle you in the press and stay near it and take out any dresses that might be wanted.»

At last I consented and in due course found myself standing almost naked among the gauze dresses in the press, while Zilla peeped in now and then to tell me that everything was all right.

After some time papa came in looking very flushed. He had only a dressing gown on and was followed by three girls, one of whom was Zilla, with nothing whatever on them but their stockings and boots. He threw himself on his back on the couch opposite the press, and saying he was tired, asked the girls to dance and play before him.

Two of them embraced and commenced waltzing about the room. They pushed their legs in between each other’s thighs and displayed their cunts and bottoms as much as they possibly could. As they went on they grew more excited, smacking each other’s rumps and pulling the hair of each other’s cunts. They then lay over one another and pretended to fuck. Anon they kissed each other’s cunts.

All this time, Zilla was at my father’s side, petting his prick and smiling towards the press as she made it stand up stiffly. She even winked when she drew down the soft skin and uncovered its large swelling head, red and shining like a ripe plum. But papa soon directed her to get over his face and called the others to come and manipulate his prick and bottom. Zilla then knelt with her knees on each side of his shoulders to enable her to place her cunt full on his mouth. While one of the other girls lay between his legs and lifting them up, pressing back his hams and thus got free access to his upturned bottom into which she thrust her tongue as far as she could. The other held his prick in her mouth, but without frigging it, which, I observed, she carefully avoided as she sucked the head and gently stirred the balls.

After a few moments he cried, «Enough, my pets, now ring the bell.»

Zilla jumped up and pulled the bell-rope and immediately the door opened and three lusty black fellows sprang in, perfectly naked, and began chasing the girls about the room. Sometimes they would catch them and flinging them down would feel and kiss their cunts and try to fuck them but they always managed to break away from them before they could finish.

Suddenly the girls disappeared, leaving the three men looking very foolish with their black pricks sticking up like ship’s bowsprits before them. Then they too rushed out to hunt after the women; and soon one of them returned dragging one of the girls with him he laid her on a couch, turned her up and was into her in a moment. He had only fucked her a few strokes when another pair rushed in and dragged him off; then the newcomer took his place, thrust his prick into the open cunt and fucked away. The man who was dragged off seemed in no way put out, for he seized the girl that came in last, laid her on her back and charged into her cunt. Then in came the third pair; the second man was now pulled off in turn, only to be replaced by the third. So they went on, each girl being only partially fucked by each of the men one after the other; which Zilla afterwards informed me, is a most agreeable way of fucking.

In the midst of the confusion the lights were suddenly put out and we were left in total darkness.

I held the press door firmly from the inside, but Zilla came whispering, «Open, missy, and let me slip in.»

I opened the door and she slipped in and clasping me in her arms pressed her naked body against mine. Immediately I felt a hand moving about my bottom and cunt and asked, «Is that you, Zilla, squeezing my bottom?»

«Yes, dear, open your legs more — still more, now lean against me and poke out your behind, I want to play with it.»

«Oh, Zilla, that’s not your hand — what are you pushing into me? Stop, it’s hurting me. Oh, my Zilla, what do you mean? You are holding me for somebody to — what are you doing? You horrid man — Oh, Zilla, he is splitting me up.»

«Be quiet, missy, don’t make so much noise or you will have the whole of them in on us.»

Meanwhile I felt what I knew was a large prick forced into y cunt from behind; while a pair of strong arms held me firmly round the waist and a hairy chin pressed on my shoulder. Zilla put her hand between my legs, chuckled and whispered, «Now missy, you have it in and no mistake, right up into your maiden cunny; how does it feel — crammed with a fine prick. Oh, yes, wag your little bum, that’s the way to enjoy a fuck.»

Just then the press door was forcibly pulled open and one of the black fellows caught hold of Zilla, crying out: «Here she is, I have her again.» Her back was towards the door and in a trice his prick was darted into her cunt and by the impulse of her body against mine I knew that she was being fucked with tremendous vigour. Whoever was behind me now fell to again and each time Zilla was banged against me in front, my bottom got a shove behind as the prick darted into my cunt.

Zilla, panting with excitement, kissed me and said: «Darling missy, put down your hand and feel Sambo’s prick fucking me.»

I lowered my hand to the bottom of her belly and felt the fat hairy lips of her cunt clinging round a sturdy prick. Both the prick and cunt were were reeking moisture which made my fingers smell for hours after. Sambo speedily discharged and retired; so did my friend behind, who then passed out quickly in the dark and we were left alone.

«Zilla, take me to my room,» I said, «I am tired and frightened to death; you are a bad girl and I won’t trust you again.»

«Forgive me darling missy, I only meant to give you a treat; you surely have not been hurt, nor really vexed. A good fuck never does any harm.»

I was soon in bed and fast asleep, for I was tired and exhausted. Next morning, however, after being refreshed by my bath, I was more inclined to laugh with Zilla over the matter; but I could not prevail on her to tell me who it was that came behind me in the press, though I had my suspicions.

I had now been twice fucked, but somehow not in the regular way, and I longed for Dick to come and give me a more satisfactory lesson. I was soon gratified, for that afternoon dick came with a radiant face and told me that a lazy, impudent girl and two others were being sent to Snigger at four o’clock, by my father’s directions; that he had got the key for the door which opened into the loft over the punishment room; it was half filled with dry flax, he said, but by shifting some a famous view of all that passed below could be had through the loose boarding in the floor. «So clap on your things and come along; we have got just enough time to get comfortably settled before the play begins.»

We hurried to the left and when we had entered Dick carefully closed the door, locked it and took out the key. We then made a comfortable nest for ourselves amid the flax, over a large aperture in the floor through which Dick said we could have a clear view of Snigger’s operations on the bottoms and cunts of the poor girls.

He then raised my dress and I opened his trousers and we lay head and tail together, so that he could see and explore all the secret crannies between my legs while I was able with equal facility to investigate the fascination of his prick and balls.

While thus engaged, I gave him a full account of what had happened the night before, with the exception of the fact that I had been fucked myself. In return he told me how he had seen his father fucking slave girls scores of times; that on one occasion he stole out of his be at night when he heard sounds of great revelry in the house and, on creeping to the parlour door which was slightly open, he saw his father chasing with a birch rod four naked women round the room, hitting at their bottoms as hard as he could; that when he caught one, he made her lean forward on the table with her bum cocked up and her legs widely apart; that the others then ran up, opened the lips of her cunt, pushed in his father’s prick and tickled his bottom while he fucked; that as he was intently watching this performance, the door suddenly opened, which startled them and one of the girls, running to it, caught him and drew him into the room.

His father told them to take off his shirt and give him a good whipping for peeping when he should have been in bed. This direction they at once began to carry out, but one of the girls whose cunt he had often tickled seized him by the prick as she was taking off his shirt and proposed that one of them should lie down with Dick on top of her and that she should hold him tight while the others played with his bottom. To this they all agreed and told her to lay herself down, as it was she who proposed it; she complied and Dick was placed over her, most at first by holding his prick in their hands and rubbing its head about the lips of her cunt. He heaved up and down, hoping to drive it in, but they always pulled it aside as his father and all the rest of them laughed at his frantic efforts to get it in.

«Do let me in,» he implored, «I cannot hold off any longer.»

«Yes, do,» cried the girl, «I want it too.»

At last they placed it aright; and with one plunge of his prick, Dick rushed it up the hot recess. Oh, what delicious heat. How she bounded under him at every stroke. Lifting her legs, she crossed them over his back, while they touched up his bottom with the rod.

«You may lather away now,» he said, «as hard as you like.»

All the feeling in his body seemed concentrated in his prick and that felt as if it were bathed in bliss. He finished with a roar of delight; and they all said he fucked like a man and was worthy of admission to the ranks of love.

«Oh, Queenie, you give me such pleasure. I think a good suck when you play with the balls and so delightfully finger the bottom is equal to any fuck. Did you swallow my seed?»

«Yes, Dick, every drop.»

«That’s right. Now I must give you a new pleasure in return. Let me fix this bundle of flax under your bottom to raise it up; now put your hands down each side and hold open its cheeks while I tickle it with my tongue.»

Then lying along the floor, he sucked my bottom-hole, pushing his tongue, so that I felt its tip moving round and round inside and stirring up most delicious sensations throughout the whole regions of love.

I did not know until then what an amount of feeling there is in our bottoms and how closely connected they must be with out cunts. After a few moments he asked, «Do you like having your bottom sucked, darling?»

«Yes, very much, I think it is the nicest feeling I ever had.»

«Does it increase the feeling in your cunt?»

«Yes, my cunt and bottom feel all a glow, a very little more sucking or frigging would make me come.»

«Well, now, darling, I want you to put your hand down again and this time to hold open the lips of your cunt and show me where you have the most feeling and how best to excite it.»

I put my hands down and spreading open the lips I pressed the clitoris and rubbed the tip of my finger up and down over it and between the inner lips of my cunt.

«That’s where I have the most feeling.»

«Very well, I’ll suck the entrance while you rub the clitoris, but meantime go on telling me how you are feeling and especially when you are just about to spend.»

«Yes, Dick, my cunt is growing hotter and hotter while you suck, and I frig the clitoris. Oh, it is getting very nice — I can’t keep quiet — I must twist my bottom about — oh, and heave up my cunt; now, now, Dick; suck my cunt, push your tongue into it; squeeze my bottom, move your finger inside; there! Oh!»

I rolled in ecstasy, while dick supped on the soft effusion that distilled with so much pleasure from my fountain of delight.

Just then — but what happened must have a chapter to itself.

III - Lizzy

In the midst of our sweet delirium, we heard steps leading up to the loft and Dick had only time to draw the flax stalks over us, when the door was opened and to my horror my father’s voice sounded in my ears.

He had a lady with him whom I did not then know, but whom he called Lizzy. He carefully arranged a snug corner for her within a few yards of our hiding place and said, «Now Lizzy, my pet, we are perfectly safe from observation here and we can enjoy ourselves without fear of intrusion while we watch Snigger and the girls. The old fellow, I am told, gloats over their naked bums and always fucks the fattest before or after whipping them. Would you mind taking off some of your dress, the loft is so hot; and this corset of yours is always in the way.»

«Are you sure, Robert, that no one can see us here?»

«How could they, when we found the door locked and I re-locked it after we entered.»

He then spread his coat for her to lie on while she divested herself of everything but her chemise and let down her hair. I could see through the flax that she was young, of fair complexion and exceedingly pretty.

Dick told me afterwards that she was the wife of a neighbouring Planter named Hobbs, who was a worn-out debauchee; that he was said to be very jealous of her, but in other respects did not seem to care for her, as he was much more attentive to his numerous black mistresses.

«It was very good of you, Lizzy, to come today when you heard I was anxious to see you, but how did you get away from the Ogre?» meaning her husband.

«I told him I wanted to make some purchases in town and, to satisfy him, said I would inquire about cigars he was expecting — having done which I rode on here.»

Papa took her in his arms, kissed her and said, «Take him out yourself, my pet. He loves the touch of your soft fingers; it always puts life into him.»

She pretended to look shy as she unfastened his trousers, opened them down the front, put her hand inside, felt around and drew out his fine handsome prick. Although it was my father’s prick, from which my natural instinct inclined me to turn away my face, in my then excited state I could not help regarding it with the greatest interest. I especially admired the milky whiteness of its shaft and the look of pride with which it upreared its purple head as she drew down the covering skin. As she kissed its glowing top and sucked it in her mouth, he said: «Tell me its name, Lizzy.»

She looked up and answered: «Prick.»

«And this soft mouth with its silky moustache, what is it called?» he asked as he separated her yielding legs.

She replied, dwelling most lasciviously on the two last letters, «My cu-n-t.»

«That’s a pet, now what shall we do with this prick and cunt?»

«Let them fuck, to be sure, what are they made for but fucking.»

«Does Ogre often fuck you?»

«No, but he sometimes wants to put his nasty prick into my bottom and then he hurts me terribly.»

«He is a brute; and yet fucking the bottom is not so bad when it is done gently and nicely.»

«Oh, I would let you fuck me anywhere, Robert.»

«Thanks, my pet, we will try that way soon. Does he ever fuck any of the girls before you?»

«Oh, dear yes, he has often tied me down and fucked them so close to me that I could not avoid seeing all that was done, then he would take his prick fresh out of their cunts and make me kiss it and when I refused one day, he brought in a slave and having stripped me naked he held my legs open while the fellow rammed his prick into my cunt and fucked me before them all.

«Oh, he is a horrid beast and I hate him.»

«How I wish I could take you from him altogether, but it is better for you to bear with him and come to me as often as you can. But here comes the first girl, a saucy impudent hussy. I wrote to give her two dozen and I hope he will cut into her well; get on your knees, pet, and while you are watching them through the slit in the floor, I will try this other slit between you legs.»

Snigger took the note from the girl, read it with a grin and commenced tying her hands.

«Oh, Mr Snigger, this is the first time I was ever sent here, won’t you be good and not uncover me?»

«Well, I must place you here at all events.»

He secured her as usual, leaning over the beam, but when he attempted to raise her petticoat, she screamed and kicked with all her might.»

«Ah, my lady, I will soon stop that,» and taking a long flat piece of wood, he fastened her feet to each end, thus fixing them at their widest stretch. Then, not heeding her cries, he threw up her clothes and passed his lecherous hands deliberately over her belly and bottom and the inside of her thighs, then opening the lips of her cunt, he looked in and poked his finger up. She threatened him at the highest pitch of her voice, but her abuse only seemed to add zest to his pleasure, for he laughed as he took out his prick and placed its rubicund head between the thickly covered lips of her cunt and slowly drove it up.

«What is he doing?» I heard papa ask Mrs Hobbs.

«He is admiring her great black buttocks and hairy quim; now he is putting in his prick — there — he has driven it all inside and his belly is pressed against her rump; now he is holding her by the hips and pushing away as hard as he can.»

«And we too will have a turn, Lizzy — there — does your cunt relish the taste of my prick in its soft mouth?»

«Yes, Robert, it likes it dearly; your prick fills my cunt with rapture and bliss. Oh, yes, it is very pleasant being fucked by the man we love. Does my cunt hold your prick as you like?»

«Yes my darling, the pressure of your sweet cunt is most delicious, I can feel it nipping the head of my prick far up inside; put back your hand and let it slip in and out through your fingers.»

Meanwhile, Snigger, having discharged, had taken out his tool and after wiping it said, «Now, my lady, I will pay you off for all your hard names and abuse; how do you like that, and that?» each time giving her a cut across the bottom with the cat.

«Oh, Mr Snigger,» another cut, «Oh, have mercy,» another slash.

«You vile strumpet to call me a dirty black nigger,» and down came the cat harder than ever.

«Oh, Mr Snigger, I will never call you names again.»

«Won’t you? What else will you promise?» Cut — slash — cut.

«I will let you fuck me whenever you wish.»

«And how am I to fuck you again?» he said, lashing away.

«Any way you like.»

«Oh, yes, fuck your arse?» Slash, slash, slash.

«Yes, my arse or anywhere, only stop whipping.»

She had now received about a dozen and a half and he drew back to observe the effect of his work.

Her bottom was all marked across with red streaks while a few drops of blood appeared on her thighs.

«Oh, Mr Snigger, pity my poor bottom, unfasten and let me go.»

«I am not done with you yet, you want me to fuck you again, don’t you?» he asked raising up the cat.

«Yes, my bottom is all in a glow and my cunt is just burning; you may fuck me as much as you like, I would really enjoy it now.»

He went up to her and having moistened two fingers in her cunt, he pushed them into her bottom; when she started he cried, «What, do you want more of the cat?»

«No, I want your nice prick, dear Mr Snigger, in my cunt.»


«Well, in my arse or anywhere, only let me down.»

«That’s right, now push out your arse, I will fuck your cunt first.»

She poked out her behind as much as she could; he took off his pantaloons and shirt, and after rubbing up his tool with his hand, he drove it up her cunt.

«Is that good?» he asked with a grunt.

«Yes, dear Mr Snigger, it is delightful.»

After a few long deliberate strokes, he drew it out and holding open the cheeks of her bottom, he thrust its head against the little round hole. «Open,» he cried, «open your arse, I say.»

She groaned and let in the head. He then pushed the whole prick up into her bottom and clasped her round the waist; then drawing it all out except the head, he plunged it in again and so went on till the paroxysm came and he spent.

«Well, Lizzy,» papa asked, «what is he doing now?»

«I declare he is fucking her bottom and she likes it.»

«Why not? May I fuck yours now, Lizzy?»

«You may, dearest, I could refuse you nothing; but will you do it gently, Robert?»

«You may be assured of that; now try and open it as much as ever you can — there now, it is in, does it hurt?»

«No, my love, your dear prick would not hurt me anywhere.»

Papa leaned on her back with his hands over her cunt and they both panted as his prick passed slowly in and out.

This scene excited Dick greatly. He wetted his fingers and began to frig my bottom. I knew what he wanted and whispered, «You may»; for the sight of father’s fine prick slipping in and out between the beautiful white globes of Lizzy’s bottom had stirred up all the lust of my nature, and even made my bottom itch for a prick.

«I will moisten it first in your cunt,» he whispered in reply. «Now put back your hands and open your bottom as if you were going to do something.»

I did so and he squeezed in the head of his prick.

«How do you like it?»

«Pretty well — frig my cunt — that is nice; fucking in the bottom is not so bad after all.»

«Oh, it is grand,» replied Dick.

The sensation of pleasure was so great that we could no longer restrain ourselves and we groaned aloud together.

«Hallo,» cried papa, «here’s Queenie and young Dick fucking away like mad. Dick, you rascal, you should have asked my leave before fucking my daughter; however, I’m sure you did your work well and I must forgive you.»

In fact, I have not the least doubt that he was pleased rather than otherwise, for should any mischance occur to me, it would be very convenient to have Dick to lay the blame on.

So when I hid myself in the flax, he pulled me out, and kissing me, told me not to be alarmed, as he was not at all angry; then putting his hand on my bottom, he raised it so that Mrs Hobbs could see my cunt.

«Has she not a pretty cunt, Lizzy, so fat and smooth and beautiful inside?»

Mrs Hobbs looked at it and kissed it; doing so she elevated her own plump posteriors. Papa winked at Dick, and pointing to them said, «My friend Dick is admiring your splendid array behind, and is no doubt wishing to be allowed a closer inspection, but I fancy Queenie has pumped him dry for this time.»

Dick only laughed, and putting his hand on the well-rounded cheeks of her bottom said, «May I feel you, dear Mrs Hobbs?»

«Well, Dick, as you have seen all that has passed, it can’t make much difference, and if you promise to be discreet, and never tell, I have no objection to your sharing in our amusements.»

Dick was delighted to have access to a new cunt; and he patted her bottom and kissed its cheeks, while he poked his fingers into the recesses of her cunt and drew open the fait moist lips, ornamented with light curly hair.

Meantime, papa played with my chink of love and said that he always admired a cunt more before the hair grew than afterwards. «These plump smooth lips, so round and white, look so innocent and inviting.»

«Yes,» Mrs Hobbs replied, «I quite agree with you; I think my own cunt would be much nicer without hair.»

«No,» cried Dick from behind. «It could not be much nicer than it is — this silky hair is lovely»; and he prolonged his delight by rubbing his prick over and about the soft lips of her cunt.

Mrs Hobbs laughed and pleased with his attention she spread her thighs an protruded her bottom and said, «Well, anyway, it looks like a good fuck, Dick, so put in your prick and fall to work.»

Papa smiled at her ardour, and taking my hand placed it on his own affair saying; «I warrant that young rascal has taught you how to frig a prick too.»

I now held in my hand that engine which some twelve years ago had deposited into my mother’s womb the germ of my being; and I shall confess it, the idea rather added to my pleasure. I smiled as I watched it recover its strength, swell up and stiffen while I frigged its smooth shaft and drew back from its head.

Lizzy laughed and said, «Look how she cuddles her father’s prick. You seem well acquainted with it, dear. Did you ever give her a taste of it in her cunt, Robert?»

«Now, Lizzy, you know the old saying; Ask no questions, and you will hear no lies.»

«Well, try it now, at all events; I have got possession of her sweetheart, and it would only be fair exchange that she should have mine.»

«Shall I, Queenie,» papa asked, leaning over me.

«You may, papa, if you like,» I said turning on my back and spreading open my thighs.

«Hold on, Dick,» cried Mrs Hobbs, who was on her hands and knees with Dick fucking away at her rear. «Wait until they begin, and put something under her bottom, Robert, that we may better see your prick working her cunt.»

Then supporting herself on her left hand against the strong pressure of Dick’s action behind, she caught papa’s prick in her right and placing its head between the lips of my cunny watched it disappear amidst its rosy folds.

Papa’s large prick now slipped in with the greatest ease and satisfaction to us both. As he drove it home, I unvoluntarily gave that peculiar spread of the thighs, and sympathetic heave of the loins which women cannot help doing when they are truly enjoying a fuck.

My father noticed it and whispered in my ear, «My darling Queenie, do you like my fucking?»

«Yes, dear papa, I do very much,» I said, compressing his prick in my cunt and squeezing him in my arms. «Why should you not fuck me if you like; you have given me all I have, and I love you very much.» Then pressing him closer, I asked: «Does the thought of fucking your own daughter increase the feeling of pleasure, papa?»

«Yes, my darling, it does. I don’t believe I every enjoyed a fuck so much before in all my life.»

Here let me pause to remark I simply relate certain incidents in the early life of an untrained and uneducated girl, of warm temperament and loving disposition, but wholly in a state of nature and surrounded by a variety of evil influences.

I do not insert this, however, as an excuse, for my object is not to moralize or teach, but only to gratify and excite. I therefore record the facts of what occurred, and leave my readers to think and feel just as they like.

But to return. A great commotion was heard in the room beneath, which arrested the attention of all of us. Peeping down, we saw that two new girls had come in and they being sturdy women had proved more than a match for old Snigger.

One had caught him in her arms, while the other tied his hands together. they then dragged him to a rope which hung from a pulley in the rafters, and having fastened his hands to one end, they hoisted him up until he was standing on tiptoe. Meanwhile they laughed and hooted at his threats and cries, declaring that it was their turn now and they would pay him off in kind, by letting him feel the scratches of his own cat, and also, as one of them merrily proposed, by drawing out of his wicked old tool, every drop of spunk he possessed, so that he would not be able to fuck for a month at least.

So after letting down his trousers, and tucking up his shirt, one of them commenced behind by vigorously operating on his rump with the cat while the other, in front, frigged his prick with her hand. The heat behind and the friction before, soon made him spend, which he did not object to; but when they went on to a second bout, and after that to a third he complained terribly, while his prick seemed to have shrunk to nothing.

So the one who was frigging exclaimed, «It is no use going on, his old tool has gone completely dead.»

«Show him your cunt,» cried the other from behind, still pounding away.