The 7 secrets to getting sh*t done - Emma Perrow - ebook

Is it possible to get your sh*t done? The answer is yes! Emma P. will show you how to get it all done with her tools, inspiration and straight forward advice. This hands-on guide can be applied to every area of your life - your body, your career, your finances, and your relationship. Be warned. There is no sugar coating here. But you are ready... aren't you?Adult Language in this book.

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Emma's book is a blueprint for achieving whatever you set your mind to. Best of all it actually works! She's the perfect example of how with this very book! It's the ideal read for anyone who needs a helping hand to get their shit done.

Lisa Burling, Business Owner of LBPR

A fun, fab book - easy reading and great advice you can easily apply. Reading the book is like sitting down with your girlfriend and she is helping you sort your shit out. Emma is the bomb! Thank you!

Jude Dowsett, Business Owner of Hey Happy Jude

If you wanted to use a highlighter to highlight all the thought provoking, inspiring and lightbulb moments you read, you would have a very colourful book indeed!

Whether you want to make a big change or a small change, change lots of things or just one thing; change is guaranteed so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Sharyn P.

I've heard it all before but you have put it in the way I understand. No long stories or paragraphs. Just as a friend telling you the way a friend tells you. Like you say JFDI!

Juanita K.

Emma's no BS attitude to taking control of your life is perfect for those needing an almighty kick up the butt to get into action. Thanks for an entertaining and empowering read.

Stephanie Meads, Business Owner of Life Wellness Co.

…Emmas awesome book has answers to a lot of questions I have not worked out yet, she has helped me along my path…

Csabi Z.

Absolutely love the book! It makes you think about what it is exactly that you want and what shit you need to get done. It also made me realise that I am so much more than I thought I was and that I'm capable of anything I put my mind to. The humour in the book made it great for a laugh too.

Mel E.

Emma has shown us how that by breaking things down into manageable chunks it makes it so much easier to just do it and then you get shit done!

Maiya Kenny, Business Owner of Healing Steps

I’ve found The 7 secrets to getting Sh*t done absolutely invaluable ! Need help getting up earlier in the morning? Keep it by your bedside and read a couple of pages before bed. Need that extra push to clean out that overflowing wardrobe? Emma is your inner voice guiding you all the way.

It’s been my ready reference to stay grounded in times of overwhelm and the best possible no nonsense kick up the butt to finally take action.

Leigh B.

Let me start by saying THANK YOU Emma..... I got my SHIT DONE!! I bought your book and read it in a week…which for me is a FIRST! I can't remember the last time a read a whole book but with yours I couldn't put it down.

Within days I had written and completed my list of things to do. This made me realise how easy it is and how little time it takes to get shit done when you JFDI! I even got focused and sorted out my paperwork to figure out on how to get a new car. Within the week I had bought a car! It was the biggest thing to do on my list.

I can't wait to see how much more I can get done by using your book!! Thanks again!

Stella I.

Emma, I wanted what I say to be really inspiring and meaningful as that is what your book has done for me, in more ways then one. Little by little I am learning to organise and manage my time more efficiently and spend time with my daughter and husband which is so important.

I like to read parts of your book nearly every night as a reminder of how to handle everyday struggles. So thank you and I look forward to your next book!

Sarah L.

Funny…inspiring and to the point!

Elizabeth P.

The 7 Secrets to getting sh*t done

By Emma P.

Expert in getting sh*t done

Author, Mentor, Coach & Mum

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First Edition January 2016 - Australia

Second Edition May 2016 - Australia

About the author



Break the rules

Actual Introduction and shit you should read before you start this book.

Chapter 1: Secret #1 Taking Action

Chapter 2: Secret #2 Get clear

Chapter 3: Secret #3 Your WHY

Chapter 4: Secret #4 Your identity

Chapter 5: Secret #5 Change your state

Chapter 6: Secret #6 Get Organised

Chapter 7: Secret #7 Set a timer

Bonus Chapter 8 Your beliefs.

Be selfish.

Next minute.

Why do we leave things to the last minute?

Care less.

I failed.

What are you doing?

Near miss.

Being scared.

What are you here for?

You are what you say you are.

Too comfortable with pain.

Inspired by desperation.

Opportunity or obligation?

You judge.

Do you save the best for last?

Say yes.

Watching or taking part?

Green and growing.

What walks in the mother, runs in the child.

I forgive you.

What are you focusing on?

Care even less.

Jumping in…or toe dipping?

Changing course.

I said nothing.

I don't want satisfaction.

Friendship goals.

Push it.

Don’t stop believing.

Listen here.

I want to be heard.

Stop your dreaming.

Cheering you.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Where’s your choice?

About the author

Emma P. is a an expert in getting shit done, successful author, mentor, coach and mum originally from Birmingham, UK. She has resided in Australia for the last 20 years.

She has operated and owned several businesses over the last 14 years and her online business has an international clientele.

Her frank and fresh approach to life ensures she calls her clients on their BS, supports and encourages them…and extracts their awesomeness to create a life they love.

You can join her programs, get coached by her or give her a high-five in the street at anytime. She is a fabulous trainer and speaker to boot.

Her motto is ‘Success is found in a place of uncertainty’.

“...I can’t recommend Emma enough – she has helped me change my life and I couldn’t be happier!...” Kristy

Please contact her via the following channels:

Email: [email protected]


In my world I am so very fortunate to have some awesome people around me who keep me real, grounded, challenged, accountable and focused. I love them dearly and of course shit me at times - but it doesn’t take away from my love for them.

Funnily enough, they love me back.

Thank you to my soul sisters - you know who you are.

Thank you to the peeps who are happy to answer the phone for a chat, for feedback, advice and love. Again you know who you are.

Thank you to Jude who pulls me up, calls me out on my bull shit and makes me laugh daily.

Thank you to my mum and sister for supporting me even though they have no clue what I get up to most days! (they live in the UK).

Thank you to my people on social media and in real life. Thank you to my 6am clients, I don’t know how you put up with me after all these years...oh that’s right! Because you know I am awesome too. ;)

Thank you to my amazing daughter Chloe who lights up my world. She keeps me grounded and the reality checks are helpful. Chloe you will help change the world - I just know it. xx

Thank you to the various coffee shops I have frequented to get this book written - Gwynneville Bakery, The Giddy Goat and Pod. You guys rock!

Lastly, thank you dear reader for picking up this book. I know it will help you in some way - please share the love and pass it onto someone who needs it after you have read it.

Emma P. xxExpert in getting shit done, author, mentor, coach and mum


I am not even sure if I am allowed to have a pre-introduction on my book? But hey, I am a rule breaker, so here you go!

It’s a funny thing writing a book. Or maybe not, perhaps it’s really serious?

In fact, I came up with a lot of the ideas during a ‘float’.

Yes in a floatation tank actually. In the dark, quiet and peace of the tank where my full body was supported by salt water - it came to me. Kinda cool.

I had been writing bits and pieces, ideas on scraps of paper and had thoughts around an actual printed book at some point. I had also been writing daily for just a few weeks and throughly enjoying it.

A woo-woo astrologist had told me several years ago that I was a writer. Piffle! I said at the time. Not a chance. But in the end I was drawn to writing. And this is where I am today. Sometimes you can’t deny the pull. You just gotta let it take you to where it’s meant to go.

The hilarious thing about writing a book about getting shit done - means you can’t really mess around. I had to get my shit done! I had to apply the theory in this book to myself. So the proof is in the pudding my friends! I wrote this book in under 4 weeks. Then got it printed less than 2 weeks later.

I got my shit together and you are reading the finished product.

It is possible.

Break the rules

As you will notice, this book wouldn’t pass the English HSC for its ‘correct’ use of the English language. It’s written as I would talk.

I am a rule breaker and I encourage you to break some rules too. No I am not referring to speeding on the freeway or anything illegal here.

I am talking about doing what you want to do - no rules attached.

Go against the grain.Go against what you are ‘supposed’ to do.Go against what people ‘think’ you should do.

I’ll use me as the example here. I can anyway, as I am the one writing the book.

‘Oh, you need to have a publisher to publish a book’.

‘Oh you need to have a qualification to write a book don’t you?’

‘Oh Emma, publishing a book is hard work!’

Bloody hell.

No I don’t ‘need’ a publisher to publish a book. But I thought it would be fun to start a publishing house with my bestie.

So I did.

Check it out - the logo is on the cover. Queens Publishing.


I do have a stack of qualifications you know. But not in English, or writing stuff. However I do have a PHD in being awesome and that’s all I need hey?

Hard work. Hmmmm define hard work for me? I don’t find it hard doing something that I love. I don’t find it hard to sit in a different coffee shop every day for a couple of hours with my laptop. I don’t find it hard to use my brain and think about this whole book process in a smart way.

You choose what to believe. All I am saying is re-think your beliefs, break some rules and do ‘something’.

This book will help you see/do/feel this.

I know it.And as my nan said - I can feel it in my waters.

Side story on the front cover picture if you are interested:

If not, flick the pages and start on chapter 1 right now.

These are my feet. This isn’t a stock image. They are my feet on a trip to Europe in 2014. I took a heap of photos of my feet on the journey not knowing why I was doing it. But in retrospect it was a great idea and so far I have used most of these pics on many projects of mine. It’s kinda like my ‘stamp’.

So the pic is real - as am I.

The cobblestones are the ones in the cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried in Paris. I had gone there with my mum, sister and daughter and we trekked for a long time looking for his grave site. It was quite macabre but absolutely fascinating. Of course unrelated to this book, but fairly interesting all the same.

Anyway, on with the show! I mean book…

Actual Introduction and shit you should read before you start this book.

First some questions...

Why are you reading this book?

Do you want to get shit done?

Are you sick of not getting shit done?

Exactly why did you pick up this book?

Now I'm not complaining, I'm actually quite excited that you've picked the book up because it's my mine for goodness sake!

Why wouldn't I want you to read it?

The fact is - getting shit done is what I do. And I do it really well.

In's what you can do too and I’ll teach you.

Sometimes (or all of the time) when we start looking at things we really need to get done...and we don't have the motivation to do it - this is when we get a little stuck. Yep your shit gets stuck (Pun intended!).

Many many people are waiting for motivation to knock them on the head, but it's not about motivation! It’s not about waiting for that bump on the head.

Because waiting will get you nowhere.

It's about consistency and habits.

So the aim of this book is is to teach you how to get shit done, through habits and other helpful stuff.

This book is designed - so you can pick up a chapter or two and do ‘something’. But you can also follow the model on page 25 and use it time and time again!

As you will find, it is also a practical book/tool too. So keep on reading my friend...

What are the benefits of getting shit done?

What are the benefits of not getting it done?

The second question is something to have a good think about.

What are you gaining from not getting your shit done?

Whenever we don’t do something it can often be linked to something that you gain from not doing it. Sound odd?

Yep it is, but totally true.

I’ll give you an example:

Bob really doesn’t want to move out of his parents house. He is 30 years old and probably should get his shit together yes?

But Bob gains so much from staying at home. Yes he gets the obvious stuff - low or no rent, meals cooked for him and his washing done. But what he really gains from not moving out is taking responsibility for himself.

It’s an easy one, he can blame others for not moving (the Government, his employer for not paying him enough, his parents for being nice... the list will go on..) it’s an easy thing to do. It’s easy to blame.

It’s easy to not do something and he gains so much from not moving.

I could go on with more examples but I really want you to start getting your shit done.

I want you to be totally honest with yourself and ask the question:

‘What do I gain from not doing my shit?’

*Shit means whatever you want it to from here on in - ok?

I think you will find valuable insights to the reasons why you don’t do some shit.

Just sayin’.

So let’s keep on track.

A question I get asked all the time is how do I get so much done?

I could say that being a Virgo, fast thinker, and altogether superstar is the answer. Which of course is kind of true... but let’s look at the facts:

I am a mum of a teen.I don't like to call myself a single mum, but I am. I’m a single mum. Unless as a result of this book being published I find a bloke...hello? I have a thriving business.I run a number of business networking meetings. I have a lot of fun.I hang out with my kid a lot.I get out to nature most days. I have coffee or wine with friends often. I exercise.I read a lot.I listen to music. I travel and go on adventures.

I have a great time in my life, but I also get a shit load of stuff done and I am fairly stress free. It’s definitely a question I get asked all the time.

This book didn't take that long for me to work out what you wanted to know...because this is stuff that I do day to day. In fact, this book didn’t even take more than a few days to plan and just weeks to write as most of it is second nature now. Did you know you can achieve the same?

So the reason I've written the book is to help you guys out. Oh, and also a little test for me to see if I could really get a book out in a very short amount of time. Not kidding.

So let’s ask an important question - What is shit?