Tempting Dale - Ginny Watson - ebook

Dale and 19 year old Sarah have moved house, now they have the unpacking to do, but surely she knows that when she bends over to delve in the boxes she's giving an open view of her pert young breasts, and if she does know... why does she keep bending over in front of him? Will Dale be able to resist the urge to peep?

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Table of contents

Tempting Dale


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A note from Ginny

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Tempting Dale

Ginny Watson


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Chapter 1

Moving house is always stressful, but it's even more so when you're a single guy with a dependent teenage girl... and Dale didn't know just how she was going to cope.

At least she's not so little any more he told himself as he watched her as she helped him unpack packing crates and what felt like a million cardboard boxes. Somehow it felt so sordid and wrong to have noticed her breasts, but there they were and he couldn't stop himself from staring. She was busy and oblivious to his inspection, but each time she delved into the crate her baggy t-shirt gaped forward and Dale got a direct and unobstructed view of ripe, firm and very tempting teen breasts.